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Monday, July 15, 2019

PMAP's Stand : on Labor Laws, Other Issues and the 56th PMAP Annual Conference

10:44:00 AM

Earlier this July, People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) held a press conference at Astoria Plaza to share what organization stands for with regards to the work force and labor laws. Present during the press conference are practitioners and experts in the people management industry namely Mr. Efren B. Alberto, Jr., DPM is one of 2019 PMAP Board of Trustee with 45 years of experience in all facets of human resource management and corporate relations; Atty. Rey Destura, is an active Committee Member of PMAP labor Policy reforms and Industrial Relations Committee; Ms. Ellen Fullido is the Vice President for HR & Administrative Services of the FJ Elizalde Group of Companies, for more that 25 years of work experience in the field of Human Resource Management and Office Administration gained from manufacturing, sales and service, pre need, healthcare, real estate, petrochemical and media/entertainment industries; Mr. Jesse Francis Rebustillo is the 2016 PMAP President who have previously served as the AVP for Industrial Relations & Corporate Human Resources Head for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, now a Management & Human Resource Consultant, Seminar Facilitator, and Speaker; Ms Lousa Mila V. Echevarria, FPM, the 2019 PMAP Vice President, a seasoned HR practitioner and consultant with over 35 years of experience in general management and various facets of human resources in different industries particularly in manufacturing; Mr. Leo Gellor, AFPM, 2019 PMAP Board Secretary, is an experienced leader with experience in different industries like food service, media and general management.

Members of the media present during the conference were given bits of information about the current labor laws and policies that affects both the work force and the business. As what was explained it needs to have a balance to make the businesses and employees coexists in the industry. Also, there were issues raised like the endo and contractualization. To find out more about the explanations watch the full coverage of the conference.

As part also of the annual event of PMAP where matters about human resource and people management are discussed and uplifted, the organization will be having its 56th PMAP Annual Conference on July 17-19, 2019 at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino where over 1,500 people managers will gather together for this biggest and preeminent HR event in the country.

With organizations facing the challenges of disruption and the 4th industrial revolution, it becomes crucial for people managers to EXCELLERATE. For its 56th annual conference, PMAP pushes innovation one step further by invoking poetic license and creating a new word that captures the twin challenges facing the organization and people management in the country today – driving and inspiring EXCELLENCE in the practice of people management and increasing the degree of ACCELERATION of people programs to become up-to-speed with technology and innovation.

The PMAP 56th Annual puts the spotlight on Filipino People Management, featuring a full learning session on the 2019 PMAP Awards finalists’ best practices and programs. It also seeks to bring people managers up-to-speed with the challenges of a digital and inclusive world through updates on trends and emerging HR technologies through business unusual workshops. Lastly, it will take Filipino people management back to its roots and wings through local studies, theories and applications.

This PMAP annual conference hopes to be a veritable marketplace of ideas, emergent theories, endless solutions best practices, advocacies and state-of-the-art HR technology with an unparalleled roster of speakers with global, regional and national stature. It will be a proactive balance of session topics and learning fora, offering a variety of sessions that target various levels. This conference will feature a dynamic learning design that allows attendees to customize their participation based on their individual agenda. It will be a great showcase of best practices, award-winning programs and cutting-edge resources and technologies, with extraordinary potentials for networking and mentoring.

For more information regarding the 56th PMAP Annual Conference, you may contact the PMAP Secretariat through telephone number 726-1532 or email or

Thursday, July 11, 2019

5 Pinoy Celebrations with Videoke Present and MegaSound Plays An Important Part

2:28:00 AM

We, Pinoys, are well known in some few things, two of them are singing and boxing. With boxing, well have few of the world's greatest boxers like Manny Pacquiao. While with singing, well, it is perhaps innate among us, Filipinos because we have plenty of great singers in local and abroad. Some have won in international competitions.

Remember that we have some of the belters in the music industry, some of them have proven their selves in the world and have gained recognitions, praises and admirations of other countries. So we can say that singing is part of us, Pinoys.

In every Pinoy occasions it seems that there's always a common equipment or appliance present for entertainment purposes, what else but the videoke. I couldn't imagine having these different types of celebrations without the videoke. So, here are five celebrations that we know we can find a videoke as part of the occasion. 

1. Birthday Celebrations. Whether a child or an adult is celebrating the birthday it is for sure that  videoke system is present.

2. Fiesta. Of course Filipinos love fiesta very much and I think we, have a bunch of fiestas in the country. So whatever date is the feast there's also one or more videoke system present in a barangay. It's always a pair of food, drinks and some music fused in together to have a wonderful celebration.

3. Anniversaries. Though not common in wedding anniversaries but celebrations of the foundation day of an establishment or a company, some make sure to have a videoke system present. This makes the event even livelier. Some even have this as part of the program, a singing competition.  

4. Get togethers. No matter what kind of get together it is as long as the music bonds everyone, this makes the celebration great and unforgettable.

5. Other Celebrations. From simple winning a competition to passing the board exams, people tend to celebrate and for Pinoys it is a pride and an achievement to brag about. Together with close friends and family members the occasions simply makes it more celebratory by having a videoke.

Perhaps, presently, videoke is now part of the Pinoy lifestyle. It is always a must in every occasion.

In a mediacon event of Digital Focus Unlimited Incorporated introduced that they have now included Megasound Smart Pro to its roster of premium brands. These new Megasound Smart Pro products that  don't just guarantee endless fun but great quality as well. IT comes with over 18,000 built-in English and OPM songs and up to 2 years free song updates.

Here are the three specialty videoke system from Megasound that are now available in the Philippines.

Megasound Exodus HDD Smart Professional Videoke. A Smart Videoke Player with a mobile karaoke app for effortless song search and remote function capabilities with over 18,000 high quality built-in OPM and English songs and more than 50,000 International Songs.

Megasound Colosseum Wireless Portable Smart Professional Videoke. A high-end smart portable videoke uses the same mobile karaoke app for effortless song search and remote function capabilities, It synchronizes the more than 18,000 OPM and English songs via Bluetooth technology.

Megasound Array SD Smart Professional Videoke. Is the newest addition to the premium smart videoke machines for more discerning users who want a more professional, modern, and memorable singing experience.
Jonathan Fabian, president of Digital Focus Unlimited Inc. said "We are very pleased to welcome the premium Megasound line to the Digital Focus family and are excited for us Filipinos who are known all over the world for our love for singing, to experience this wonderful new line with the most number of built-in songs to enjoy that allows everyone to simply use a downloadable app on their mobile devices to control the videoke machines - from song choice to microphone and sound controls."

To know more about Megasound line distributed by Digital Focus Unlimited Inc., check out their,,,,

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

5 Things To Consider in a Cuddle Weather

2:04:00 PM

It's raining, stormy perhaps, and it is cold. The weather is gloomy enough to make you crawl back to bed and cuddle. A nice warm bed and pillows that surrounds you to make a good view of the best way to enjoy the day when it is raining outside.

That's the ideal scenario of a cuddle weather but what if it is different and things are not right. Well, that's life and at times it is not perfect.

So, this rainy season make sure to prepare things that you'll be needing for a nice warmth cuddle weather. It's better to be prepared than to be sorry.

What are the things you need to consider for a good cuddle weather.

1. Bed sheets. Be sure to have clean bed sheets. It's not that you'll be expecting someone to be with you in bed but for you to enjoy your sleep or stay in your bed without the nasty smell. It is much warmer when bed sheets are clean. Also, have an extra clean bed sheets.

2. Pillows and pillow cases. A soft and right pillow can really give you a good sleep much more if it is a gloomy weather. So, always have your pillows and pillow cases cleaned. You don't want to smell you drool and expired saliva.

3. Blankets. Perhaps one of the needed liece in every cuddle weather. A cloth to cover you and warm you. Of course we should have the clean ones.

4. Bed, sofa or mattress. It's not comfortable if you sleep on the floor and it is not even comfortable if you cuddle on a floor. Just let your versace fall on the floor while you sleep on a bed or sofa.

5. Food and hot choco. Of course if the weather gets too heavy and you really can't get out of the house to get food be sure to have stock of food and hot choco. The best way to warm you in gloomy weather.

These are just suggestions that you can consider and prepare for the rainy season and for a gloomy and cuddle weather. If you have any other ideas you can hit me a message or comment down below.

5 Activities You Can Do and Enjoy Under The Rain

1:39:00 PM

It's the rainy season! After PAGASA officially declared the end of summer and the beginning of the rainy season, storms and typhoons started to wet the lands. Thankfully, because our dams are way beyond its limit.

Speaking of the wet season, these are the days that we are confined to do things indoor. Activities outdoor are now limited and more of a chance. Still, there are many things to do indoor but if you like to get wet, well, most of us have been through that time of playing under the rain. The longer the rain, the longer we enjoy playing on wet grounds.

So, what are the possible activities you can enjoy under the rain? I list down the activities that I certainly love doing under the rain. I just hope that the list is somehow similar to yours.

1. If the people in the north part of the globe enjoys doing the snow angel, well, I certainly love doing it under the rain, the Rain (mud) Angel. Of course not on the rough ground but some place that is smooth sliding your arms and legs while the rain pours down on you.

2. Boat play, an improvised toy boat or a boat made of paper. If the rain is heavy the improvised toy boat or a toy boat will do the trick. Letting it rush down to the flow of the water caused by the heavy rain. What's more exciting is that you get to enjoy it with your siblings, relatives or friends - a boat race.

For the paper boat, I often do this when the rain nearly over or had stopped already. You can have the boat float around on a puddle of water or on flowing mini stream.

3. Water splash. Though it is already rain water splash is still prevalent in most of the kids. Who would love to do it with your siblings or friends. But of course it should be done when there's no dry person walking along the area.

4. Play tag under the rain. Yes, who says that you can only play tag on a sunny day. You can still enjoy and play tag on a wet floor, wet shirts and short, playing under the rain.

5. Dodge ball, is another game that you can enjoy under the rain. All you need is a ball, preferably the beach balls, so its does not hurt when it hits you.

All of these are suggested activities that you can do to have fun under the rain. Just make sure that your areas are clean and safe. So enjoy the rainy season.

Friday, February 16, 2018

The "Di Masarap" Thing

7:47:00 PM

Another phrase came out from the President just recently that became the talk of the town, the “Di Masarap” thing. Yes it was blurted out by the President in an event as he welcomes the 150 overseas Filipino workers, who were sent home from Kuwait, the President gave advise to his audience, who are mostly female, to avail the reproductive health services from the government. Though he urges to them to use the services he discouraged them from using condom and pointed out that “hindi masarap yang condom (because condom isn’t pleasurable).”

Yes sometimes there are below the belt hit jokes by the President and there are sensitive ones who were alarmed by it. One of whom is Lisa Hontiveros, the chairperson of the Senate Committee on Women, Children, Family Relations, and Gender Equality. The lawmaker finds it not funny.

The President demonstrated what he mentioned by having a demo of an unwrapped candy be eaten, which is by the way true in reality. Who would want to taste the candy without unwrapping it?

In my opinion, we should not just look at the president who looks like a sex maniac who seeks pleasure. We speak of equality but we already weighed the person by what he just said. Where’s the equality in that?

Both men and women need to be responsible when it comes to family planning. Family isn’t just run by the father or by the mother, both have responsibilities to build a big picture. Today’s men aren’t the same as the men before, though there are still some, but the fact that most men now understand the standpoint of women. If women can now do what men do, also men can now do what women do but of course there are exceptions.

On the point of sexual urges, men aren’t just the one who wants to be gratified while doing the deed, women too. There are women who would love to go bareback and feel what is supposed to be felt,to be pleasured. The only difference between men and women is the level of pleasure and gratification. You know what I mean if you really think of equality.

Remember the book “Fifty Shades of Grey” most women reacted to that book, because of the gratification they preferred.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Verification Time

10:52:00 PM
Just got something today that will help me verify that I know this blog. And for that I am creating this post just to have them verify that I placed their code and created this new blog post for their reference and checking. Kwento Ni Toto will be having something different in coming days so better stay tuned to this blog and read more for surprises and many things to come. Let's all celebrate life! Life is GREAT!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Karylle, the Face of Miladay Today

9:26:00 AM

Just like a multi-faceted diamond, singer-actress-TV host Karylle has sparkled all the more after overcoming challenges over the years. Throughout those hard times, her class, sophistication, and inner beauty shone brightest making her the perfect choice to be the famed and trusted jewelry brand Miladay’s first-ever celebrity endorser.

“Just like the history of Miladay, Karylle’s life is composed of inspiring tales of love,” says Christine Dayrit, one of the owners of Miladay. “This makes her the perfect choice to be the face of ‘Miladay Today’.”

As brand ambassador, Karylle jumpstarts the 46-year-old jewelry company’s empowering campaign – Miladay Today. In this campaign, Karylle appears in an AVP titled “Sacred Vows,” where she empowers one to make inspired vows to one’s self.

“Sacred Vows” is directed by award-winning director Mark Meily. The cinematography is done by award-winning cinematographer Carlo Mendoza (Asiong Salonga), a former classmate of Karylle at the Ateneo de Manila University.

Karylle explains, “It is like being engaged to yourself. It is a brilliant concept that aims to inspire and remind people that loving one’s self is the ultimate key to one’s happiness. At this day and age, one does not need someone else to give one an engagement ring or a dream diamond or any precious jewels for that matter. It’s the best gift of love you can give yourself. I am so happy to be part of this campaign and of this trusted brand.”

Miladay Today is a part of the Dayrits’ effort to fulfill founder Mila Salgado-Dayrit’s dream of each Filipino having a Miladay piece, no matter how small.

“This is such a big honor to have been chosen by Miladay to be its first celebrity endorser,” says a giggly Karylle. “The brand stands for so many good and beautiful things—trust, love, integrity—and I am so excited to be its brand ambassador.”

Christine Dayrit notes Karylle’s achievements as the primary reason why the singer-actress was chosen as brand ambassador.

Karylle has just received international acclaims for her work in the TV series The Kitchen Musical. She is currently a part of the noontime show Showtime and the Sunday variety show ASAP 2012. Her latest album Roadtrip, which she personally produced, has just turned Gold.

More than these achievements as a performer, Karylle’s golden heart is simply her biggest achievement. For the past years, she played an active role in supporting Child Haus, White Cross Children’s Home, and the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

PAWS is a volunteer-based non-government organization whose goal is to prevent animal cruelty through education, animal sheltering and advocacy. While, Child Haus is a temporary shelter for indigent patients from the different provinces who have cancer or other dreaded diseases and have no place to stay in Metro Manila while undergoing medical evaluation or treatment. White Cross Children's Home, on the other hand, is a child welfare institution catering to the children of parents with tuberculosis.

“My mom’s passion for local culture, love for her loyal workforce and gifted goldsmiths gave birth to Miladay’s collection, a showcase of Filipino artistry through beautifully handcrafted jewelry,” says Chrstine. “The legacy left by my parents continues to be our inspiration to make the Miladay brand bigger, more trusted.”

True enough, Miladay was named one of the country’s “Trusted Brands” in 2006 and 2007 by the nationwide survey of the Reader’s Digest. It also garnered the prestigious “Retailers Award” in 2007 given by the Department of Trade and Industry and the Philippine Retailers Association.

Christine adds that her parents have imparted to them important business principles that they strictly uphold—honesty, integrity and reliability.

The success of Miladay, more than just being an entrepreneurial victory, is a beautiful tale of love – for God, of parents to children, children to parents, employers to employees, brand to consumers.

According to Christine, Miladay has kept their family working on the vision and legacy of their parents. Aside from her, other owners/directors of the Miladay Jewels board are Michelle Dayrit-Soliven, Mark Dayrit, Yvonne Dayrit-Romualdez, and Jaqui Dayrit-Boncan.

“Undeniably, this is a family affair that we would like to extend to every Filipino and their families,” says Mark. “Over the years, we have worked hard to present to everyone what ‘Miladay Today’ is all about.”

Aside from the House of Miladay in Jupiter Street in Makati, Miladay has branches in Alabang Town Center, SM Mall of Asia, Glorietta 4, The Podium, The Block in SM North EDSA, TriNoma North Triangle and SM City Taytay. For more information, please call 890-6303 or 890-7738 or log on to

Friday, May 11, 2012

Do You Know What Will Happen On December 21, 2012?

9:02:00 AM

There is so much speculation building up as we are getting closer and closer to the date December 21, 2012. It is the date that is predicted to be the end of days. Rumors have begun to spread around the globe that the elite are now building cities underground, where they can hide for survival on that day. The media has also now began jumping on the bandwagon as we are now seeing so many documentaries coming out on TV regarding this controversial issue as well as articles on print media and doomsday websites on the Internet. So where did this all begin?

This so-called doomsday date December 21, 2012 actually comes to us from the Mayan calendar. The Mayan civilization, a civilization that ceased on earth centuries ago, was made up people who were very skilled mathematicians and astronomers. They keenly observed the movement of the planets and the stars because their livelihood depended on the precise mapping of the movements of these celestial bodies. The Mayan long count calendar is a product of these accurate astronomical observations made by these people centuries ago. What’s controversial is that their very accurate calendar ends precisely on December 21, 2012. Because of this, people around the globe have started to inquire and speculate as to why the Mayans ended their calendar on that specific date. Is it a prediction that the world will come to an end on that day?

Also, there is further significance to the date December 21st because it falls exactly on the equinox that marks the beginning of winter, or the winter solstice. NASA also projects that there will be a galactic alignment of the earth and the sun to the center of the Milky Way galaxy, which is a very, very rare occurrence. On an astrological note, the date gains further impact as it is the date where we leave the Age of Pisces to shift to the Age of Aquarius. If this date is really a very significant date to humanity, the question is how are Filipinos preparing for this?

Nobody has ever come out to the general public to speak about this very controversial issue perhaps out of fear of ridicule. Due to this most Filipinos are still in dark as regards this very hot topic.

Good news to all Filipinos! To shed light amidst the confusion, John Calub, the Philippines’ most sought after motivational speaker decided to make a comprehensive research and investigation as to the scientific and spiritual facts behind this prediction to prepare every Filipino for this momentous date and to help end fear and speculation. John has traveled to different places around the globe to interview experts on this topic to finally get to the truth. He has even gone to the extreme by meeting with a real Mayan elder to get firsthand information as to what they Mayans really wanted to convey. He will be sharing his research findings to the general public through an informative talk entitled, “DO YOU KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN ON DECEMBER 21, 2012?” happening on May 12, 2012 (Saturday), 8:00 am to 7:00 pm at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia. One of the highlights of this event is the launch of a global Pinoy campaign called “UNITE TO PRAY”, whereby John Calub seeks to invite at least 1,000,0000 Filipinos to sign up and commit to praying together at eve of the doomsday date. John has become very well-known across the country in sharing the universal law that, “Thoughts become things.” He believes that if millions of Filipinos from all over the globe join hands together in a prayer of love, peace, harmony and forgiveness in one specific day and time, it may well influence the course of history for the good.

Tickets for this event are available for only P500.00 at all SM Tickets outlets in all SM Cinemas in all SM Malls nationwide. For further inquiries, you may contact Ms. Belle Pustanes at 748-7646 or text 09165516146. To get regular updates and follow the discussion on this 2012 issue, “LIKE” John Calub’s page at You may also download a free report about December 21, 2012 at

Friday, March 2, 2012

Bum's Limited Edition Tumbler

7:46:00 PM

Does anyone want a limited tumbler?  I'm sure tumbler collectors will sure dig in to this.  BUM is giving away limited edition of BUM Tumblers.

Here's their simple mechanics on how to score the limited edition tumbler.

BUM Purchase Card Mechanics

For every P400 Single receipt purchase of, get 1 card plus automatic 1 sticker at any BUM Boutique or SM Dept. Stores nationwide. Collect all 5 stickers and get the limited edition tumbler for free.

Promo Duration: March 1 to April 30, 2012.

Tumbler Redemption: For completed cards, claiming of Tumbler will be at our Promo Staff at any BUM Boutique and SM Dept. Stores nationwide. Redemption is untilJune 30, 2012.

Here are some of their control measures to avoid any problem with the promo.

  • Customer can accumulate/earn a sticker for every P400 single receipt purchase in any BUM Boutique and SM Dept. Stores nationwide through our Promo Staff.
  • Each card has a control number and must be distributed in an arranged series per outlet/store.
  • Each completed card must be surrendered to the staff and stamp it with “CLAIMED”.
  • Combination of 2 cards is not allowed.
  • Uncompleted card after the duration date will be mark as void.
  • Customer must present card and receipt to get corresponding sticker at our Promo Staff. Each sticker and receipt must be signed and dated by the staff and the receipt must be stamped “CLAIMED” as well.
  • Each outlet/store will be provided with a number of cards and stickers.
  • This cannot be used in conjunction with other promo.
  • The free Tumbler cannot be exchanged for cash, other products or discounts.
So what are you waiting for better get down to any BUM Boutique and get your purchase card and start collecting stickers to avail that BUM Tumbler Limited Edition.

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