Thursday, July 11, 2019

5 Pinoy Celebrations with Videoke Present and MegaSound Plays An Important Part

We, Pinoys, are well known in some few things, two of them are singing and boxing. With boxing, well have few of the world's greatest boxers like Manny Pacquiao. While with singing, well, it is perhaps innate among us, Filipinos because we have plenty of great singers in local and abroad. Some have won in international competitions.

Remember that we have some of the belters in the music industry, some of them have proven their selves in the world and have gained recognitions, praises and admirations of other countries. So we can say that singing is part of us, Pinoys.

In every Pinoy occasions it seems that there's always a common equipment or appliance present for entertainment purposes, what else but the videoke. I couldn't imagine having these different types of celebrations without the videoke. So, here are five celebrations that we know we can find a videoke as part of the occasion. 

1. Birthday Celebrations. Whether a child or an adult is celebrating the birthday it is for sure that  videoke system is present.

2. Fiesta. Of course Filipinos love fiesta very much and I think we, have a bunch of fiestas in the country. So whatever date is the feast there's also one or more videoke system present in a barangay. It's always a pair of food, drinks and some music fused in together to have a wonderful celebration.

3. Anniversaries. Though not common in wedding anniversaries but celebrations of the foundation day of an establishment or a company, some make sure to have a videoke system present. This makes the event even livelier. Some even have this as part of the program, a singing competition.  

4. Get togethers. No matter what kind of get together it is as long as the music bonds everyone, this makes the celebration great and unforgettable.

5. Other Celebrations. From simple winning a competition to passing the board exams, people tend to celebrate and for Pinoys it is a pride and an achievement to brag about. Together with close friends and family members the occasions simply makes it more celebratory by having a videoke.

Perhaps, presently, videoke is now part of the Pinoy lifestyle. It is always a must in every occasion.

In a mediacon event of Digital Focus Unlimited Incorporated introduced that they have now included Megasound Smart Pro to its roster of premium brands. These new Megasound Smart Pro products that  don't just guarantee endless fun but great quality as well. IT comes with over 18,000 built-in English and OPM songs and up to 2 years free song updates.

Here are the three specialty videoke system from Megasound that are now available in the Philippines.

Megasound Exodus HDD Smart Professional Videoke. A Smart Videoke Player with a mobile karaoke app for effortless song search and remote function capabilities with over 18,000 high quality built-in OPM and English songs and more than 50,000 International Songs.

Megasound Colosseum Wireless Portable Smart Professional Videoke. A high-end smart portable videoke uses the same mobile karaoke app for effortless song search and remote function capabilities, It synchronizes the more than 18,000 OPM and English songs via Bluetooth technology.

Megasound Array SD Smart Professional Videoke. Is the newest addition to the premium smart videoke machines for more discerning users who want a more professional, modern, and memorable singing experience.
Jonathan Fabian, president of Digital Focus Unlimited Inc. said "We are very pleased to welcome the premium Megasound line to the Digital Focus family and are excited for us Filipinos who are known all over the world for our love for singing, to experience this wonderful new line with the most number of built-in songs to enjoy that allows everyone to simply use a downloadable app on their mobile devices to control the videoke machines - from song choice to microphone and sound controls."

To know more about Megasound line distributed by Digital Focus Unlimited Inc., check out their,,,,

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