Sunday, January 26, 2020

Adobo Connection Welcomes New Brand Ambassador Melai Cantiveros

11:42:00 PM

How do you like your Adobo? Well, there are different types of Adobo that you can enjoy. For Pinoys, like us, Adobo is one of the dishes that we all love. Having your flavorful Adobo will always give a good connection, not only with the food but with your love ones. Just like how Momshie Melai connects to her family, friends, and fans, and that is why Adobo Connection chose her to be the newest brand ambassador with a feel-at-home vibe. Remember that she's the first-ever brand ambassador and a franchisee at the same time. Thus, the opening of her new franchise in SM North EDSA Annex.

Adobo Connection is one of the growing food establishments in the country, imbibing the feel at home atmosphere to every customer dining at any Adobo Connection branches.

Melai, with her unassuming and cheerful character, people see her as a quintessential Filipino mom who finds flavorful, manageable, and hearty Pinoy dishes for her family's craving. "Adobo is forever - char! Kasi diba staple food siya, walang Pinoy ang hindi gusto ang adobo. Unlike kasi ng iba na naging usong pagkain, saglit lang naging hype tapos after ilang months lang, wala na. Ang adobo kasi, 'di pinagsasawaan. Kaya kumuha talaga ako ng franchise. Honestly, ito ang pangtawid gutom ko," said Melai.

Meredith Ngo, Adobo Connection's Managing Director, says, "We're really proud to announce the first-ever brand ambassador/franchisee of Adobo Connection, Melai, who embodies what a true Filipino mom is - yung maalaga sa pamilya and may malasakit. Similar to our brand statement, we want our customers to feel at home and remember their mom's cooking every time they enter our store."

With the deep connection of the brand to Filipinos, Melai had taken things one step further by investing in an Adobo Connection as a franchisee. It's her way of ensuring her family's financial stability, but aside from that, she also loves seeing people enjoy Adobo Connection's different offerings. Every Adobo Connection experience brings back memories of home and celebrates everything fun about being Pinoy, as they serve other Filipino favorites, like Bangus Belly Sinigang, Beef Kare Kare, and Grilled Liempo. This year, Adobo Connection is adding new dishes to its menu that everyone will surely crave for - Adobong Litson Manok, Lechon Kawali, and Adobosilog.

Admitting she did not know much about running a business, Melai also found adobo Connection's support and commitment to its franchisees truly reassuring.

"Sa panahon ngayon, ang hirap na makahanap ng business na papatok at higit sa lahat ang hirap makahanap ng katuwang sa negosyo - yung talagang mapagkakatiwalaan at tutulungan ka talaga. Pinadali talaga ng Adobo Connection ang pagbubusiness ko. Dahil sa mga maaasahang teams nila, masaya at madali ang naging experience ko," Melai shared.

Today, Melai owns three Adobo Connection outlets nationwide. She has found that adobo Connection offers a solid business proposition - a working market concept, sound marketing, and operational systems, and strong franchisor support.

Block Z Opens the Year 2020 for Star Cinema

5:09:00 PM

We have seen a lot of zombie films and TV series lately, most of them are interestingly good while some are so so. From animated series to games to theme parks, the zombies are just one of the many attractions. Not sure what do these particular creatures have, they are gory, they are scary and worse they love to eat your brains, but we all love to watch them. Thus, a Pinoy zombie brand is born in this upcoming movie entitled "Block Z."

The "Block Z" movie opens the year 2020 for Star Cinema. After a long wait, this movie will bring you a Pinoy brand of a zombie film. This is a thriller-adventure film that will break all of your senses. So get ready for the outbreak and join the "Block Z" barakada of Julia Barretto, Maris Racal, McCoy de Leon, Yves Flores, and Joshua Garcia.

The story revolves around the pre-med students who encounter the death of a patient that exhibited symptoms of rabies. Little did they know that will soon face an even bigger problem as the patient comes back from the dead and infects the people inside the campus, causing a lockdown and trapping other students inside.

So, what do you think will happen? Will they be able to get out and survive? Will each of them run for his or her life or stay for the others? Whatever it will be, the answer lies within the movie, which we all need to watch this coming January 29.

Completing the stellar cast of "Block Z" are Ian Veneracion, Dimples Romana, and Ina Raymundo. Director Mikhail Red, the one who directed the awarding-winning films 'Birdshot' and 'Eeire,' and the most recent Netflix original film 'Dead Kids,' created the film "Block Z" under Star Cinema.

"Back in high school, I used to make zombie movies with my classmates, using ketchup blood and a mini-DV camcorder," shared by Red.

"Now I get to fulfill my lifelong fantasy and make a full-scale zombie movie with the biggest local studio," he adds.

Run this January 29 as "Block Z" outbreaks in theaters across the Philippines.

Story of Yanxi Palace Excites Asianovela Viewers As it Airs on ABS-CBN’S Primetime Bida

11:26:00 AM

The "Story of Yanxi Palace" is set to thrill the Philippines' Asianovela viewers. This record-breaking Chinese drama hailed as the Best Soap Opera in Asian Academy Creative Awards will give a glimpse of the Chinese culture inside the palace. Airing this coming January 27 on ABS CBN's Primetime Bida.

This drama series, “Story of Yanxi Palace”, will follow the journey of a woman from a humble background who's eager and set for her quest to bring justice for her sister.

The main character, Wei Yingluo (Wu Jinyan) who is a smart and cunning lady, enters the Forbidden City to uncover the truth behind her sister’s death and learns that Hong Zhou (Hong Yao), the Emperor’s brother and Fu Heng (Xu Kai), the empress’ brother are connected to the case. Using this as her motivation, she manages to rise through the ranks among the harem and obtains both the love and respect of the emperor.

Fate doesn’t make it easy for YingLuo as things start to become more complicated and unforeseen events begin to happen—both to her and the people she cares about.

Find out how YingLuo copes and journeys through the heartbreaks and struggles that will she face inside the palace and how she will find comfort in the emperor’s hands.

The 70-episode story has been viewed online more than 15 billion times and earned the reputation of being the most Googled show in the world on its first airing.

Don’t miss the premiere of “Story of Yanxi” on January 27 (Monday) after “A Soldiers Heart.”

Westworld's 3rd Season Airs on Sky

11:07:00 AM

To all sci-fi series enthusiasts, this is one of the good news for you this 2020, most especially if you're following the "Westworld" series, because they'll be releasing on its third season to HBO and HBO GO on Sky this coming March 16. So better get that dark sci-fi interest mood and expect a world of artificial consciousness on Earth.

This Emmy® winning drama’s third season features eight-episodes and airs at the same time as the U.S. It is created for television by executive producers Jonathan Nolan & Lisa Joy, the show brings back cast members Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores, Emmy® winner Thandie Newton as Maeve, Ed Harris as Man in Black, Jeffrey Wright as Bernard, Tessa Thompson as Charlotte, Luke Hemsworth as Stubbs, Simon Quarterman as Lee Sizemore and Rodrigo Santoro as Hector Escaton.

Joining the cast this season are Aaron Paul (“Breaking Bad,” “Bojack Horseman”), Vincent Cassel (“Black Swan”), Lena Waithe (HBO’s “A Black Lady Sketch Show,” “Master of None”), Scott Mescudi (HBO’s upcoming “We Are Who We Are”), Marshawn Lynch (“Brooklyn Nine-Nine”), John Gallagher Jr. (HBO’s “The Newsroom” and “Olive Kitteridge”), Michael Ealy (“Stumptown”) and Tommy Flanagan (“Sons of Anarchy”).

The series Westworld has received a total of 42 Emmy® nominations for its first two seasons, included with season 2 is winning the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (Thandie Newton), Outstanding Makeup for a Single-Camera Series (Non-Prosthetic) and Outstanding Hairstyling for a Single-Camera Series.

“Westworld” will start airing on HBO (SKYcable HD 168, SD 54 in Metro Manila; SKYcable HD 710, SD 402 in regional areas and SKYdirect HD 22) on March 16. Catch up on seasons 1 and 2 anywhere and anytime on any device via HBO GO, HBO’s online video streaming service. If you’re a SKY Fiber, SKYcable, or SKYdirect postpaid subscriber but do not yet have access to HBO GO, you can subscribe now for as low as P99/month. For more information, SKY subscribers may visit mysky.com.ph/hbogo.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Agsunta From Covers To Mainstream With All Original EP on "Feels Strip"

11:49:00 AM

One of the rising OPM bands that I have been following from their cover songs, Pinoy pop-rock band Agsunta, has finally brought something new to the music industry as they drop all of their original songs in their EP titled "Feels Trip". This EP is under DNA Music.

“The six songs of the EP will evoke lots of "feels." It's like a rollercoaster ride of emotions—there's sadness, joy, and anger,” the band said.

The EP, which includes six original tracks namely, “Bagong Umaga,” “Alas Dose,” “Kung ‘Di Na Ako,” “Liwanag,” “Lokomotor,” and “Hayskul Hits”—came after the band signed with the record label last year, after a brief hiatus from the limelight.

Last December 27, Agsunta released “Haykul Hits,” a nostalgia-filled track which takes listeners down memory lane, from forgotten friendships to wistful young loves, the song that finally concluded the all-original EP.

The OPM band also staged their first major concert last year, “Agsunta Feels Trip,” where they performed their “hugot” songs as well as their acoustic hits.

This Saturday (January 25), they are set to perform on a gig for the benefit of the Taal volcano eruption victims together with other OPM artists like SUD and Mayonnaise. The benefit show will be held at the Jesus Our Hope International Assemblies in Cubao, Quezon City

Set to work on another EP this 2020, Agsunta is just one of the promising OPM artists under DNA Music, a record label under ABS-CBN Music committed to support the local bands' industry and shine a spotlight on the talent of rock and alternative artists.

Download the “Feels Trip” EP, now available in various music streaming sites, and watch out for the upcoming projects of Agsunta this 2020! For updates, follow DNA Music @dnamusicph on Facebook and Instagram.

#JADINE Went On Separate Ways For Personal Growth?

12:44:00 AM

It's not sudden news, and everyone is expecting answers, all that is needed is the confirmation that the story spread before was correct. Well, those who published the story on different platforms are somehow correct and a bit wrong.

It is correct in a way because the two are in that situation of going on separate ways. You may find it interesting that this is common in every relationship. It is on that stage where either she or he is losing one's self. Or finding out that he or she is stuck. They somehow find in themselves that there's a need to recover and redeem the old self to create a much better soul. Of course, this is just my opinion about the situation.

The truth lies in the joint statement of James Reid and Nadine Lustre.

"It's true that we have split up but not for all the reason that are being spread on the tabloids and social media but because after quiet and mature conversations, we decided to focus on ourselves not only for our careers but more for our personal growth as we are still young and we want to achieve as much as we can. We agreed that going separate ways was best for both of us. We are in good terms and are still really good friends and will continue to work with each other especially when it comes to music.

Thank you for all the JADINE FANS for their undying support and we hope you continue to support us now and in the future. We shall forever be grateful to them for their love and understanding.

Thank You"

Of course, even though this statement was released, some wouldn't take the declaration as it is. Just like what they mentioned when they are being asked about their thoughts on living together, it's a matter of CHOICE. And it is their choice that they went on separate ways.

Monday, January 20, 2020

8 Reasons Why You Need to Watch A Soldier's Heart

1:40:00 AM

Giving honor to our country is one the highest way a person can declare his nationalism, and there are lots of different ways to show that love for the country. You can give honor by winning in athletic events or other competitions. There is also the easiest way to serve the country, become a soldier.

No one knows much how hard it is to become a soldier, especially now that Citizen's Army Training (CAT) and Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) are not part of the school curriculum. While others view it as irrelevant to be part of the training in school, others see its importance - the value of leadership, the bond of camaraderie, and the need to be resourceful.

Interestingly, TV networks now are showcasing Pinoy Soldier themed TV Series. It's not only to let viewers know their struggles and hardship but also the worth of what they are doing. Of course, there are always two sides of the coin, the good and the bad, but we'd rather see the good part than the evil one.

Here are our eight (8) reasons why you should watch A Soldier's Heart.
  1. Gerald Anderson - aside from being the lead star of this TV series, let us see him as the character of Alex. Without spoiling much, Alex perceives the military men as heroes who are risking their lives so that others may live.
  2. Yves Flores - playing the role of Benjie who's brother died in action has set his mind to be like his brother. To serve and protect the country.
  3. Carlo Aquino - portraying the role of Abe is probably challenging. Abe is a Moro who wants to be a soldier to protect the country. With this, we can all learn a different view about life.
  4. Nash Aguas - gave everyone a bit of a scare during their training. He almost quit playing the role of Michael, aka Striker. Yes, according to them, all of the lead stars undergone a three (3) day training to familiarize them with the military. His character enlists in the military to have a decent job.
  5. Jerome Ponce - plays the character of Phil. Not much background yet about him, but he'll be one of the soldiers wanting to prove something.
  6. Vin Abrenica - playing the role of Elmer, the brother of Alex. The first to become a soldier just like their father. He's always competing with Alex, especially with their parents' attention.
  7. Elmo Magalona - Mistah or body of Elmer, just like Elmer he's seeking the attention of his father, who's also in the military.
  8. Sue Ramirez - played the character of Lourd, the sole woman in the group who is out to prove that serving the country is genderless. 
These are your weeknight's reason to watch A Soldier's Heart. Expect each character to unravel their stories and their reasons for joining the army.


1:19:00 AM

4 rising singers and artists will get your night into a mood of good feels. Giving you a good serenade and warmth feel of their voices. These hottest new male artists, JMKO, Jeremy G, Miguel Odron, and Sam Mangubat headlines the upcoming “Song Feels” concert, happening this coming January 24 (Friday) at the Music Museum.

These ABS-CBN Music artists will usher in the new decade with an evening of heartfelt love songs as they perform their freshest singles and favorites from yesteryears.

JMKO, also known as Miko Manguba, just dropped his new single “Aahon,” after the successful release of his single “Timeless” featuring Miss Philippines Universe 2019 Gazini Ganados.

Emerging as a triple threat artist, Jeremy G has shown flair for hosting and dancing aside from his singing skills discovered in the first season of “The Voice Teens.” His collaboration with Jayda, “Perfectly Imperfect,” was released late last year.

Filipino-American performer Miguel Odron joined last year’s “Idol Philippines” and was able to advance as one of the Top 5 contenders. He is currently working on his single that is set to have an international release.

Multi-awarded singer Sam Mangubat, who is also into songwriting and song production, rose to fame as the first runner-up in the first season of “Tawag ng Tanghalan” on “It’s Showtime.” His “Ikaw at Ikaw Pa Rin” single was one of the most streamed tracks on Spotify last year.

Together, these four singers will shine with their music and bring in the ‘feels’ in their much-awaited show.

“Song Feels” is one of the many exciting events under ABS-CBN Music and Star Events, which seeks to bring OPM to the next level with thrilling Kapamilya experiences and outstanding live performances. It is directed by Dido Camara with musical direction from Rey Cantong.

Tickets to the “Song Feels” concert are priced at P3,500 (VIP with exclusive meet and greet), P2,500 (patron), and P1,000 (balcony), available at the Music Museum or via Ticketworld (8891.9999).

Welcome the season of love with JMKO, Jeremy G, Miguel, and Sam on January 24 (Friday), 8 pm at the Music Museum. For more details, follow @stareventsph on Twitter and Instagram.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

SCARLET SNOW BELO Charms Her Way Into Beeing ABS-CBN LIFESTYLE’S Youngest Guest Editor

10:50:00 PM

Beautiful and charming this sweet little princess would probably make it in any way, with just a wink of her eyes and a flick of a smile, you'll say yes to her for sure. So, ABS-CBN Lifestyle welcomes 2020 on a happy note as they feature its youngest #ABSCBNLifestyleInspo yet—four-year-old social media sensation Scarlet Snow Belo-Kho, who spreads good vibes this January with a little help from her parents, celebrity doctors Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho.

Be charmed by Scarlet’s innate cuteness as she lives up to the hype of being an influential child—one who has secured admiration and appreciation online and in real life because of her good manners, steadfast faith, intelligence, and kindness and generosity towards others.

Also for this month, ABS-CBN Lifestyle takes the time to look back at 2019, reviewing all the bests from the year that was, from fashion moments to fast-trending stars to personality-approved tourist destinations.

Meanwhile in true spirit of the new year, ABS-CBN Lifestyle packs more punch into its major celebrity lifestyle features including ABS-CBN Lifestyle Inspo (monthly guest editor), Spaces We Love (spaces tour), Pet Mah Luv (celebrities with their pets), and I Love My Job (celebrity sidelines). It also seeks to put more inspiring stellar stories on its wide-ranging sections: Style & Fashion, Food & Dining, Tech, Shows & Happenings, Travel & Leisure, Health & Wellness, Spaces, and People & Inspirations.

ABS-CBN Lifestyle frequenters on social media also have to watch out for more diverse local and international guests who will be featured on ABS-CBN Lifestyle’s weekly Facebook live sessions, Girl Got Skillz and Pillow Talk.

Check out the exciting reads and videos with Scarlet Snow Belo-Kho, the latest #ABSCBNLifestyleInspo. Catch more inspiring stellar stories on ABS-CBN Lifestyle by logging on to Lifestyle.ABS-CBN.com and following the site through its social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter @abscbnlifestyle.

Kisses Delavin Clarifies Jump To Another Network

3:11:00 PM

Kisses Delavin, during the "D' Ninang" grand media launch clarifies the alleged jump to a new TV Network. There was a rumor that Kisses moved out of her previous TV Network to accept the offer of the other network. Remember that she was one of the aspiring teen actresses in the Kapamilya Network.

While Kisses or her  manager has not signed any contract yet, Kisses can still accept projects from her previous network.

Though she hasn't made a clear agreement, yet, with the Kapuso Network, Kisses was toured around the GMA Studio premises by Ms. Ai Ai Delas Alas.

Watch the clip of the coverage here.


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