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Saturday, July 6, 2024

The Manila Hotel on its 112th Years Welcomes Visitors with Special Room and Dining Offers

12:31:00 AM

It's really a rare opportunity for an establishment, which became an icon, to last more than a hundred years. A century of Filipino hospitality and the very first ever 5-star hotel in the Philippines. Imagine that century long experience, standing tall amidst invasion and military occupations. 

The Manila Hotel, the country’s first 5-star hotel, proudly marks its 112th anniversary this 4th of July. The Grand Dame celebrates with an array of exceptional promotions tailored to delight its patrons.


Unforgettable Memories Await

Guests can enjoy a luxurious staycation with a special anniversary promo. Book a stay in a Deluxe Room for two consecutive nights at a discounted rate of Php 11,200 nett inclusive of breakfast for two persons. This offer provides an excellent opportunity to experience the unparalleled comfort and grandeur that The Manila Hotel is renowned for.

Red Jade Dim Sum All-You-Can

Red Jade invites guests to savor a delightful Dim Sum All-You-Can experience for Php 1,120 per person, available for lunch from Monday to Friday. This promotion includes unlimited Wintermelon Tea and offers a wide selection of freshly made sio mai, hakaw, dumplings, vegetable spring rolls, century egg, hot and sour soup, yang chow fried rice, stir fried vegetables, chicken Szechuan, and chocolate buchi, among others.


Merienda Espesyal at Lobby Lounge

Indulge in a quintessential afternoon tradition of merienda with an assortment of sweet and savory Filipino delicacies, tea or coffee, and an Ilang-Ilang designed tote bag, all served in the elegant ambiance of the Lobby Lounge. Available at Php 1,912 nett per order.

The Chamberlain

Served since 1938, the Chamberlain is a favorite among gentlemen. Made with gin, lime juice, and soda, this historic cocktail has been the centerpiece of countless stories and friendships. Enjoy a glass with a free Willy the Bear stuffed toy for Php 1,912.

Unlimited Drinks at Tap Room

Unwind with unlimited drinks at Tap Room for Php 1,120 nett per person. From 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, enjoy our signature cocktails and classic drinks, and receive a complimentary Willy the Bear magnet or keychain as memorabilia.

In-Room Dining Special

Guests can enjoy the hotel’s signature Clubhouse Sandwich paired with two complimentary beverages for Php 1,120, offering an ideal choice for in-room dining, whether for a leisurely afternoon or a
 delightful nightcap.


M Takeout Savings

Ideal for a celebratory feast at home, guests can savor The Manila Hotel culinary delights with special discounts on M Takeout. For a minimum order of Php 5,000, guests will receive a Php 1,120 discount, while for orders amounting to Php 8,000 or more will enjoy a Php 1,912 discount.

To know more about these offers, please call +632 8527-0011 or +632 5301-5500, email, or visit our website at

Monday, May 20, 2024

Festival of Pampanga Dishes at The Manila Hotel’s Café Ilang-Ilang

11:59:00 PM

Well, I'm actually missing the Kapangpangan dishes. Perhaps after staying in Clark, Pampanga for more than a decade I definitely acquired the Kapangpangan palate. And it's interesting that The Manila Hotel's Ilang-Ilang will be having these festival of Pampanga Dishes.  

The Manila Hotel’s Café Ilang-Ilang promises vibrant flavors that will take patrons to the culinary capital of the Philippines in just one bite with its Pampanga Food Festival. From May 16 to 31, 2024, Café Ilang-Ilang will showcase a selection of Kapampangan delicacies. Spearheaded by Executive Chef Konrad Walter, the culinary team will showcase both traditional and exotic dishes from the culinary capital of the Philippines.

Diners can expect to indulge in an array of well-known Kapampangan dishes encompassing traditional favorites like Kalderetang Bibe, Ningnangang Hito at Dalag (grilled catfish and freshwater eel), Kapampangan Bringhe (Filipino style paella cooked in coconut milk), Tidtad Babi (Kapampangan version of dinuguan) with puto, Suam Mais, Sipo Egg, Saleng Manuk, Lengua, and the classic Sisig.


Other delectable dishes include Pako Salad (fern salad), Pizza with Sisig, Aligue Pasta (seafood pasta in crabfat sauce), sweets like Tibok Tibok (made from fresh carabao’s milk topped with latik), Kalame Duman (sticky rice cake), Sans Rival, Sasmuan Polvoron, Barquillas, Cashew Mazapan, Panecillos Cookies and Turrones de Casuy.


These dishes are part of the rotating selection at Café Ilang-Ilang’s lunch and dinner buffet. Alongside these offerings, diners can still enjoy Café Ilang-Ilang’s popular favorites which include a variety of cuisines such as Japanese, Korean, and Italian, among others.


“This is The Manila Hotel’s way to enlighten our guests about diverse culinary tastes. Being the culinary capital of the Philippines, these Kapampangan dishes rightly take center stage at Café Ilang-Ilang,” said EJ Yap, The Manila Hotel’s assistant director of food and beverage.


For inquiries and reservations, please call +632 85270011 or +632 53015500, or email

Saturday, May 4, 2024

Celebrate Mom with Easy Filipino Flavors from Purefoods Ready-to-Eat!

9:19:00 PM

As we get ready for Mother's Day, it's time to show our moms some extra love. Instead of stressing over cooking, why not make her a delicious homemade meal without all the fuss? Try Purefoods Heat & Eat Viands for easy-to-make dishes like Bistek Tagalog and Chicken Meatballs. It's a simple way to make your mom feel cherished and special this Mother's Day.

Remember those moments when your mom poured her love into every homecooked meal she served? Now, it's your turn to give back that same love through her favorite dishes. Imagine the joy of serving up slow-cooked, flavorful meals that require just minutes to prepare. Whether you're a busy parent juggling work and family responsibilities or simply want to spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying moments with loved ones, these convenient viands offer a solution that doesn't compromise on taste or quality.

Preparing a delicious meal with Purefoods H&E Viands is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply heat the dish over the stove or pop it in the microwave for 8-10 minutes, and you're ready to enjoy a hearty and wholesome feast. Add your favorite veggies to complement the flavors and elevate the dish to new heights of culinary delight. What's more, they offer a diverse range of ulam options, making meal planning a breeze. Whether your mom prefers traditional Filipino favorites or craves something a bit more adventurous, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Bring a delightful and surprising twist to classic Filipino dishes by following these recipes from the HomeFoodie website and create a Sweet and Sour Meatball or an elevated Bistek Stroganoff.


2 packs (250 g each) PUREFOODS
2 cups cooking oil
1 pc (50 g) red onion, quartered
1 can (227 g) pineapple chunks, drained
1/2 cup cane vinegar
1 cup sugar
2 tbsp soy sauce
1/4 cup banana ketchup
2 tbsp cornstarch, dissolved in 1 cup water
1/2 tsp iodized fine salt
1/4 tsp pepper

Fry meatballs in a deep pan with hot oil for 2 minutes or until golden brown. Drain excess oil on paper towels and set aside.

In a saucepan, add 2 tbsp used oil. Sauté onion, then add remaining ingredients. Stir continuously until mixture simmers and thickens. Adjust seasonings as needed.

Add cooked meatballs and simmer once.

Makes 4-5 servings
(Yield: 20-24 pc/4 pc per serving)

This Mother's Day, instead of spending hours in the kitchen, take the opportunity to savor quality time with your mom and family. With Purefoods Heat & Eat, you can focus on creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Available in leading supermarkets, groceries nationwide, and online through San Miguel Mart, Lazada, or Shopee, bringing a taste of home to your Mother's Day celebration has never been easier.

Celebrate the special women in your life with Purefoods Ready-to-Eat and make this Mother's Day one to remember. After all, when quality time is made easy, every moment becomes an opportunity to show your love and appreciation.

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Discover Jack ‘n Jill's Latest Savory Pretzel Flavors!

12:52:00 PM


Take a stroll down memory lane and rediscover the simple joy of childhood snacks. Whether it's munching on treats at the playground or enjoying goodies at family picnics, snacks have long been a cherished part of kids' lives.

Now, snacktime can be more fun and exciting—both for the young and the young at heart—with Jack ‘n Jill Pretzels Stick Snacks’ new, oh-so-savory flavors: BBQ (barbeque) and Cheddar & Sour Cream.

Here are three reasons why the new Jack ‘n Jill Pretzels Stick Snacks is a must-try:

1. It comes in two bold and exciting flavors that might just rock your taste buds

Jack ‘n Jill is offering pretzel lovers more delightful flavor options with the release of the first ever savory flavors of its Pretzels Stick Snacks. First is its BBQ flavor, which offers that burst of spice and smoky flavor. Think of it like a backyard barbecue adventure in snack form.

If you’re a fan of cheese and sour cream-flavored snacks, there’s the Cheddar & Sour Cream variant to satisfy your cheesy cravings. These pretzel sticks are all about that cheesy goodness with a sour cream twist that will have you and your kids hankering for more.

2. It’s snackable fun for adults and kids

The new Jack ‘n Jill Pretzels Stick Snacks is a yummy snack option to share and enjoy with your kids. It’s light, bite-sized and crunchy—great for anyone who’s craving a quick snack. This munchable pretzel snack can be enjoyed by the whole family be it as snack companion for when you’re at home watching a movie, as a recess treat for the kids during school days, or even as yummy baon for weekend road trips.

3. It’s amazingly pocket-friendly

The new Jack ‘n Jill Pretzels Stick Snacks won't break the bank. You can get a 28g pack for only P8.50 (SRP), making it a delicious and budget-friendly choice for families.

Are you and your kids up for a new, fun-filled flavor adventure? Check out the new Jack 'n Jill Pretzels Stick Snacks in BBQ and Cheddar & Sour Cream today.


Head to your nearest grocery store and grab a pack of Jack 'n Jill Pretzels Stick Snacks in BBQ and Cheddar & Sour Cream, or shop online. For more snacking ideas, fun activities, and exciting surprises, follow Jack ‘n Jill on Facebook.

Jack ‘n Jill Pretzels is a product of Universal Robina Corporation (URC), maker of well-loved Pinoy snack and beverage products such as C2 Cool and Clean, Great Taste Coffee, Jack ‘n Jill Piattos, Nova, Maxx, Cloud 9, Magic Crackers, and many others. To learn more about URC, visit its website (, Facebook page (@URCPhilippines) and TikTok account (@URCPhilippines).  

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Exploring the Enigma of Diwata Pares: Influencers, Vloggers, and the Street Food Frenzy

10:26:00 AM

Diwata Pares Overload, a humble street food stall tucked away along J.W Diokno Blvd., has been causing quite a stir in Manila's culinary scene. Helmed by Deo Balbuena, better known as Diwata, this unassuming eatery has garnered attention not only for its delicious offerings but also for its ability to attract influencers and vloggers alike.

The heart of Diwata Pares Overload's success lies in its signature dish: pares, a Filipino braised beef stew. Priced at just Php 100, customers are treated to a hearty serving of pares accompanied by unlimited rice, soup, and a bottle of beverage. It's a budget-friendly option that has struck a chord with locals and visitors alike.

However, it's not just the affordability of Diwata's offerings that has drawn attention. The stall's strategic online presence, curated by Diwata herself, has played a significant role in its popularity. With content creators flocking to feature Diwata Pares Overload on their platforms, the stall has become a hot spot for those seeking to explore Manila's street food scene.

Yet, with fame comes scrutiny. Recently, a video surfaced on social media showing a dissatisfied customer expressing her disappointment with the taste of the pares she had purchased. While the incident sparked debate online, with some criticizing the customer's behavior and others defending her right to voice her opinion, Diwata remained unfazed. In response, he emphasized that he welcomes the attention and views it as free marketing for his business.

Diwata Pares Overload's rise to prominence has not gone unnoticed by industry experts. Richard Thaddeus Carvajal, a prominent figure in the Philippine business community, attributes the stall's success to several factors. Using the VRIO framework, Carvajal highlighted the value, rarity, imitability, and organization of Diwata Pares Overload as key drivers of its competitive advantage.

Despite the attention from influencers and the media, Diwata remains committed to providing quality food to her customers. Located near GSIS along J.W Diokno Blvd., Diwata Pares Overload operates 24/7, ensuring that hungry patrons can satisfy their cravings at any time of day.

In a city known for its vibrant culinary culture, Diwata Pares Overload stands out as a testament to the power of delicious food, strategic marketing, and a touch of online stardom.

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Royal Indulgence: Experiencing Manila Prince Hotel's Marcelino Cafe

8:35:00 PM

Live like royalty! That's exactly what my wife and I did when we recently visited Marcelino Cafe at Manila Prince Hotel for a delightful after-office dinner date. Luckily, it was a smooth Monday with no traffic hassles, allowing us to arrive just in time for the buffet opening. Yes, you heard it right – a buffet!

If you've been following this blog, you know I'm a food enthusiast, and buffets never fail to excite my taste buds. Marcelino Cafe, one of the restaurants within the Manila Prince Hotel, offers a diverse and sumptuous array of dishes—a true smorgasbord for those with an adventurous palate.


Before diving into the gastronomic details, let's shed light on Marcelino Cafe itself. Located at Marcelino Street, it embraces a local vibe, providing a memorable dining experience for its guests. Occupying half of the Manila Prince Hotel lobby area, it offers an expansive venue for culinary exploration.

For both lunch and dinner, Marcelino Café extends its culinary prowess, presenting a variety of options ranging from pasta and salads to dim sum, sushi, sashimi, and flavorful dishes across different stations inspired by international cuisines.


Now, onto what Marcelino Cafe in store for us.

Marcelino Cafe Dining Experience:

To set the context, the dining experience varies for different guests and times of the day. For my wife and me, it was a Monday evening dinner date, and the food selection was particularly intriguing.


Italian Station:

As a pasta lover, I couldn't resist the tempting array of pasta sauces. Even if I chose not to indulge, the visual and olfactory allure was undeniable. A must-try for pasta enthusiasts.

Grill Station:

During that night samgyupsal is available on its grilling station. 

Roast and Pika pika section fills the room with the aroma of roast food, the roast beef, roast chicken, and roast pork belly, made this section a sought-after delight. Familiar tastes and enticing scents guaranteed a satisfying experience.


Filipino Station:

Though I only enjoyed Filipino dishes visually and through their aromas due to uneasiness, the Mixed Seafood, Pork Mechado, and Beef Steak were tempting. Future visits are a must to savor these Filipino delights.

Asian Station:

This station allowed us to pick ingredients and create our concoctions. The soup and broth were perfect comfort foods for the stomach. They had Vietnamese Poh that time and also the Nasi Goreng. 

Salad Station:

Fresh, tasty and yummy! I'm not in to fully fill my tummy but with just right amount to taste the flavors. 

Bread and Dessert Station:

Delightful cookies and refreshing treats like the Cathedral and Mango Tapioca offered a perfect conclusion to our culinary journey. Don't forget the fruit section as well. 

Korean Station:

For those on a diet, the selection of salads was fantastic.

Japanese Station:

Being a fan of Japanese cuisines, this station was a highlight for me. The diverse Maki options, especially the standout Crazy Maki, and the delightful Kani Salad made this station a personal favorite.


Marcelino Cafe provides an extensive eat-all-you-can spread with both local and international cuisines, creating an ideal setting for culinary indulgence.


Marcelino Cafe Rates:

For those planning to visit, here are the eat-all-you-can rates and time to visit:

Lunch (11:30 am to 2:30 pm)

Php 899 nett per person (Promo Rate)
Php 1,500 nett per person (Regular Rate)
Dinner (6:00 pm to 10:00 pm)

Php 899 nett per person (Promo Rate)
Php 1,500 nett per person (Regular Rate)

Catch the great deal while it is still up!

The Feel and the Ambiance:

The restaurant, like any other hotel dining spot, exudes an interesting elite vibe while remaining welcoming. The ambient waterfalls installation provides a relaxing sound effect, almost giving the impression of rain outside, setting the perfect mood for guests.

Marcelino Cafe at Manila Prince Hotel offers a great setting for your first or last date. While not overly spacious, their diverse and interesting food selection caters to adventurous palates. The commitment to fresh, locally-sourced ingredients enhances the overall dining experience, making it a memorable and satisfying choice.

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