Friday, May 10, 2019

A Walk Through San Juan City Heritage and History From Past to Present

San Juan, the smallest city in Metro Manila run by one of the warmest, loveliest and interesting person I've met, Mayor Guia Gomez. A mother, a celebrity and a leader. Perhaps her traits compliments the city she's administering and you can really tell by just simply being in the city of San Juan. A city rich in history and culture built in more than 2 century.

The New San Juan City Hall

This is not my first time to meet leaders and government officials but this is my first time to see a person that have leadership, beauty, heart and brain. You cannot turn a city into something without those traits.

Mayor Guia showing the development of the Pinaglabanan Shrine

By the way Mayor Guia is the mother of reelectionist Sen. JV Ejercito. So it really runs in blood, the trait of being a leader and serving the public.

The morning in the open, organized and elegant office of Mayor Guia welcomed and entertained us by sharing the brief history and stories of San Juan City. How once a very historic place and witness in the beginning of the Philippine revolution became forgotten left to to be ruins of the past, now restored to commemorate its true value in Philippine History. It was a struggle and took time to build the now City Hall and the Pinaglabanan Shrine.

Exceptional doll collection of Mayor Guia. 
The outfits of these dolls are hand woven and made by locals of San Juan.

To know more about the city we were toured around and introduced to places and historical landmarks which are the products of the leaders in San Juan City.

The New San Juan City Hall, where the offices and significant features of the city are located. One of which is the Central Emergency and Disaster Operations Center or CEDOC where everything in the city is monitored for fast and immediate response.

The CEDOC Command Center

The Council Hall

The walls in the lobby of the City Hall is painted with three different murals that depicts the past and present of San Juan.

The Pinaglabanan Shrine which is decorated and made beautiful by the fire trees is now a historical landmark to visit.

The El Deposito de Aguas turned museum is once the depository station of potable water the whole Manila area. This is the very first water management system in the country which is design by Palacio. The City Hall, the Shrine and its surrounding area is the entire water management system of El Deposito, unfortunately is now being rebuilt only as a memoir of the once water management system that serve Manila.

The Museo ng Katipunan where you will learn more bits and pieces of history that are not written in textbooks, like what really KKK stands for which Kataastaasang Kagalanggalang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan.

San Juan National High School and Science High School are part of the master plan of having schools in the city developed during the time of its former Mayor Joseph Estrada which is continued by JV Ejercito. Part of its plan also is having a estate college university which the PUP.

The Sunctuario of San Juan del Monte and Santo Kristo and some of the century old churches which is a proof of the people's faith and being religious.

Other places visited were the Old City Hall which now part of the San Juan Medical Center, the old pipeline of the El Deposito, the Entertainment and Recreational Arena for the People, the shopping malls and some old houses that make up the now San Juan City.

The Old City Hall now part of San Juan Medical Center

Like mother like son, the instilled traits of a good leader and the heart in serving the public. Mayor Guia continues to take care of the city and her constituents as she took care of Sen JV, teaching and supporting him in life and in work. The r

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