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Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Royal Indulgence: Experiencing Manila Prince Hotel's Marcelino Cafe

8:35:00 PM

Live like royalty! That's exactly what my wife and I did when we recently visited Marcelino Cafe at Manila Prince Hotel for a delightful after-office dinner date. Luckily, it was a smooth Monday with no traffic hassles, allowing us to arrive just in time for the buffet opening. Yes, you heard it right – a buffet!

If you've been following this blog, you know I'm a food enthusiast, and buffets never fail to excite my taste buds. Marcelino Cafe, one of the restaurants within the Manila Prince Hotel, offers a diverse and sumptuous array of dishes—a true smorgasbord for those with an adventurous palate.


Before diving into the gastronomic details, let's shed light on Marcelino Cafe itself. Located at Marcelino Street, it embraces a local vibe, providing a memorable dining experience for its guests. Occupying half of the Manila Prince Hotel lobby area, it offers an expansive venue for culinary exploration.

For both lunch and dinner, Marcelino Café extends its culinary prowess, presenting a variety of options ranging from pasta and salads to dim sum, sushi, sashimi, and flavorful dishes across different stations inspired by international cuisines.


Now, onto what Marcelino Cafe in store for us.

Marcelino Cafe Dining Experience:

To set the context, the dining experience varies for different guests and times of the day. For my wife and me, it was a Monday evening dinner date, and the food selection was particularly intriguing.


Italian Station:

As a pasta lover, I couldn't resist the tempting array of pasta sauces. Even if I chose not to indulge, the visual and olfactory allure was undeniable. A must-try for pasta enthusiasts.

Grill Station:

During that night samgyupsal is available on its grilling station. 

Roast and Pika pika section fills the room with the aroma of roast food, the roast beef, roast chicken, and roast pork belly, made this section a sought-after delight. Familiar tastes and enticing scents guaranteed a satisfying experience.


Filipino Station:

Though I only enjoyed Filipino dishes visually and through their aromas due to uneasiness, the Mixed Seafood, Pork Mechado, and Beef Steak were tempting. Future visits are a must to savor these Filipino delights.

Asian Station:

This station allowed us to pick ingredients and create our concoctions. The soup and broth were perfect comfort foods for the stomach. They had Vietnamese Poh that time and also the Nasi Goreng. 

Salad Station:

Fresh, tasty and yummy! I'm not in to fully fill my tummy but with just right amount to taste the flavors. 

Bread and Dessert Station:

Delightful cookies and refreshing treats like the Cathedral and Mango Tapioca offered a perfect conclusion to our culinary journey. Don't forget the fruit section as well. 

Korean Station:

For those on a diet, the selection of salads was fantastic.

Japanese Station:

Being a fan of Japanese cuisines, this station was a highlight for me. The diverse Maki options, especially the standout Crazy Maki, and the delightful Kani Salad made this station a personal favorite.


Marcelino Cafe provides an extensive eat-all-you-can spread with both local and international cuisines, creating an ideal setting for culinary indulgence.


Marcelino Cafe Rates:

For those planning to visit, here are the eat-all-you-can rates and time to visit:

Lunch (11:30 am to 2:30 pm)

Php 899 nett per person (Promo Rate)
Php 1,500 nett per person (Regular Rate)
Dinner (6:00 pm to 10:00 pm)

Php 899 nett per person (Promo Rate)
Php 1,500 nett per person (Regular Rate)

Catch the great deal while it is still up!

The Feel and the Ambiance:

The restaurant, like any other hotel dining spot, exudes an interesting elite vibe while remaining welcoming. The ambient waterfalls installation provides a relaxing sound effect, almost giving the impression of rain outside, setting the perfect mood for guests.

Marcelino Cafe at Manila Prince Hotel offers a great setting for your first or last date. While not overly spacious, their diverse and interesting food selection caters to adventurous palates. The commitment to fresh, locally-sourced ingredients enhances the overall dining experience, making it a memorable and satisfying choice.

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Celebrate Lunar Prosperity with The Manila Hotel's Tikoy Early Bird Deal!

8:27:00 AM


Spring Festival or what we commonly known as Chinese New Year, has a rich history deeply embedded in Chinese culture. Dating back over 3,500 years, it marks the beginning of the lunar new year and is celebrated with vibrant festivities, traditional rituals, and symbolic customs. The festival typically falls between January 21 and February 20, depending on the lunar calendar, and lasts for 15 days. Its origins can be traced to ancient agrarian societies, where communities gathered to pray for a bountiful harvest and ward off evil spirits. Over time, the celebration evolved, encompassing family reunions, fireworks, dragon and lion dances, and the iconic red decorations symbolizing good luck and prosperity.

A significant culinary delight associated with Chinese New Year is Tikoy, a sticky rice cake that holds cultural significance. Tikoy, also known as nian gao, symbolizes the wish for progress, growth, and the promise of a better year ahead. The sweet, glutinous rice cake is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to those who consume it. Families often exchange or gift Tikoy as a gesture of well-wishing for the coming year. The round shape of Tikoy symbolizes family unity and completeness. Whether steamed, fried, or added to various dishes, Tikoy's presence on the Chinese New Year table highlights its integral role in the celebration, creating a sweet and auspicious start to the lunar new year.


As the Lunar New Year approaches, The Manila Hotel invites guests to usher in the Year of the Dragon with an auspicious start through its Tikoy Early Bird Offer.

Nian Gao, also known as tikoy, is a traditional delicacy that holds great significance in Chinese culture. This sticky rice cake has been enjoyed for centuries during the Lunar New Year festivities and is believed to bring good luck and prosperity for the coming year.

The Manila Hotel’s fine offerings of handmade tikoy are an essential indulgence during this season. Featuring delightful variations such as Almond and Red Bean—each promising to satisfy discerning taste buds. The Manila Hotel’s Tikoy is priced at a regular rate of Php 1,288 per box.

Patrons can take advantage of the early bird offer, securing an exclusive discount by making advance reservations. From January 20 to 31, 2024, guests can enjoy 30% discount on orders of 5 boxes or more. From February 1 to 11, 2024, guests can avail 10% discount on purchases of 5 to 9 boxes, 15% discount on purchases of 10 to 19 boxes, and 20% discount on purchases of 20 boxes and more. Orders may be redeemed from February 1 to 11, 2024.

For inquiries and reservations, call +632 8527 0011 or +632 5301 5500, or email

Terms and conditions apply. Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-184301 Series of 2024.

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Cowrie Grill Celebrates A Decade of Culinary Elegance

11:11:00 PM


Cowrie Grill, the distinguished steakhouse that once graced the historic walls of The Manila Hotel and now finds its home at Promenade Greenhills, is celebrating a decade of culinary excellence. With a rich history that traces the journey of steak to the Philippines, Cowrie Grill has become a symbol of fine dining, attracting discerning connoisseurs for the past ten years.

In honor of its 10th anniversary, Cowrie Grill is excited to share this milestone with its patrons by highlighting its 10 most beloved dishes. These culinary masterpieces, cherished by guests over the years, include the classic Caesar Salad prepared tableside, the comforting French Onion Soup, the delectable Fettuccine Al Funghi E Tartufo, the succulent Grilled Chilean Sea Bass, the flavorful Saga Wagyu Beef Rib Eye, the renowned Chateaubriand U.S. Angus, the impressive Bone-In Tomahawk Ribeye, the exquisite Iberico Pork Loin, the luxurious U.S. Angus Beef Tournedos Rossini with Foie Gras, and the indulgent Baked Alaska flambéed with brandy.


Expressing gratitude for the continuous support and loyalty since the early days at The Manila Hotel, EJ Yap, F&B Director of Cowrie Grill by The Manila Hotel, remarks, “Our 10th anniversary is a tribute to our commitment to culinary excellence and the cherished relationships we’ve built over the years.”

Beyond its exceptional dishes, Cowrie Grill also serves as an ideal venue for private events and intimate gatherings. Boasting an elegant interior and customizable space, the restaurant's versatility, combined with its unwavering commitment to exceptional service, makes it the perfect choice for those seeking a refined setting for their celebrations.


Operating from Mondays to Sundays, Cowrie Grill welcomes guests from 11:30 AM to 9:00 PM. For inquiries and reservations, contact +632 8477 6385, send a Viber message to 0977 641 8815, or email Join Cowrie Grill in commemorating a decade of culinary brilliance and creating lasting memories in an atmosphere of sophistication and taste.

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

The Manila Hotel’s Dining Experience this October

10:25:00 PM


The Manila Hotel, well known for its culinary excellence, joyfully greets the month of October with a selection of dining promotions tailored for its valued clientele.

A Celebration of Beers and Brews
Beer enthusiasts and connoisseurs can partake in a month-long merriment featuring handpicked beers and brews. Ranging from classic lagers to artisanal craft brews, the selection guarantees there’s a beer to cater to every palate. Brands on showcase include San Miguel Light, Pale, Super Dry, Cerveza Negra, and Premium Malt; and Engkanto Lager, Honey Ale, Ube Lager, Mango Nation. Available at the Lobby Lounge, Tap Room, and Pool Bar.


Spooky Confections for Halloween
The Delicatessen presents an assortment of handcrafted confections that reflect both the spooky and sweet aspects of this enchanting holiday. From cookies and cupcakes adorned with ghostly figures to pumpkin lollipops and chocolate-dipped strawberries—these treats are crafted to delight not only kids, but also those who remain young at heart. These sweet bites are available at the Delicatessen from October 15 to November 2, 2023.

All Treats No Tricks for the Kids
In the spirit of Halloween, The Manila Hotel has a special treat in store for the little ones. Junior guests dining at Café Ilang-Ilang, Lobby Lounge, Red Jade, or Champagne Room on the evening of October 31 will receive complimentary Halloween goodies.

Sweet Symphony: Mango Sponge Cake with White Chocolate and Almonds Guests can indulge in our featured cake this October—a delicious confection with luscious layers of mango sponge cake, white chocolate, and crunchy almonds. Available at the Delicatessen for everyone’s enjoyment until October 31, 2023.

M Takeout’s Fresh Offerings
The acclaimed takeout service of The Manila Hotel unveils its latest menu, offering its patrons a new variety of dishes that they can enjoy from the comfort of their homes or workplaces. The highlight of the menu is the introduction of new dishes for Solo Meals & Rice and Noodle Bowls, created to a wider range of tastes and preferences.

Solo Meals encompass a range of cuisines including Filipino, Chinese, Italian, Korean, Japanese, and Halal. Each meal is thoughtfully paired with an assortment of proteins, carbohydrates, sides, and dessert, ensuring a well-rounded and satisfying dining experience.

The Rice and Noodle Bowl selection is equally impressive, featuring White Chicken with Ginger Sauce, Spaghetti Amatriciana, Beef Ho Fan Noodles, Penne Pasta Pomodoro, to name a few.

A Holiday Prelude: Festive Merienda Especial
As the holiday season approaches, take pleasure in The Manila Hotel’s Festive Merienda Especial—an assortment of French pastries, mini sandwiches, and all-time favorite Filipino delicacies, complemented by a selection of tea, coffee, or the hotel’s signature hot chocolate. Available from Monday to Sunday at the Lobby Lounge from 10:30am to 6:00pm.

To know more about these offers, please call +632 8527-0011 or +632 5301-5500, email, or visit

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