Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Presidential Aspirant, BongBong Marcos is the Buena Mano in a No-Holds-Barred Interview in Net 25 Primetime Show A.S.P.N with Ali Sotto and Pat-P Daza


The controversial Presidential aspirant, BongBong Marcos or BBM is the "buena mano" for Net 25 Primetime Show, A.S.P.N (Ano Sa Palagay N'yo?) for their interview with the Presidentiables. It is part of the show's effort to inform the Filipino people and help them be aware of the candidates' plans in becoming public servants.

Ali Sotto and Pat-P Daza are the hosts of the A.S.P.N. program, who throw in no-holds-bar questions to their guests, most especially to individuals running for positions in the government office, as for this specific show for BongBong Marcos. Right at the beginning of the show, they've given their straightforward declaration of their stand on the matters. BBM or not they intend to show what the people need to see.

Even though with issues and controversy when it comes to interview invitations, BBM sits in with Ali and Pat-P for the interview. A no-holds-barred interview and yet BBM was comfortable and was very enthusiastic in all of the questions thrown at him.

The A.S.P.N. interview tackled issues and plans for the government. As most people expect, what would be or how will it be in the first 100 days? Organization, as mentioned by BBM during the interview. According to him, we need to have that plan for the government not just for the segment parts of the country.

Another issue raised, which is probably what the Filipinos need right now, is discipline. There were parts of the interview where the hosts cited instances during the Marcos era. But for BBM, history is in the past, and what we need now is to concentrate on the present.

It is indeed a no-holds-barred interview but with no tension in the air. A light but meaningful interview to let the viewers be informed.

So, how about you? What do you think of the show and the questions that were thrown at BBM?

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