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Tuesday, April 30, 2024

SM Prime's #SMWasteFreeFuture: Unified Waste Management

6:20:00 PM

SM Prime Holdings, Inc. (SM Prime), a prominent property developer in Southeast Asia, is launching a comprehensive waste management and segregation campaign to tackle the escalating global waste issues. The initiative, tagged #SMWasteFreeFuture, aims to rally all its property groups and stakeholders towards a sustainable solution.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) highlights a staggering statistic: humanity churns out over 2 billion tons of municipal solid waste every year, with a troubling 45 percent being poorly managed. If left unchecked, this figure could balloon to nearly 4 billion tons annually by 2050. Recognizing the severity of the situation, the United Nations General Assembly designated March 30 as the International Day of Zero Waste on December 14, 2022.

The subsequent year saw the inception of the inaugural International Day of Zero Waste by UNEP, designed to galvanize efforts in combating the global pollution crisis. This day serves as a platform to spur worldwide action and draw attention to the importance of striving for zero waste.

Strong foundations

SM Prime’s founding leader, Henry Sy, believed that “business growth and social development must go hand in hand.” The company follows this guiding principle and has formed a sustainability policy that commits to the following: Resource Conservation and Efficiency, Disaster Resilience, Climate Advocacy, Social Integration, and Transparent Reporting.

Anchored on these sustainability commitments are the SM Supermalls’ Environmental Programs on Waste Management. Through its corporate social responsibility arm, SM Cares, SM Supermalls has pioneered longstanding programs such as the Trash to Cash recycling market, and provided support to the annual International Coastal Clean Up, among other national events.

(Photo caption) The largest haul and biggest participation to-date: The 38th International Coastal Clean-up had 17,000 volunteers across 15 SM Malls in 12 locations nationwide. It is an annual community-driven partnership between SM Supermalls, SM Cares, the DENR, LGU’s and the volunteers from the SM community.


(Photo caption) Scaled to perfection: One of the first recycling markets the country, Trash-to-Cash’s valuable example that waste can have monetary benefits. The recycling market is held every first Friday and Saturday of the month in all SM Supermalls to encourage waste segregation and recycling among SM customers, tenants, and the community. The recycling market is open from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

In the hotel and tourism sector, SM Hotels and Conventions Corporation (SMHCC) has taken the lead in mitigating global food waste by implementing sustainable initiatives across its properties in the Philippines. Their key initiatives include the World Wide Fund for Nature’s Sustainable Diner Program, that aims to transform and help the food service sector minimize its impact on the environment thru resource efficiency, plastic refusal and food waste management and contribute to the world’s future food security.


(Photo caption) Closing the loop: SMHCC’s sustainability efforts are anchored on the 7Gs or Seven Green Goals, based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG). The overall thrust for sustainability is cascaded to the rest of properties, ensuring that it is embedded at every step of the hotel’s operations, ensured by property Sustainability Champions.

To support these programs, SM Prime also recently unveiled its waste-to-fuel partnership with GUUN Co. Ltd. (GUNN) to implement the Japanese technique of reducing landfill impact. The technology converts non-recyclable and hard-to-recycle packaging into alternative fuel.


(Photo caption) No time to waste: Sorting through the amount of trash at the GUUN Facility in Cebu. Unfit for recycling and reuse, the waste material recovered avoids the landfill and is then reconverted to fuel resource.

A Vision for an #SMWasteFreeFuture

To mark the International Day of Zero Waste on March 30, 2024, SM Prime is releasing its vision for an #SMWasteFreeFuture. “As a community, we strongly believe in our ability to contribute to solving today's waste issues,” said Hans “Chico” Sy, Jr., President of SM Engineering Design and Development Corporation (SMEDD) and SM sustainability champion.

SM Prime’s announcement of its vision of an #SMWasteFreeFuture demonstrates the company’s strong commitment and sustainability stewardship, by inviting its stakeholders to engage in activities that will help spread zero-waste awareness and work for a sustainable and environmentally responsible approach on waste management.

“We understand that this may seem like a daunting challenge to overcome However, by joining forces, we can create a world that our future generations truly deserve – if we have the courage to take on this journey together,” said Sy.

SM Prime remains committed to its role as a catalyst for economic growth, delivering innovative and sustainable lifestyle cities, thereby enriching the quality of life of millions of people. SM Prime is pursuing the next horizon on integrated property development and onward to building sustainable cities of the future.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Doja Cat’s “Say So” earworms its way to global viral prominence

7:40:00 AM

Okay, I've been busy lately and haven't been pretty into the music news. So, this is just something that I saw on my feed and got me curious enough to check it out. Why don't you check out what is this Doja Cat is.

With its effervescent disco sheen, attention-grabbing chorus, and inescapable vibe, Doja Cat’s “Say So” is shaping up to be a global smash. The song currently sits at number 32 on Spotify Philippines Viral 50 and has climbed steadily on the Billboard Hot 100 for more than a month since its debut. In a short period of time, it has reached more than a hundred million streams worldwide, becoming Doja Cat’s biggest hit on Spotify.

The song’s breakthrough could be attributed in part to its success on video-sharing social networking platform, TikTok, where it inspired various dance challenges from top Hollywood celebrities and social media influencers.

Fashion and entertainment magazine Nylon explains how the hip-hop/R&B star’s viral breakout made its way into the consciousness of the short-form video app: “In retrospect, Say So was destined to be a great TikTok fodder: the irresistible disco beat plus sassy lyrics which translate well into easy-to-learn dance moves,” writer Steffanee Wang shares. “At this point, it's fair to say that literally everyone has done the challenge, including James Charles and a girl on like, 20-foot stilts.”

Due to the song’s massive success on the platform, Doja Cat, along with Tyra Banks, recently headlined TikTok’s Black Creators Summit, where she capped off the event with a performance of her current dance craze.

Here in the Philippines, the American rapper, singer and producer’s latest chart-topper is also gaining traction on the aforementioned platform. Singer-actor Iñigo Pascual, ABS-CBN teen star Alexa Ilacad, and G-Force choreographer Yanyan De Jesus recently hopped on the bandwagon with their take on “Say So,” which individually went viral on the day of its release.

AC Bonifacio, another celebrity influencer based in Manila, has recently uploaded a teaser of her upcoming dance cover on various social media platforms. The young multimedia star is set to debut her version of the Doja Cat hit on February 27, Thursday.

And then there’s Filipina YouTube star Niana Guerrero racking up 397,000 likes on TikTok for her bubbly and infectious lip-sync and dance performance of the newest Doja Cat single. This clearly reflects Doja Cat’s rising profile in the country, reaping the rewards of this generation’s preference for meme-ready songs that appeal to youth and online culture sensibilities.

The highly anticipated music video of “Say So” will have its worldwide premiere on YouTube soon. The song is now available on Spotify and other music streaming/download platforms worldwide.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

2-in-1 Experience with Happy Thirstday and Boodle Inasal Plus 5 Tips to Value Your Meal

12:25:00 AM

We all know about TGIF - Thank God It's Friday, but have you heard of HT? Well, I just recently learned about it, and that was from the owner of my newly discovered beverage haven located in one of the universities in Manila. According to her, HT means Happy Thursday, and that's because, during her school days, it was the start of their weekend. Thus, they have created a brand out of HT. Now, it is simply "Happy Thirstday"!

Happy Thristday is one of the Milktea brands that are now flourishing in the country. According to its owner, currently, the brand can be seen in different parts of the metro and even in some nearby areas. The total number has grown from one store to now 60 branches, with 7 of these are company-owned.

It's actually hard to find places that suit your needs, especially when it comes to food and drinks. It may be affordable, but the value of the dish suffers, or it may be delightful but is too expensive. So, having two (2) sources in one (1) location helps you get the value plus the accessibility. It even helps if you're still a student, a value meal that is right for the whole barkada. I remember when I was in college, we used to eat together or chip in with whatever food that we can find.

Yes, aside from Happy Thirstday, the owner also put up an eatery where guests can enjoy a meal that is right for their allowances. Thus, cames about the Boodle Inasal. It is an unli or unlimited rice concept with chicken inasal, grilled chicken, pork liempo, and one of which I like most, is their bulalo.

According to the owner, when they got the place for Happy Thirstday, they find it too big for only the Milktea store, so they decided to partner it with value meals, which is the Boodle Inasal.

For Happy Thirstday, they have plenty of drinks to choose from, and prices varies from Php65.00 to Php109.00. From a selection of your Classic Milktea to a bunch of different series like the Smoothie Series, Milkshake Series, Frappe Series, Fresh Lemon Series, and Fruit Soda Series. Some of their best-sellers are the Brown Sugar Miltea, Nutella Milktea, and Fruit Tea. For me, since I'm more of a fruit person, I love their Fruit Tea.

Here's the list of their drinks and prices.

For their Boodle Inasal solo meals, prices vary from Php99.00 to Php190.00 for the meals while their boodle meals vary from Php380.00 to as much as Php1,250.00, that is a mix of Mini Salu-Salo and the Big Salu-Salo. Their best seller, like most unlimited rice restaurants, is the Paa Original, which is the thigh and leg part. It is just the right size for a big appetite.

Heres's the price list of their value meals and boodle packages.

We all love to eat, and it gets even better when we eat with friends and the people we love. So here are my five (5) tips to value your meal.
  • When eating out together with your friends, your loved one, or the people you love most, be sure to make an effort to take time and appreciate the moment. With our fast-phased environment, time is our commodity, so better spend it wisely.
  • Not all delicious meals can be found in fancy restaurants, sometimes it is in places you least expect it.
  • It's better, to be honest about what you can afford, rather than play rich and famous then end up washing the dishes.
  • Make sure to finish your food. There are plenty of people starving.
  • Valuing the food means giving respect to people who make it possible for you to have a decent meal. 

Oh, before I forgot, Happy Thirstday and Boodle Inasal are also looking for entrepreneurs who would want to franchise the business. So, if you're interested in the business, message us and will set it for you, or you can directly contact them. Just mention where you heard the news.

Good day and 'til our next food experience.

Happy Thirstday and Boodle Inasal
1154 Delos Reyes St., Sampaloc, Manila
(Near UST P. Noval St.)

FB :

Friday, February 21, 2020

Alex Bruce and August Rigo, a BTS collaborator, Teams Up on “Go Crazy”

12:02:00 AM

It's always great to hear new kind of music from different kinds of artists. Creating a great love and interest to music, we all know that as there are plenty of talented artists in musicians here in the archipelago.

Here’s another upbeat jam that embraces a more eclectic sound. Alex Bruce’s second single “Go Crazy” under Sony Music Philippines is a collaboration with Filipino-Canadian songwriter and producer August Rigo, the other half of the songwriting duo behind BTS’s worldwide smash “Black Swan.”

The sophomore track takes listeners to the Filipina rapper’s musical journey and the struggles that she has to overcome in her bid to discover a bigger world outside of dreams and opportunities. “The song is all about me dreaming big,” the young talent reveals in a statement. “It’s also about my vision of how the world will interact with me and my music. Literally, it’s about pushing through my blueprint and perspectives, no matter how hard it is.”

Having written or produced songs for Justin Bieber, One Direction, Kehlani, and BTS to name a few, Rigo takes pride in being part of Alex Bruce’s upcoming release. The hitmaker who co-wrote three tracks on Justin Bieber’s multi-platinum album, My World 2.0 and brought a distinct flavor to several pop, R&B, and hip-hop releases of the last decade, once again enlisted his fellow songwriter and producer Vince Nantes to come up with a potential hit that appeals specifically to Bruce’s charismatic persona.

“My management and I had been speaking to Sony Music’s Roslyn Pineda about possibly working together, and they thought that Alex and I would be a great fit,” Rigo shares about how he ended up writing for the rap sensation. “I wanted to make sure to capture the energy and vibe of Alex’s current music because I really loved what they had going on. I just wanted to incorporate some of my vibes with hers to create something real fresh and new but still true to her and what she has built thus far.”

Alex returns the favor by expressing how truly honored she is working with the musician for the global stars. “Actually, I didn’t know him at first, until I was introduced to his body of work. I was a big fan of those artists he worked with. I remember the first time I chatted with him over Skype, and got amazed after finding out how down to earth this person is. He’s so kind, accommodating, and friendly despite his accomplishments. He just unlocked a new version of me.”

Bruce previously released “Pull It Off,” her first single under Sony Music Philippines. It peaked at number 3 on Wave 89.1’s weekly countdown, setting the record for the youngest female artist to chart in the R&B/hip-hop radio station’s history.

Alex Bruce’s latest single “Go Crazy” is now available on Spotify and other music streaming/download platforms worldwide.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Ivana, Tony, and Donny Is Now Officially Kapamilya

11:25:00 PM

Another addition of stars staying in the Kapamilya Network. Ivana Alawi, Tony Labrusca, and Donny Pangilinan are now officially Kapamilyas as they ink their respective contracts with ABS-CBN recently.

Ivana, who is currently seen in FPJ’s Ang Probinsiyano, said, “This is a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to be part of this network, and today’s the big day.” She also signed contracts with Star Cinema and Star Music.

Meanwhile, James & Pat & Dave star Donny Pangilinan is working on a new music release which he described as “very different from his past music releases.” Apart from the new music release, Donny is looking forward to do an action movie this year.

On the other hand, Tony Labrusca is set to do a horror movie, a new teleserye, and an iWant Originals series with Julia Barretto this year.

Present in the signing were ABS-CBN chairman Mark Lopez, ABS-CBN president and chief executive officer Carlo Katigbak, chief operating officer of broadcast Cory Vidanes, TV production head Laurenti Dyogi, head of films productions Olivia Lamasan, head of ABS-CBN Music Roxy Liquigan, head of treasury Rick Tan, head of finance operations Catherine Lopez, and head of Dreamscape Entertainment Deo Endrinal.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

My Top 3 Dish at Yakikai and Possibly Yours Too

1:55:00 PM

I just recently went to one of the food establishments that you can find in Tomas Morato. Probably, it is one of the freshest food hubs in the field. It is one of the new places in the area where you can enjoy a buffet of Japanese and Korean fusion dishes. The name of the food hub is YAKIKAI.

The name is new to my ear, but the aroma of their cuisines is quite familiar. It is indeed true because the owner of the establishment is the sister of Hodai's owner, the one I posted about before, where you can find in Examiner Street, West Triangle, Quezon City.

These two (2) establishments, share a typical taste when it comes to food, both of them serve Japanese and Korean Fusion Cuisine. I would probably have difficulty categorizing whether it's Korean or Japanese. Well, as long as I enjoy the meal with that delightful flavor, it's good for me to come by and visit from time to time.

Too bad, I'm doing this post after Valentine's Day, quite late to promote their Heart's day offering. But I think they'll be having it until the end of February since this month is the love month.

With my blog post about Hodai, I featured nine (9) of their exciting cuisines that made me hungry. For Yakikai, I'll be highlighting three (3) enticing dishes that will let you savor for more.

Before we move on with Yakikai's menu, let me describe first the place. I'm indefinite with the floor or land area of the establishment, but I'm sure they have quite a room to fill in. One thing that I've observed with their restaurant, they love to make their guests feel at home. I think it is more or less 200 square meters with a second floor that would at least give more space for their customers. It is a great spot to visit on cheat days.

If you're a music lover, the ambiance and the choice of music do jive together. Whether it's Valentine's Day or not, they do hold a great playlist. One more thing, they have this voiceover that makes announcements about your car if needed to be moved. It's like the ones in the department store.

By the way was able also to talk to its owner and asked what's the meaning of "Yaki Kai" and according to her it means "Grill Together," which is really great because of the guests coming in loves to grill, chat, and enjoy the night with friends and relatives.  

Cuisines that I love most, there are three (3) that I would like to share, of course, this is my pick for this restaurant. You may or may not agree about it, but at least I did give an option.

The first among the meals that I enjoyed grilling and tasting is their Samgyeopsal. Interestingly, I was amazed by the slices that they did for the beef and the pork. So thin that it is practically similar to a bacon strip. Their presentation isn't a simple laid picture look, but instead, served on bento boxes exquisitely. It can be stacked together to give customers enough area to grill, eat, and enjoy that tasty meat.

If you're a regular samgyeopsal eater, you'll probably look for a variety of side dishes, but Yakikai doesn't have that. What they have are the typical ones - the kimchi and the sauce - that compliment the meat. You're there to enjoy Korean Cuisine. For me, what they offer is adequate to enjoy samgyeopsal.

The next one that got me to drooling is the Sashimi, that exquisite Salmon fish meat. Freshly cut with that exciting aroma. According to Ms. Sam, they only offer the best and fresh Salmon meat to their customers. She even let bloggers see how the Sashimi is cut. I will be sharing this on YouTube Channel very soon.

I remember I once watched a video on how to dip the Sashimi or Sushi to a soy sauce with wasabi. If I remember it correctly, you only let the top part kiss the soy sauce. That is to retain the flavor of the fish meat and not overpowered by the sauce.

With Sushi (Maki), I enjoy it very much. You get to enjoy the flavor of seafood with the intriguing taste of rice.

For me, it just so happen that I enjoy these kinds of dishes when I'm in a Korean or Japanese restaurant. It's my comfort food in a feel-at-home ambiance like Yakikai. Take note that YAKIKAI have their Sulit Buffet for only Php399.

So, if you want to enjoy an Eat All You Can of Samgyupsal, visit Yakikai Grill & Fusion Buffet for that delectable dishes. Just make sure to call for a reservation because of the influx of customers.

YAKIKAI Grill & Fusion Buffet
122 Scout Lazcano St., Brgy. Sacred Heart, 1103
Quezon City, Philippines

Contact No.: 09271383980

FB Page :

Friday, February 14, 2020

Myx Celebrity VJ for February is DONNY

3:07:00 PM

Get a hold of what's going to happen in the whole month of February for MYX. One of the young actors, Donny Pangilinan is back to make your listening habits be filled with love and nostalgia this month of February, the month of love. A comeback at MYX as this month's MYX Celebrity VJ.

Donny reprises his role of delivering the freshest and most requested songs of today on MYX before he comes out in the big screen via Star Cinema’s Valentine offering, “James and Pat and Dave.”

Meanwhile, headlining the music channel this love month is one of the most inspired songwriters of this generation, Ebe Dancel. The iconic OPM singer will certainly encourage budding composers and musicians to better their craft.

The throne of MYX’s Spotlight artist will be occupied by 13-year-old rap prodigy Alex Bruce who at a young age has already come up with striking rap verses as heard on her songs “Pull It Off” and “Mind As a Weapon.”

MYX also jazzes up its lineup for February with a new batch of MYX Live! performances starting with much-loved OPM band Silent Sanctuary followed by MYX Headliner Ebe Dancel on Saturday (February 15). Watch out also for Mayonnaise’s “Akalain Mo ‘Yun” two-part concert special as it airs on MYX Presents, 8pm, on February 15 (Part 1) and February 22 (Part 2).

Also not to be missed this month is MYX’s Valentine Special on February 14 (Friday), guaranteed to bring out all the love feels for the perfect Valentine’s celebration.

Don’t miss the hottest tunes with this month’s MYX celebrity VJ Donny! Catch him until Saturday (Feb. 15) on My MYX, Feb. 16 to 22 on Pinoy MYX and Feb. 23 to 29 on Mellow MYX. Watch MYX on ABS-CBN TVplus channel 12, SKYcable channel 23, and SKYdirect channel 37.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Ortigas Art Festival 2020

12:57:00 AM

Are you ready for Ortigas Art Festival 2020? From February 28 - March 8, we will be showcasing artworks from galleries, international artists and groups, with the exhibition being designed by Mr. Renato Habulan.

Join us for a month-long celebration of the arts with demos and workshops. More details will be announced soon so stay tuned!

#OrtigasArtFestival2020 #EscapeAtEstancia

It's The Jolly Speed Racers

12:44:00 AM

We all love Jolly Kiddie Meal and the kids even love the treat that they will be getting. So, get those racing gears ready this February as Jollibee rolls out the latest set of Jolly Kiddie Meal toys – the Jolly Speed Racers! With this new set of collectible toys, young racers can spend action-packed playtimes and feel the adrenaline rush of driving as they hit the racetracks with Jollibee and Friends.

Jolly kids can help set-up Jollibee and friends’ special cars by placing their stickers to prepare them for the race. At the starting line, they can connect all the launchers and get ready to rev up for a race of a lifetime! Just retract the cars in the launchers and press the button to watch the cars zoom to life!

Jolly kids can enjoy racing to the finish line with Jollibee’s dashing speed racer. They can even race with Popo’s cool sport ride or Yum’s techie four-wheel car as they challenge Jollibee for first place. Watch out for Hetty’s pink and Twirlie’s purple sports cars as they accelerate past everyone in their attempt to win the race!

To experience the rush of the jolliest race this February, make sure to collect all five Jolly Speed Racers to connect all their launchers!

Collect the Jolly Kiddie Meal toys with every purchase of a Yumburger (P80), Yumburger Meal with Drink (P100), Jolly Spaghetti (P95), Jolly Spaghetti Meal with Drink (P105), 1-piece Burger Steak (P95), 1-piece Burger Steak Meal with Drink (P105), 1-piece Chickenjoy with rice (P122), or 1-piece Chickenjoy Meal with Drink (P137), each coming with its own Jolly Joy Box.

Let your jolly racers have endless fun as they race toward the finish line! Collect all Jolly Speed Racers by visiting the Jollibee branch nearest you! The latest Jolly Kiddie Meal toys are available until February 29, 2020 only.


12:33:00 AM

Emerging Filipino band Jose Carlito shakes up the OPM band scene with the upcoming release of the music video to “Big White Wall”—the band’s newest record—this February.

Directed by Peewee Gonzales with Daniel Padilla a.k.a. Johnny Moonlight as producer and assistant director, the music video utilized a unique treatment with the use of fisheye lens and visual distortions.

"Lots of pre-prods and meeting were held before it was finalized. They just told me, 'This is going to be cool and different!' The shoot itself was easy but they all got sunburnt," Direk Peewee shared.

Jose Carlito is an alternative rock group comprised of JC Padilla, Katsumi Kabe, and Seth Gothico with new member, JZ Lorenzo.

One of the pioneer bands under DNA Music, Jose Carlito released “Big White Wall” as a single late last year, months after debuting the song, “My Generation.”

"We were just 13-year-olds when we wrote the song, that's why we treasure it so much. We thought it's the right time to release it since there's already an opportunity. That how much we love the song, we didn't think about whether it would be a hit or miss," JC said.

The group is just one of the talented musicians under DNA Music, a record label under ABS-CBN Music, which seeks to elevate the local bands industry and help rock and alternative artists shine.

Watch out for the release of Jose Carlito’s “Big White Wall” on February 21 (Friday), 8PM at the 70s Bistro and on February 22 (Saturday) on MYX and ABS-CBN Star Music’s YouTube channel. For updates, follow DNA Music @dnamusicph on Facebook and Instagram.

APL, SARAH, BAMBOO, AND LEA are Reunited For the New Season of "THE VOICE TEENS"

12:16:00 AM

The celebrity coaches are back and reunited as "The Voice" in the Philippines is here to make your weekends music to your ears. Yes, this is a new season of "The Voice Teens" with full of new surprises., Sarah Geronimo, Bamboo, and Lea Salonga are once again battling each other’s teams for another shot at the championship in the newest season of “The Voice Teens,” which kicks off this weekend (February 8 and 9).

Aside from the returning quartet of coaches, viewers can also look forward to an exciting blind auditions with the introduction of the Block Button, which gives a coach the power to block or prevent another coach from being chosen by a teen artist.

The use of the Block Button is only valid when the coach who is blocked will actually turn around for an artist. Once a coach turns around, that is the only time everyone will find out if he or she was blocked by another coach.

Each of the four coaches only have two chances to use the Block Button throughout the entire blind auditions.

The jam-packed season, hosted by Alex Gonzaga and Luis Manzano, will scour talented Filipino teens from all over the country and the world and showcase their powerful voices and inspiring dreams and stories.

Viewers can also watch the online show Voice Teens DigiTV for more behind-the-scenes content on The Voice Teens Philippines channel on YouTube hosted by “The Voice Teens” Season 1 alumnus Jeremy Glinoga and online sensation KaladKaren.

Don’t miss the blind auditions starting this weekend (February 8 and 9) on ABS-CBN. For more updates, like, follow @TheVoiceABSCBN on Twitter, and subscribe to the The Voice Teens Philippines channel on YouTube.

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