Friday, January 15, 2021

Matteo Guidicelli Sarcastically Annoyed Gamers and Sony PlayStation 5 Fans?

1:52:00 AM


Last year, on December 11, Sony PlayStation 5 is officially launched in Asia, and there were different influencers and hardcore gamers who received a personalized set of PS5 gaming console. It is part of the promotional campaign of SONY. And Matteo Guidicelli is NOT one of them. How come I mentioned that Matteo is not one of them? Well, if you've seen the vlog of Michael V (Bitoy), the PS5 that he received is enclosed in a personalized box with his name on it with Sony's tagline for this "PLAY HAS NO LIMITS." 

Okay, this story is actually about the new PlayStation unboxing of Matteo Guidicelli, this time with the PS5. This unboxing has indeed triggered, again, lots of gamers, game enthusiasts, and netizens. A day after the publishing of Matteo's unboxing blog, it flared lots of people. Why? Well, according to what most of us have watched with the video, Matteo deliberately annoyed all gamers. He did this by creating ASMR while ripping the box of PS5. His line is, "... you know what I have something special to do. The mic, I'm going to put it right (on top of the box) here for you gamers (while ripping the box)... ASMR ba tawag dyan? para sa inyo yan." I'm pretty sure gamers who watched the video are in shock or rather in rage.

Another thing that Matteo did that I'm pretty sure people will make a big sigh and sway their heads, is when he intentionally dropped the PS5 unit on the table. But don't worry because he did ensure that according to him the table is a shock absorbent. 


Okay, this is his second PlayStation unboxing, which is the same as what he did on the first one. So, here are my reactions and observations.
  1. If you're going to look at some of his unboxings, he intentionally unboxes savagely all the things that he bought and paid for. Probably, his line of thought is I bought and paid for this so I have all the rights to do whatever I want.
  2. Another thing is that when he did the first PlayStation unboxing, there were lots of people who watched the video, whether they left a negative comment or made a bad impression. He doesn't care as long as people talk about him.
  3. It is what he wants for his YouTube channel. His branding and marketing style that he creates for his YouTube channel and the subscribers. He wants to be different when it comes to unboxing.

So, just like what we always thought when it comes to doing this differently, "WALANG PAKS (Pakialaman)" or "WALANG BASAGAN NG TRIP." If you find yourself annoyed about what Matteo did, well, better keep it to yourself. You cannot do anything about it as long as it is not yours. If you want to watch the video, read my warning first, "The video is not for a faint heart." Watch responsibly.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Confirmed Jojo Mendrez Will Sing the Revival Song of Julie Vega's "Somewhere In My Past"

2:01:00 AM

After a few decades, Julie Vega's debut single "Somewhere In My Past" will finally be revived. If you're one of the 80's generations you'll probably remember that this song was composed by Doc Mon del Rosario and sung by Julie Vega. Remember that the composer, Sir Mon, is very meticulous when it comes to this particular song, and no wonder it took decades before it was given a chance to be sung again by someone else. This time the great passionate voice of the Revival King, Jojo Mendrez, captured the essence that Doc Mon is looking for.

So, what were the criteria considered in picking the singer who will sing this song? One is the quality of voice - one that possesses a high level of competency as a singing artist and the next one, which is a hidden criteria, is the personality of the artist - he or she should be a likable person even outside the song. And it was clear that Jojo Mendrez possesses these criteria. 


The announcement made a noise on social media and everyone gave their congratulatory messages to Jojo Mendrez. So, who is Jojo Mendrez will he is just one of the awardees of the PMPC Star Awards for Music - Best Revival Song of the Year with his rendition of "Handog." 

Remember that just a few weeks ago I published an article about Jojo Mendrez's visit to Julie Vega's grave. It was probably a sign that he is destined to make the revival. The song is expected to be released before Valentine's Day, so they will probably going to start recording one of these days. This will be under Star Image Artists Management and will be released digitally via Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, and Deezer.

Congratulations Jojo Mendrez!

Tuesday, January 12, 2021


1:13:00 AM


Scary and thrilling, no matter what the story is as long as there's a jump-off-seat factor this kind of series will definitely be watched by many. So iWantTFC welcomes the New Year with its first original 2021 offering titled “Horrorscope,” an anthology series about how one’s astrological sign can bring misfortune and terror, which begins streaming worldwide on January 13. 

Starring Charlie Dizon, Elisse Joson, Patrick Quiroz, Fino Herrera, Iyah Mina, and Paolo Gumabao, “Horroscope’s” Zodiac-based chapters are a follow-up to Jake Cuenca’s “Scorpio” episode in “Sitsit,” which is also available on iWantTFC.

In the “Virgo” episode of “Horrorscope,” MMFF 2020 Best Actress Charlie Dizon takes on her first horror role as Ronalyn, an idealistic rookie police officer who is forced by her superiors to join a group of corrupt “ninja cops” in exchange for a promotion.

To be accepted, Ronalyn needs to extract information from and then execute a suspected drug runner held captive by the group, who turns out to be her ex-boyfriend and first love Dado (Fino Herrera). Before her bosses find out about their real connection, Ronalyn then must choose between doing what’s right and saving her own life.

In the “Leo” episode, Iyah Mina plays the controlling fashion designer Leona, who is mourning the passing of her younger boyfriend Jonas (Paolo Gumabao). Her only wish is to be with him again, so she hires a necromancer to bring Jonas back from the dead.

But raising the dead has its own tragic consequences, and karma befalls the obsessed Leona as her dead boyfriend yearns for her to share his grave.

Patrick Quizon, meanwhile, plays the earnest sacristan Ponce in the “Libra” episode, where he helps a priest exorcise the devil from a mysterious lady named Clarissa (Elisse Joson). During the ritual, Clarissa becomes too strong and her womb swells to give birth to the prince of darkness.

As both of them become overpowered by Clarissa, the priest decides to kill her as a last resort. But Ponce is paralyzed by fear and his conscience, unable to decide whether to help the priest with his morbid solution or save Clarissa and her unborn child.

“Horrorscope” is created, produced, and directed by Ato Bautista, who also helmed the “Scorpio” episode in iWantTFC’s “Sitsit” movie series.

Standard and premium subscribers worldwide can watch the three episodes of “Horrorscope” on the iWantTFC app (iOs and Android) or on iwanttfc.com starting January 13. For updates, like www.facebook.com/iWantTFC, and follow @iwanttfc on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to www.youtube.com/iWantTFC. For inquiries and concerns about the service, users can also send a message on iWant TFC’s Facebook page or e-mail support@iwanttfc.com.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Meet Roldan Castro The New President of Philippine Movie Press Club, Inc. for 2021

1:38:00 AM


If you're one of the many people who follow the entertainment scene and sees the different articles written about the movies and celebrities, well, these glamorously entertaining writers are behind. So, get to know them and their current president. 

"The pandemic is a great challenge in itself. That's why leading an organization at this time of the crisis doubles the challenge. Therefore, let us all work together in unity to serve our club's purpose," newly elected PMPC president Roldan Castro said.

The PMPC (Philippine Movie Press Club), Inc. is a group of professional and active entertainment journalists of newspapers, magazines, and tabloids, bloggers/vloggers, online influencers, and radio/ TV/ online reporters in the country. PMPC functions as an independent award-giving body through the PMPC Star Awards for Movies, PMPC Star Awards for Television, and PMPC Star Awards for Music. PMPC is well-known for honoring Filipino artists for nearly 40 years and its annual Star Awards ceremonies are highly anticipated in showbiz industry.

Adhering to the current health protocol, PMPC had its election casting votes in small batches to accommodate all members. Virtual counting of votes was held immediately after on January 8, 2021, at the club's office located at Deta Building in Roces Avenue, Quezon City.

After selection and deliberarion by top 15 winners, Abante Tonite Editor Roldan Castro was declared 2021 PMPC President. Castro brings with him years of experience as dedicated club member and as entertainment journalist. This is also his third time to serve the club as president. He was president in 2009 and in 2012 prior to serving the club in various capacities in between.

Aside from Castro elected were Fernan de Guzman as Vice President, Mell Navarro as Secretary and Mildred Bacud as Assistant Secretary.

Boy Romero was unanimously voted to remain as Treasurer while Lourdes Fabian was chosen as Assistant Treasurer. Comebacking officer John Fontanilla clinched the position for Auditor while Rodel Fernando and Leony Garcia retained their posts as PROs.

The 2021 Board of Directors are composed of immediate past President Sandy Mariano, Past President Joe Barrameda, Eric Borromeo, Timmy Basil, Rommel Placente and Francis Simeon. 

Aside from the usual projects, the club is expected to venture on worthy undertakings for the welfare and camaderie of its members at this time of pandemic. The newly-elected officers are expected to be inducted within the month of January.

To Castro and all officers, congratulations!

Miko Pasamonte, All Out and Bares It All in "Anak Ng Macho Dancer"

1:21:00 AM


Judge it or not, but this actor is all-in and bares it all! As in no hold bars! The new male sex symbol and yes, Miko Pasamonte is one of the stars in the upcoming movie "Anak ng Macho Dancers," which has no breaks in what he shares during the online conference. Aside from sharing his role in the film, he also shared some fascinating stories of his life during the quarantine period. According to him, he is very grateful for all the blessings that come into his life.

During the virtual conference, Miko bravely disclosed some information regarding his involvement in the movie. With a little bit of disappointment, he provided information about his removal as the lead role and, instead, was given a supporting role. Which he openly accepts and still thankful for the talent fee plus the perks given to him. 


Here's what Miko shared, "... ako dapat talaga ang lead actor dito sa movie... yong pinaka main cast ako dapat talaga yon... then nabago yong ano yong di na ako ginawang lead role ginawa na ako contrabida..."

"ah... nung una talagang iyak ako ng iyak.Sabi ko.. nung binalita sa kin ni Jobert Socaldito tumawag sa akin sabi nya ganito ganyan na hindi kana lead role so ang pagkakaintindi ko nun nagblack out agad ang isip ko kasi kagigising ko lang nun nagblackout agad isip ko ang pagkakaintindi ko nun tinanggal na ako sa pelikula. So medyo nagalit ako tumawag ako kay Joed umiiyak ako. Sabi nya sira, sabi nyang ganun. Hindi ka naman tinanggal saka dapat ako nagsabi sayo nyan para maliwanagan ka ng maayos. Yon pala ginawa akong contrabida."

Also, he shared what he has experienced during the lockdown period, all his ups and downs, and even the nitty-gritty things that he does.

Today, there are plenty of issues in our society that need to be solved. Some things are simple, and some things are difficult to handle. One of these is poverty, and because of this situation, people tend to lean on being a macho dancer or entertainer. Knowing that they need to expose parts of their bodies to provide food for the families.

The upcoming film "Anak ng Macho Dancers" is a movie that will give a better view or clear insight into how people live in this industry.

The expected release date of the film will be this January 2021. This a film by Joel Lamangan and this is the much-awaited sequel to Lino Brocka's 1988 hit film.

Friday, January 8, 2021

Get Know These 5 Reasons Why Epson’s Easy-to-Use Digital Textile Printers are ideal for Building Business Start-ups

8:13:00 AM


The far-reaching effects of the pandemic have changed life as we know it, and as the marketplace moved online, entrepreneurs are finding more creative ways to earn in the new environment. In the same way that technology enables communication and keeps businesses running, it offers opportunities to earn.

One such opportunity can be found in digital textile printing. The textile industry continues to evolve and the ability to manufacture custom printed textiles and short fashion runs is quickly becoming a business advantage.

Epson offers a range of digital textile printers that enable users to produce and manufacture custom fabrics at scale with high precision and increased reliability, using vibrant and eye-catching colours. 

Epson SC-F2130 

Here are some of the reasons why custom textile printing with Epson’s easy-to-use Digital Textile Printers might be the perfect business idea for you:

1. Advanced Printing Quality
Buyers are on the lookout for quality in any purchase they make. Printing garments digitally delivers an outstanding level of colour and quality that is ideal when it comes to consistently reproducing complex designs with accurate colours, including refined gradients, in every print.

2. Quick and Efficient Production
Digital textile printers offer significantly short production turnaround, giving you every opportunity to maximise what comes your way and avoid any long and costly production delays. These printers are fast, reliable, and time saving for any business.

3. Very Flexible to Customer Demands
It’s always about what is convenient, quick, and easy. Keep up with the evolving trends and demands of customers with the ability to produce short runs and print-on-demand services with minimal downtime. Cater to the needs of your audiences by knowing what they want, when they want it, and how they want it done.

4. Low Environmental Impact
Everyone is becoming more conscious about their impact to the environment, which also applies for setting up businesses and making sure it is sustainable in the long run. Good thing digital printing provides significant reductions in both water and electricity consumption compared to traditional fabric printing. Epson’s digital textile printers allow businesses to stay productive and profitable while caring for the environment.

5. Reduced Production Costs
All entrepreneurs are on the lookout for cost-effective solutions that can save them money but offer best quality output for their businesses. With Epson’s digital textile printers, you can take control of your production timeline and costs by producing quality designs in-house, eliminating expensive third-party printing fees.

Unlike other manufacturers, the Epson advantage is “in the details”, so that every product helps businesses become more cost-effective, cost-efficient, and productive while saving the environment.

Both direct-to-garment (DTG) and dye sublimation printing are cost-effective options for small and medium businesses. Direct-to-garment printing is similar to using an inkjet printer to print on paper, except that you’re printing right onto cotton-based fabric using special water-based inks that absorb into the fabric, allowing you to do small print runs at an affordable price.

If you are looking for more types of printing application options, dye sublimation might just be the perfect choice. With dye sublimation, you can easily print customised apparel as you can control every part of the fabric you are printing on. This is perfect for those who need custom sportswear and accessories, printed face masks, personalised mugs or smartphone cases and the like. Although it requires more steps, dye sublimation is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to take the details of designs up a notch over DTG printing.

Epson SC-F530 

Epson SC-F6330 

Designed to optimise the process dye sublimation and direct-to-garment printing, Epson’s F-series textile printers are powered by PrecisionCore™ printhead technology, which enables fast, high-quality, and reliable printing on fabric.

“Our F-Series direct-to-garment and dye-sublimation textile printers are designed for performance and purposed for affordability. Digital textile printing presents no limitation to creativity, and with Epson’s comprehensive range of digital textile printers, businesses and designers have the creative freedom to print anything imaginable on fabric in-house and whenever they need it,” explains Eduardo Bonoan, Head of Marketing, Epson Philippines.

With the SureColour F-Series textile printers, Epson brings together the best of the company’s technical expertise and printing technology, promising high-performance, high production yields, and high-quality output. This translates to providing people jobs, earning more profit, and the agility to meet customer demands.

In particular, the Epson SureColour SC-F2130 Direct-to-Garment textile printer enables creativity through outstanding performance as it lets users print directly on cotton fabric. Equipped with PrecisionCore™ technology and an automated maintenance design, this textile printer is easy to use, prints quickly, and increases your overall production capacity without compromising quality.

On the other hand, to be able to meet the demands of your customers without the added time and cost to your business, it’s recommended to consider dye-sublimation textile printers for more complex design printing. For instance, the SureColour F530 series, coupled with Epson’s UltraChrome™ Dye Sublimation Inks, is built and designed to provide the users with ease of use and exceptional efficiency while maintaining superb print quality. You can choose between the two models in this series: the SureColour SC-F530 which comes with Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black inks, or the SureColour SC-F531, which comes with Cyan, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Yellow, and Black inks for a wider variety of applications. These 24-inch, high-performance dye sublimation transfer printers are economically ideal for businesses with small-volume clothing and custom merchandise offerings.

Another option could be Epson’s SureColour SC-F6330 Dye-Sublimation textile printer that is designed for performance and affordability. Ideal for short-volume custom clothing using polyester fabric, this 44-inch dye-sublimation printer is extremely reliable for sheet-based production as it includes some of the latest advancements in printing technology that delivers amazing performance at affordable running costs.

Digital textile printing provides businesses the ability to quickly go from prototype to full production in just weeks. With no limits on how small or large your production goals are, Epson’s easy-to-use and economical digital textile printers offer the best way to optimise your inventory and help create custom fabric faster and more efficiently.

MAYWARD'S "PRINCESS DAYAREESE" Airs on Sky Movie Pay-Per-View This New Year

7:19:00 AM

With the kick-off of good vibes and a feel-good movie at the start of the year, Star Cinema's popular loveteam Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber or MayWard will have their rom-com movie, Princess Daya Reese" until January 21 and it is now showing on SKY Movies Pay-Per-View, distributed by CineXpress. 

In case you haven't seen the movie you still have a few more days to enjoy the movie with your loved ones.

The rom-com film, directed by Barry Gonzalez, follows the misadventures of Reese (Maymay)—a con artist who dreams of living the lavish royal life. Her wish unexpectedly comes true as she meets her uncanny look-alike—Princess Ulap (Maymay) of the mysterious kingdom of Oro. The princess, who has been planning to escape her grandiose lifestyle, then offers Reese a huge amount of money to switch places with her.

Upon her crazy quest to pretend as a well-respected princess, she meets Caleb (Edward), a young reporter who is filming a documentary about Oro island. Unfortunately for Reese, he knows about her secret. But things get a little complicated as Caleb falls in love with the fake princess.

Will Reese's pretending lead to a happy ending with her prince charming, or will the truth make her grand dream a mess?

To experience Reese's wacky misadventures in Princess DayaReese in high-definition and commercial-free on SKY Movies Pay-Per-View, showing until January 21. Subscribe for only P150 and enjoy 48-hour access upon purchase at the comfort of your home.

Subscribers with SKYcable, SKY Fiber with HD Cable TV, and SKY Fiber with All-In Box subscription can avail of this special pay-per-view offer. Visit mysky.com.ph/cinexpress to subscribe.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Samsung Electronics Announced Its New President & CEO for Southeast Asia & Oceania

10:47:00 PM

Interesting news at the beginning of the year in the electronic industry, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. just recently announced the appointment of Mr. Sangho Jo as President and CEO of Southeast Asia & Oceania.

A proven Samsung leader with over three decades of experience across business groups and geographies, Mr. Jo will steer the strategic growth directions of Samsung Electronics in Southeast Asia & Oceania.

Markets in Southeast Asia & Oceania are integral to Samsung Electronics’ long-term growth plans, with the region poised to sustain its rapid economic growth into the next decade, built on the digital ambitions of its cities, industries and communities. Mr. Jo will guide the business towards cementing its industry leadership and seizing long-term growth opportunities in this region by forging partnerships, creating operational excellence, and ultimately, building brand trust amongst consumers and enterprises.

He was most recently appointed President and CEO for Samsung Electronics in Europe, where he led the business to achieve sustainable commercial growth and brand favorability in 2020. In the past decade, Mr. Jo has served as President in the following markets: Samsung Electronics Germany (2019), United Kingdom (2015 – 2017), Sweden (2012 – 2014), Austria (2011), Baltic countries (2009 – 2010), and also served as Head of Visual Display business for Samsung Europe based in South Korea (2017 – 2018).

Mr. Jo is not new to the Southeast Asia & Oceania region, having worked in Samsung Electronics Singapore (1997), Vietnam (1998 – 2000) and Malaysia (2007 – 2008). He said: “I am pleased to return to Southeast Asia and Oceania, and lead one of the vibrant leading hubs for Samsung Electronics globally. I look forward to strengthening the strong relationships we have built with our partners and customers here and explore exciting new consumer and commercial partnerships, steering Samsung into the next stage of growth in the region.”

“In an era defined by rapid digital disruptions, we are committed to empowering the digital ambitions of nations, industries and communities in Southeast Asia and Oceania, and to help fulfil the potential of the people here through next-generation technologies,” he added.

Monday, January 4, 2021

SJDM Now Proclaimed as Highly-Urbanized City and Looking Forward for More Developments in 2021

4:40:00 PM


If you have been one of our constant readers, then you have read the development happened in the City of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. Remember that I had featured some of the city's achievements and few of their interesting spots to visit. Also I have shared that the city, together with the tandem of Mayor Arthur Robes and Congresswoman Florida Robes, aim to be recognized as one of the highly-urbanized city in the country. That's why non-stop developments were being done.

Just this year, the Covid-19 happened and the City of San Jose del Monte is not spared of the pandemic. Even though the city has been affected by this viral situation, the city, with its public servants continue to do their work 24/7. With this, a dream has finally been realized. At the beginning days of the last month of the year, SJDM was finally recognized and therefore proclaimed as one of the highly-urbanized city by President Rodrigo Duterte.


It was a great news, not only for the people in the city hall but also to the citywide citizens. This does not only means recognition but also opportunities. Yes, opportunities for its people. This news was shared by Congresswoman Robes during the inaugural speech of Congresswoman Robes at the inauguration of the San Jose del Monte Convention Center in Barangay Sapang Palay. She shared the news of the recognition received by the City of San Jose del Monte, which is proclaimed as one of the highly-urbanized city in the country. “I am very honored to announce that President Rodrigo Duterte has declared our beloved city a highly-urbanized city,” Robes said.

“We have long waited for this, and we will work more to make us truly deserving of this proclamation for the people of San Jose Del Monte,” she added. 

Congresswoman Robes continuesly shared about the recognition, Duterte issued Proclamation No. 1057 declaring San Jose Del Monte as a highly-urbanized city “subject to ratification in a plebiscite by qualified voters in the city.”

Congresswoman Robes shared that the President could declare a city highly-urbanized within 30 days after it had reached a population of 200,000 0r more, as certified by the Philippine Statistics Authority. It should also have an income of at least P50 million as certified by the city treasurer. And gladly the San Jose del Monte had achieved both qualifications – as “verified and attested to by the Philippine Statistics Authority and the Department of Finance – Bureau of Local Government Finance, as Duterte pointed out in his proclamation.

“[I]t is a declared policy of the government to support the initiatives of local governments to attain their fullest development as self-reliant communities, and make them effective partners in the attainment of national goals,” the President stated in the proclamation. 

Right before the end of the year and to say goodbye to 2020 a program was held at the heart of the city to show their appreciation and bring good vibes to its constituent. Even for a while let them feel the positive vibes of 2021.

Congratulations to the City of San Jose del Monte for achieving the status of being a highly-urbanized city. Looking forward for more developments in the city. And of course, a big congratulations to the great tandem of Mayor Arthur Robes and Congresswoman Florida Robes, for visioning the city to its achievements.

Jojo Mendrez Pays Respect to Julie Vega's Grave

1:31:00 AM

There's no heavy downpour of rain that will stop the Revival King, Jojo Mendrez in visiting and paying respect to Julie Vega's grave, which happened on January 3, 2021, at the Loyola Memorial Park. 

Surprising and interesting, does this visit of Jojo Mendrez is an indication that he has been chosen to revive the song "Somewhere in My Past," which was popularized by Julie Vega? Or probably, he simply wanted to visit since, like many, the singer-actress is idolized by the Revival King? Whatever the reason for this visit I'm sure it is very interesting. 

Aside from entertaining some of these questions, it can really be assumed that Jojo was really chosen to sing the famous song of the '80s. The visit could also be indicative of gratefulness to the singer-actress, or out of respect to the 80's famous teen star, to ask blessings of permission to revive her beautiful song. 

Only Jojo knows the real score, while the creator of the song, Mon del Rosario, has not yet confirmed anything yet, after the auditions for the rebirth of the song. The Revival King still did not elaborate on whether he was given the green light to revive "Somewhere in My Past". 

Take note that there were five (5) names that were shortlisted by Mon del Rosario to do the remake of the song "Somewhere in My Past". It is believed that these names are big names in the recording industry. So, to whoever will sing the song is still a mystery for now. So, how about you? Who do you think will have the voice to revive the song "Somewhere in My Past?"

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Chie Filomeno Immediately Left The Princess DayaReese BlogCon?

12:10:00 PM

January 1, 2021, the very first day of the year and the screening date of the movie "Princess DayaReese" where Chie Filomeno is one of the casts, faced the New Year with an accident in the family. 

After the celebrity screening of the movie "Princess DayaReese" a virtual blogcon was held to address some of the inquiries of the bloggers. During the conference, it can be noticed in the first part of the conference that Chie turned off her camera and later on she opens the cam and interrupted by mentioning that something happened at their house then she left the zoom meeting. This made everyone felt worried and uneasy, most especially Maymay. 

During the conference, a few of the cast were really worried and some of them could focus much on the conference. When the conference was finally over, Maymay, shared about the accident that happened with Chie's family. As describe by Maymay, Chie disclosed that her father had an accident where one of the fingers was cut-off. 

Unfortunately, that's all the information that we got. We hope that Chie's father has been operated on and is recovering now. 

New Happy Couples Who Welcomed the Year 2021

11:40:00 AM

While the rest of the world is celebrating the coming of the new year, there are some celebrities who are overjoyed ending the year 2020 and welcoming the year 2021. Yes, here are two couples who celebrated New Year with a big bang in their hearts, Angelica Panganiban with her boyfriend and Diego Loyzaga with Barbie Imperial. Hmmm... did we just saw Barbie in an online conference of Mang Kepweng? Anyway glad that there are less sad hearts in this world today, most especially in the showbiz industry. 

Angelica Panganiban posted on her Instagram account a picture of her kissing her special someone and in the caption says, "Kung isa kang pelikula, sana, wala kang ending." This made a lot of their celebrity friends react. 

While there's also a new couple who made the New Year celebration a bang, Diego Loyzaga and Barbie Imperial. Diego also made a revelation that he and Barbie are now in a relation. This shows in an Instagram post of Diego, "Happy new year to us 🖤 thanks for making the end of my 2020 memorable, Lets gooo 2021!!:)"

So, how about you? How was your New Year's Eve celebration?

Thursday, December 31, 2020

How I look 2021

10:18:00 PM

2020 has indeed given us all the hardship. Disaster after disaster and the worse event this year is the Covid19 pandemic. One of the health situations that no one predicted it is coming. I just remember my mother telling me words from her mother that every time this number comes, which is the number 2 that is pictured to be similar to someone kneeling is interpreted as a hardship. Plus there were zeroes beside it. It may be true or not but it happened that we have truly gone through a tough year.

In every darkness, there is always that ray of light or spark of hope that flickers within each one of us. A faith that all things shall pass, and through Him everything is possible.

2021, a year after disaster and pandemic, will probably set a new outlook in life. Looking to it more positively with full of hopes. Why hopeful? Well, it's not just because we are alive and well but because there's always a good reason to be thankful to the Lord.

Also, I somehow look at the year ahead of something in significance most especially the numbers that lie within it, the figures it represents. Here are my thoughts about it and from others as well. 
  1. 2021, from the numbers, there are still two kneeling figures but will probably be interpreted as our faith. The good news is that there will be one (1) zero, which will make our hardships lesser, and of course, the number one, which represents a straight line, will probably make our way to rehabilitation. Making us all rise from all the problems in 2020.
  2.  Adding all the numbers in 2021 will give us 5. A significant number not only in numerology but also in the Bible. In numerology 5 is associated with the five elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Wood, and Metal) in Chinese philosophy. It is also historically associated with the Emperor of China.

        While in the Bible, the number 5 plays an important role as well, here are some of it. 

  • The God’s law is consists of five books, which are called Pentateuch. The New Testament Pentateuch consists of 4 gospels and Acts, which can be considered God’s grace and favor to humankind.
  • John, who wrote 5 books concerning the grace of God and forever the life of the soul.
  • The God’s grace symbolism was seen when Jesus took 5 loaves of bread and transformed them into the amount enough to feed five thousand people. (Matthew 14:17).
  • The instruction given by God to build a “tabernacle in the wilderness” was all centered around number five, everything was made out of five components, like 5 curtains, 5 pillars, 5 bars, etc. Also, there were 5 ingredients in the holy oil, which was needed to sanctify the tabernacle.
  • The God’s presence was shown by number 5. The book of Psalms has 5 main chapters.
  • There are 5 offerings to Israel provided by God. (Leviticus).
  • Moses wrote five books. This number shows the God’s plan and influence on humans, his grace and presence

So, whatever reference you would like to look at things in the coming year it almost describes a similar notion about the numbers and the figures. But of course, with the prayer of everyone and the positive outlook for the coming year, things will get better. Prayer is always the best weapon in everything that we do. 

God bless everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Encourage Your Loved Ones to Achieve Their Fitness Goals for the New Year!

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Let's get physically and mentally fit! The quarantine definitely can’t stop most of us from indulging in our favorite holiday treats, from the classic bibingka and puto bumbong to the much-awaited Noche Buena feast. And we all know what comes after the holiday feasts: our #BalikAlindog resolutions! Kickstart your loved ones' fitness journeys ahead of the New Year with these tips featuring awesome deals.

From December 21 to 27, Shopee is offering discounts up to 61% off on the best gifts that encourage your friends and family to stay fit and healthy!

Upgrade their workout wardrobe

The right gear can make each workout routine a whole lot easier. Trade in their well-worn sneakers for a sturdy pair of ANTA Men Running Shoes. You can also check out the Skechers Men Go Run Mojo - Pep Shape-Ups Footwear, which features a lightweight and responsive cushioning. Add to their workout shirt rotation with an option made of premium breathable cotton, such as the INSPI Tees Pluto Graphic Tshirt

Help them stay healthy and hydrated

All those workouts won’t be as effective without the right diet! Remind your loved ones to stay hydrated with a Klean Kanteen water bottle, which keeps contents hot up to 11 hours or iced up to 38 hours. For the health buff who’s always on the go, Superfood Grocer Organic Chia Seeds make the perfect addition to smoothies and overnight oats. If they enjoy indulging in the occasional junk food, get them to start their day with Teaconcept’s Detox Tea, which contains dandelion, burdock roots, apple blossoms, and honey leaf to help them feel energized. Lastly, the Philips Air Fryer is the kitchen appliance they need for low-fat meals packed with flavor. 

Enhance their workout experience

Cardio exercises are essential for anyone looking to get fit and stay healthy. For a high-impact yet inexpensive workout, look no further than the Lotus Activewear Cardio Speed Jump Rope, which allows for fun and effective cardio. Music and exercise also go hand-in-hand, so get them pumped to work out with wireless earphones—the Kotion Each Wireless Bluetooth Foldable Stereo Headphone and Marshall Major III Bluetooth Headphones are both awesome choices! 

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