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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Congresswoman Florida "Rida" Robes Celebrates Natal Day Unconventionally with Her Constituents

7:13:00 PM

A public servant always thinks of ways to serve the people. Things that he or she can offer for the benefit of the constituents. In today's situation, Public Servants are more than what they are, a soldier, or even a nurse, a frontliners that are willing to risk their lives to bring the needs of the people. No matter what the condition is, these Public Servants do their work wholeheartedly, even though they are to celebrate important occasions in their lives.

In the case of Congresswoman Florida "Rida" Robes, one of the working Public Servant that we know celebrates her birthday unconventionally. She commemorates the occasion with a three-day program that will benefit the constituents that put their trust to her. Of course, the activity was done and still, mindful of the government-imposed policies concerning the health and safety of everyone in this pandemic crisis. Everyone was required to wear masks and do social distancing.

Congresswoman Robes' three-day activities were fully loaded with public servant affairs but I'll be highlighting three programs that concentrate with all the mothers like her. Thursday, June 25, she led the distribution of gift packs tagged as "Timba Pa More Para sa Taga-Lungsod," we all know that the 'timba' is commonly used by the mothers in every house. The gift packs are placed inside the timba or pail. Friday, June 26, she gave the "Dagdag Ayuda" program which is meant for a group of lady tricycle drivers. Lastly, today, Saturday, June 27, Congresswoman Robes brought her "Kusina ni Ate Rida" team to feed people in 59 barangays.

This is probably her small gesture of giving back and giving thanks for the gift of life.

When asked why she chose to hold such demanding activities instead of just simply celebrating her birthday, Rep. Robes said, "More than being consistent with my role as a public servant, I wanted to spread happiness among San JoseƱos whose lives have been drastically changed by the pandemic. It's just a small gesture from me to hopefully assure them that I am working very hard to make sure that each and every person will be taken care of. Like I always say, 'Nobody will be left behind in SJDM.' This has made my birthday celebration more meaningful."

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Mayor Arthur Robes Recieves The Seal of Good Local Governance for the City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan

10:16:00 PM

Happy and nervous, this is what Mayor Arthur Robes of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan is feeling during a spot interview at The Manila Hotel where the awarding ceremony of DILG's Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) is held. Mayor Robes representing the City of San Jose Del Monte is one of the recipients of the said award. It was indeed a milestone for the city.

The Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) refers to "an award, incentive, honor and recognition-based program for all LGUs, and is a continuing commitment for LGUs to continually progress and improve their performance." According to Mayor Robes the City took time to have this award because of just one aspect, which is part of the requirements to be eligible.

Because of the previous situation the city, the status being awarded with the seal took time  they  to few of the barangays drug free community. Gladly, they were able to complete it. Thus, Mayor Robes is present at The Manila Hotel this morning to receive the award.

With the recognitions and awards received and still receiving by Mayor Robes and the City of San Jose Del Monte, it is indeed becoming a standard to follow and hard to maintain. Mayor Robes admitted that he was nervous but if it is for the city go. It is a good track record of the city that soon will be a highly urbanized city comparable with today's cities in the metro.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The Rise of San Jose Del Monte, From Relocation to Destination

6:00:00 PM

I have been to San Jose Del Monte before but that was during my high school days. Some of my classmates were from this part of the town and sometimes we stay at their place to do some homework or projects. As I remember it wasn't a city yet but the town is already known because of the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto, the replica of the Our Lady of Lourdes in France. That was perhaps the only iconic and religious landmark that I know at that time.

Another information about the town that I've was that it became the home town of many relocated citizens from different nearby cities. It was marked as 'the relocation site'. Too bad that many LGUs considered the town before as the basin of relocated people but that was before. With its booming population, the government had to do something for its people. It has to evolve and flow with the current of change. It had hurdles and issues along the way but the town didn't stop developing and claiming its cityhood, a rising city. Today, they are celebrating their 19th Cityhood Anniversary.

A common phrase about leaders and leadership, which I rephrased, plus added some extra words 'anyone can lead but it takes a true leader to bring his troops to the summit of victory', and that's what the current leadership is doing right now. Leading the city of San Jose Del Monte into a highly urbanized city.

"From relocation to destination" is the phrase that is retained in my mind as the city's current leader, Mayor Arthur Robes together with his wife, Congresswoman Florida Robes, explained and shows the different developments being implemented for the city and its people. He further explained that the private institutions are creating developments in the city so it is just right for the local government to address the situation and create development as well not only for the San Josenions but also to nearby towns and cities. Creating the City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan as the city of destination.

Here are some of the developments in the city, some of the first in the province and in the country that they are now practicing. Some have already been built and some are under construction.

Veterinary Hospital - which is considered as the first Hospital for Animals in the Philippines.

Command Center of the City's Disaster and Risk Reduction Management Office - where they will have an MMDA like command center showing the different areas of the city for dispatch of help and rescue. Also, they have the mobile command center where they do on-site rescue operations.

Activity Center and Convention Center - this is catering to big crowd activities of the city.

Of course, some other plans that are soon to see in the City of San Jose Del Monte.

Government Center - where most of the offices is located in just one area.

Esplanade - where they are on the process of stabilizing the river's side. Visitors can actually do boating.

IT Hub - a plan to create an IT Hub to provide job opportunities for the citizens of SJDM.

City College - to house their students and future member of the working class of the society.

Sports Complex and the Olympic-size Swimming Pool - This will be a good venue for sports and nearby town and cities can also be accommodated.

St. Bernadette Children's and Maternity Hospital - where they will have the breast milk bank for those who are in need of breast milk.

Ospital ng Lungsod - the rehabilitation of the hospital to be a first-class hospital but caters to the needy.

People's Park - a park for the growing number of citizens.

During the visit, from only the iconic landmark Grotto, I now have known a lot of things about San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. To meer knowledge to a vast of information that I can share to other people that I know who would love to find a new kind of destination that will not only relieve stress but enjoy history and culture.

Another thing, they have this Tanglawan Festival that you can see and enjoy!

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