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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Pussycat Dolls Announce Their First Tour to Manila On May 9

2:34:00 AM

If you're one of the many fans of the group then and now, you'll definitely thrilled to catch them as they have their tour here in Manila. The era defying, chart-topping, button-pushing, mega-group are back! The Pussycat Dolls have announced they are reuniting for a world tour, performing together for the first time in over a decade. The voices of a generation will be taking their Pussycat Dolls 2020 Tour to Manila on Saturday, May 9 at the Mall of Asia Arena. Presented by Wilbros Live.

The multi-platinum pop sensations returned to music earlier this month with their acclaimed new single ‘React’, seeing Nicole Scherzinger, Ashley Roberts, Kimberly Wyatt, Jessica Sutta and Carmit Bachar bring back Doll Domination on a global scale.

Having sold more than 54 Million records worldwide and streamed over 1 Billion times, X2 Winners at the MTV VMA and achieved eight U.K. top 10 singles the dolls have Stick Wit Ya throughout the decades.

Nicole Scherzinger says “I love all my girls so much and cannot wait to show you what we've got in store for you. It’s been a long time coming but this feels like the perfect time to remind the world what it means to be a Pussycat Doll”.

Robin Antin, founder of The Pussycat Dolls says “I created The Pussycat Dolls back in 1994 and never in my wildest dreams would I have thought it would become one of the most iconic girl groups of our time. I’ve been working on making this reunion happen now for years, so I am very excited that the stars have aligned for THE PCD REUNION! It’s with gratitude to our fans and during this amazing time of female empowerment, to be able to announce the launch of our PCD reunion, celebrating ALL GENDERS, & the brilliant success and talent of the girls that helped influence a movement that was long overdue”.

The Pussycat Dolls will embark on a world tour bringing their chart-topping hits such as ‘Don’t Cha’, ‘Stickwitu’, ‘When I Grow Up’, ‘Buttons’, and many more fan favorites back to life with their iconic dance routines and show-stopping vocals.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Villa Milagros, A Heritage Home-turned-events Venue Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary

12:24:00 AM

A place found in an unusual part of Rodriguez, Rizal, Villa Milagros is one of the ancestral houses of the Alta families who decided to restore and convert it into an events place. Covered with so many greens, instagrammable sections, and picture-perfect areas makes it a better place for weddings, pictorials, and other celebrations. Some of the celebrity celebrations already transpired in this venue are Aljur Abrenica and Kylie Padilla, Mike Tan and his non-showbiz wife, Bangs Garcia, as well as fashion designer Francis Libiran and shoe designer Jefferson Si. Having Villa Milagros their venue of choice.

Like any other beautiful and magnificent place, with its lush of greens and majestic mansion,
it always comes with a wonderful romantic story behind it. As the lush of greens and majestic mansion paints the picture of today, it is as well present in the pictured story of the past.

On September 3, 1969, businessman Isidro Liamzon and his wife Milagros celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary. After a renewal of vows at Aranzazu church in San Mateo, Rizal —witnessed by their 11 children and other relatives—Isidro presented to his wife the completed mansion named in her honor. It took Isidro five years to have this house built, and the event marked the first time Villa Milagros was used as celebration grounds.

For several years, Villa Milagros served as the Liamzon’s vacation home. In 2015, the family decided to restore the villa and open it to the public. Since then, it has hosted numerous weddings, birthdays, baptisms, corporate events, launches, pictorials, even shoots, and other significant occasions.

“We are proud of the fact that we have kept this place alive for so long,” says Andrea Liamzon-Cote, Villa Milagros Managing Director and granddaughter of Isidro and Milagros. She is also very happy that by painstakingly reviving and maintaining the splendid structure and surroundings, they are able to share the spirit of love, which was the reason why Villa Milagros was built.

Built with a strong foundation of love and heritage, Villa Milagros continuously is keeping the love alive by opening its doors open to guests who would love to experience the beauty of the villa.

To further honor the memory of its founders and also look forward to Villa Milagros’ next chapter, Andrea and her dedicated team are constantly working hard to give their clients the best experience. Andrea says, “We look at the Villa Milagros experience from all angles. It is not only the visual aspect that we take care of. We look at the texture, taste, sound, and smell.”

As such, Villa Milagros keeps strong ties with partners such as Banquets by VS&F and Project Events MNL who are as passionate about creating unforgettable memories and magical moments.

Headed by Chef Joyce Abesamis—who obtained her Culinary Arts degree at Enderun Colleges and trained in Paris, France—Banquets by VS&F is a full-scale contemporary catering service that provides delectable food, timeless banquet set-up and professional hospitality services. The company is rooted in VS&F Catering, a family corporation that has been in the industry for more than 25 years, and is a Wedding Expo Philippines Hall of Fame awardee. Project Events MNL, meanwhile, specializes in clean, classy and contemporary event styling. Weddings comprise a bulk of their portfolio, but the company also styles debuts, launches, and other celebrations.

Seared Filet Mignon in Spanish Caldereta Sauce served with Crispy Potato Leek Cake and Carrot Puree

Warm Mushroom and Pear Salad with Kesong Puti Dressing

Appetizer - Bruschetta a la Pobre with Kang Kong Chips and Bistek Reduction

Natillas de Leche with Anniversary Macaron

As part of the tour of the Villa Milagros, we were given a chance to partake in what frequently is offered by their partner Banquets by VS &F. A sumptuous lunch.

An offshoot of the Villa Milagros’ revival is the opening of new opportunities for related businesses and endeavors. Andrea says, “We essentially placed Rodriguez on the map for destination weddings, paving the way for many microbusinesses and individuals to take part in our brand.”

As Villa Milagros journeys into its 51st year and beyond, Andrea, her partners, and their teams continue to reinvent, expand and innovate to meet the changing times.

For more information, visit the Villa Milagros website, and the social media accounts of Villa Milagros, Banquets by VS&F and Project Events MNL on Facebook and Instagram.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The Rise of San Jose Del Monte, From Relocation to Destination

6:00:00 PM

I have been to San Jose Del Monte before but that was during my high school days. Some of my classmates were from this part of the town and sometimes we stay at their place to do some homework or projects. As I remember it wasn't a city yet but the town is already known because of the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto, the replica of the Our Lady of Lourdes in France. That was perhaps the only iconic and religious landmark that I know at that time.

Another information about the town that I've was that it became the home town of many relocated citizens from different nearby cities. It was marked as 'the relocation site'. Too bad that many LGUs considered the town before as the basin of relocated people but that was before. With its booming population, the government had to do something for its people. It has to evolve and flow with the current of change. It had hurdles and issues along the way but the town didn't stop developing and claiming its cityhood, a rising city. Today, they are celebrating their 19th Cityhood Anniversary.

A common phrase about leaders and leadership, which I rephrased, plus added some extra words 'anyone can lead but it takes a true leader to bring his troops to the summit of victory', and that's what the current leadership is doing right now. Leading the city of San Jose Del Monte into a highly urbanized city.

"From relocation to destination" is the phrase that is retained in my mind as the city's current leader, Mayor Arthur Robes together with his wife, Congresswoman Florida Robes, explained and shows the different developments being implemented for the city and its people. He further explained that the private institutions are creating developments in the city so it is just right for the local government to address the situation and create development as well not only for the San Josenions but also to nearby towns and cities. Creating the City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan as the city of destination.

Here are some of the developments in the city, some of the first in the province and in the country that they are now practicing. Some have already been built and some are under construction.

Veterinary Hospital - which is considered as the first Hospital for Animals in the Philippines.

Command Center of the City's Disaster and Risk Reduction Management Office - where they will have an MMDA like command center showing the different areas of the city for dispatch of help and rescue. Also, they have the mobile command center where they do on-site rescue operations.

Activity Center and Convention Center - this is catering to big crowd activities of the city.

Of course, some other plans that are soon to see in the City of San Jose Del Monte.

Government Center - where most of the offices is located in just one area.

Esplanade - where they are on the process of stabilizing the river's side. Visitors can actually do boating.

IT Hub - a plan to create an IT Hub to provide job opportunities for the citizens of SJDM.

City College - to house their students and future member of the working class of the society.

Sports Complex and the Olympic-size Swimming Pool - This will be a good venue for sports and nearby town and cities can also be accommodated.

St. Bernadette Children's and Maternity Hospital - where they will have the breast milk bank for those who are in need of breast milk.

Ospital ng Lungsod - the rehabilitation of the hospital to be a first-class hospital but caters to the needy.

People's Park - a park for the growing number of citizens.

During the visit, from only the iconic landmark Grotto, I now have known a lot of things about San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. To meer knowledge to a vast of information that I can share to other people that I know who would love to find a new kind of destination that will not only relieve stress but enjoy history and culture.

Another thing, they have this Tanglawan Festival that you can see and enjoy!

#SJDM #TheRisingCity #SJDMTheRisingCity

Thursday, June 27, 2019

3 Underrated Cities to Visit in Texas

11:25:00 PM

When you think of visiting Texas, you may think of taking a vacation to Dallas, San Antonio, or Houston. However, if you are looking to plan a trip to Texas soon, there are several smaller, underrated towns that you may want to check out in addition to the usual attractions. While travelers often boast of the events and destinations of the large city of Texas, you will discover exciting new places that most vacationers do not know about when you visit these smaller towns.

1. Lancaster, TX

Image Via Flickr by Patrick Feller

One of the underrated towns in Texas that you should visit is the town of Lancaster. Located just 15 minutes south of Dallas, Lancaster was first settled in 1844. If you would like to explore the town's history, you should visit either the historical town square or the Visitors Center and State Auxiliary Museum, which offers visitors the opportunity to learn more about the state of Texas.

While in town, you can visit the Bear Creek Nature Park, which has a butterfly garden, a rock climbing wall, and a fishing pier and pond. It also has areas with tables and grills if you would like to spend the day there and make your meal at the park. There are several local restaurants that you can eat at, but if you can only eat at one, you should check out the local favorite: Bienvenidos Mariscos la Marea Mexican and Seafood.

There are several budget-friendly accommodations in Lancaster which will allow you to save more money for visiting the attractions.

2. Brownsville, TX

Located along the Rio Grande River and near the Gulf of Mexico, Brownsville is a gorgeous town that offers many shopping opportunities, including the Juarez Market. In addition to the wonderful shopping, there are the other typical attractions that you can expect in any vacation spot, like restaurants and hotels. However, if you are looking for something more unique, you'll want to check out the Palo Alto battlefield: the location of the first battle in the United States/Mexico war. This is a piece of history that you cannot find just anywhere.

If you stay in Brownsville, you will also have easy access to Port Isabel, South Padre Island and Matamoros, Mexico.

3. Marfa, Texas

If you are looking for a town with a beautiful view, you should visit Marfa, home of the "Marfa Lights." The "Marfa Lights" are an unexplained light show the happen in this town every year. If you would like to watch the lights, you should also visit the festival in town that occurs at the same time. If you need another reason to stop by, Marfa is also the home of the Cowboy Hall of Fame.

While booking your next trip to Texas, be sure to stay in or near one of these underrated towns. You will be able to experience new restaurants, attractions, and spots with beautiful views. You will also be able to share unique vacation stories with your friends!

Friday, May 10, 2019

A Walk Through San Juan City Heritage and History From Past to Present

10:48:00 PM

San Juan, the smallest city in Metro Manila run by one of the warmest, loveliest and interesting person I've met, Mayor Guia Gomez. A mother, a celebrity and a leader. Perhaps her traits compliments the city she's administering and you can really tell by just simply being in the city of San Juan. A city rich in history and culture built in more than 2 century.

The New San Juan City Hall

This is not my first time to meet leaders and government officials but this is my first time to see a person that have leadership, beauty, heart and brain. You cannot turn a city into something without those traits.

Mayor Guia showing the development of the Pinaglabanan Shrine

By the way Mayor Guia is the mother of reelectionist Sen. JV Ejercito. So it really runs in blood, the trait of being a leader and serving the public.

The morning in the open, organized and elegant office of Mayor Guia welcomed and entertained us by sharing the brief history and stories of San Juan City. How once a very historic place and witness in the beginning of the Philippine revolution became forgotten left to to be ruins of the past, now restored to commemorate its true value in Philippine History. It was a struggle and took time to build the now City Hall and the Pinaglabanan Shrine.

Exceptional doll collection of Mayor Guia. 
The outfits of these dolls are hand woven and made by locals of San Juan.

To know more about the city we were toured around and introduced to places and historical landmarks which are the products of the leaders in San Juan City.

The New San Juan City Hall, where the offices and significant features of the city are located. One of which is the Central Emergency and Disaster Operations Center or CEDOC where everything in the city is monitored for fast and immediate response.

The CEDOC Command Center

The Council Hall

The walls in the lobby of the City Hall is painted with three different murals that depicts the past and present of San Juan.

The Pinaglabanan Shrine which is decorated and made beautiful by the fire trees is now a historical landmark to visit.

The El Deposito de Aguas turned museum is once the depository station of potable water the whole Manila area. This is the very first water management system in the country which is design by Palacio. The City Hall, the Shrine and its surrounding area is the entire water management system of El Deposito, unfortunately is now being rebuilt only as a memoir of the once water management system that serve Manila.

The Museo ng Katipunan where you will learn more bits and pieces of history that are not written in textbooks, like what really KKK stands for which Kataastaasang Kagalanggalang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan.

San Juan National High School and Science High School are part of the master plan of having schools in the city developed during the time of its former Mayor Joseph Estrada which is continued by JV Ejercito. Part of its plan also is having a estate college university which the PUP.

The Sunctuario of San Juan del Monte and Santo Kristo and some of the century old churches which is a proof of the people's faith and being religious.

Other places visited were the Old City Hall which now part of the San Juan Medical Center, the old pipeline of the El Deposito, the Entertainment and Recreational Arena for the People, the shopping malls and some old houses that make up the now San Juan City.

The Old City Hall now part of San Juan Medical Center

Like mother like son, the instilled traits of a good leader and the heart in serving the public. Mayor Guia continues to take care of the city and her constituents as she took care of Sen JV, teaching and supporting him in life and in work. The r

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