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Saturday, May 7, 2022

Are You Voting This Coming Election? Here's Our Tip!

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Are you voting this coming election? 

If you are that's great because you are exercising your right. We all need to vote, that is our duty as citizens of the country, and because that's the only way that we can help in deciding who will be the next President that will lead the country.

So, in just a few days you'll be going to your respective voting precincts, Here are a few of the tips that we can share for you to make your voting experience a little bit less hassle. 

  • 1. If you're a first-time voter check and remember your precinct number. You'll be using that number for the rest of your voting lives. In case you don't remember there's always the online verification of Comelec to check your precinct number. Thank you technology!
  • 2. If first time voter, check where your precinct number is located. It's much easier if you already knew where to go. If in case, you can always check it online or check the bulletin board where you're supposed to vote.
  • 3. Have a list of your candidates or much better memorize your list to avoid bringing unnecessary papers. Less hassle. 
  • 4. Always have your pen with you. That's for registering and signing only. They have the special pen for the ballot. 
  • 5. If you want to finish early visit your precinct early in the morning. Just make sure that you already know where to go. But if you don't want to join the influx of voters visit your precinct in the afternoon. Based on my experience it's much easier and faster.
  • 6. Check and make sure your name is correct and no signature or any mark on your name on their list.
  • 7. Make sure that the ballot given to you is unmarked. 
  • 8. Make sure that they'll put indelible ink on your finger.
  • 9. Lastly, and probably the most important of all bring your alcohol with you and don't forget to wear your face mask. We are still in the pandemic. Keep safe!

We do hope that these few tips can help you with your voting experience. 

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