Monday, July 15, 2019

PMAP's Stand : on Labor Laws, Other Issues and the 56th PMAP Annual Conference

10:44:00 AM

Earlier this July, People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) held a press conference at Astoria Plaza to share what organization stands for with regards to the work force and labor laws. Present during the press conference are practitioners and experts in the people management industry namely Mr. Efren B. Alberto, Jr., DPM is one of 2019 PMAP Board of Trustee with 45 years of experience in all facets of human resource management and corporate relations; Atty. Rey Destura, is an active Committee Member of PMAP labor Policy reforms and Industrial Relations Committee; Ms. Ellen Fullido is the Vice President for HR & Administrative Services of the FJ Elizalde Group of Companies, for more that 25 years of work experience in the field of Human Resource Management and Office Administration gained from manufacturing, sales and service, pre need, healthcare, real estate, petrochemical and media/entertainment industries; Mr. Jesse Francis Rebustillo is the 2016 PMAP President who have previously served as the AVP for Industrial Relations & Corporate Human Resources Head for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, now a Management & Human Resource Consultant, Seminar Facilitator, and Speaker; Ms Lousa Mila V. Echevarria, FPM, the 2019 PMAP Vice President, a seasoned HR practitioner and consultant with over 35 years of experience in general management and various facets of human resources in different industries particularly in manufacturing; Mr. Leo Gellor, AFPM, 2019 PMAP Board Secretary, is an experienced leader with experience in different industries like food service, media and general management.

Members of the media present during the conference were given bits of information about the current labor laws and policies that affects both the work force and the business. As what was explained it needs to have a balance to make the businesses and employees coexists in the industry. Also, there were issues raised like the endo and contractualization. To find out more about the explanations watch the full coverage of the conference.

As part also of the annual event of PMAP where matters about human resource and people management are discussed and uplifted, the organization will be having its 56th PMAP Annual Conference on July 17-19, 2019 at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino where over 1,500 people managers will gather together for this biggest and preeminent HR event in the country.

With organizations facing the challenges of disruption and the 4th industrial revolution, it becomes crucial for people managers to EXCELLERATE. For its 56th annual conference, PMAP pushes innovation one step further by invoking poetic license and creating a new word that captures the twin challenges facing the organization and people management in the country today – driving and inspiring EXCELLENCE in the practice of people management and increasing the degree of ACCELERATION of people programs to become up-to-speed with technology and innovation.

The PMAP 56th Annual puts the spotlight on Filipino People Management, featuring a full learning session on the 2019 PMAP Awards finalists’ best practices and programs. It also seeks to bring people managers up-to-speed with the challenges of a digital and inclusive world through updates on trends and emerging HR technologies through business unusual workshops. Lastly, it will take Filipino people management back to its roots and wings through local studies, theories and applications.

This PMAP annual conference hopes to be a veritable marketplace of ideas, emergent theories, endless solutions best practices, advocacies and state-of-the-art HR technology with an unparalleled roster of speakers with global, regional and national stature. It will be a proactive balance of session topics and learning fora, offering a variety of sessions that target various levels. This conference will feature a dynamic learning design that allows attendees to customize their participation based on their individual agenda. It will be a great showcase of best practices, award-winning programs and cutting-edge resources and technologies, with extraordinary potentials for networking and mentoring.

For more information regarding the 56th PMAP Annual Conference, you may contact the PMAP Secretariat through telephone number 726-1532 or email carol.alcances@pmap.org.ph or kevin.jacinto@pmap.org.ph.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

#SuperbooksIsSuperback and Yes They Are Back on the Kapamilya Network

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If you missed your all time favorite bible animation TV series, well, rejoice as Superbook is super back with its 4th Season to give kids and adults bible and life lessons. Another thing to rejoice is that Superbook is back on the Kapamilya Network.

Chris, Joy and Gizmo will be moving their exciting time-travel adventures once again with Superbook. This time more exciting and interesting bible stories with inspiring characters, fun-filled adventures with valuable life lessons.

The TV show will air on the Kapamilya Network every Sunday, beginning July 14, 2019, Superbook and Kapamilya fans can once again enjoy watching Superbook on ABS-CBN. Another weekend viewing to expect.

To continue its fourth season, Superbook has added six new episode, in addition to the first seven episodes which premiered worldwide last year. These new episodes are inspired by the life of Jesus and other Bible characters like Paul, Barnabas, and Jeremiah.

Each episode is in-line with this season's theme "Superbook SuperStar" and aims to instill good moral values that will encourage the next generation to shine God's light like stars in the sky for everyone to see!

Spread the good news! Tell your family and friends that #SuperbookIsSuperBack!

Thursday, July 11, 2019

5 Pinoy Celebrations with Videoke Present and MegaSound Plays An Important Part

2:28:00 AM

We, Pinoys, are well known in some few things, two of them are singing and boxing. With boxing, well have few of the world's greatest boxers like Manny Pacquiao. While with singing, well, it is perhaps innate among us, Filipinos because we have plenty of great singers in local and abroad. Some have won in international competitions.

Remember that we have some of the belters in the music industry, some of them have proven their selves in the world and have gained recognitions, praises and admirations of other countries. So we can say that singing is part of us, Pinoys.

In every Pinoy occasions it seems that there's always a common equipment or appliance present for entertainment purposes, what else but the videoke. I couldn't imagine having these different types of celebrations without the videoke. So, here are five celebrations that we know we can find a videoke as part of the occasion. 

1. Birthday Celebrations. Whether a child or an adult is celebrating the birthday it is for sure that  videoke system is present.

2. Fiesta. Of course Filipinos love fiesta very much and I think we, have a bunch of fiestas in the country. So whatever date is the feast there's also one or more videoke system present in a barangay. It's always a pair of food, drinks and some music fused in together to have a wonderful celebration.

3. Anniversaries. Though not common in wedding anniversaries but celebrations of the foundation day of an establishment or a company, some make sure to have a videoke system present. This makes the event even livelier. Some even have this as part of the program, a singing competition.  

4. Get togethers. No matter what kind of get together it is as long as the music bonds everyone, this makes the celebration great and unforgettable.

5. Other Celebrations. From simple winning a competition to passing the board exams, people tend to celebrate and for Pinoys it is a pride and an achievement to brag about. Together with close friends and family members the occasions simply makes it more celebratory by having a videoke.

Perhaps, presently, videoke is now part of the Pinoy lifestyle. It is always a must in every occasion.

In a mediacon event of Digital Focus Unlimited Incorporated introduced that they have now included Megasound Smart Pro to its roster of premium brands. These new Megasound Smart Pro products that  don't just guarantee endless fun but great quality as well. IT comes with over 18,000 built-in English and OPM songs and up to 2 years free song updates.

Here are the three specialty videoke system from Megasound that are now available in the Philippines.

Megasound Exodus HDD Smart Professional Videoke. A Smart Videoke Player with a mobile karaoke app for effortless song search and remote function capabilities with over 18,000 high quality built-in OPM and English songs and more than 50,000 International Songs.

Megasound Colosseum Wireless Portable Smart Professional Videoke. A high-end smart portable videoke uses the same mobile karaoke app for effortless song search and remote function capabilities, It synchronizes the more than 18,000 OPM and English songs via Bluetooth technology.

Megasound Array SD Smart Professional Videoke. Is the newest addition to the premium smart videoke machines for more discerning users who want a more professional, modern, and memorable singing experience.
Jonathan Fabian, president of Digital Focus Unlimited Inc. said "We are very pleased to welcome the premium Megasound line to the Digital Focus family and are excited for us Filipinos who are known all over the world for our love for singing, to experience this wonderful new line with the most number of built-in songs to enjoy that allows everyone to simply use a downloadable app on their mobile devices to control the videoke machines - from song choice to microphone and sound controls."

To know more about Megasound line distributed by Digital Focus Unlimited Inc., check out their www.facebook.com/MegaSoundSmartProVideoke, www.instagram.com/megasoundvideoke, www.twitter.com/megasoundvideoke, www.youtube.com/megasoundvideoke, www.megasoundvideoke.com.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

5 Things To Consider in a Cuddle Weather

2:04:00 PM

It's raining, stormy perhaps, and it is cold. The weather is gloomy enough to make you crawl back to bed and cuddle. A nice warm bed and pillows that surrounds you to make a good view of the best way to enjoy the day when it is raining outside.

That's the ideal scenario of a cuddle weather but what if it is different and things are not right. Well, that's life and at times it is not perfect.

So, this rainy season make sure to prepare things that you'll be needing for a nice warmth cuddle weather. It's better to be prepared than to be sorry.

What are the things you need to consider for a good cuddle weather.

1. Bed sheets. Be sure to have clean bed sheets. It's not that you'll be expecting someone to be with you in bed but for you to enjoy your sleep or stay in your bed without the nasty smell. It is much warmer when bed sheets are clean. Also, have an extra clean bed sheets.

2. Pillows and pillow cases. A soft and right pillow can really give you a good sleep much more if it is a gloomy weather. So, always have your pillows and pillow cases cleaned. You don't want to smell you drool and expired saliva.

3. Blankets. Perhaps one of the needed liece in every cuddle weather. A cloth to cover you and warm you. Of course we should have the clean ones.

4. Bed, sofa or mattress. It's not comfortable if you sleep on the floor and it is not even comfortable if you cuddle on a floor. Just let your versace fall on the floor while you sleep on a bed or sofa.

5. Food and hot choco. Of course if the weather gets too heavy and you really can't get out of the house to get food be sure to have stock of food and hot choco. The best way to warm you in gloomy weather.

These are just suggestions that you can consider and prepare for the rainy season and for a gloomy and cuddle weather. If you have any other ideas you can hit me a message or comment down below.

5 Activities You Can Do and Enjoy Under The Rain

1:39:00 PM

It's the rainy season! After PAGASA officially declared the end of summer and the beginning of the rainy season, storms and typhoons started to wet the lands. Thankfully, because our dams are way beyond its limit.

Speaking of the wet season, these are the days that we are confined to do things indoor. Activities outdoor are now limited and more of a chance. Still, there are many things to do indoor but if you like to get wet, well, most of us have been through that time of playing under the rain. The longer the rain, the longer we enjoy playing on wet grounds.

So, what are the possible activities you can enjoy under the rain? I list down the activities that I certainly love doing under the rain. I just hope that the list is somehow similar to yours.

1. If the people in the north part of the globe enjoys doing the snow angel, well, I certainly love doing it under the rain, the Rain (mud) Angel. Of course not on the rough ground but some place that is smooth sliding your arms and legs while the rain pours down on you.

2. Boat play, an improvised toy boat or a boat made of paper. If the rain is heavy the improvised toy boat or a toy boat will do the trick. Letting it rush down to the flow of the water caused by the heavy rain. What's more exciting is that you get to enjoy it with your siblings, relatives or friends - a boat race.

For the paper boat, I often do this when the rain nearly over or had stopped already. You can have the boat float around on a puddle of water or on flowing mini stream.

3. Water splash. Though it is already rain water splash is still prevalent in most of the kids. Who would love to do it with your siblings or friends. But of course it should be done when there's no dry person walking along the area.

4. Play tag under the rain. Yes, who says that you can only play tag on a sunny day. You can still enjoy and play tag on a wet floor, wet shirts and short, playing under the rain.

5. Dodge ball, is another game that you can enjoy under the rain. All you need is a ball, preferably the beach balls, so its does not hurt when it hits you.

All of these are suggested activities that you can do to have fun under the rain. Just make sure that your areas are clean and safe. So enjoy the rainy season.

5 Exciting Things To Expect During the Angeline K 'To Concert Namin To

11:18:00 AM

Two of the big names in the music industry, ABS-CBN's Star Power Female Pop Superstar Grand Champion turned Queen of Teleserye Theme Songs, Angeline Quinto and The Ultimate Entertainer, K Brosas, will take one of the biggest concert venues in the country with their concert "Angeline K 'To, Concert Namin 'To" which will be held at the Araneta Coliseum on July 12, 2019.

Coming from the success of Erik Santos and Yeng Constantino's collaboration concert titled "Extraordinary" last May and "Just Right" featuring Richard Poon and Jessa Zaragoza this June, at the Resort World-Manila, Cornerstone Concerts, under the management of Cornerstone Entertainment, continues to be one of the leading event producers in the local concert scene with surprising combination of OPM artists.

So, what will be expected from this concert from Angeline and K? Well, during our interviews with them there are plenty of new things to expect, as this is one of the shows that will surely make you come out with joy.

1. Production numbers. Well, according to them there will be a 'pasabog' production numbers that viewers will enjoy. There's not much of a details but they will doing  production number that will number over power each one of them. A just right mix of entertainment.

2. Birit songs. Of course, this concert will not be complete without the birit songs from the Queen of Teleserye Theme Songs herself, Angeline. During the blogcon Ms. K Brosas disclosed and shared that Angeline is "halimaw" (monster) in singing, especially the high pitch songs.

3. Outfits. The bonggang bongang (extravagant) outfits will be showcased in the show. According to them they will be having some matching (terno) outfits to showcase each one's figures. Of course not only the voice is needed on this concert but also the looks of the artists, so it's a must.

4. Guests. Well, it's not a surprise anymore but Angeline and K will be having a bunch of male guest performers. I was able to ask them why all males and it was clearly answered that it is much easier to match an entertaining production number. And besides both of them are already females so there's no need to add more female performers in scene. Their guests are Erik Santos, Empoy, Hashtags - Zeus, CK, Jameson, Nikko & Rayt, and OPM Icon Mr. Ogie Alcasid.

5. A lot of firsts. Yes, audience will definitely expect a lot of first things from Angeline in this concert. According to Angeline in joke comment that she doesn't know if after the concert she'll still have a job to come back to.

What is more interesting about this two ladies is that Angeline and K are close friends in real life. They have a natural chemistry in bringing hilarious entertainment that most describes their phenomenal team up. Combining the good music and the right comedy. It's the best indication of what they can offer being one of the best from two different lines in the industry.

Angeline K 'To, Concert naming 'To at the Araneta Coliseum it is co-produced with Star Events. Tickets are available at TicketNetOnline or call 911-5555. For more updates, follow Cornerstone Entertainment on social media : www.facebook.com/cornerstoneofficial, www.twitter.com/cornerstone_ofc, www.youtube.com/CornerstoneTalents and www.instagram.com/cornerstone.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Top 6 Musical Influences of Ian Veneracion in His Concert Ian: In Color

7:31:00 PM

One of the child actors who have grown much in the showbiz industry and has shown a colorful path from child actor to action star to award-winning heartthrob. Now, he'll be creating a new palette of colors in his singing career, as a legitimate concert performer.

Stephen Ian Lopez Veneracion, like his love for the arts and the outdoors, takes pride in constantly seeking new adventures to tackle and new subjects to portray. Though shy and not too confident about his talent, his passion for music goes way back. "Playing music has always been a huge part of my private life, but it's only recently that I've come to realize the possibility of other people enjoying my taste in music... in the way I approach it."

Just like his multitude of roles in the movie industry, he also manages to pitch in a wide diversity of song selections, he relates that "I try to play songs in a different light, influenced by my own musical tastes."

So what are his top 6 musical influences? Well, Ian Veneracion terms this as "old school". And these musical influences are what you will hear and see in the upcoming concert on July 11 and 12, 2019 at the Music Museum entitled "IAN: IN COLOR". The concert is a tell-all journey of his life, his moods and his thoughts through music. it will paint a picture of what Ian is in real life, baring his dressed down persona.

1. Sting or Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, is an English musician and actor. Before he went solo he was part of the rock band called The Police. He's been with the group from 1977 to 1984. On 1985 he launched and started his solo career. Some of his hits are Shape of My Heart, Englishman in New York, Fragile, and Fields of Gold. (reference Wikipedia.org)

2. U2 are an Irish rock band from Dublin which was formed in 1976. The group consists of Bono, the Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen, Jr. Some of their famous hits are With or Without You, One, and Beautiful Day.  (reference Wikipedia.org)

3. Eric Claption or Eric Patrick Clapton is an English rock and blues guitarist, singer and songwriter. He is the only three-time inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He once been part of the Yardbirds and of Cream.  Some of his famous hits that still being revived and played are Wonderful Tonight, I Shot the Sheriff and Layla. (reference Wikipedia.org)

4. The Eagles are an American rock band from in Los Angeles in 1971. It's founding members were Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner. One of the controversial and yet well known song is the Hotel California. Some others ae Take It Easy and Lyin Eyes. (reference Wikipedia.org)

5. Peter Frampton or Peter Kenneth Frampton is an English rock musician, singer, songwriter, producer, and guitarist. He was also previously associated with the bands Humble Pie and The Herd.  If you know some of his songs, well some of them are Do You Feel Like We Do, Baby I Love Your Way, and Show Me The Way.

6. Fra Lippo Lippi is a Norwegian band that consists of Per Oystein Sorensen, Rune Kristoffersen, Morten, Sjoberg, Oyvind Kvalnes, and Bjorn Sorknes.  The band name is derived form Robert Browning's poem about the Renaissance painter Filippo Lippi. Some of their hits in the 80s are Shouldn't Have to Be Like That, Everytime I See You and Light and Shade.

This year's concert will have a totally different approach. He reveals that, "Since it will be in Music Museum, it will be more intimate, hence more interactive. Plus, the arrangements of the songs are something I would describe as musically more playful."

If you're aware, Ian has already released his own compositions on Spotify like "We're All Alone" and "I'll Miss You the Most". So, this means that he's really serious in taking his musical career. A new form of arts for him as his canvass.

He admits that as long as there are people interested in watching his shows, he is open to it, but explains, "but the main point of this new road is a realization that whether in front of a big crowd, or just jamming with friends, I've come to terms with the fact that I can't psychologically survive without music. Just like in other forms of art, music is its own reward. The music but got me!"

Jamming with Ian in his concert are Ogie Alcasid on July 11 and Regine Velasquez-Alcasid on July 12. Other surprise guests are also expected to come and join the jam!

"IAN: IN COLOR" is presented by A-Team and PLDT Home. Minor sponsors include Conzace, HMR, New ORder Urban Lounge Bar, Fernando's Bakery with Bealan Infinity Official. Media Partners are MOR 101.9, the Philippine Star, Philippine Daily Inquirer, My Inquirer, InqPOP, Bandera, Libre.

Tickets are available at Ticketworld, music Museum or A-Team at 0906-2878049

5 Interesting Facts About the Island of Corregidor Plus Its New Campaign "CORREGIDOR NOW"

5:32:00 PM

When was the last time you visited Corregidor or have seen it on a post card? Well, me, it's not interesting to know that I haven't been to Corregidor and knowing that I'm a History graduate (not proud of that). I have only seen it on photos and videos plus read stories about the place on different print medias. This is one of the  historical place that plays an important role in our history, the Philippine History, and I missed a lot of opportunities to go there. Never been there but longing to visit and experience the place.

Just recently, July 4, I attended a press launch and unveiling of the new brand of Corregidor. It is an event where the Corregidor Foundation (CFI), the Department of Tourism through its marketing arm, the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB), and the Tourism Infrastructure and Economic Zone Authority (TIEZA) launched it new brand called CORREGIDOR NOW.  This the agencies way of creating better improvements and plans for the tourism of the island. The launch was held on a date where Filipinos and Americans are celebrating the Filipino-American Friendship Day.

It was sad to know only few people have been to Corregidor and I'm one of them. Perhaps for some few reasons, and one of which is going to Corregidor really takes time and effort.

Today, I was hoping that after the introduction of the plans and changes maybe more will be enticed, excited and encouraged to visit the place.

But before you take the tour in Corregidor here are some facts that you should know about the place.

1. Corregidor was once been the capital of the Philippines. At the break of World War II, President Manuel L. Quezon move the capital of the Philippines to Corregidor and took office in the island together with his cabinets and other officials. This is one of the most secured military bases and garrisons during that time. But as the battle begun and the US and Filipino forces were on the loosing end, President Manuel L. Quezon together with other officials and cabinet members were secured and fled to Australia.  

2. The Americans funded $150M for the construction of the facilities and weaponries inside the island of Corregidor. These includes facilities such as hospital, barracks, movie houses, recreational facilities, commissary, and other structures that you usually find in a base. It took much time before it is completed but was finished in time before the World War II breaks out.

3. The Malinta Tunnel's lateral section is believed can accommodate 100 hospital beds that is why during the World War II many soldiers and civilians were treated here. At the same time a lot of people died in the place that according to some there were sightings and 'paramdam' were felt by some visitors. Malinta Tunnel is a 836-foot-long, fishbone-shaped system of bombproof tunnels with three 227meter by 8 meter main sections and 24 49meter x 4.5-meter laterals. The cement used for the its 30-foot to 40-foot thick walls are called Asada cement which was bought from the Japanese. 

4. Corregidor island's 'disappearing' gun batteries. These guns were created and mounted on a disappearing carriage that enabled the guns to hide from direct attack. The Battery Crockett and Cheney, each had two 12-inch 'seacoast guns', while Battery Grubbs had two 10-inch guns. All-in-all the whole island of Corregidor together with the adjoining islands have 56 coastal guns and mortars in 23 seacoast batteries and 76 (28 3-inch and 48 50-caliber) anti-aircraft guns in 13 batteries. That's why it is one of the strongest defense during World War II. 

5. The island of Corregidor does not only have its ruins of the past but also the diverse ecosystem within it. That's why it is a paradise during the time it was built because of the tropic island features.

After the appointment of Cynthia Carrion by President Rodrigo Duterte as the Chairman and CEO of Corregidor Foundation Inc., she spearheaded the new strategic campaign, dubbed as "CORREGIDOR NOW", which aims to deliver a stronger and unified voice for the whole island, bringing it to greater heights as a tourism attraction.

"For years, Corregidor Island seemed to be perceived solely as a popular historical site, with its idyllic features unknown to many," according to Carrion. "With our campaign, we hope that it will usher in a new era for this eco-historical location, making it known as a place of sanctuary where one can enjoy a relaxing opportunity to revel in the past," she added.

TIEZA is developing a comprehensive master plan for the redevelopment of Corregidor and the proposed rehabilitation of the Corregidor South Dock Pier, Under the marketing campaign, they will implement more proactive promotional efforts in various forms of media to inform the public and entice target markets to visit the island.

With all the tourist destinations in the Philippines, Corregidor Island is the only one where you can truly dive deep into history while enjoying the best of tropical Philippines, It is the picture-perfect showcase of the variety of fun and adventure offered on its land, sea, and air. Carrion invites Filipinos to come together, enjoy, and explore the historical paradise that is an ultimate relaxation and fun adventure sanctuary.

To book a tour or know more about Corregidor, please email info@corregidorisland.com.ph or visit www.corregiorisland.com.ph or call +632.8233281.


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