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Saturday, February 15, 2020

My Top 3 Dish at Yakikai and Possibly Yours Too

1:55:00 PM

I just recently went to one of the food establishments that you can find in Tomas Morato. Probably, it is one of the freshest food hubs in the field. It is one of the new places in the area where you can enjoy a buffet of Japanese and Korean fusion dishes. The name of the food hub is YAKIKAI.

The name is new to my ear, but the aroma of their cuisines is quite familiar. It is indeed true because the owner of the establishment is the sister of Hodai's owner, the one I posted about before, where you can find in Examiner Street, West Triangle, Quezon City.

These two (2) establishments, share a typical taste when it comes to food, both of them serve Japanese and Korean Fusion Cuisine. I would probably have difficulty categorizing whether it's Korean or Japanese. Well, as long as I enjoy the meal with that delightful flavor, it's good for me to come by and visit from time to time.

Too bad, I'm doing this post after Valentine's Day, quite late to promote their Heart's day offering. But I think they'll be having it until the end of February since this month is the love month.

With my blog post about Hodai, I featured nine (9) of their exciting cuisines that made me hungry. For Yakikai, I'll be highlighting three (3) enticing dishes that will let you savor for more.

Before we move on with Yakikai's menu, let me describe first the place. I'm indefinite with the floor or land area of the establishment, but I'm sure they have quite a room to fill in. One thing that I've observed with their restaurant, they love to make their guests feel at home. I think it is more or less 200 square meters with a second floor that would at least give more space for their customers. It is a great spot to visit on cheat days.

If you're a music lover, the ambiance and the choice of music do jive together. Whether it's Valentine's Day or not, they do hold a great playlist. One more thing, they have this voiceover that makes announcements about your car if needed to be moved. It's like the ones in the department store.

By the way was able also to talk to its owner and asked what's the meaning of "Yaki Kai" and according to her it means "Grill Together," which is really great because of the guests coming in loves to grill, chat, and enjoy the night with friends and relatives.  

Cuisines that I love most, there are three (3) that I would like to share, of course, this is my pick for this restaurant. You may or may not agree about it, but at least I did give an option.

The first among the meals that I enjoyed grilling and tasting is their Samgyeopsal. Interestingly, I was amazed by the slices that they did for the beef and the pork. So thin that it is practically similar to a bacon strip. Their presentation isn't a simple laid picture look, but instead, served on bento boxes exquisitely. It can be stacked together to give customers enough area to grill, eat, and enjoy that tasty meat.

If you're a regular samgyeopsal eater, you'll probably look for a variety of side dishes, but Yakikai doesn't have that. What they have are the typical ones - the kimchi and the sauce - that compliment the meat. You're there to enjoy Korean Cuisine. For me, what they offer is adequate to enjoy samgyeopsal.

The next one that got me to drooling is the Sashimi, that exquisite Salmon fish meat. Freshly cut with that exciting aroma. According to Ms. Sam, they only offer the best and fresh Salmon meat to their customers. She even let bloggers see how the Sashimi is cut. I will be sharing this on YouTube Channel very soon.

I remember I once watched a video on how to dip the Sashimi or Sushi to a soy sauce with wasabi. If I remember it correctly, you only let the top part kiss the soy sauce. That is to retain the flavor of the fish meat and not overpowered by the sauce.

With Sushi (Maki), I enjoy it very much. You get to enjoy the flavor of seafood with the intriguing taste of rice.

For me, it just so happen that I enjoy these kinds of dishes when I'm in a Korean or Japanese restaurant. It's my comfort food in a feel-at-home ambiance like Yakikai. Take note that YAKIKAI have their Sulit Buffet for only Php399.

So, if you want to enjoy an Eat All You Can of Samgyupsal, visit Yakikai Grill & Fusion Buffet for that delectable dishes. Just make sure to call for a reservation because of the influx of customers.

YAKIKAI Grill & Fusion Buffet
122 Scout Lazcano St., Brgy. Sacred Heart, 1103
Quezon City, Philippines

Contact No.: 09271383980

FB Page :

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Enjoy A Father's Day Treat from Ramen Sora

10:03:00 PM

Kwento Ni Toto shares what Dad's can enjoy this Father's Day and if you like Japanese food and most specially the ramen, we thought this might interest you. You can read the details below.

Made by Japanese chefs from Sapporo, the culinary center of Japan, Ramen Sora’s variety of noodle soups is your best ticket to culinary heaven on June 21, Father’s Day.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The IZAKAYA KENTA, An Authentic Japanese Food Experience

4:21:00 PM

It's a great weekend to have something fresh and tasty. And it was great that Kwento Ni Toto was able to indulge in one of the rich culture when it comes to raw dishes, its none other the Japanese Culture with their different cuisines. Personally, Kwento Ni Toto is a great fan of Japanese food and of course their anime as well.

So, for this indulgence we're taking you right in the heart of Malate somewhere in Adriatico St. where one of the known Japanese restaurant's serve the best Japanese food. The name of place is called IZAKAYA KENTA. Owned by Dr. Sakura Medina and Mr. Erwin Medina, siblings who's very fond of Japanese food. According to them the IZAKAYA KENTA have already flourished in the streets of Adriatico and was already established before but due to some unforeseen matters the restaurant closed and the owner declared bankruptcy. The Medina siblings, Dr. Sakura and Mr. Erwin being eager to venture into restaurant business and being raised and a number one lover of Japanese cuisine, they took the opportunity to get the name and have it registered under their names.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Yoshinoya In Robinson's Galeria Re-Opens With New Dishes

3:35:00 PM

Kwento Ni Toto once again indulge in a tasty Japanese treat on a rainy week.  It's a great day to fill up the tummy with warm dishes from Yoshinoya.  Yup it's from Yoshinoya!  For quite some time the Yoshinoya branch in Robinson's Galeria located in Level 1 East Wing has been off and closed from their customers because of its renovation.  They are making these to further give their customers a better dining experience.

Last August 12, 2013 the much awaited reopening of the store happened as important people like Mr. Timothy James G. Yang, President/General Manager of Lhanat Foods Corporation, VIP's of Robinson's Galeria, Bloggers, Staff, Guests and Store Crew of Yoshinoya grace the blessing of the said establishment.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Experience A Taste of Tokyo Café

3:14:00 PM

Hearing the name Tokyo Café gives me the idea that it is somewhat associated with one of the known Japanese Restaurant , unfortunately it is not. After attending one of their blogger’s event I get to know and realized that Tokyo Café is another Japanese Restaurant that will provide good food and great eating experience.

Info about the restaurant …

Tokyo Café is currently rising as one of the sought after Japanese coffee shops in the country. The restaurant provides a cozy ambiance, delicious food, and unique Japanese beverages. With the guidance of a Japanese consultant, the café exudes a unique Japanese image effortlessly.

Coming from a reputable Japanese coffee shop, a native of Tokyo, Mr. Atsushi Yoshizawa found potential in the Philippine market. With his background with restaurant operations he adapted the same method and ventured into the food business here in our country. At the same time Ifoods Exchange Incorporated with its growing brands was able to partner with Mr. Yoshizawa that provided him a team that was able to develop and conceptualize the dishes, the restaurant look, and the entire brand.

Differentiating itself from a regular coffee shop and a Japanese restaurant, it offers first-class fusion of Japanese and Western cuisine. This is backed with a wide array of beverages and desserts. An unlike the rest, the restaurant is family friendly. Groups made up of office people, friends, and families frequent the café. The place does not brood with stiff old men or young rowdy yuppies but provides a laid back environment for any age to those who desires to have a delightful dining experience and a relaxing time.

Tokyo Café started with its first branch in SM Mall of Asia, it consistently has reported as one of the highest selling restaurants in the whole mall. After a year of successful operations, the second branch opened at SM The Block, gaining more popularity with its target market. The third restaurant is found in posh and hip McKinley Piazza wherein thriving call centers and businesses are starting to appear. While the fourth and fifth restaurant are located at Go Hotel and SM Megamall. Aside from local branch they also extend their branch in China.

Tokyo Café has proven to be the goose that lays the golden eggs for Ifoods Exchange Incorporated. The restaurant is eyed to increase in number in the years to come.

Check out some of their menus, their value meals and their promos.  It can be for a single person with a huge appetite or it can be for the whole family.

To experience a taste of exquisite Japanese foods just visit Tokyo Café!

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