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Thursday, June 3, 2021

This 2022 National Election, What Do You Think of Ping Lacson-Tito Sotto Duo?

4:13:00 PM


Summer has officially ended (I think), seems that the second quarter of the year is about to end, yet, people are already eyeing the names of possible candidates for the National Elections. There were already top 10 names of presidential and vice-presidential candidates spreading around in the webspace. Remember that the Philippines will be having its National Election for President, Vice President, and Senators next year on May 9, 2022.

So, who are the lucky names included in the survey suggested to run for the National Election? Several names were already on the list, Sen. Manny Pacquiao, Mayor Sarah Duterte, Mayor Isko Moreno, Sen. Ping Lacson, Sen. Tito Sotto, and many more. But the Sen. Tito Sotto and Sen. Ping Lacson tandem interestingly poked the curiosity of some critics, especially, after the interview of Karen Davila with Sen. Tito Sotto.

During the interview, Karen asked Sen. Sotto if ever he will run for the National Election, who should he pick as his running mate. Sen. Sotto answers without hesitation, "First of all, I’m still considering it. And if I do consider it, the number one on my list would be Sen. Lacson. I know his capability. I know what he can do for the country.” And Sen. Sotto added, "If he runs for president, I will support him!”

There were positive feedbacks on the possible candidate.

  • “Matalino si Ping, bagay na Presidente.”
  • “Baka si Ping ang iboto ko.Pero tingnan muna natin ang mangyayari.”
  • “Siya ang nakikita ko na totoong may malasakit sa tao at sa bansa natin.”
  • “Malakas noon si Lacson naghati lang sila ni FPJ ng boto kasi di nag-give way ang isa sa kanila.”
  • “Magiging history pag nag-win si Ping. Mahirap kasi sa mga presidentiables na tumakbo before ang manalo pag tumakbo ulit. As far as my knowledge is concern, ‘di pa nangyayari ‘yun sa ‘Pinas.”

Right now, political parties are convening to endorse their official candidate for the coming National Election. It is a long way to go before the election, but it is good to understand and know the potential leaders of the country.

In other news, Sen. Ping Lacson's son Pampi celebrated his birthday together with his children Thirdy (Jodi Sta. Maria's son) and Mimi (Iwa Moto's daughter). Both children sang a birthday song to Pampi with a cake and a gift. A memorable day indeed for him.

When Pampi was asked about the possible tandem of Sen. Tito Sotto and his father Sen. Ping Lacson, he remains quiet about the matter.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

The Philippine Patriotic Movement Talks About Alternative National Recovery Plan and 2022 National Election

10:30:00 AM

A few months from now the Duterte administration will be ending its term and up to now, the country is filled with uncertainties because of the pandemic caused by the COVID19. A large portion of the marginalized sectors is greatly affected by the current situation. To add up to these worries, the 2022 National Election is just months away. With this, concerned organizations from different sectors convened together to form a coalition that will push for an alternative roadmap for the National Recovery Plan, thus, the Philippine Patriotic Movement is born.

Last February 15, 2021, a media conference was held at one of the restaurants in Quezon City. Present during the conference are Lorenzo "Boots" Cadswan, National President of Filipinos for Peace, Justice and Progress Movement (FPJPM); Cynthia Villarin, National Secretary General of People's Movement Against Poverty (PMAP); Geornel Haresco, Assistant National Secretary of Federation of Jeepney Operators and Drivers Association of the Philippines (FEJODAP); David "Dave" Diwa, Labor Leader of National Labor Union (NLU); and Eleuterio "Terry" Tuazon, National President of Philippine Association of Free Labor Union (PAFLU). These are the convenors who declared the call for an Alternative National Recovery Plan and challenges all aspiring candidates for the 2022 National Election.

During the conference, it is even quoted about the warning from President Duterte stating that the 'economy is sinking.' That is why they are pushing for a candidate who will address the National Recovery program. Part of their statement signifies support to candidates who can address these (5) Social Agendas.

Kalusugan (Health)
  • Bakuna (Vaccine) - Mura, epektibo at pinakaligtas (Affordable, effective, and safest.)
  • Universal Health Care - Matuwid na implementasyon at hindi korapsyon. (Good implementation of the program without corruption.)
  • Health Workers - Mataas na sahod upang huwag ng mangibang-bayan. (Competitive salary to encourage not to work abroad.)
  • Public Hospitals - Moderno at sapat na ospital sa bawat bayan. (Modern and enough hospitals in each town.)

Kabuhayan (Livelihood)
  • Trabaho (Jobs) - Regular na trabaho at nakakabuhay na pasahod, at hindi kontraktwalisasyon. (Regular jobs that can earn a living, not contractualization. )
  • Dagdag Kita (Extra Income) - Alternatibong programang pangkabuhayan. (Alternative livelihood program.)
  • Negosyo (Business) - Suporta ng pamahalaan sa maliliit na negosyo. (Government support to small businesses.)

Kalikasan (Environment)
  • Disaster-Preparedness - Mataas na antas ng paghahanda na naaayon sa aktwal na umiiral na kalamidad. (High level of preparedness following the actual existing disaster.)
  • Renewable Energy - Pambansa at pangmatagalang seguridad sa enerhiya. (To secure a national and long-term source of energy.)
  • Protection of Environment and Natural Resources - Muling buhayin at isaayos ang mga kritikal na watershed. (Activation and repair of all critical watersheds. )

Kaunlaran (Development)
  • Housing - Abot-kaya, maayos at ligtas na township program. (Affordable, orderly, and safe township program.)
  • Road Networks and Railways - Moderno at malawakang riles ng tren at bagong bagon. (Modern and extensive railroad system with new wagons.)
  • Investments - Bigyang prayoridad ang health infrastructure at turismo ng ating bansa. (Give priority to the health infrastructure and tourism industry of the country.)
  • Transport Modernization - Ipatupad ang isang abot-kayang jeepney modernization program. (Implement an affordable jeepney modernization program.)
  • Education - Libre at de-kalidad. (Free and quality education.)
  • Utilities - Ligtas, mura, epektibo at modernong pasilidad sa tubig, kuryete, telekomunikasyon at internet. (Have safe, affordable, effective, and modern facilities for water, electricity, telecommunications, and internet.)

Kapayapaan (Peace)
  • Social Justice - Pangmatagalang solusyon sa ugat ng pag-aaklas. (Long-term solution to the cause of the uprising.)
  • Peace Talk - Pakikipag-usap sa lahat ng armadong grupo sa layuning makabangon ang lipunan. (Communicate with all armed groups aiming at rebuilding the society.)
  • Information Dissemination - Institusyunalisasyon ng usaping pangkapayapaan na nagpapabatid sa mamamayan. (Institutionalizing the peace talk process that informs the people.)

The organization will be conducting consultations and assemblies in different parts of the country. They will also be launching a social media-based survey and the website called to reach more sectors and individuals. These are some of their means to involve different members of the community in this cause. Accordingly, they will involve different sectoral representatives from government and private workers, the education sector, the health sector, the urban poor, the tourism and transport sector, youth and senior citizen, women and LGBTQ, SME and professionals, and the agricultural sector.

To know more about the Philippine Patriotic Movement, visit its social media platforms.
FB Page - Philippine Patriotic Movement
Twitter - @PHLPatriotMovt
IG - philippinepatrioticmovement

Friday, May 10, 2019

FICTAP PartyList Pushes Improvements in Public WiFi, Fast Internet Connection and Other Rights Concerning Mass Media and Telecommunications

6:21:00 AM

The Federation of International Cable TV and Telecommunications Association of the Philippines or FICTAP is one of the many partylist vying for a seat or seats in the congress in the upcoming election. The organization aim to push programs pertaining to the improvement of free public WiFi in the country, fast internet connection, and the rights concerning the issues in internet, ICT, VAS, Telecommunications, Cable TV, Broadcast and Media.

It was glad that the organization through its first nominee Estrellita "Neng" Juliano-Tamano, MBA from Cotabato, were able to shed some light in the issues they are pushing during the bloggers conference held in Max's Restaurant in Roxas Blvd.

During the conference FICTAP laid down their programs and explained how it will be resolved. Here are the list of their programs and laws plan to submit.

  • "Improved Free Public WiFi Act which aims to make Free WiFi available in the country. 
  • Cellphone Users Act, which aims to give benefits and protection for all cellphone users. 
  • Custom SIM Card Act, to have a customize SIM card for Senior Citizens, OFW, Student, Teachers and Mothers for discount and other privileges. But this is optional concerning with the data privacy law. 
  • Online Sellers, Buyers & Freelancers Act, which target to strengthen and to widen the e-commerce industry in the country and to provide jobs for Pinoys. 
  • Anti-Catfish Law, aims to address the problem with posers online with bad intentions.

These are just their initial programs for the betterment of the country. FICTAP Partylist #117.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Sara Duterte Boldly Express Her Support with the JV Ejercito Shirt

9:00:00 PM

Support is one thing and trust is another thing. How would you know that you are being trusted? Well just like in a couple shirt, wearing ones name proudly gives you a sense of pride. You are being praised and are given an exclusive attention. In the mid of the election period today people are doing their best to be noticed to win the public.

One of the sensational strong mayor of the country and the political leader of the Hugpong ng Pagbabago Party (HNP), Sara Duterte or Inday Sara, boldly expressed her support to one of the notable senator today, Sen JV Ejercito, by wearing his campaign shirt. This was seen in one of the campaign rallies of the HNP in Visayas where Sen. JV weren't able to join. In support, Inday Sara wore the campaign shirt of Sen JV Ejercito to represent him in the campaign.

We know that recently Sen JV made a big impact with his accomplishments and achievements, as an individual and as a citizen of this country.

"If there is a builder, there is a helper..." this is part of what Inday Sara posted on her instagram account during the Hugpong ng Pagbabago Cebu Rally where she wore the Sen JV Campaign Shirt.

Sen JV expressed his gratitude and thank the mayor in his facebook post since he cannot be in the said rally.

Support is one thing and trust is another but they can be both together!

Friday, February 22, 2019

Bits and Info About the 2019 Senatorial Candidates

1:16:00 AM

The election season had started already and the Commission on Election released the final list of the senatorial candidates. These candidates have already started their campaigns and their caravans.

From the list provided by the COMELEC there are 62 Senatoriables, 11 Female Candidates and 51 Male Candidates. From these, there are 45 candidates under the banner of 18 different political parties while 17 candidates run as individual or Independent parties. Out of this 62 candidates only 12 will be given a seat on the house of senate. They will be serving the Filipino people and this country for 3 years.

From these 62 senatorial candidates, few of them are popular to the people and these few are from the lineage of politicians who have serve and been serving the country for years. A political dynasty is perhaps a more common term. Others, might have gained their popularity through issues and publicity, whether it is good or not, still, it's publicity that gave them the limelight. The rest who are not known to many are underdogs who wanted to make a difference out of this election. An opportunity to serve the country.

Today, I think the Filipino people are now intellect enough to cast their vote and who to entrust their future.

So to give a few highlights of these senatorial candidates, we have created a simple infographics. To give everyone a glimpse of some few info about the senatorial candidates.

This coming election we should remember that this government is for the people, by the people and of the people.

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