Monday, January 31, 2011

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Environmentally friendly faucet, Dada

Faucets has been needed for over a century already without it people has always been in the dark ages. Thanks to the invention of faucets life is simple and easier. If you think faucets has been stagnant with regards to development well think again because there's a company that creates an earth-friendly faucets. The company is called DADA. Here are details below.

Company Introduction

Found in 1995, DADA Corporation (CEO Sung Woo Lee) is a professional faucet manufacturing company that has been focusing on one product for more than 50 years.

Dada’s temperature faucet, bidet faucet and single lever faucet are known for its low error rate and high quality manufactured based on “5 Manufacturing Revolutions” that include automatic manufacturing, professional manufacturing, precise manufacturing, standardized manufacturing and increased manufacturing.

Dada’s after service system that covers malfunctions caused by user mistake has been the key asset that lead to Dada’s success in working with government offices and major construction companies.

Dada owns over 100 environment mark certifications along with various awards (Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Environment and many more) symbolizes its success as well as its quality.

Along with its highest quality, Dada also focuses on improving the quality of e-Business that will lead to global marketing. Along with China’s Shinyang, Dada is currently focused on opening more than 20 international branches in China for international marketing. Also, it has participated in China’s largest construction material exhibition and advertised its great quality in the Chinese market.

Advantages of Dada Faucet
  1. Famous for low error rate thanks to fully automatic manufacturing process
  2. Lead component has been completely removed from the manufacturing process
  3. Hose that is harmless to human body has been used
  4. Consistent coating thickness
  5. A class copper are being used
  6. Various designs 
To make a summary of what DADA has to offer with their products here it is.

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