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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

The Guessing Game Continues, Who is Mr. Silidonyo and His 2 Minions-The Collector and The Depositor?

10:46:00 PM

The guessing game continues. Would you know who is who in this guessing game? If yes, good for you, but better check it again if it's right, but if not, well, you can still continue reading to get more of the clues in our "kwento."

The first 100 days of the present administration are not yet over but it already comes with so much drama and politicking. One of which is this story from a source whisperer, that describes who is this "silid-dito-silid-doon-boss" and his two especially employed personalities in the field of business and politics.

Allegedly, according to the source whisperer, the collector is the one tasked with negotiating for the money to be collected for the so-called "Boss," the Government official. He or she ensures that the collected money will be delivered on time. While the other personality is the depositor who makes deposits to the bank account of the high-ranking official.

The alleged transaction, negotiation, and exchange of messages happened during the month of June and July this year, there were different conversations about the multi-million transaction or "subi" (cut collection) from a project that is supposed for the poor.

Here's the allege sample of the text messages of the collector, “ Request for P100M para inclusive ang mga cabinets, tables and chairs” at “Sa Friday may check release na si (taga-SUBI) .. pls make sure nalagyan ng P100M ni Boss yung account nya Ty.” This message is allegedly one of the exchanges of messages last June 7, a few weeks before former President Rodrigo Duterte steps down as President.

So, the so-called collector and depositor of this Government official a.k.a. Mr. Silidonyo is no ordinary person. They are a tandem, of a lawmaker and a businessman.

Allegedly, the said collector is tainted with a bad image because of its involvement in different scandals in the government which is why this personality is a sycophant in the present administration to get away from the cases and accusations.

According to the source whisperer, the amount collected by the so-called collector is Php100 million, which is only for the Government Official aka Mr. Silidonyo. It seems that Php100 million is the "trend" in this present administration.

The so-called depositor of the collection made by the collector is allegedly involved in a quarrel between a political family in one of the known cities in the National Capital Region.

The so-called collector is a lady solon from one of the provinces in the country and the so-called depositor is known for the side jobs or "raket" just like his initial.


But the main item in our guessing game is the alleged Government official.

Here's one of the clues. It was reported that this Government official is being investigated for a number of bank accounts under his name, not only in the Philippines but also abroad, by the Anti Money Laundering Council.

So, who do you think is this Mr. Silidonyo that comes with a collector and a depositor of the million pesos?

Friday, July 8, 2022

Appointment of Philippine Ports Authority General Manager is in Question

3:14:00 PM

With the new administration, changes are happening in all of the agencies of the government. All are unstable just like the honeymoon  period, trying to make things work out for the betterment, but sometimes  this traditions must give way when very dangerous tendencies strart rearing their ugly heads. And that is exactly what happened when incoming ES Vic Rodriguez announced the appointment of Christopher Pastrana as General Manager of the Philippine Ports Authority.

The appointment reportedly caught the 2 other members of the screening committee, Naida Angping and Anton Lagdameo by surprise. More importantly, the appointment was announced at the same time as that of incoming DOTR Secretary Jimmy Bautista, even before the latter has even accepted.

And that was critical, because since PPA is an agency attached to the DOTR, such should have been vetted with him. That courtesy was extended to incoming Finance Secretary Ben Diokno, who had a say in the appointments of the respective heads of BSP,BIR and BOC. But not in the case of PPA. And the plot thickens, once one starts going deeper to find out who Pastrana is, and who his business partner is.

Pastrana is the President of two companies- Archipelago Philippines Ferries Corporation and Philippine Archipelago Ports and Terminal Services and Philharbor Ferries and Port Services. Archipelago owns FastCat ferries, while Philippine Archipelago operates port terminals.

These consideration should have legally disqualified Pastrana from being appointed to PPA, or to any other government agency that regulates his businesses. But it seems that ES Rodriguez failed to see this, even if Pastrana’s business partner is Dennis Trajano, Rodriguez’s bilas (their wives being sisters). Trajano, in fact, sits as Chairman of the board of both companies. But wait, there’s more, Pastrana’s brother-in-law is also a port operator himself, a certain Rommel Ibuna. As a result, Pastrana will end up regulating not only his businesses and that owned by his brother-in-law, but also lord it over the businesses of their competitors.

So, what do you think of this?

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Political Memes A Double-Edged Sword

6:50:00 PM


Its the official last day (yesterday) of the campaign period. As each candidates intensely throw their final blow of convincing the public, there are others who make the intensity a little light with the different memes. Yes, people have found their witty and fun side even in the heat of this year's election.

Naturally, we Filipinos are natural comedians and there is that usual phrase "ang taba ng utak" which means a healthy brain, or on a naughtier meaning a fatty, witty brain. We literally make fun of everything, it is not being bullish, but perhaps it is our coping mechanism in making hard work a little lighter. Experience wise having fun at work makes it a lot faster and lighter. But politically, it has two meanings or purposes.

Political memes are double-edged sword, it may sound funny and witty but its true intension is to promote a political candidate or to defame that political aspirant.

From local to national, we find different political memes some of these are created by supporters and some are simply created by individuals who love a good laugh. Even though these memes provide an avenue for the candidates to get the attention they wanted, as most PR people would say, "good or bad publicity is still publicity."

Now, will these political memes be as sharp as swords in slicing through the consciousness of the voters? Perhaps we can only see it after the final canvassing. So, to us, voters, good luck in making our final decision.

Saturday, March 5, 2022

JV Ejercito "The Good One" Runs for Re-Election in the Senatorial Seat

9:37:00 PM


One of the Ejercito's, "The Good One" is making his way back to the Senate by running as one of the candidates for the Senatorial seat this coming May 2022 Election.

After losing in the last election, JV Ejercito, planned to focus more on something else other than politics, but when the pandemic came, and he believed that he should continue what he started. Especially this pandemic, the Universal Health Care program wasn't fully implemented and utilized by the people.

During the pocket size interview with the Sen JV, he laid down what he had observed during the pandemic and what had happened regarding the activation and fully implementation of the Universal Health Care Act. He was a bit disappointed on the outcome of his landmark legislation that would benefit the whole Filipino people.

Now, in this coming election, he believes that he will have a tough battle to win one of the senatorial seats. Aside from his priority plan to continue and see through the full implementation of the Universal Health Care Act, he's also prioritizing the housing and settlement development and the infrastructure development. These three programs, according to him will give progress to all Filipino people.

Like what JV Ejercito mentioned during the informal pocket interview, his run for the senate is tough battle for a re-electionist, but he believes that his accomplishments speaks for him.

The election is coming, let us pray for a peaceful and fair election.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Lacson stands by his record and experience

9:28:00 PM

Senator Panfilo “Ping” has once again proven he is truly the corruption-buster “Mr. Clean” he is touted to be. In recent articles, the presidential candidate known for his strong anti-corruption stance, was recently vindicated for previous crimes he was unjustly accused of during the Arroyo administration. No less than former President Sen. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, in her recently launched memoir entitled “Deus Ex Machina,” admitted that the accusations against Sen Lacson were fake.

“The information that was made public could not be substantiated,” GMA wrote in her memoir.

Years later, Marquez recanted accusations against Sen Lacson and apologized. Corpus also issued a publicly televised apology to Lacson for falsely accusing the senator.

True to form, the magnanimous Lacson did not hurl vindictive comments against his accusers. Instead, he tweeted a forgiving message to his former detractor. “Late is always better than never. To ex-PGMA’s credit, she has the decency and courage to admit that she publicly and unjustly accused me of various crimes based of false information. Whatever, I have already forgiven her a long time ago.”

Even in the thick of the present presidential election, Lacson maintains his nonbelligerent stance, preferring not to say anything about the other candidates wanting to be President of the Philippines because he is also running for the position.

In his recent interview session with Boy Abunda for the television personality’s series 2022 Presidential One-on-One Interviews, Lacson, one of five presidential candidates who were invited to the show, chose to talk instead about what made him best suited for the highest position in the Philippines.

“I am the most qualified, the most competent, the most experienced (candidate),” he told Abunda matter-of-factly without mentioning any of his rivals.

The candidate said it was time for voters to be discerning, to realize that politics was not entertainment and they should not be influenced by dole-outs.

In his campaign sorties, a singing and dancing Lacson would certainly not be on the program. “I won’t sacrifice authenticity,” he said, and would not do anything that had nothing to do with the country’s problems.

“The number one problem is the government, so the solution is the government- good, honest governance,” he said.

Lacson stressed, “Tough problems need tough solutions from the country’s top leaders.” His goal, if elected president, was to leave the country better off than when he started and see a greater respect for government officials.

Although he acknowledged that the qualifications for presidential candidates were so much simpler than those required of job applicants, the senator also pointed out that college degrees do not guarantee outstanding public service.

“Maraming may PhD na mas magaling magnakaw kaysa magsilbi sa bayan (there are many people with doctoral degrees who are very skilled in stealing public funds than in serving the country),” he said.

He would not oppose though some changes in the qualifications, although it would require a constitutional amendment. The job was demanding, he pointed out, and it called for skills in handling crises like the still ongoing corona virus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic.

Lacson said he would lead by example if he were elected president. He recalled that he was able to minimize graft and corruption in the Philippine National Police when he was its chief by consistently showing he could not be bribed. It was his leadership by example, he said, that drastically reduced, if not totally eliminated, corruption in the police establishment.

As a senator, he did not collect the pork barrel, or extra funds allocated to legislators ostensibly to finance pet projects. He was able to save the country millions of pesos by carefully and thoroughly reviewing every proposed annual budget of the government, he said.

Lacson would push for digitization and automation in government as president so there would be no human intervention. He said, “Human intervention always resulted in corruption.”

Lacson supported the resumption of mining in the country, “a major industry” of the Philippines, but it should be sustainable and responsible. “It must be data-driven and science-based.”

However, he also expressed concern that corruption would create the same problems as before. “Corruption lets violators get away (with their crimes). Palakasan (pull or influence) allowed people with the right connections to do as they please.”

Lacson’s vice presidential candidate is Senate President Vicente “Tito” C. Sotto III.

For more info on Ping Lacson, follow

Friday, February 25, 2022

Coco Martin or Cardo Dalisay Openly Supports New Partylist Advocating for Livelihood and the Transport Sector

9:09:00 PM


Famously known action-star today, Coco Martin or on-screen name Cardo Dalisay, is actively making rounds all over as he debuts his endorsement to a new party-list advocating for livelihood and the transport sector, the AP Partylist or #AkoyPilipino on Friday, February 25.

“Anuman ang hirap na ating pinagdadaanan, may kakampi na tayo…” Martin introduced his new party-list group with first nominee Rep. Ronnie Ong in-action in the background in the partylist’s video now circulating online. He continues, “Ang AP Partylist ang tutulong magbigay ng trabaho at kabuhayan sa mga manggagawang Pilipino.”

Rep. Ronnie Ong is Coco Martin’s long-time friend and is nicknamed by PeopleAsia as the “frontliner Congressman.” Ong is known for his various out-of-the-box COVID-19 Bayanihan projects since the first lockdown, such as his #LibrengSakay program for healthworkers, #LibrengGulay program for community kitchens, #LibrengTablets and E-skwela Hub e-learning centers for students and teachers. 

Before the pandemic, Ong also supported senior citizens looking for employment through his Tulong Pangkabuhayan program, deploying various able-bodied and willing-to-work seniors at airports, public universities and government agencies. During the pandemic, he also helped out-of-work transport workers such as UV Express or FX drivers by employing them as #LibrengSakay drivers, as well as some laid-off ABS-CBN employees who found alternative work as contact tracers.


More than just Coco Martin, the all-star cast of Ang Probinsyano forming the famed “Task Force Agila,” has also expressed their support for AP Partylist on their social media pages, sharing the various advocacies of AP Partylist closest to them. “Mula po noong umpisa nakasama na namin si Cong. Ronnie, at kita namin na nagtrabaho talaga siya, naglingkod talaga siya. Kaya ngayon, ang #164 AP Partylist na kasama siya ang sinusuportahan na namin. Sana po ay suportahan niyo rin,” Coco Martin said.

Aside from the endorsement video, AP Partylist also collaborated with OPM artists Bassilyo, Sisa and Smugglaz with their “Ako’y Pilipino,” anthem that sings of the pride, perseverance, and hardwork of Filipinos. They sing, “Ikaw ay magtiwala, magtiwalang may magagawa. Ito na ang panahon, ang tamang pagkakataon, sa bawat daing mo’y magtutugon. Ako’y Pilipinong lumalaban, tumatapang, lalo kung nasusugatan, anumang pagsubok ang daanan, haharapin nang may kagitingan. Itaas mo ang noo, isigaw mo sa buong mundo, ako’y Pilipino.” Both videos are available on Youtube and on AP Party-list’s official social media pages. 

Coco Martin calls on the audience to join him on his new journey with his new partylist, “Dito na tayo sa biyaheng aasenso ang lahat ng Pilipino… AP Partylist #AkoyPilipino, number 164 sa balota.”

Stay updated, for more info, visit:


Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Presidential Aspirant, BongBong Marcos is the Buena Mano in a No-Holds-Barred Interview in Net 25 Primetime Show A.S.P.N with Ali Sotto and Pat-P Daza

12:47:00 AM


The controversial Presidential aspirant, BongBong Marcos or BBM is the "buena mano" for Net 25 Primetime Show, A.S.P.N (Ano Sa Palagay N'yo?) for their interview with the Presidentiables. It is part of the show's effort to inform the Filipino people and help them be aware of the candidates' plans in becoming public servants.

Ali Sotto and Pat-P Daza are the hosts of the A.S.P.N. program, who throw in no-holds-bar questions to their guests, most especially to individuals running for positions in the government office, as for this specific show for BongBong Marcos. Right at the beginning of the show, they've given their straightforward declaration of their stand on the matters. BBM or not they intend to show what the people need to see.

Even though with issues and controversy when it comes to interview invitations, BBM sits in with Ali and Pat-P for the interview. A no-holds-barred interview and yet BBM was comfortable and was very enthusiastic in all of the questions thrown at him.

The A.S.P.N. interview tackled issues and plans for the government. As most people expect, what would be or how will it be in the first 100 days? Organization, as mentioned by BBM during the interview. According to him, we need to have that plan for the government not just for the segment parts of the country.

Another issue raised, which is probably what the Filipinos need right now, is discipline. There were parts of the interview where the hosts cited instances during the Marcos era. But for BBM, history is in the past, and what we need now is to concentrate on the present.

It is indeed a no-holds-barred interview but with no tension in the air. A light but meaningful interview to let the viewers be informed.

So, how about you? What do you think of the show and the questions that were thrown at BBM?

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Lacson To Fight Poverty with Education

4:19:00 AM


A banner to fight poverty through education, Anti-corruption crusader Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson will fight persistent poverty in the country by giving young people more access to education.

Lacson points out that the Philippines has a high dropout rate because of poverty. Young people are forced to leave school to help their families and because being in school are proving to be a heavy financial burden. They remain mired in poverty because without a good education their prospects are limited and they can only get low-paying jobs.

In this latest video, the presidential aspirant who wants to reform government and make it truly work for the good of the people will launch the innovative Edukasyon Plus program if elected. The program will provide free education and institute a government internship program. Each family will receive a P5,000 monthly allowance during their family members’ internship. Lacson believes that this arrangement will allow students to focus on their studies as they will not be under pressure to help their families.

“Even if education is free, young people cannot finish their studies because they have to help their families. If this vicious cycle continues, when will they be able to lift themselves from a life of poverty?” he says.

Studies show that among member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the Philippines have the highest school dropout rate.

Lacson is convinced that education is the only way to give people the chance of a better future and to improve the lives of Filipinos, many, if not most, of whom still live below the poverty line. People remain mired in poverty, unable to get better-paying jobs, for lack of education, he stresses.

With Edukasyon Plus, young people can avail of free education and participate in a government internship program that will pay their families a monthly allowance. “They won’t have to choose anymore between education and work to help their families,” Lacson says. He believes the program will help many people leave behind lives of poverty.

“Edukasyon Plus is the real solution to the problem of poverty,” Lacson adds.

Lacson and his running mate, Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto, are running on the slogan “Aayusin ang gobierno, aayusin ang buhay mo.” (They will fix the government and put your life in order.)

For more info on Ping Lacson, follow

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Meet the Crime-buster and corruption fighter

12:38:00 AM

Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson is relying on his record as crime-buster and corruption fighter to win him the presidency.

This is evident in his video advertisement ( that highlights some of his major accomplishments as a senator and former head of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Lacson plans to expand these initiatives as president and bring the government closer to the people. His main advocacy is to give more power to local government units that are closest to the citizens and understand the people’s needs best and are in a better position to respond to their problems more effectively.

The senator’s campaign underscores his efforts to prevent public money from being lost through corruption. His careful and detailed scrutiny of the national budget has saved the country P300 billion. Lacson proved his strong opposition to the pork barrel that had become for legislators a major perk of their jobs, by refusing to have any part of it.

Among other accomplishments, Lacson has listed as proof of his qualification for the highest post in the country are the investigations of the P728 million fertilizer scam, the anomalous $329 million contract between the Philippines and China’s ZTE Company, and Payola or bribery in the Bureau of Customs by exposing the TARA list.

He also brought to the public’s attention the “Hello Garci” tapes, an attempt at cheating during the 2004 elections.


The former military officer and PNP chief exposed the chopper scam where tge government paid brand-new prices for second-hand helicopters.

Lacson’s initiatives as PNP chief earned him a trust rating of 78+ percent from the public, the highest rating ever recorded for the position.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

City of Manila Records As One of the Highest Number of Vaccinated Individuals

12:02:00 AM

The government's vaccination program is ongoing in every city and municipality, and are giving the vaccines to individuals according to its list of priorities. Perhaps this is our fastest and effective way to fight COVID19, ensuring everyone's safety. One of the local government units that listed the biggest number of people vaccinated on a single day is the City of Manila with a total number of 27,626 on June 18, 2021. Together with the different hospitals under the City, like Sta. Ana and San Lazaro the number would not be impossible to reach. Let us note that Sta. Ana Hospital is one of the respected hospitals to first open a Covid ward.

Yorme Isko Moreno has made vaccination centers more pleasing for its constituents by asking help from SM Manila and SM San Lazaro who agreed to allow the city the use of its air-conditioned theaters as vaccination centers.

Yorme does his mandate, serving the people of Manila.

Aside from the City of Manila, other cities also did go beyond in order to vaccinate more individuals.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

The Philippine Patriotic Movement Talks About Alternative National Recovery Plan and 2022 National Election

10:30:00 AM

A few months from now the Duterte administration will be ending its term and up to now, the country is filled with uncertainties because of the pandemic caused by the COVID19. A large portion of the marginalized sectors is greatly affected by the current situation. To add up to these worries, the 2022 National Election is just months away. With this, concerned organizations from different sectors convened together to form a coalition that will push for an alternative roadmap for the National Recovery Plan, thus, the Philippine Patriotic Movement is born.

Last February 15, 2021, a media conference was held at one of the restaurants in Quezon City. Present during the conference are Lorenzo "Boots" Cadswan, National President of Filipinos for Peace, Justice and Progress Movement (FPJPM); Cynthia Villarin, National Secretary General of People's Movement Against Poverty (PMAP); Geornel Haresco, Assistant National Secretary of Federation of Jeepney Operators and Drivers Association of the Philippines (FEJODAP); David "Dave" Diwa, Labor Leader of National Labor Union (NLU); and Eleuterio "Terry" Tuazon, National President of Philippine Association of Free Labor Union (PAFLU). These are the convenors who declared the call for an Alternative National Recovery Plan and challenges all aspiring candidates for the 2022 National Election.

During the conference, it is even quoted about the warning from President Duterte stating that the 'economy is sinking.' That is why they are pushing for a candidate who will address the National Recovery program. Part of their statement signifies support to candidates who can address these (5) Social Agendas.

Kalusugan (Health)
  • Bakuna (Vaccine) - Mura, epektibo at pinakaligtas (Affordable, effective, and safest.)
  • Universal Health Care - Matuwid na implementasyon at hindi korapsyon. (Good implementation of the program without corruption.)
  • Health Workers - Mataas na sahod upang huwag ng mangibang-bayan. (Competitive salary to encourage not to work abroad.)
  • Public Hospitals - Moderno at sapat na ospital sa bawat bayan. (Modern and enough hospitals in each town.)

Kabuhayan (Livelihood)
  • Trabaho (Jobs) - Regular na trabaho at nakakabuhay na pasahod, at hindi kontraktwalisasyon. (Regular jobs that can earn a living, not contractualization. )
  • Dagdag Kita (Extra Income) - Alternatibong programang pangkabuhayan. (Alternative livelihood program.)
  • Negosyo (Business) - Suporta ng pamahalaan sa maliliit na negosyo. (Government support to small businesses.)

Kalikasan (Environment)
  • Disaster-Preparedness - Mataas na antas ng paghahanda na naaayon sa aktwal na umiiral na kalamidad. (High level of preparedness following the actual existing disaster.)
  • Renewable Energy - Pambansa at pangmatagalang seguridad sa enerhiya. (To secure a national and long-term source of energy.)
  • Protection of Environment and Natural Resources - Muling buhayin at isaayos ang mga kritikal na watershed. (Activation and repair of all critical watersheds. )

Kaunlaran (Development)
  • Housing - Abot-kaya, maayos at ligtas na township program. (Affordable, orderly, and safe township program.)
  • Road Networks and Railways - Moderno at malawakang riles ng tren at bagong bagon. (Modern and extensive railroad system with new wagons.)
  • Investments - Bigyang prayoridad ang health infrastructure at turismo ng ating bansa. (Give priority to the health infrastructure and tourism industry of the country.)
  • Transport Modernization - Ipatupad ang isang abot-kayang jeepney modernization program. (Implement an affordable jeepney modernization program.)
  • Education - Libre at de-kalidad. (Free and quality education.)
  • Utilities - Ligtas, mura, epektibo at modernong pasilidad sa tubig, kuryete, telekomunikasyon at internet. (Have safe, affordable, effective, and modern facilities for water, electricity, telecommunications, and internet.)

Kapayapaan (Peace)
  • Social Justice - Pangmatagalang solusyon sa ugat ng pag-aaklas. (Long-term solution to the cause of the uprising.)
  • Peace Talk - Pakikipag-usap sa lahat ng armadong grupo sa layuning makabangon ang lipunan. (Communicate with all armed groups aiming at rebuilding the society.)
  • Information Dissemination - Institusyunalisasyon ng usaping pangkapayapaan na nagpapabatid sa mamamayan. (Institutionalizing the peace talk process that informs the people.)

The organization will be conducting consultations and assemblies in different parts of the country. They will also be launching a social media-based survey and the website called to reach more sectors and individuals. These are some of their means to involve different members of the community in this cause. Accordingly, they will involve different sectoral representatives from government and private workers, the education sector, the health sector, the urban poor, the tourism and transport sector, youth and senior citizen, women and LGBTQ, SME and professionals, and the agricultural sector.

To know more about the Philippine Patriotic Movement, visit its social media platforms.
FB Page - Philippine Patriotic Movement
Twitter - @PHLPatriotMovt
IG - philippinepatrioticmovement

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Senator Grace Poe Pushes For Another Round of Financial Aid

11:13:00 PM


Senator Grace Poe is urging the Executive Branch to provide another round of social amelioration to families amidst rising food prices and the economic downturn due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Families have been hit hard not once but twice. First it was the pandemic-induced lockdowns and economic burnout. Now they are hit by rising food prices. No matter how we look at it, another round of cash aid is really necessary,” said Poe.

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, household spending on food grew by 5% while spending on health and education were slashed by 1.9% and 11.9 % respectively. Inflation also rose to 3.8 % for the 4th quarter of 2020, driven primarily by spikes in food prices.

“No family should be forced to choose between food and other necessities, especially amidst this pandemic,” Poe stated.

Poe specifically noted that cash aid would be helpful for the bottom 30% of families, which allocate around 50% of their income on food expenses.

“This will be a huge help for poor families who spend nearly half of their budget on food alone. If we subsidize their food, then they will have extra cash to spend on other necessities,” said Poe.

Previously, over P115 billion in cash subsidies of social amelioration was provided to 20 million beneficiaries under the Bayanihan to Heal as One and Bayanihan to Recover as One laws.

However, the Department of Budget and Management and the Department of Finance are hesitant to support another round of aid due to the potential price tag. Bills filed in the House and the Senate vary as to the cost of pandemic relief, which ranges from P250 billion to P800 billion.

“The cost of passing another round of aid is less than the catastrophic impact to poor families if they are allowed to starve or go bankrupt due to rising food prices. It’s time for us to give and not count the cost,” said Poe.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Congresswoman Florida "Rida" Robes Shares The Secret To Their Success

10:58:00 PM

The best weapon of every successful man is the beauty and heart of their beloved spouses. Girl power is not strength or might but it is the heart that they possess and the charm that they have, that is what Congresswoman Florida “Rida” Robes have. A loving, submissive wife equipped with faithfulness to the Lord. Another secret to success shared by Congresswoman Rida is their “communication”. Their good communication with each other really made the Congresswoman and Mayor tandem the best public servants that the City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan ever had.

Just recently, we were able to have a short interview with the Congresswoman about her reaction to the award that Mayor Arthur Robes received being the representative of the City. She was very happy and proud, according to her it is not just the work of one man but with the help of the vice mayor, city councils, and the different departments. An effort made by everyone to finally receive the Seal of Good Local Governance.

We were also asked the congresswoman of what’s the newest activity for the City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, happy and excited Congresswoman Rida shared that they are now in the process of creating another Guinness World Record. After claiming the title of being the Largest Lantern Parade, they are now aiming to break another record as the Largest Living Nativity. Currently, UK is the titleholder but everyone is hoping and praying to get that title from UK. Congresswoman Rida together with the City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, aims to make that Living Nativity a sight to see. The prestige of the city and the country wouldn’t be as hard as it is.

With this, the vision for the city to be the next tourism destination in the country will be possible. Lead by Congresswoman Rida and Mayor Arthur Robes the city will move to that dream.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Mayor Arthur Robes Celebrates Birthday with Numerous Awards and Recognitions

11:23:00 PM
Mayor Arthur Robes

Mayor Arthur Robes, the current active and hardworking public servant of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, celebrates his birthday with numerous awards recieved, by the city and himself. It was announced during the Flag Raising Ceremony and the First Monday Mass held at the plaza of the San Jose Del Monte City Hall early this morning. It was a day of celebration not only for Mayor Robes but for the whole city of SJDM, Bulacan. A success led by its leader and supported by its followers.

The morning was eventful because aside from the accomplishments and awards received by the city government, it also recognized one of its indigenous member of the society and welcomed as part of the city council.

One of the most highlighted news among the accomplishments and awards received by the city of SJDM was the Seal of Good Local Governance which will be awarded tomorrow. According to, the Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) refers to "an award, incentive, honor and recognition-based program for all LGUs, and is a continuing commitment for LGUs to continually progress and improve their performance."

Having this, means the City of San Jose Del Monte and Mayor Robes had done a good job with their performance. According to Mayor Robes "...hindi lang naman to yong award ko, award to ng buong city and sa pagsisikap natin, gusto nating mapaganda ang lungsod... for tagging San Jose (San Jose Del Monte) as the next Rising City or maybe the next highly urbanized city in the country. So, it's not only my accomplishments but big accomplishment of San Josenos."

A blessed Birthday to Mayor Robes!

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Serbisyo sa Bayan Partylist (SBP) Helping the Consumers in General

8:06:00 PM

Another partylist candidate that aims a seat in the congress, the Serbisyo sa Bayan Partylist or SBP. The organization considers everyone as consumers and since we all are consumers there's always a need for service and that's where SBP will help. Serbisyo means service and it doesn't stop to the basic needs of the people but to every need of the Filipino.

What are the programs of SBP? Well, there are plenty of programs that the organization is working on and will still work on.
  • Housing Project for the People (Palupa at pabahay sa mga mamamayan) since the housing projects started SBP and its nominees are pushing and working together to provide better housing projects to affected people.
  • Solid Waste Management system. One of the nominee who have started the solid waste management in his barangay, the Barangay Holy Spirit, is being visited and copied because of the great program initiated to solve the garbage problem.
  • Gulayan projects. With the management of waste and specially the degradable materials the gulayan project is the best partner to produce best harvest of crops. Waste materials are turned into a high grade fertilizers.
These are just some of the programs implemented in each of the nominees jurisdiction and would want to be done in the country to be of help in solving the problems, number one is the environmental problem.

The nominees are Rannie Ludovica known as the Mr. Peace and Order of Quezon City; Chito Valmocina, the SuperKap of Barangay Holy Spirit who have created innovations in solving the waste problem; and Vincente Belmonte, the 3rd Termer City Councilor of Quezon City.

So on May 13 don't forget the #67 SBP (Serbisyo sa Bayan Partylist)!

Friday, May 10, 2019

A Walk Through San Juan City Heritage and History From Past to Present

10:48:00 PM

San Juan, the smallest city in Metro Manila run by one of the warmest, loveliest and interesting person I've met, Mayor Guia Gomez. A mother, a celebrity and a leader. Perhaps her traits compliments the city she's administering and you can really tell by just simply being in the city of San Juan. A city rich in history and culture built in more than 2 century.

The New San Juan City Hall

This is not my first time to meet leaders and government officials but this is my first time to see a person that have leadership, beauty, heart and brain. You cannot turn a city into something without those traits.

Mayor Guia showing the development of the Pinaglabanan Shrine

By the way Mayor Guia is the mother of reelectionist Sen. JV Ejercito. So it really runs in blood, the trait of being a leader and serving the public.

The morning in the open, organized and elegant office of Mayor Guia welcomed and entertained us by sharing the brief history and stories of San Juan City. How once a very historic place and witness in the beginning of the Philippine revolution became forgotten left to to be ruins of the past, now restored to commemorate its true value in Philippine History. It was a struggle and took time to build the now City Hall and the Pinaglabanan Shrine.

Exceptional doll collection of Mayor Guia. 
The outfits of these dolls are hand woven and made by locals of San Juan.

To know more about the city we were toured around and introduced to places and historical landmarks which are the products of the leaders in San Juan City.

The New San Juan City Hall, where the offices and significant features of the city are located. One of which is the Central Emergency and Disaster Operations Center or CEDOC where everything in the city is monitored for fast and immediate response.

The CEDOC Command Center

The Council Hall

The walls in the lobby of the City Hall is painted with three different murals that depicts the past and present of San Juan.

The Pinaglabanan Shrine which is decorated and made beautiful by the fire trees is now a historical landmark to visit.

The El Deposito de Aguas turned museum is once the depository station of potable water the whole Manila area. This is the very first water management system in the country which is design by Palacio. The City Hall, the Shrine and its surrounding area is the entire water management system of El Deposito, unfortunately is now being rebuilt only as a memoir of the once water management system that serve Manila.

The Museo ng Katipunan where you will learn more bits and pieces of history that are not written in textbooks, like what really KKK stands for which Kataastaasang Kagalanggalang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan.

San Juan National High School and Science High School are part of the master plan of having schools in the city developed during the time of its former Mayor Joseph Estrada which is continued by JV Ejercito. Part of its plan also is having a estate college university which the PUP.

The Sunctuario of San Juan del Monte and Santo Kristo and some of the century old churches which is a proof of the people's faith and being religious.

Other places visited were the Old City Hall which now part of the San Juan Medical Center, the old pipeline of the El Deposito, the Entertainment and Recreational Arena for the People, the shopping malls and some old houses that make up the now San Juan City.

The Old City Hall now part of San Juan Medical Center

Like mother like son, the instilled traits of a good leader and the heart in serving the public. Mayor Guia continues to take care of the city and her constituents as she took care of Sen JV, teaching and supporting him in life and in work. The r

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