Friday, May 10, 2019

FICTAP PartyList Pushes Improvements in Public WiFi, Fast Internet Connection and Other Rights Concerning Mass Media and Telecommunications

The Federation of International Cable TV and Telecommunications Association of the Philippines or FICTAP is one of the many partylist vying for a seat or seats in the congress in the upcoming election. The organization aim to push programs pertaining to the improvement of free public WiFi in the country, fast internet connection, and the rights concerning the issues in internet, ICT, VAS, Telecommunications, Cable TV, Broadcast and Media.

It was glad that the organization through its first nominee Estrellita "Neng" Juliano-Tamano, MBA from Cotabato, were able to shed some light in the issues they are pushing during the bloggers conference held in Max's Restaurant in Roxas Blvd.

During the conference FICTAP laid down their programs and explained how it will be resolved. Here are the list of their programs and laws plan to submit.

  • "Improved Free Public WiFi Act which aims to make Free WiFi available in the country. 
  • Cellphone Users Act, which aims to give benefits and protection for all cellphone users. 
  • Custom SIM Card Act, to have a customize SIM card for Senior Citizens, OFW, Student, Teachers and Mothers for discount and other privileges. But this is optional concerning with the data privacy law. 
  • Online Sellers, Buyers & Freelancers Act, which target to strengthen and to widen the e-commerce industry in the country and to provide jobs for Pinoys. 
  • Anti-Catfish Law, aims to address the problem with posers online with bad intentions.

These are just their initial programs for the betterment of the country. FICTAP Partylist #117.

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