Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Jayda Avanzado Joins the Growing Family of Palmolive Girls

11:38:00 AM

Jayda Avanzado, one of the blooming artists in the music industry, is now a certified member of the growing family of Palmolive Girls. She is now part of the long lines of celebrities promoting long and beautiful hair like Janella Salvador, KC Concepcion, Julia Barretto, Carla Abellana, Janine Gutierrez, Kisses Delavin, Heart Evangelista, Megan Young, and Liza Soberano.

Jayda Avanzado is the offspring of Dingdong Avanzado and Jessa Zaragosa, and now you know where she gets the talent and the beauty. But of course, Jayda is making her way in the industry. Not just because she is an Avanzado but because of her personality. She is more likely a new gene of artist.

Meet the new #PalmoliveGirl in town, @jayda! “It really is an honor! I’ve used Palmolive products, especially their shampoos, since I was a little girl, so it’s definitely a dream come true for me to be named a Palmolive girl”, Jayda shared. We are so proud of this milestone Jayda! 🌟 @palmoliveph Video clips: @starmusicph
Posted by Cornerstone Entertainment Inc. on Sunday, August 9, 2020

I think most of the ladies are Palmolive users, and who would not know this brand, the Palmolive brand? I guess every ladies are hoping to be part of the Palmolive Girls. So as for Jayda, “It really is an honor! I’ve used Palmolive products, especially their shampoos, since I was a little girl, so it’s definitely a dream come true for me to be named a Palmolive girl."

So, we will be seeing more of Jayda in the coming days. Congratulations Jayda!

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Announcement from Grab with the Temporary Suspension of GrabCar Services in areas under MECQ

12:05:00 PM

We're being slightly strict quarantined and because of that many of the services will be temporarily suspended to follow the government's announcement of placing the entire Metro Manila, Laguna, Bulacan, Cavite, and Rizal under Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ). This started last August 4. Grab temporarily suspended its GrabCar services which started Aug 4, 12MN. In light of this development, Grab, along with its partners, will continue to support our communities - the driver-partners, merchants, frontliners, and most especially our kababayans staying at home.

Grab will continue to implement its GrabProtect program to raise its bar of safety and hygiene to ensure that our communities remain safe, especially during this period. In partnership with the National Taskforce Against COVID and the BCDA, Grab will continue to provide free tests for its driver and delivery partners to ensure the safety of everyone in the platform and our communities as a whole.

Grab will continue to provide livelihood security for our driver-partners as we transition them to help serve our delivery fleet services. Grab is also looking into the prospect of having our driver-partners provide mobility solutions to our hospital partners as a dedicated shuttle fleet for their medical frontliners. Likewise, Grab will continue to provide mobility solutions to our corporate and merchant partners so that their staff can continue to provide essential services during this MECQ. For driver-partners with existing loans, Grab is working with its institutional partners to extend payment holidays on their respective loans. Grab will also create donation streams for our communities who are impacted by the suspension of public transportation.

For our customers and their families who are staying at home, Grabfood will offer free delivery during this period to ensure that they continue to have access to daily meal options for themselves and their loved ones. To continue providing safe and seamless access to daily essentials for our communities, GrabFood and GrabMart will remain operational from 6 AM - 12 MN depending on merchant-partner availability, while GrabExpress will remain operational 24/7. Likewise, GrabPay will continue to provide safe and convenient cashless payments to help our kababayans fulfill their transactions while staying at home.

Korina Sanchez Got More Time Now To Flaunt

11:49:00 AM

In the past few months, people started to find time to do things that will benefit them. Some of the individuals find time to learn how to cook, while others did try to learn new things like playing guitar or other interesting things, but one celebrity or personality did something else.

We all know her for being a firm, stern, and Maria Clara look. For me, I haven't seen or heard any news about her being sexy and daring. It was the first time.

So, who am I referring to? Well, believe it or not, she did get sexier. It was none other than the K personality with a rate, Korina Sanchez.

Korina Sanchez is one of the well-respected news anchors in the country. She's more known of her show Rate K.

It was really a stunning look flaunting something that people and netizens haven't seen her doing or posting something like this.

So, was the virus affected Korina's personality, well, probably. Making her more daring and bold with her actions. Who says that she cannot flaunt a figure like that?

Of course, there are always two sides, and right now, there are lots of negatrons in the playing field. So, probably what I can say is that she's just a late bloomer. Besides, she's also promoting health and fitness with a journey to maintaining her figure after losing a few pounds. Since she got more time to do personal things, this is probably her way of getting productive and realizing that she still got the zest in her.

So, we'll probably try to spot more of her sexy and interesting posts.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Flawless selfies with vivo V19 Neo at any time of the day

3:28:00 PM

A good selfie needs a good snap of a camera. And with our situation with nothing much to do but have yourself with a good selfie, a day wouldn't be complete without a snap of a camera. But have you ever been in a situation wherein you’re “dressed to the nines” and fully made up for an epic night only to be disappointed because you can’t seem to capture a stunning selfie due to the lack of lighting? It’s a frustrating scenario to be in, especially now when you just want to look and feel good despite being stuck at home—that is unless you have proper lighting setups installed.

Luckily, with the vivo V19 Neo, you need not worry about proper lighting and perfect timing to capture the best version of yourself. With the midrange smartphone’s super night selfie, AI Makeup, and Pose master features, anytime is the perfect time to take a selfie.

Super Night mode
For the latest addition to their “V” series, leading global technology company, vivo, added a super night selfie mode which contains advanced noise reduction technology that helps maximize its high definition 32MP selfie camera in low-light settings. With the super night selfie mode, users can capture every detail to produce photos that fully embody their beauty, even when it’s already dark. 

AI Makeup and Pose master
If the v19 Neo can produce magnificent photos in low-light, what more if you decide to shoot with sunlight. Throw in the smartphone’s AI Makeup feature and you’re bound to look as if you’ve diligently been doing the “10 step Korean skin care routine” since the quarantine started.

And if you’re out of ideas, you can “pose easy” knowing that the smartphone’s AI Pose Master has got your back. The built-in camera feature helps you think of creative ways to take selfies and further highlight your style.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule your own private photoshoot any time of the day with the vivo V19 Neo, available in Crystal White and Admiral Blue colorways for only P17,999 at authorized vivo stores nationwide. To learn more, visit vivoglobal.ph

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Angel Locsin and Jane De Leon: Clash of the Old and New Darna

12:47:00 PM

Darna has been one of the iconic heroine comic characters that transcend from a number of generations already. It has moved from one actress to another, highlighting the very personality of the artist playing the role. Looked upon by not just the kids but even the grown-ups who are grasping for hope, inspiration, and strength. Topping it all, Darna is the heroine that is a symbol of woman strength, hope, and compassion.

In our current situation, the pandemic COVID-19 crisis, and the issue about press freedom, we truly need an icon to be our inspiration to move forward. An inspiration that will lead us all as we live with the new norm of our life.

Currently, two of the stars who have been allowed to play the iconic character, Darna, are in a silent online dispute. Are they?

If you can recall that last week after the announcement of the denial of the franchise of the ABS CBN Network, Angel Locsin, coined as the real-life Darna, made a call to her fellow actors to rise and speak up about the shutdown of the network.

“Yong mga Kasamahan kong artista na hindi pa rin nagsasalita. Ano tatahimik na lang kayo? Wala na kayong network? Ano magpapacute na lang kayo sa Instagram?”

With this act, celebrities and personalities expressed their gesture of support. Some went to the rally to join the noise barrage, and others made their way of support on social media. And one of the celebrities who take their support online is Jane De Leon, who is the current bid to play the role of Darna. The gesture is there, but and unfortunately, some lines are a bit off for the netizens.

“My support to the current crisis that the network is facing right now is not just measured by going out in the streets in this time of pandemic. Alam kong para sa nakakarami sa atin, masakit ang closure ng ABS-CBN. Nakiki-isa at nakikisimpatya rin po ako sa mga kapawa ko Kapamilya na nawalan ng kabuhayan.

…. Dadagdag pa ba tayo sa lumolobong bilang at patuloy na pagtaas ng COVID cases sa ating Bansa?....”

In my opinion, the reason that Jane made is a bit out of line. Knowing that the old Darna, Angel Locsin, has been doing her charity works at the start of the COVID-19 spread, even though she knows the risk is high. Jane should have made her statement simpler.

There's a rumor circulating that Angel made a rebut against the statement, and it's unpleasing. Will this be the start of the cold war between the two Darnas? For whatever will be the outcome of the silent or cold war between the two Darna, let us understand that playing the role of Darna is a privilege, and it comes with great responsibility - to give hope, inspiration, and strength.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Clint Bondad's Dating Escapades, The Break-up Reason?

4:50:00 PM

Love hurts! That's what happens when couples started moving on their separate ways. As for the recent viral story on the world wide web, well, it's a love story that ended a long time ago. Unfortunately, and based on the posted messages and stories on the person's social media account (Clint Bondad), well, it seems he has not forgotten, yet, their love story.

So, what was the real story behind the breakup? Was there any 'kwento' that is to unearth to clarify the rumors and alleged scandals?

Well, there's a saying that 'when there is smoke, there is fire,' and it seems that the fire had just gone into an alarming stage. News and other stories about this matter are popping out like popcorn.

In an article that came out and published at the Facebook page of 'The Philippine Post,' clearly tells the story of Clint Bondad and Catriona Gray break-up. At that time, no one knows, yet, that the romance has ended. That's until Catriona finally revealed the end of their relationship in the show Tonight With Boy Abunda. The love tale ended without any more words about it.

Just like in any other relationship, it doesn't stop at that point. There's always the root and the cause, the reason that made that perfect bubble pop.

From the article, it tells that there's a reliable source about the Clint-Catriona breakup, a far deeper cause why the two end-up on different paths. According to the source, Clint had been going out with other women, that is why Catriona ended their love story. But take note that Clint wasn't just going out with other women, he's going out with rich women, and he does it for money.

Of course, photos are the best evidence to validate stories, and one personality was rumored to be one of his dates, Anne Jakrajutatip, a Thai transwoman and CEO of JKN Global Media. Later on, the rumors were dismissed.

So, we know that it is his life and whatever he does is none of our business, but since he's a celebrity and all eyes are on him, everything that he does, well, affects everyone, most especially, the fans that look up to him.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Kyle Velino on BL Series, Gameboys

11:39:00 PM

It's a different kind of story and an unusual affair. It is probably one of the love stories that are flourishing in the country or some parts of the world and not one hundred percent sure, yet, if it is already okay with the current society. The one I'm talking about is the BL or Boys Love. Well, we cannot judge people if they find love from a different perspective other than the usual.

Speaking of BL, just recently, one of the characters in a BL series entitled "Gameboys" gave a little bit of his time in an 'Online Conference and Chikahan.' The celebrity I'm referring to is none other than Kyle Velino.

Kyle Velino is one of the actors under the management of ABS CBN Star Magic. Some of his projects and appearances on TV are Maalala Mo Kaya (MMK), Ipaglaban Mo, The Good Son, Play House, and his latest is Killer Bride. Now, he's doing the "Gameboys," which is the talked-about series of this generation. We all know that it is something unusual.

During the online conference, Kyle Velino shared that it was a privilege for him to be part of the series that opened the doors for several BL stories in the country today. He also shared that with Gameboys, they were doing the shoot differently. Before, they were doing it on-site with the camera crew and director, but this time it's different because all shootings are on their own. But of course, it is all based on the script and with the guidance of the director online.

Playing the role of Terrence, the Third Wheeler, according to Kyle, is hard because of the character. With his inclusion in the Gameboys, it was hard for him at first. Not only with the group but also because of the established fans of the main characters. He even shared that he also experienced being bashed. One of the memes created was the "Anti-Terrence Bill." As an actor, he took it lightly because, for him, he's doing his role effectively.

I haven't seen much of the series but I can say that Kyle is truly promising and with the way he reacts to the attention he is receiving right now, well, that's one attitude of an artist.

Watch more of the online conference and chikahan.

Gameboys is a Filipino BL web series that is under IdeaFirst Company, which is produced by Perci Intalan and directed by Ivan Andrew Payawal. The series is shown every Friday on IdeaFirst's YouTube Channel. Starring Kokoy De Santos, Elijah Canals, Adrianna So, and of course, the third wheeler Kyle Velino.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Upholding Family Legacy in iWant's 'Beauty Queens' with Gloria, Maxine, Winwyn, Ross, and Maris

4:02:00 PM

Real-life titleholders Gloria Diaz, Maxine Medina, and Winwyn Marquez, along with Ross Pesigan and Maris Racal, show the joys and hidden sorrows of a family with a tradition of joining and winning pageants in the original series “Beauty Queens,” which struts its way to iWant this July 15 (Wednesday).

In the six-part series, Miss Universe 1969 Dahlia (Gloria) is determined to maintain a lineage of Miss Universes in her family. This dream started when her mother Tarsila (Maris), Manila’s last Carnival Queen back in 1939, made her promise to follow in her footsteps.

However, in Dahlia’s blind obsession over molding her daughters into the ultimate candidates, she fails to realize that her children want something else for themselves.

Her eldest Daisy (Maxine) runs away to become a nun, her second Tingting (Winwyn) becomes an activist and gets pregnant, while her youngest and only son Rico (Ross) becomes what she did not expect the most—Miss Gay Universe.

After years of being away from each other, Dahlia hosts a party for her late mother’s centennial birthday as a way to bring her children together. However, what is meant to be a celebratory reunion erupts into a night of revelation as secrets are unearthed and confrontations ensue.

Is there a chance for Dahlia to mend her relationship with her children before it’s too late?

“Beauty Queens” is award-winning director Joel Lamangan’s first iWant original series. Produced by ATD Entertainment Productions, its cast also includes Lotlot De Leon, James Blanco, Ruby Ruiz, Rafa Siguion-Reyna, Shido Roxas, and Nella Marie Dizon.

Catch “Beauty Queens” for free starting this July 15 (Wednesday) on the iWant app (iOs and Android) or iwant.ph. For updates, like www.facebook.com/iWant, and follow @iwant on Twitter and @iwantofficial on Instagram, and subscribe to www.youtube.com/iWantPH.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Here are Your Four (4) Reasons why iWANT's Filipino-dubbed “2GETHER” is a must-watch for Pinoy Fans

1:26:00 AM

Interestingly, movies and TV series are much more enjoyable to watch when it is described or delivered in local dialects or language. So if you're wondering what it would be like if it is dubbed in Filipino, well, we can start with how Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin’s ‘kilig’-filled bickering in “2gether” sounds in Filipino? If you didn’t already know, streaming service iWant is housing Filipino-dubbed episodes of the top-trending Thai series!

If the original version got you hooked or if you haven’t seen the top-trending series yet, we guarantee that the Tagalized scenes of Sarawat and Tine will get you even more fragile. It’s definitely a relatable must-watch for Pinoy BrightWin shippers and those who believe that love is love.

All episodes of the series will have been available by Friday night (July 10), so we recommend you binge-watch its episodes now! Here are four reasons why you should catch the Filipino dubbed version of “2gether”:

1. The voices match the characters' and are close to the actors’.
Ever met someone who ‘sounds how they look like’? The Filipino-dubbed version of Tine and Wat are just as adorable as their original—if not more. Tine is still as charming, innocent, and persuasive, while Sarawat is still captivating with his mysterious and nonchalant ways. No need to worry about their singing parts, they still sound like the same person. Aside from the two leads, fans are also raving about Green’s unstoppable ‘kulit’ and ‘lambing’ voice in Filipino.

2. Kilig scenes are much more swoon-worthy, and jokes are much more relatable in Filipino.
Even though the story is set in Thailand, it’s almost as if Tine and Wat were in the Philippines with their use of Tagalog. Tine’s choice of words when he expresses his frustrations with Wat is much more relatable in Filipino, while Wat’s “Lagkit mo makatangin ah. Halikan kita diyan, eh” is a major swoon.

3. Viewers can focus on the acting, facial expressions, scenes rather than the subtitles.
Reading subs can be quite distracting, and it might make you miss out on elaborate details such as certain props in the background or a small smirk on someone’s lips. If you watch the Tagalized version on iWant, you can finally ease up! This time around, you can stare full-time at both Tine and Sarawat while they’re in a heated argument or a love-filled moment.

4. Refreshing - It's like watching the series with a brand new set of eyes.
If you’ve already watched the original, you can always rewatch and enjoy this version with no problem. “2gether The Series” is like a time capsule that takes you back to a time in your life when going to school also meant seeing your crush. It doesn’t really matter which team you’re playing on – you will fall in love again with these two college boys!

“2gether The Series” is the first Thai show on iWant after ABS-CBN announced its partnership with leading Thai content company GMMTV. The series concludes with its finale on iWant this Friday (July 10) at 10 PM.

Don’t miss the finale and get your SarawaTine fix in “2gether The Series,” streaming on iWant for free. For updates, like www.facebook.com/iWant, and follow @iwant on Twitter and @iwantofficial and @dreamscapeph on Instagram, and subscribe to www.youtube.com/iWantPH.

JAMILL Levels Up with Debut Single “TAYO HANGGANG DULO”

12:08:00 AM

It's all about leveling up! Yes, and we all know that when you're moving up you need to improve and develop as well. This is something that the YouTube stars Jayzam Manabat and Camille Trinidad, collectively-known as JaMill, probably have in mind as they set to launch their debut single produced under Star POP titled “Tayo Hanggang Dulo” on July 24 (Friday).

The modern love song represents the power couple’s romantic journey, from the moment they met to the trials that they faced and the sacrifices that they made as they became more committed to each other. The track’s main message is that “forever” is possible in a relationship if you work hard enough to earn it.

Matching the unique yet raw content of their vlogs, JaMill’s first venture into music through “Tayo Hanggang Dulo” presents a lyrically-moving song on top of the prevailing hip-hop/urban beats that’s popular nowadays.

JaMill is a couple who rose to fame through fun and unique vlogs posted on YouTube. Just two years since they launched their channel, Jayzam and Camille already amassed a number of accomplishments as internet personalities, such as having the fastest channel to reach a million subscribers in the entire Southeast Asia. They also have over a billion total views on their channel and was ranked as the number 1 local “YouTube Vlogger” in the Philippines.

Fans of JaMill, who are individually referred to as “Mandirigma,” will also be delighted as the YouTube superstars are set to hold a fan fest coinciding with the song’s release. Dubbed as “Tayo Hanggang Dulo, JaMill (Mandirigma Day),” the event will run for an hour filled with fun games, interviews, and other fan-engaging activities. It’s also a celebration of the duo’s latest milestone—reaching 10 million subscribers on their YouTube channel.

Be inspired by JaMill’s faithful devotion to each other in the couple’s upcoming debut single “Tayo Hanggang Dulo” dropping on July 24 (Friday) in various digital streaming platforms. Tickets for the “Tayo Hanggang Dulo, JaMill” virtual fan fest can be availed by logging on to www.ktx.abs-cbn.com for only Php 199.00.

For more details, like StarPOP PH on Facebook (www.facebook.com/starpopph), and follow it on and Instagram (@starpopph). For updates, follow @abscbnpr on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit www.abs-cbn.com/newsroom.

Friday, July 10, 2020

vivo revives Friday night, party night with Kat DJ

12:37:00 AM

Talk about party! Miss partying? Dig up your favorite party clothes, shake up your favorite drinks, and ‘Revive your night’ at home with vivo’s live, online party this Friday, July 10, at 7pm.

The online rave, which will be streamed through vivo’s official Facebook page, will feature live beats from Kat DJ, one of Manila’s hottest DJs, and an exclusive look at the all new vivo V19 Neo—a party must-have if you want to capture unforgettable nights clearly.

Lucky virtual ravers will also get a chance to win 5 premium party kits from vivo, to be given away by Kat DJ during her live set.

With its high quality Quad Camera setup consisting of 48MP main, 8MP wide, 2MP Bokeh, and 2MP Macro lenses, and a 32MP selfie camera, all bundled with a super night mode that allows users to capture stunning images in low-light, the vivo V19 Neo is the perfect phone for millennials who explore their late night passions.

The midrange smartphone also has a dual-engine fast-charging 4500mAh battery which is more than enough for all-nighters.

Empower your nights in the safety of your homes with the vivo V19 Neo, available in Crystal White and Admiral Blue colorways for only P17,999 at authorized vivo stores nationwide. To know more about the vivo V19 Neo and the upcoming online party, visit the vivo Facebook page at facebook.com/vivo.philippines.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Aiai delas Alas The Comedy Concert Queen Joins GMA Artist Center

10:03:00 PM

Joining GMA Artist Center is Ms. Aiai Delas Alas' way of paying homage to the network where she belongs. She's still the same comedienne, with the same entertaining spirit, and the same person who displays her personality, the only thing that has changed today is that she's doing this with a new partner, bringing more good vibes to her fans and supporters.

As she moves to a new phase in her life, signing a contract under GMA Artist Center, we can expect more fun.

“Nag-decide ako to join GMA Artist Center kasi it’s time I pay back. Since 1990, taga-GMA na ako talaga, sila ang nagbigay sa akin ng chance na makilala noong struggling artist pa ako, noong ako ay bago pa sa industriya. Dahil ngayon 30th anniversary ko and sumabay din ako sa 70th anniversary ng GMA, para terno!”

Present during the contract signing ceremony held at the 17th floor executive lounge of GMA were Senior Vice President for Entertainment Group Lilybeth G. Rasonable, Senior Assistant Vice President for Alternative Productions Gigi Santiago-Lara, GMA Artist Center Assistant Vice President for Talent Imaging and Marketing Simoun Ferrer, and Senior Talent Manager Daryl Zamora.

According to Aiai, she still has a lot to bring to the table.

Aiai invites her fans to watch out for her upcoming projects, “Napaka-daming ganap. Mayroon akong soap, ‘The Clash Season 3,’ at mayroon din akong out of the country shows na hindi natuloy pero matutuloy na after COVID-19.”

Moreover, she hopes that this new partnership will open more doors for her. A few of her fellow Kapuso artists she looks forward to work with in the future are Asia’s Multimedia Star Alden Richards, Rocco Nacino, EA Guzman, Sanya Lopez, among others.

Senior Vice President for Entertainment Group Lilybeth G. Rasonable has nothing but praises for the Kapuso artist, "Siyempre masaya, there are so many reasons to celebrate, especially with all these things happening around us. She still has 'The Clash,' alam naman natin na talagang nilu-look forward ng audience 'yung pag-judge niya because she always comes up with the funniest, very constructive comments, and 'yung mga outfits niya. Aside from that, of course, she can do drama, we know that she won several awards. Maraming pwede gawin si Aiai, kahit online."

Senior Assistant Vice President for Alternative Productions Gigi Santiago-Lara said it’s an honor to have Aiai in their roster of stars, “We welcome Ms. Aiai delas Alas to GMA Artist Center. We are thrilled to work with her in her upcoming projects and to find more opportunities for growth."

Watch out for what’s in store for Aiai and remain updated through GMA Artist Center’s official social media pages

Sunday, July 5, 2020

PhilPop Goes Beyond Borders Together with Its Partner Warner Music PH

9:00:00 AM

One of the songwriting competition that I love, PhilPop, has once again created a key milestone for the organization, not just because of the pandemic but because of their move to make music even louder that it goes beyond different types of borders. Of course, one is the COVID-19 that lets the organization pursue the event.

So, PhilPop, the country’s premier songwriting competition, sets its sights in penetrating the music landscape of the Asia Pacific Region and beyond with its new tagline, #MusicBreakingBorders. This year, PhilPop Songwriting Festival 2020 partners with Warner Music Philippines in its mission to promote quality Filipino music on a bigger, global scale.

Global Partnership

During the virtual presser held on July 2, 2020 via Zoom, Managing Director of Warner Music Philippines Ian Monsod took the opportunity to talk about the record label’s role in providing sustainable recording, production, marketing and promotional support needed to ensure breakthrough of world-class homegrown talents in the international market.

“The value that we bring to this equation, especially connected to the fact that it’s about #MusicBreakingBorders, is that we are international major record label. We do have a network of A&R and marketing people all around the world. In terms of judging and production process, we’ll bring that unique value of this presence to the project. We share this ambition to elevate the Filipino artist to a global stage. It’s a difficult path, but I think with our partnership, we can improve the odds.”

National Artist and PhilPop Music Fest Foundation Board Member and Bootcamp Master Ryan Cayabyab opened the online press conference with a message highlighting PhilPop’s duty to harness the talents of Filipino singer-songwriters and composers to create music that can inspire and motivate a nation. “From mounting songwriting festivals every two years, PhilPop Foundation has expanded its influence and range of activities by including boot camps across the country and now publisher of original content for use in albums, commercials and movies. Through PhilPop, the MVP Group has positioned itself as the primary champion of Filipino songwriters.”

Decentralizing the monopoly and supporting regional talents

PhilPop Music Fest Foundation Executive Director Dinah Remolacio also stressed the importance of decentralizing the monopoly of support to Metro Manila fellows by giving equal opportunity to the next generation of singer-songwriters based in other cities and provinces, regardless of their identity, language and cultural affiliation. Remolacio told the audience in the online press conference that the move will help create a positive impact in the music industry and dispel the notion of bias in the selection process.

Remolacio added, “When we had major pivot in 2018, the first thing that we did is to make the festival biennial. In between those years, we mounted all these songwriting workshops in different parts of the country to empower other songwriters in the region, so that they could submit entries to PhilPop. We want to diversify the winning entries in every festival.”

PhilPop Boot Camp coach and folk icon Noel Cabangon, on the other hand, assured the press people in attendance about the prestigious songwriting festival’s commitment in highlighting the diverse and distinct music from the different regions in the country, and upholding its vision to produce the next wave of global hitmakers and superstars. “Despite the pandemic, and the challenges brought about by uncertainty of time, we are proud to announce that we, in PhilPop, continue to push our music forward, now more than ever— we are ready to break borders.” Background of the PhilPop 2020 Songwriting Festival

PhilPop is looking for the next generation of songwriting champs through its 2020 Songwriting Festival.

This year, songwriters are encouraged to submit their entries based on their origin or residence namely—Metro Manila, South Luzon, North Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. From thousands of songs submitted, only three (3) songwriters will eventually represent each cluster through rigorous adjudication process spearheaded by Warner Music Philippines and PhilPop.

The top 15 songs will have the chance to work with Warner Music Philippines and compete in the final rounds.
Standout entries (Top 3) will be getting cash prizes from the MVP Group of Companies:

P1,000,000 for the Grand Champion
P500,000 for the 1st runner up
P250,000 for the 2nd runner up
Finals night will happen on November 14, 2020.

The deadline for submission of entries was last July 4, 2020 that would probably have reached more than what they are expecting.

For more details on how to join, in case you might want to join next year, feel free to check out htier  via their official website.

PhilPop Songwriting Festival 2020 is an initiative of the PhilPop Music Foundation, chaired by Mr. Manny V. Pangilinan. This year's PhilPop is co-presented by SMART, MERALCO, MAYNILAD and Warner Music Philippines.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

vivo hosts Mobile Legend Gaming Vloggers’ Face-off

11:42:00 PM

If you're playing mobile games, especially on your phones then this news from vivo is one news that you don't want to miss. So, this coming Friday, July 3, two professional gamers, Junnie Boy and Bianca Yao are set to a face-off and showcase their Mobile Legends: Bang Bang skills as they test the gaming features of the vivo V19 Neo. The Mobile Legends Live Stream event will also see the top vloggers captaining their respective teams.

The match will be livestreamed by vivo Philippines on its Facebook page on Friday, July 3 at 7 PM (PST). Junnie Boy and Bianca Yao will also host livestreams on their Facebook channels which have 2.65 million and 96,000 subscribers, respectively.

Two gamers can get a chance to play in the Mobile Legends Live Stream and win exciting prizes. They just have to “like” the vivo Philippines’ official Facebook page, take a selfie, comment why they want to be part of #TeamJunnieBoy or #TeamBianca on the post, and share this using the hashtags #IgniteYourNight, #vivoV19NeoMLLiveBattle.

The brand will also give away vivo merchandise, including a vivo S1 Pro Bluetooth headset, to lucky viewers who will tune in to the livestream. The winners will be announced after the online event.

Since its release in 2016, Mobile Legends has become popular in Southeast Asia and was among the games included in the first-ever esports competition at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games held in the Philippines.

A mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, Mobile Legends has been designed for smartphones with gaming features such as the new vivo V19 Neo.

The latest gaming flagship handset of vivo, the V19 Neo features an Ultra Game Mode which makes for totally undisturbed playing by blocking messages and alerts, for a fully immersive and engaging game. It is also equipped with AI Turbo, Center Turbo, Game Turbo, Net Turbo, Cooling Turbo, and ART++ Turbo. These are multi-turbo functions that offer an elevated and exciting gaming experience especially when playing Mobile Legends and other mobile games.

The midrange smartphone also has a dual-engine fast-charging 4500mAh battery that powers a Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 AIE and 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM, to enable users to play their favorite graphics-heavy mobile games for hours.

The V19 Neo also has a 6.44-inch Super AMOLED FHD+ Ultra O Screen which brings out the mobile games’ vibrant and authentic colors without causing eyestrain. Its low brightness anti-flicker technology also provides added eye protection, especially when playing at night.

The V19 Neo is available in Crystal White and Admiral Blue colorways, for only P17,999 at authorized Vivo stores nationwide. To know more about the vivo V19 Neo, visit vivo Philippines’ website.


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