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Celebrate Wins Through Photography: It's Never Too Late to Achieve Greatness

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When was the last time you paused to celebrate your achievements? In the hustle of daily life, it's easy to miss the moments that shape our journey. Celebrating milestones helps us recognize that it's never too late to reach for greatness. Photography is a wonderful way to honor these victories. With Great Image, you can capture your accomplishments, preserving them as a lasting reminder of your journey and potential.

Reflecting the past triumphs

Each picture is a solid reminder of the challenges we've conquered and the victories we've celebrated. Think about your school years, from kindergarten to college. Every graduation photo tells a story of your struggles and successes. Even if you had to pause your education to work, that graduation photo, when you finally achieved your degree, symbolizes your grit and determination. It proves that it's never too late to reach your goals.

Capturing new beginnings

As we navigate life's ever-changing landscape, photography becomes a beacon of hope and renewal. It allows us to capture the excitement and optimism of new beginnings, whether starting a new career or pursuing a long-held passion. Even the simplest photographs, like your first ID picture for job applications, symbolize a fresh chapter as you transition into adulthood. Each photo affirms your readiness to embrace change and strive for greatness.

Immortalizing milestones

We all reach new heights at our own pace, and these milestones deserve to be celebrated. Photography lets us capture these special times forever. Think about the couples who finally take their wedding photos after years of being together or those who welcome a baby after trying for so long. These photos prove their patience and commitment, inspiring others to pursue their dreams, wherever they are in life.

Honoring personal growth

Looking back at ourselves can be a powerful tool for growth. Photography offers a unique way to see our journey of self-discovery. By capturing moments of reflection and self-acceptance, we celebrate how far we've come and the challenges we've conquered. For example, someone who has struggled with self-confidence might finally feel comfortable getting a professional portrait taken. This portrait becomes a symbol of their newfound acceptance and inner strength.


On realizing one’s greatness

Realizing that it's never too late to be great brings freedom. It shows that greatness isn't tied to age or circumstances but to our willingness to pursue dreams and embrace the unknown. As we navigate this journey, we can document our growth and victories, with Great Image helping every step of the way.

Great Image celebrates your journey with top-notch photography services. Using the latest technology and skilled photographers, they capture your milestones with precision and care. Whether it's a graduation, wedding, self-portrait, pregnancy, or even an ID picture, Great Image is there for you.

And now, you can let your greatness shine even brighter! Great Image is offering a special promotion: a FREE 3R PRINT using the promo code GI3RPR. This exclusive offer is available on a first-come, first-served basis at Great Image branches nationwide. Don’t miss this limited-time opportunity to immortalize your achievements with a complimentary print from Great Image!

To explore more about Great Image and their photography services, visit their website at www.greatimage.com.ph or connect with them on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Show love for all kinds of dads with Samsung devices!

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A wonderful Father’s Day awaits every kind of dad! Show your appreciation for your multitasking superdad, nostalgic fur-dad, or caring plant-dad with the perfect Galaxy gift. Check out these amazing deals on Galaxy devices this June that will make him grin with pride. Epic surprises for the hard working dads Every hardworking dad needs a companion to lighten the load of a busy day. Let them experience the epic power of AI in the Galaxy S series to increase productivity with Call and Text Assist and Live Interpreter functions for seamless office calls, or with the Google Circle to Search feature to easily plan your next family vacation.

If you buy a Galaxy S24 Ultra for your dad until June 30, 2024, he can also enjoy a FREE Galaxy Watch5 Pro and keep track of his health. Epic discounts up to P25,000 also await if you choose from the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy Z Flip4 or ZFold 4. Additional FREE gifts also come when you purchase this month: Galaxy Buds2 Pro when you buy a Galaxy Z Flip5 or Z Fold5, or a Galaxy Buds FE for every purchase of the Galaxy S23 FE.

Improve their work set up with the Galaxy Tab S9 series. With the DeX Mode they can use their tablet like a desktop and get work done anywhere whether at home, at the office, or waiting in the car to pick up the kids from school. Cop the Galaxy Tab S9 series and enjoy a FREE Keyboard Cover. If you prefer the Galaxy Tab S9 FE, you’ll also get a free Smart Keyboard plus P2,000 discount.

For a more affordable tablet option, you can also consider the Galaxy Tab A9 series - get tf for as much as P2,000 off this Father’s Day. There’s also a new kid-friendly option to help dads and their kids get some fun bonding time - the Galaxy Tab A9+ Wifi Kids Edition, the perfect edutainment buddy for kids.

The Galaxy Tab A9+ Wifi Kids Edition has an expansive display perfect for watching videos and for exploring kid-friendly games through the Samsung Kids app, while still allowing dad to get maximized productivity with DeX Mode. It even comes complete with a puffy case to better protect the tablet, a crayon stylus, stickers for personalization, and a travel adaptor.

Great dog dads also deserve awesome treats

With all the care that goes into raising and maintaining furbabies, make the most of those proud dad posts! Flex those furry companions with the awesome content creation features of the Galaxy A series. Save core memories with Galaxy A35 5G’s Dual Recording to capture both POVs with both front and back camera, or with Single Take that takes up to 14 shots from a 3-10 second recording. Keep the memories clear as day with Stable HDR to record with both optical and video image stabilization.

This June, receive up to P2,000 cashback plus a free travel adapter on the Galaxy A35 5G and for every purchase of the Galaxy A34 5G, A54 5G, and A55 5G, you can enjoy up to P4,000 less and also a free travel adapter. You can also get the Galaxy A15 and Galaxy A25 for up to P1,000 less until June 20.

Enjoy plant fathering with the Galaxy wearables

Complete the Galaxy experience with these daily drivers perfect for plant dads hard at work with their green thumbs. Listen to your top playlists with Galaxy Buds and track your movement with Galaxy Watches while improving your garden.

Get the Galaxy Buds2 Pro or Buds2 for half the price when you buy it with any device from the Galaxy S24 series, Galaxy Z Flip5 or Fold5, or the Galaxy Tab S9 series. You can also get it for 30% off with the Galaxy A55 5G and A35 5G, or 20% off when you buy it with the Galaxy A15 5G or A25 5G.

Make the plant dads happy with cross-sell discounts for the Galaxy Buds FE, Galaxy Watch6 series, Watch5 Pro, or the Watch4 40mm. These devices can be bought for 50% off when you bundle any of them with the Galaxy S24 series, Galaxy Z Flip5 or Fold5, or the Galaxy Tab S9 series, 20% discount when you partner them with the Galaxy A55 5G and A35 5G, or 10% price-off when you buy it with the Galaxy A15 5G or A25 5G. You can also help them pursue fitness with the 30% off on Galaxy Fit3 when you buy it with any flagship Galaxy device.
v Thank you Dad! You deserve this!

Show your admiration for the greatest dads in your life with Galaxy gifts this Father’s day. Don’t miss out on amazing deals this June! Check out the nearest Samsung Experience Stores or other authorized stores and visit www.samsung.com.ph for more information.

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TOYCON MNDSTYL FANX The Evolution: Celebrating the Transformation of Toys, Collectibles and Creative Play

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TOYCON PH, the premier event for toy and collectible enthusiasts in the Philippines, marks its 21st year, celebrating the evolving world of toys and creative play. The convention continues to attract fans, collectors, creators, and industry professionals, serving as a hub for all ages to explore the past, present, and future of playthings. This annual event underscores its status as a key destination in Asia for toy aficionados.

Event Overview
Date: June 14-16, 2024
TOYCON PH 2024 is set to transform the SMX Convention Center Manila into a vibrant playground for toy aficionados. The convention will feature an extensive range of exhibits and activities, including exclusive toy product reveals, performances from international Pop idols, panel discussions with toy industry experts and celebrity collectors, toy designing workshops, interactive gaming and tabletop tournaments, cosplay, comics and a bustling marketplace for rare and exclusive collectibles.

Event Highlights
●Be a part of the exciting launch of two new toy brands from MNDSTYL and the creator of Funko Pop
●Catch the launch of an exciting new Quiccs release of TEQ 63 and Jollibee
●Take your pick of exciting toy exclusives from Solid Toys, RLux Custom, Armored Komodo, Devil Toys, Omo Collectibles and more than 50 other Designer toy artists
●Enjoy new finds and releases from big toy brands like Hot Toys, Jada, Bandai, PopMart, Funko, Toy City, and so much more!
●Catch the celebration of GMA Network’s 74th anniversary with surprise GMA celebrity appearances!
●View the very first reveal of the 20-foot Voltes V Legacy display of Telesuccess Productions!
●Funko Funatics Philippines launching the Funko Exclusive Tee and the Freddy Funko exclusive for TOYCON MNDSTYL FANX 2024 at their booth "Freddy's Sari Sari Store!"
●Enjoy performances from International Performers - Bugvel, Chicken Blow The Idol, Kuroguro, and Tenohira El, Voice Actress/Idol - Ai Negeshi, local idols, Pastel Mix and Day Night Explorers and many more surprise international guests!
●MNDSTYL FANX presents JPOP Singer-songwriter krage and KPOP boy group n.SSign for their 1st time live performance here in the Philippines!
●Special musical performance by P-POP Sensation G22, the Female Alphas, and beloved OPM band I Belong to the Zoo courtesy of CaliCo Toys.
●Be part of the Mana Underground Table-top Tournaments: Battlegrounds
●Catch the special displays and special spotlight presentations from upcoming movies, "Alien vs Predator: Romulus," "A Quiet Place: Day One," "Deadpool and Wolverine," "Friendly Fire," Horizon: An American Saga," "Inside Out 2," and "Transformers One."
●Enjoy all the spectacle of costume play performances with TOYCON’s Cosplay KO Competition
●Meet and greet our talented Filipino anime voice actors at the Calico Booth featuring: Nica Rojo, Elle Genovata, Alain Alfred and Blair Arellano.
●Catch the awarding of the Pinoy Pop Culture Icon for 2024. It will be awesome!
●Be a part of more than 100 toy collector groups of the Philippine Toy Groups Association with their collections exhibited at the TOYCON Gallery
●Enjoy the Creators and Artisan Alley and Comic Zone with celebrity graphic artists, authors, crafts people and inventors!
●Get your first lightsaber from Saber Source with a special collab with TOYCON, launching the exclusive and limited edition "Kawayan" light saber.
One of the main attractions at TOYCON Evolution is the unveiling of new toy lines and limited-edition collectibles. Major toy manufacturers and independent creators alike will showcase their latest innovations, offering attendees the first look at the toys that will shape the market in the coming year. This includes everything from action figures and designer toys to high-tech gadgets and educational toys.


This year, it’s all about the creators! Get up close and personal with many of them including renowned toy designers, popular influencers, and iconic figures from the world of toys and collectibles. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet their heroes, get autographs, and participate in Q&A sessions.

Panel Discussions
Industry experts, including toy designers, marketers, and trend analysts, will lead insightful panel discussions on various topics such as:
-The impact of technology on toy design
-Trends in the collectible markets
-Sustainable and eco-friendly toy production
-The role of nostalgia in modern toy collecting

Interactive Workshops
TOYCON Evolution offers a series of workshops designed to engage and educate attendees. These hands-on sessions will cover a wide range of interests, from DIY toy customization and 3D printing to the basics of starting a toy collection and preserving vintage toys.

The marketplace at TOYCON Evolution is a paradise for collectors. Vendors from around the world will offer a vast array of toys and collectibles, including rare finds, limited editions, and exclusive convention merchandise. This is the perfect place for attendees to discover unique items and complete their collections.

Community and Networking
Beyond the exhibits and panels, TOYCON Evolution fosters a sense of community among attendees. Networking events, meet-and-greets, and social mixers provide ample opportunities for fans and professionals to connect, share their passions, and build lasting relationships within the toy community.

We’re more than just a convention, we are a PLAYGROUND!
TOYCON Evolution is more than just a convention; it's a celebration of the creativity, innovation, and joy that toys bring to our lives. Whether you're a seasoned collector, a casual enthusiast, or someone looking to dive into the world of toys for the first time, TOYCON Evolution promises an unforgettable experience that honors the past, celebrates the present, and looks forward to the future of toys and collectibles. Mark your calendars and get ready to embark on a journey through the ever-evolving world of toys at TOYCON x MNDSTYL FANX 2024!

Coverage and entry of last year's TOYCON

Thanks to our sponsors, Jollibee, Great Toys Online, Talent High, Urdu, XURE, College of St. Benilde, Solid Toys, PUBG Mobile, Filbars, Devil Toys, CO The Collectible Store, CaliCo Toys, Bullyboys, Hubbyte, Grimalkin, JADA, RLux Customs, OMO Toys, Courtside, Toki, Funtastick, Clay Miniatures, Armored Komodo, The GMA Store, Imageworld, Tiktok Shop, Legendary Beast Studios, Oishi, Telesuccess, Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, Parallax/Saga Studios and Black Cap Pictures.

With special thanks to our event partners, Baguio Country Club, Mana Underground, Ambox National, Telesuccess Productions, United Neon, Devant, Imageworld, Quiccs, The Jakarta Toys and Comics Fair, IPMS, Exlink Events, Anime Alliance, the Philippine Toy Group Association and to our Official Residence Partner, SEDA Manila.
With Media Partners, Inquirer.net, POP!, Scout, Cebu Daily News, Esports INQ, and Be An Inquirer
Get your tickets now from SMTickets.com or buy them at the gates.

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#YouMake the winning play with Samsung’s customizable experience with up to 50% off

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From watching your favorite games to powering up for a healthy lifestyle, make life memorable and much easier with Samsung appliances and Galaxy devices powered by Galaxy AI. Samsung is offering amazing customizable bundle deals through its #YouMake exclusive offers! Get up to 50% off on Samsung Galaxy devices and best-selling Samsung TVs, home appliances and monitors until June 10, 2024.

With Samsung devices in your hands and appliances your homes, #YouMake winning in life easier for everyone!

#YouMake living life easy with Galaxy AI

Being a superfan and getting the latest news on your idols is made super easy with Galaxy AI on the Galaxy S24 series. With the “Circle to Search” function, all you have to do is circle, highlight, write, or tap anything on the screen.

Looking for a bigger screen to use more apps simultaneously? Get work done even faster with the Galaxy Z Fold5, now with Galaxy AI features like Transcript Assist and Notes Assist. With a large 7.6-inch Main Screen, quick job-switching functionality, and a thinner S Pen Fold Edition that makes annotation simple, this multitasking powerhouse lets you complete your duties and watch games from anywhere.


Enjoy your passions and make work a breeze with Galaxy AI. Save up to ₱5,000 off for a Galaxy S24 Ultra, plus FREE two random cases and a SmartTag2 or ₱15,000 off and get a FREE random case of a Galaxy Z Fold5 (12GB/256GB) when you purchase until June 10, 2024.

#YouMake the best host for watch parties and workouts

If you can’t make it to the actual game, it’s time to host watch parties for your family and friends with a Samsung Neo QLED 8K. It boasts a powerful processor with 8K AI upscaling to improve scenes that immerse viewers like they're watching at a real stadium. The action-packed, immersive cinematic soundtrack that a real stadium has is also brought to life by Dolby Atmos and Samsung's top channel speaker.

If you’re on a budget and want to live smart and healthy like your idols, get fit even through online workout tutorials with the Samsung 50-inch Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV. Thanks to its PurColor function, you can experience immersive viewing while producing a wide variety of colors for maximum picture quality.

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 Gaming Monitor can also revolutionize your gaming and watching experience with its curved 57-inch screen, which envelops the user and features Quantum Matrix Technology for unparalleled realism. Its 240Hz refresh rate brings instant triumph guaranteed by the incredibly fluid and thrilling viewing experience.


Save up to ₱80,000 on a Samsung 75” Neo QLED 8K QN800C Smart TV, ₱35,500 discount on a Samsung 65” Neo QLED 4K QN85C Smart TV, take home a Samsung 50” Crystal UHD CU8100 4K Smart TV at a valued price of ₱26,249, PLUS a one-year FREE Disney+ Subscription on select TV models, or get ₱24,700 off of the Samsung 57" Odyssey Neo G9 G95NC DUHD 240Hz Gaming Monitor when you buy until June 10, 2024.

#YouMake the Perfect Homebuddy

Samsung’s BeSpoke AI gadgets are ideal for setting up the perfect atmosphere for watching sports. You can use power cool mode to make cold beverages ahead of time by connecting BeSpoke AI refrigerators via SmartThings. On top of these, with the BeSpoke AI™ for Laundry, you can have personalized laundry based on weight, fabric, and dirtiness to have a stress-free laundry session and have more time to watch the game worry-free.

Enjoy added convenience with the embedded Wi-Fi and a voice assistant Smart Control with the Samsung Smart Oven. Complete your watch parties and workout sessions, and stay comfortable with the Samsung WindFree™ Air Conditioner Wall-mount ActivClean 1.0 HP. With its WindFreeTM Cooling mode, be cool without worrying about your electricity bills as it uses up to 77% less electricity than the Fast Cooling mode.

Enjoy 25% off on Samsung home appliances with #YouMake. Save up to ₱13,964 when you purchase a Bespoke Refrigerator French Door Triple Triple Cooling 24.0 cu. ft. Enjoy a ₱10,185 discount on a Bespoke Laundry front-load Dryer AI Control 17 kg and get up to ₱2,006 when you buy a Samsung Smart Oven WiFi Connectivity 32L. All of these deals are available until June 10, 2024.


#YouMake Exclusive Bundles at Samsung.com

Customize how you upgrade your new lifestyle with #YouMake exclusive bundles. Get up to 42% off when you bundle up to two (2) products or select three (3) products and get up to 47% discounts. Plus, enjoy 0% interest up to 36 months installment using Metrobank, BDO & BPI credit cards. You can also avail of free delivery to most areas nationwide and a trade-in Boost Discount of up to ₱18,000.

Don’t miss out on these fantastic deals of Samsung’s #YouMake the winning play until June 10, 2024. Buy more, save more! Find out more about Samsung’s #YouMake deals at https://www.samsung.com/ph/youmake/

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Ginebra San Miguel Celebrates 190 Years of Gin with New Archangel Reserve

1:07:00 PM

Crowded entrance, a feel of elegance and refinement, the air was filled with anticipation and celebration as Ginebra San Miguel, the world’s largest-selling gin producer, hosted "The Art of Gin" event. This occasion was not only a nod to World Gin Day but also a tribute to Ginebra San Miguel’s remarkable 190-year journey in gin-making. Guests from all walks of life, including media personalities, bloggers, influencers, celebrities, and performers, gathered at Novotel Manila Araneta City to witness the unveiling of a new gem in the brand’s crown—the Ginebra San Miguel Archangel Reserve.
A Journey Through History

Gin, beloved by many across the Philippines, has a storied history that mirrors the country's own cultural evolution. Introduced during the Spanish colonial period, gin quickly became a favored drink among the locals, transcending social classes from the illustrados to the masses. Its versatility and affordability made it a staple in Filipino celebrations, from grand fiestas to humble family gatherings.

Ginebra San Miguel, founded in 1834, has been at the heart of this tradition. Over the years, it has become more than just a beverage; it has woven itself into the social fabric of the nation. Known for its resilient spirit and the iconic “Never Say Die” attitude, Ginebra San Miguel symbolizes the enduring and unwavering spirit of the Filipino people.

The Legacy of Ginebra San Miguel

Ginebra San Miguel's legacy is not just about its longevity but also about its commitment to quality and innovation. The brand's history is marked by numerous accolades and recognitions, attesting to its excellence in gin production. Among these, the prestigious Monde Selection International Quality Institute Awards stand out, showcasing Ginebra San Miguel's global standard.

The "Never Say Die" spirit, epitomized by the brand’s popular slogan, resonates deeply with Filipinos. It speaks to the nation’s perseverance through hardships and its collective hope for a brighter future. This spirit was evident at "The Art of Gin" event, where guests celebrated not just a brand, but a cultural icon that has stood the test of time.


The Archangel Reserve, the highlight of its ginnovation.

As Ginebra San Miguel commemorates its 190th anniversary, the introduction of the Ginebra San Miguel Archangel Reserve marks a significant milestone. This super-premium dry gin is a testament to nearly two centuries of gin-making expertise. Crafted from a blend of six botanicals—juniper berry, angelica root, coriander seed, lemon peel, orange peel, and liquorice—distilled in copper stills, the Archangel Reserve offers a smooth and balanced finish that caters to discerning palates.

Bottled in a striking emerald green Frasco, the Archangel Reserve features the image of St. Michael the Archangel, a nod to the brand’s rich heritage. This new addition to Ginebra San Miguel’s portfolio stands alongside other premium offerings like the 1834 Premium Distilled Gin, catering to modern and sophisticated tastes.


A sense of pride beams to all the guests who took a shot of the Archangel Reserve. It represents Ginebra San Miguel's commitment to excellence and dedication to providing consumers with the finest distilled spirits. This gin is perfect for those special moments that deserve a distinguished toast.

Community and Celebration

The significance of Ginebra San Miguel in the community cannot be overstated. It has been a part of Filipino life for generations, from everyday socializing to landmark celebrations. The brand's affordability and quality have made it the drink of choice for many, bridging social divides and bringing people together.


At the heart of the event was a celebration of community and togetherness. The Art of Gin event was a vivid display of how Ginebra San Miguel continues to be an integral part of Filipino culture. A rich blend of history and modern innovation. 

World Gin Day provided the perfect backdrop for Ginebra San Miguel to showcase its rich history and innovative spirit. This global celebration, dedicated to all things gin, highlighted the cultural significance of this beloved beverage. Gin enthusiasts worldwide raised their glasses in unison, celebrating a drink that has stood the test of time and trends.


As guests mingled and enjoyed the festivities, the event underscored the importance of understanding and appreciating the history of gin in the Philippines. It was a reminder that every bottle of Ginebra San Miguel carries with it a legacy of craftsmanship, community, and an unwavering spirit. 

The Ginebra San Miguel Archangel Reserve is more than just a new product; it is a symbol of the brand’s enduring legacy and commitment to quality. It invites both long-time fans and new enthusiasts to partake in a piece of history, to celebrate the moments that matter, and to embody the "Never Say Die" spirit that defines the Filipino heart.


Raise a glass to Ginebra San Miguel, to its 190 years of excellence, and to the many more years of celebration to come. Discover the rich history, savor the innovations, and become a part of the enduring legacy that is Ginebra San Miguel. Cheers to the spirit that never says die.

Kim Chiu Joins Brilliant Skin Essentials as Hello Melo Brand Ambassador

8:42:00 AM

Brilliant Skin Essentials hosted a spectacular event at The Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan on June 2, 2024, marking several milestones in the company’s journey. The grand launch of their latest product, Hello Melo Drink, featured the popular actress Kim Chiu as the brand's newest endorser. This highly anticipated event also included significant contract signings with F&D and iFuel, showcasing the company's expanding reach across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

The event kicked off with the contract signing with F&D, a momentous occasion symbolizing the strong partnerships that Brilliant Skin Essentials is building. Miss Glenda dela Cruz, the CEO of Brilliant Skin Essentials, began the event with heartfelt remarks, highlighting the emotional significance of the day. “Nandito ‘yong Lola ko, ‘yong family ko. She’s (Miss Glenda’s Inang) the reason why kung bakit ako nandito, gusto kong ipakita sa kanya na lahat ng pinaghirapan mo, ito na ‘yong bunga ng marami ng nagmamahal sa apo mo, and ang dami pong nagmamahal sa Brilliant Skin— lalo na po kayo (F&D). Kaya sabi ko bibigyan ko ng magandang launching ang Hello Melo, ang ating bagong product,” she said.


The event was filled with exciting activities for the attendees, who had the chance to win fantastic raffle prizes, including treatments from Brilliant Medical Group, cash prizes, and major items such as Zion Eye Massagers, Zion Deluxe Massage Chairs, and even an MG Car. These thrilling giveaways kept the atmosphere lively and engaging throughout the day.

Adding to the event's excitement were performances by actress Arci Muñoz and actor Paulo Avelino. Both stars shared their personal experiences with Brilliant Medical Group, praising the impact it had on their skin care routines. Arci Muñoz expressed her gratitude by saying, “I really appreciate you, Glenda. Thank you so much for inviting me to be part of your family, this wonderful group, and your empire. Thank you so much...Brilliant Skin lang ang naka-help sa acne problem ko.” Paulo Avelino echoed this sentiment, adding, “Wala po akong masyadong alam pero nung pumunta po ako (Brilliant Medical Group) sabi ko, ‘Doc Ikaw na pong bahala.’ So may mga favorite po ako, ‘yong hydrafacial, and of course there’s this new laser na ginagamit nila to lighten the pigments of your skin, which is very good bilang prone rin ako sa acne.”

The highlight of the event was the grand launch of the Hello Melo Drink, a beauty beverage that promises to enhance collagen production and keep consumers looking youthful. Kim Chiu, the newly signed brand ambassador, captivated the audience with a lively performance and shared her enthusiasm about the collaboration. “I am very excited for this collaboration. Tsaka syempre more collagen, mas babata talaga tayo kasi nga sabi sa study nawawalan ka ng 1% collagen every year, kaya nagmumukha kang matanda but with the help of Helo Melo, lahat tayo babata,” Kim shared.

During a Q&A session with the media, Kim Chiu further elaborated on her philosophy of beauty and happiness. “‘Pag masaya ka sa buhay mo magrereflect din yan sa mukha mo na maaliwalas, mukhang masaya ka, mukhang maganda ka kasi di mo pinoproblema ‘yong problemang di mo kailangang problemahin. So just live in the moment, mabuhay ka lang. Gawin mo lang ano magpapasaya sa ‘yo and kung ano ‘yong magpapaganda sa ‘yo.”

Another pivotal moment of the event was the contract signing with iFuel, signaling another strategic partnership for Brilliant Skin Essentials. The event drew a crowd of nearly 1,200 attendees, including franchisees and distributors from across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The presence of actor Daniel Matsunaga added a touch of glamour and excitement to the already star-studded affair.

Miss Shed P. Garcia, the COO of Brilliant Skin Essentials, wrapped up the event with closing remarks, expressing her amazement at the turnout. “Dami nating attendees, I can’t imagine na magagawa ‘to ni Brilliant na sobrang short notice lang. And sabi nga ni Miss Glenda, grateful sya kasi kahit short notice pinupuntahan talaga nila ‘yong event ni Brilliant.”

The event was a testament to the growing influence of Brilliant Skin Essentials, driven by the visionary leadership of Miss Glenda dela Cruz. Her commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has solidified the company's reputation as a leader in the beauty industry.


The launch of Hello Melo Drink, a product that combines the health and beauty benefits of melon with a deliciously milkier taste, is set to be another success story for Brilliant Skin Essentials. Melon is known for its rich content of vitamins A and C, which are essential for healthy skin. These nutrients help hydrate the skin, improve its texture, and protect it from damage.

For those looking to keep their skin youthful and radiant, the Hello Melo Drink offers a tasty and effective solution. With Kim Chiu as the face of the brand, the product is poised to capture the hearts of consumers nationwide.

Follow the official hashtags #BrilliantSummer and #BrilliantSkinEssentials for more updates on the event and the latest products. Stay connected with @missglenda on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram for exclusive insights and announcements. Join the Brilliant Skin Essentials community and experience the transformation that has everyone talking.

BINI's 'Salamin, Salamin' True Meaning Exposed!

7:55:00 AM

The girl group, BINI, has brushed off allegations that their hit song "Salamin, Salamin" promotes witchcraft. This controversy erupted after a religious content creator claimed to have evidence that the song was linked to dark practices. However, BINI members were quick to dismiss these claims, clarifying the true, endearing nature of the song.

BINI Colet couldn’t help but laugh when she saw the post, mentioning that the group often encounters amusing interpretations of their music. "Actually, nakita ko po yung post na yun, nakakatawa po, pero mas meron pa po nakakatawang post bukod dun. Natatawa na lang po kami kasi may nabubuo na po silang kwento sa mga kanta namin," she said. (Actually, I saw that post; it's funny, but there are even more funny posts besides that. We laugh about it because they are creating a story in our songs.)

Meanwhile, BINI Maloi confidently labeled the claims as "fake news" and reiterated that "Salamin, Salamin" is simply a good song. "Fake news po. Hindi po witchcraft ang ‘Salamin, Salamin.’ Maganda lang po ‘yung song,” she affirmed. (It’s just fake news. ‘Salamin, Salamin’ doesn’t promote witchcraft. The song is just nice.)

The misunderstanding likely stems from the song’s use of the phrase "mirror, mirror on the wall," reminiscent of the evil queen’s line from the Snow White fairy tale. The phrase might evoke images of magic and witchcraft, but the lyrics of "Salamin, Salamin" are far from sinister. Instead, they tell a tale of a girl’s longing for her crush to notice her, wrapped in the relatable context of youthful infatuation and hope.

The song's lyrics express a common teenage experience: the uncertainty and excitement of a crush. Lines like "Mahiwagang salamin kailan ba niya aaminin, Kaniyang tunay na pagtingin" (Magic mirror, when will he admit his true feelings) capture the mix of hope and anxiety familiar to anyone who has ever had a crush.


In another part of the song, the lyrics go, "Mirror mirror on the wall, Please tell my prince charming I'm waiting for his call," reflecting a timeless theme of waiting for reciprocated affection. This mirrors the sentiments of many teens, making the song universally relatable across generations.

BINI’s charm lies not just in their catchy tunes but in their ability to connect with their audience on a personal level. Their fans, known as BLOOMS, have warmly welcomed the group and their music. Songs like "Born to Win," "Lagi," "Pantropiko," and more have cemented their place in the hearts of listeners, resonating with themes of empowerment and resilience.

"Salamin, Salamin," like many of BINI’s hits, showcases the group’s talent for blending contemporary pop with relatable narratives. Despite the recent misunderstanding, the song continues to gain popularity for its catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics.

Adding to their rising fame, BINI is set to dazzle their fans with a three-day solo concert, BINIverse, from June 28-30 at the New Frontier Theater. This event promises to be a spectacular showcase of their talent and an unforgettable experience for their fans.

As BINI continues to rise in popularity, their songs remain a testament to their artistic vision and connection with their audience. Misunderstandings like the recent witchcraft allegations only highlight the cultural impact of their music, sparking conversations and drawing more listeners to explore the true meanings behind their lyrics.

In the end, BINI’s "Salamin, Salamin" is not a song of witchcraft but a charming ode to the emotions that accompany a crush. Their music captures the essence of youthful longing and the magic of hoping for love, proving that BINI’s songs are here to stay, captivating hearts and minds with their relatable themes and catchy beats.

Join BINI at their upcoming BINIverse concert to experience their music live and see firsthand why they have become a beloved sensation. Don’t miss out on what promises to be an extraordinary event celebrating the music and talent of BINI.

Friday, May 31, 2024

Darren Espanto's Latest Single and Upcoming "D10" Concert

5:53:00 AM

Darren Espanto, the singer who stole hearts as a young contestant on "The Voice Kids Philippines," is set to celebrate a major milestone in his career. On June 1, Espanto will take the stage at the Araneta Coliseum for his highly anticipated "D10" concert, marking ten years of remarkable achievements in the music and entertainment industry.

Darren's journey began in 2014 when he wowed audiences with his powerful voice and captivating stage presence on "The Voice Kids Philippines," finishing as a runner-up under the mentorship of Sarah Geronimo. Since then, Darren has grown into one of Asia's most beloved pop artists, known for his wide vocal range and emotive performances.


The "D10" concert promises to be a spectacular event, celebrating Darren's decade-long career with a mix of his biggest hits and new songs. Fans can expect an unforgettable night filled with music, memories, and heartfelt moments. Darren’s talent has not only earned him a loyal fanbase but also numerous awards and platinum albums, solidifying his status as a pop icon.

In preparation for the concert, Darren released his latest single, "Hanggang Kailan," which has already garnered significant attention and praise. The song showcases Darren's growth as an artist and his ability to convey deep emotions through his music. "Hanggang Kailan" is a poignant ballad that speaks of longing and hope, resonating deeply with listeners.


“I wanted to create something that would touch people's hearts,” Darren said about his new single. “'Hanggang Kailan' is very special to me, and I hope it becomes special to my fans too.”

As Darren continues to evolve as an artist, he remains dedicated to his craft, consistently delivering powerful performances and relatable music. His versatility extends beyond singing, as he has also ventured into acting, earning praise for his roles in the film "The Hows of Us" and the series "Lyric and Beat." Currently, Darren stars in the ABS-CBN primetime series "Can’t Buy Me Love," playing the character Stephen, which has further showcased his talents.

The upcoming "D10" concert is set to be a milestone event in Darren's career. Fans can expect to hear a mix of his classic hits, such as "Dying Inside To Hold You," "In Love Ako Sa’yo," and "7 Minutes," along with new tracks, including "Hanggang Kailan." The concert will also feature elaborate stage designs, stunning visuals, and guest performances that promise to elevate the experience.

Tickets for the "D10" concert are now available and can be purchased through Ticketnet outlets and ticketnet.com.ph. Prices range from P427 for general admission to P8,004 for platinum seats, ensuring that fans from all walks of life can join in the celebration.

Darren’s influence extends beyond music and acting. He has become a role model for many young artists, demonstrating that hard work, passion, and dedication can lead to extraordinary achievements. His journey from a young contestant on a talent show to a celebrated artist is a testament to his talent and perseverance.

"I am incredibly grateful for the support of my fans over the past ten years," Darren shared. "This concert is my way of thanking them for their unwavering love and encouragement. I can't wait to celebrate this milestone with everyone."

In addition to his concert, Darren has exciting plans for the future. He is set to release more new music later this year, continuing to push the boundaries of his artistry. Fans can look forward to fresh sounds and innovative projects as Darren continues to evolve and grow as an artist.

For those who have followed Darren's journey from the beginning, the "D10" concert is a chance to reflect on the incredible moments and milestones that have defined his career. For new fans, it’s an opportunity to experience the magic of Darren Espanto live and witness his undeniable talent.

Don’t miss out on this monumental event. Join Darren Espanto on June 1 at the Araneta Coliseum for a night of music, celebration, and unforgettable performances. For more details and updates, follow Star Music on social media and visit the official ABS-CBN website.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Muri's latest single "Afternoon" a teaser for her EP

11:24:00 PM

The Ransom Collective’s Muri will soon release “Afternoon,” the first song from her debut EP, which is coming out this year.

The Filipino singer and violinist shared the release date and song title on her social media.

Muriel Gonzales said “Afternoon” is about her own experiences as a young woman dealing with work and life problems by herself, in a country far from home.

“I’ve been working on this song for quite a while,” she admits. “Without revealing too much about the creative and thought process behind Afternoon, I actually find it freeing to open up about being vulnerable and share a piece of myself through songwriting. Sometimes, expressing what you really feel helps you gain a deeper understanding of yourself as a person and as an artist. Making the entire track was both a journey and a reflection. I can’t wait to share it with the rest of the world.”

Currently based in London and Paris, Muri is working on her solo EP, with plans to perform her new material in Europe and Asia sometime this year.

Muri is best known for her work with indie folk collective The Ransom Collective as a violinist and singer. As a solo artist, she has earned a nomination for Wishclusive Contemporary R&B Performance of the Year at the prestigious Wish Awards and Favorite Female Artist at the 35th Awit Awards for her pre-debut 2022 single “Letters.” In the subsequent year, she collaborated with electronic producer LUSTBASS on a remix of "Thunder," which garnered a nomination for Best Remix Recording at the 36th Awit Awards, the Philippines' equivalent of the Grammys.

James Reid's New Emotional Ballad 'Hurt Me Too' Hits Streaming Platforms

11:17:00 PM

Filipino music superstar James Reid has once again captivated fans with his latest single, "Hurt Me Too," marking his debut project under Sony Music Entertainment. This emotional ballad delves deep into the theme of heartbreak, showcasing Reid's talent for combining raw emotion with compelling storytelling.

With a career spanning over a decade, James Reid has become a key figure in contemporary pop and R&B music in the Philippines. His chart-topping records, sold-out tours, and successful brand campaigns have made him a household name. But it’s his ability to balance commercial success with artistic integrity that truly sets him apart.

In "Hurt Me Too," Reid presents a stripped-down ballad that hits hard emotionally. The song, produced by Tim Marquez, finds Reid at his most vulnerable, reflecting on past heartbreak with a mix of fondness and pain. "I wrote the song three years ago together with Seth Reger, an artist from LA," Reid shares. "He really helped me tap into these emotions that I didn’t even know I was feeling at that moment."

Reid's exploration of heartbreak in "Hurt Me Too" marks a significant shift in his musical direction. Known for hits like "Cool Down," "Turning Up," and "16B," Reid's previous work has often leaned towards upbeat, feel-good tracks. However, this new single introduces a more introspective side of the artist.

"For this next album I’m working on, I wanted to focus on the core of who I am as a songwriter with minimal but intentional music production," Reid explains. "Hurt Me Too is like a palate cleanser for me in a way that it introduces a change in sound and direction."

The heartfelt tune is complemented by a music video directed by Elena Virata, a close friend of Reid's. "The concept was simple but powerful, focusing on unreleased emotions and frustrations," he adds. The video’s simplicity allows the song's emotional depth to shine through, creating a poignant visual experience for listeners.

James Reid's music has always resonated with fans due to its authenticity and relatability. His ability to connect with listeners on a personal level is evident in his extensive catalog, which includes popular tracks like "Right There," "On Top," and "The Life." These songs, much like "Hurt Me Too," showcase his knack for blending heartfelt lyrics with memorable melodies.

Reid's journey in the music industry began with his win on the reality show "Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash 2010." This victory catapulted him into the limelight, leading to a successful career in both music and acting. Over the years, Reid has continued to evolve as an artist, consistently pushing the boundaries of his craft.

Joining Sony Music Entertainment is a significant milestone for Reid, aligning him with other prominent Filipino artists such as SB19, Ben&Ben, and Clara Benin. This partnership is expected to further elevate Reid's career, providing him with new opportunities to reach a global audience.

Reflecting on his career, Reid expresses gratitude for the support he has received from fans and collaborators alike. "I’m grateful for the journey and the growth I’ve experienced over the years," he says. "Each song, each album is a part of my story, and I’m excited to share this new chapter with everyone."

As "Hurt Me Too" gains traction on digital music platforms worldwide, fans are eagerly anticipating Reid's upcoming album. This next phase promises to delve deeper into his personal experiences, offering listeners a more intimate glimpse into his life and emotions.

James Reid’s ability to convey profound emotions through his music is a testament to his talent as a singer and songwriter. "Hurt Me Too" is not just a song; it’s a reflection of his journey, his struggles, and his growth. It’s this authenticity that continues to endear him to fans, old and new.

Reid's work stands out for its enduring impact. His songs have the power to evoke memories, inspire reflection, and provide comfort. With "Hurt Me Too," James Reid reaffirms his place in the music industry, proving that true artistry lies in the ability to touch hearts and minds.

James Reid's "Hurt Me Too" is available now on all digital music platforms. As he continues to explore new themes and sounds, one thing remains certain: James Reid is an artist whose music will continue to resonate for years to come.

COMCO Mundo’s regional PR agency in Dubai recognized in Middle East’s F&B PR Power List

11:05:00 PM

COMCO Middle East & Africa (COMCO MEA), the Dubai-headquartered communications agency of COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises, has been recognized in Caterer Middle East’s F&B PR Power List 2024, an honor dedicated to celebrating the region's exceptional and influential PR firms that deliver compelling messages and exemplary results for their clients.

Founded in 2021, COMCO MEA is a part of the COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises, an inter-regional powerhouse and award-winning communications group that started in Southeast Asia and is now rolling out to other regional centers of the world. In a span of two years, COMCO Middle East & Africa has remained committed to the group’s strategy based, content driven and channel agnostic way of doing PR and other related disciplines. Through COMCO’s unique brand of Meaningful Storytelling, they were able to build notable campaigns and move stakeholders to action.

Being recognized in the F&B Power List by Caterer Middle East is a testament to the company's excellence, and was made possible because of the efforts and expertise of COMCO MEA’s co-founder and managing director, Tricia Jimenea and Partner and Head of Hospitality Josimar Delfin. With Ms. Jimenea’s 20 years of experience in corporate, lifestyle, and entertainment and Ms. Delfin’s a decade and half years of experience as a hotelier and F&B strategist, the company has built an exciting list of clients within two years and has already completed over 125 campaigns across the region.

COMCO Middle East & Africa Co-founder and Managing Director Tricia Jimenea (left) and Partner and Head of Hospitality Josimar Delfin (right)


“It is such a competitive landscape so we’re very grateful to the team at Caterer ME for creating a platform like this to celebrate our and other PR agencies’ hard work. As a team that has been immersed in this industry for more than a decade, we know that moving our clients forward is not just about achieving media values for them. Real impact comes from campaigns that support commercial goals and positively affect communities. We are committed to challenging ourselves to go beyond the traditional and meaningfully contribute to our clients’ success and their ability to improve the lives of their stakeholders and the entire F&B ecosystem,” said Tricia Jimenea.

“The often-used line ‘PR agencies are only as good as how well you drive them’ isn’t true for Tricia and her team at COMCO,” said Luke James, former General Manager for Ennismore and Jumeirah in UAE/Oman, now Area General Manager for Ghassan Aboud Group Hotels and Resorts. “They are relentless in their approach to add value to their clients. They constantly and consistently came up with unique initiatives to drive awareness to their client’s business.”
v COMCO MEA’s portfolio includes well-followed concepts like Belcanto at Dubai Opera, Electric Pawn Shop, Cafe Kitsune, Katsuya, Yann Couvreur Patisserie; hotels such as Taj Exotica Resort & Spa The Palm, Taj JLT, Radisson Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center, Paramount Hotel Dubai and Dusit Thani Dubai; and companies that support the entire ecosystem like Geidea, one of the Middle East’s largest fintech companies that provide payments solutions to F&B brands of all sizes and The Marketing Deep Dive, the only conference in the UAE exclusively curated for senior marketing executives in the QSR, cafe, casual dining, and cloud kitchen community. Apart from the F&B and hospitality industry, COMCO MEA also proudly serves clients in other spaces such as live events, entertainment, real estate, beauty, fashion, automotive and tech.

“This recognition and the continuous growth of our office in MEA as well our recent wins in SEA are a clear manifestation of our core values of upholding integrity and excellence, empowering talent and sparking positive social impact. We are thrilled to see what our 8th year holds for all our companies, ventures and brands from Southeast Asia to the Middle East & Africa and beyond, and we’re excited to unpack further expansion plans soon,” said Ferdinand L. Bondoy, Group Chief Executive Director and Lead Strategic Communications Counsel/Partner and Co-Founder of COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises.


To know more about COMCO Mundo, visit comcomundo.com or follow facebook.com/comcomundo on Facebook, linkedin.com/company/comcomundo on LinkedIn, and @comcomundo on Instagram.

To stay updated on the work of COMCO Middle East & Africa, visit comcomea.com, facebook.com/comcomea on Facebook, linkedin.com/company/comcomea on LinkedIn, and @comco_mea on Instagram.

Monday, May 27, 2024

Kathryn Bernardo and the Century Tuna Superbods Finalists Sizzles at the #BestYouEver Launch

11:52:00 AM

The summer just got hotter with Kathryn Bernardo joining Century Tuna as the new brand ambassador for the 2024 Superbods campaign. Known for her charm and fitness, Kathryn is the perfect fit to lead this year's "Best You Ever" campaign, which celebrates self-love and self-improvement.

Kathryn Bernardo, a top actress and fitness enthusiast, is the new face of Century Tuna Superbods 2024. The "Best You Ever" campaign encourages Filipinos to embrace their wellness journeys and become the best versions of themselves. With Kathryn leading the way, the campaign is set to inspire many to focus on personal growth and overall health.

“With Century Tuna, I’m embracing fitness and wellness like never before. I hope that the ‘Best You Ever’ campaign becomes an avenue for Filipinos to start or continue their journey to become the best version of themselves. We all start somewhere and with a lifestyle that is centered on our overall wellbeing, we empower ourselves and the people around us to strive for the best,” said Kathryn.


Together with Kathryn, the 36 Century Tuna Superbods Finalists continue to reinforce the Best You Ever campaign as they inspire more Filipinos to become the best version of themselves through incorporating the Superbods spirit in their diet, exercise, and overall wellness.

Century Tuna Superbods 2024 Best You Ever Top 36 Finalists

Two months leading up to the finals night, the 36 Century Tuna Superbods Finalists brought their A-game as they showcased their fit and healthy bodies perfectly embodying what it is to be a Superbod.


Century Pacific Food Inc. Executives formally welcome Century Tuna Superbods Ambassador Kathryn Bernardo (from left) Century Pacific Food Inc. Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Mr. Greg Banzon, Century Tuna Senior Product Manager Mardi Dator, Century Tuna Superbods 2024 Ambassador Ms. Kathryn Bernardo, Century Pacific Food Inc. Vice President and General Manager for Branded Tuna Division Mr. Carlo Endaya, and Marketing Manager of Century Tuna and Vita Coco Ms. Bea Ballesca-Martinez

“We are on our 9th season and this year, we have a solid set of Superbods who, together with Kathryn, we believe epitomize what it is to be a Superbod and what we stand for in Century Tuna. Our common factor in choosing this year’s Superbods is those who we believe will uplift and inspire others in their fitness journeys,” said Century Pacific Food Inc. (CPFI) Vice President and General Manager for Branded Tuna Business, Mr. Carlo Endaya.


The finalists will join a series of digital and onsite challenges that will be uploaded on Century Tuna Superbods Facebook page leading up to the Finals Night on July 9, 2024. The Century Tuna Superbods 2024 Male and Female Grand Winners will each receive PHP500,000 tax-free while the Runners-Up will receive PHP200,000 tax-free.


For more information, please visit https://centurytuna.ph/ or visit Century Tuna on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/centurytuna or @centurytunasuperbods on Instagram for more updates.

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

All Things Pokemon with Pokeverse Expo

10:14:00 PM

Get ready for an unforgettable experience as the Pokeverse Expo, the first of its kind, arrives in Manila. This unique event, in partnership with Hobby Stadium, Arken, and more, promises to bring Pokémon fans together like never before. With a diverse range of activities, guests, and exhibits, the expo is set to be the ultimate celebration of the beloved Pokémon franchise.

Manila is buzzing with excitement as it prepares to host the inaugural Pokeverse Expo, a grand celebration dedicated to all things Pokémon. Organized in collaboration with Hobby Stadium and Arken, this event promises a vibrant mix of activities that will delight fans of all ages. Attendees can look forward to exclusive merchandise, interactive games, meet-and-greets with special guests, and captivating exhibits that showcase the rich history and future of the Pokémon world. The Pokeverse Expo aims to create a unique space where fans can connect, share their passion, and immerse themselves in the enchanting universe of Pokémon. Whether you're a seasoned trainer or new to the adventure, this expo is the perfect place to celebrate your love for Pokémon. Don't miss out on this landmark event in Manila!


Catch the Excitement – Special Ticket Offers!

Don't miss out on this unique fan experience! Secure your spot now and take advantage of our special offers, including up to 50% off for students. Grab your tickets along with exclusive family and 'barkada' deals, ensuring a fun-filled weekend for everyone at https://pokeverse.ph/. Follow our official Facebook fan page at https://www.facebook.com/PokeverseOfficial for the latest updates and exclusive content.


Kirck Allen, one of the lead producers of the Pokeverse Expo, shared his excitement: 

"We've had brilliant Pokémon-themed events in the country before, but Pokeverse is the first Pokémon-themed expo of its kind. It distinguishes itself from previous conventions and meet-ups by its unprecedented scale, design, and comprehensive offerings. We’re also thrilled to have Veronica Taylor, the beloved original voice actress of Ash Ketchum, and Jason Paige, the original singer of the Pokémon theme song "The Voice of a Generation as guests for our event—something that is a dream come true for most fans."


Veronica Taylor, the iconic voice of Ash Ketchum, shares her journey:

“I was working on another anime called Slayers in English, and it just happens that the people who cast me in that were doing the casting for Pokémon. So, I auditioned for it, and there were many callbacks, and I happened to get the role. Even when I got it, I wasn't sure if I was going to keep it, and it just kind of went on and on.

And I have to say, it's one of the most challenging and joyful roles I've ever had. I love playing Ash; he was this ten-year-old normal boy who's full of just courage and positivity. I think it changed my life because I think I took positivity for granted before this. But now I realized how important it is.

I mean, it changed my life. I get to travel now, Comic-Cons all over the world because people love, there's something about Pokémon that people just love and identify with, and luckily, I can kind of be the bridge between their childhood and their memories, and their now. And then, you know, I can show up and they can tell me all about when they were watching the show, and it's just a lovely exchange. It's such an honor to be a part of people's lives in this way.” Watch Veronica’s interview here : https://fb.watch/s9sMQIXEnq/

Jason Paige, the voice behind the unforgettable Pokémon theme song, reflects on his journey:

“Yeah. I, I can't wait to meet you all and sing for you all and catch the Pokémon love. I’ve been hearing good things about the Pokémon scene in the Philippines for many years now. So, it's a long time coming for me to get there and meet everyone.

Well, it's changed my life more specifically in 2016 when Pokémon Go came out. I popped out of the Pokéball and greeted the adults (who were still children when it first came out). The children that grew up on Pokémon didn't really know who sang the song. It wasn't important who sang the song; it was only important that the song moved them. It's like a great piece of art that you see on the wall. You don't think about who painted that piece of art, you just see the art and experience the art, and that's the beauty of it. So, these children then grow up and now as adults they realize somebody sang the song, and that was about in 2016 when they came of age and they started playing the song again on all these streaming services like Spotify and YouTube and Amazon music.

And then the media wanted to know who I was, and they looked me up because it's not obvious. Look on the inside of the 2B Master CD and the tiny little spread at the end of the lyrics, who I was. And that's when my life basically started being changed by the Pokémon love. It started being directed at me from the adults who lived wonderful childhoods inspired by Pokémon.” Invitation from Jason Paige himself on this like: https://www.facebook.com/reel/457311913503492

Get ready to be thrilled as Veronica Taylor, the beloved original voice actress of Ash Ketchum, and Jason Paige, the original singer of the Pokémon theme song "The Voice of a Generation," join us at the Pokeverse Expo. Their presence adds an extra layer of excitement to this already thrilling event, alongside our cherished celebrities Myrtle Sarrosa, Robi Domingo, and Tim Yap.

Save the dates from May 31 to June 2, 2024, as the Pokeverse Expo lands at SM Megamall, Megatrade Hall, for a three-day Pokémon-themed extravaganza. Secure your tickets now at https://pokeverse.ph/.

While Pokeverse maintains no official affiliation with The Pokémon Company and its subsidiaries, this event is made possible through partnerships with licensed Pokémon distributors in the country. This expo is co Presented by Philippine airlines along with major sponsors including leading hobby shops, Pokémon collectors, exhibitors, and sponsors such as Philippine Airlines, MINISO, Toy Kingdom, Serenitea, The Manila Times, Business Insight, XOVOX Labs, DIY Bakery, Frigga Charmed Life, Kaloscope, and many more.

The Pokeverse team is excited to host this event with the support of some of the most respected individuals in the Pokémon community.

Soon Aik Ng, an avid Pokémon enthusiast with huge experiences dealing with the Pokémon franchise lends his expertise to ensure that our event provides the most authentic enjoyable experience for all participants. He has this to say:

"The Philippines is very fortunate to have organizers of Pokéverse, who have shown great enthusiasm for Pokémon, to bring the greatest and most authentic experience for all levels of Pokémon fans. I was touched by their burning passion, and I am more than happy to lend my experience with Pokémon to guide the organizers to brainstorm ways to bring positive energy and a sense of community to Pokémon fans at Pokéverse."

Likewise, Filip Monakil, a well-respected head judge for the Trading Card Game (TCG) and also with experience in dealing with the Pokémon franchise shares his thoughts:

“I’m very thankful to the organizers of Pokeverse. They have opened the door that would bring all the Pokémon fans together and experience a one-of-a-kind event. Fans from different generations will have a chance to share their love and passion for the franchise, as well as fulfill all their dreams of having an event like this in our country. I'm glad to be a part of this event as I get to share my love and passion towards Pokémon as well. So once again, to the organizers of Pokeverse, thank you for bringing in this kind of event and may you continue to inspire and set an example for future events like this. It’s great to be a Pokémon fan in 2024!”

Godfrey C. Murillo, known as "Pika Frey," a master collector and certified Pokémon Professor, shares his perspective:

"Pokeverse is a game-changer for Pokémon fans in the Philippines, especially collectors. It's the place where connections happen, and passions ignite. Going to Pokeverse isn't just about having fun; it's about reigniting that Pokémon spark, whether you're a seasoned collector or a fan coming back for more."

Pokeverse Advisors also include:
Devan Kyle Timbol, an avid Pokémon player and another master collector. Known for his charismatic personality, he has voiced for several TCG Championships around Asia as a caster. He will also come in as an official caster for the Pokeverse to give fans an exciting breakdown for the major competitions happening during the event.

Joshua Doctolero, a Pokémon TCG Master and 2 National Champion, known for his stellar history and expertise in the Pokémon Trading Card Game, now sharing his knowledge and wisdom in order to say what it takes to be the very best like no one ever was.

Kirck Allen, one of the lead producers of the Pokeverse Expo also adds, "From our innovative map and business model to our partnerships with official licensed distributors and the themed activities we have in store, we aim to produce an event like no other. Unlike typical conventions, which might focus on specific aspects like community, fan art, and cosplay, Pokeverse spans three days, encompassing these elements while capturing the childhood essence every Pokémon fan, from children to adults, is looking for."

"The event will feature a comprehensive museum with vintage Pokémon products, competitive competitions themed towards the Pokémon IP, and a line-up of local celebrities reigniting their passion and sharing their journey with the brand. Our goal is to create an inclusive environment where true Pokémon fans can fully immerse themselves in the world of their favorite brand in real life.

Join us at Pokeverse for a memorable weekend where you can meet your favorite Pokémon icons, participate in engaging activities, and celebrate your love for Pokémon with fellow enthusiasts. This event is a tribute to the nostalgic childhood memories of Pokémon, generously organized by the Philippine Feng Shui queen herself, Marites Allen, and her son Kirck Allen and the whole Pokeverse team.

Further studies online reveal that beyond video games, the Pokémon Trading Card Game has sold over 52.9 billion cards, solidifying its position as the best-selling trading card game of all time, surpassing even Yu-Gi-Oh! Additionally, the Pokémon anime series has amassed a massive following, with over 2 billion viewers across 183 countries. The film adaptations have also been incredibly successful, selling more than 190 million tickets and grossing over $1.8 billion at the worldwide box office. In fact, the Pokémon franchise's reach surpasses that of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, Marvel, Barbie and Mario combined. From video games and TV shows to trading cards and movies, Pokémon has evolved into a cultural phenomenon that continues to captivate fans across the globe.

Ticket Information:

The entrance fee is essential to cover the substantial costs associated with organizing the event, including venue rental, international headliner fees, flights, hotels, transport, setup, and logistics. The freebies, gifts, and opportunities that a ticket holder will receive during the expo will provide value that far exceeds the ticket cost. Additionally, the fee helps manage crowd control, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for families and children, who are a significant target audience of the event. Join us at Pokeverse and be part of this exciting event. For inquiries, contact hello@pokeverse.ph or call 0920 9281288 / 0925 1279023. Catch your tickets online at https://pokeverse.ph/.

Choose kindness. Choose Pokeverse. Get your tickets now at https://pokeverse.ph/.

About Pokeverse Expo:

The Pokeverse Expo is the first Pokémon-themed expo of its kind, offering an unprecedented experience for Pokémon fans. With a wide range of activities, exhibits, and celebrity guests, the expo aims to create an inclusive and immersive environment for fans of all ages. Dive into the Pokémon Universe, exploring a variety of interactive activities, gaming tournaments, cosplay showcases, and live performances, all in one spectacular venue with the presence of our cherished celebrities Myrtle Sarrosa, Robi Domingo, and Tim Yap. Robi Domingo’s feature can be seen on this link : https://fb.watch/s9sY1UvGBy/


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