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Friday, March 29, 2019

The Universal Healthcare Reflects Senator JV's Love For Family and Respect for the Lenten Season

8:00:00 PM

He is not a doctor nor a practitioner of any medical fields but he managed to come up with a bill that will give medical health support to all Filipinos. Senator JV Ejercito is the author of the Universal Healthcare Bill, turned law, which focus mainly on the basic healthcare needed by every Juan.

Sen JV values his family that he never missed his time with them, most especially during lenten season. For him this is a time to reflect and spend time with the family. Not with vacations or fun time but he and his family prefer to spend holy week the old times, meaning more spiritually.

For Sen JV, one of the highlight of their lenten break is the Bacalao dish which is cooked by his mom, Mayor Guia Gomez, once a year. So, this is something to look forward for him and the family.

Of course, Sen JV also get to have vacations on an ordinary day or rather mixed of business and liesure, Him, his motorbike and fellow riders. They get to enjoy the scenic spots of the countryside.

Obstacles and Scenic spots are just like the problems and good point of UHC. Just like what Sen JV explained UHC will be develop more as the journey continuous. With the help of technologies things will get even smoother.


Sunday, March 24, 2019

Sara Duterte Boldly Express Her Support with the JV Ejercito Shirt

9:00:00 PM

Support is one thing and trust is another thing. How would you know that you are being trusted? Well just like in a couple shirt, wearing ones name proudly gives you a sense of pride. You are being praised and are given an exclusive attention. In the mid of the election period today people are doing their best to be noticed to win the public.

One of the sensational strong mayor of the country and the political leader of the Hugpong ng Pagbabago Party (HNP), Sara Duterte or Inday Sara, boldly expressed her support to one of the notable senator today, Sen JV Ejercito, by wearing his campaign shirt. This was seen in one of the campaign rallies of the HNP in Visayas where Sen. JV weren't able to join. In support, Inday Sara wore the campaign shirt of Sen JV Ejercito to represent him in the campaign.

We know that recently Sen JV made a big impact with his accomplishments and achievements, as an individual and as a citizen of this country.

"If there is a builder, there is a helper..." this is part of what Inday Sara posted on her instagram account during the Hugpong ng Pagbabago Cebu Rally where she wore the Sen JV Campaign Shirt.

Sen JV expressed his gratitude and thank the mayor in his facebook post since he cannot be in the said rally.

Support is one thing and trust is another but they can be both together!

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