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Sunday, February 26, 2023

Who Is the Mysterious Figure Behind the Bulletproof White Escalade That's Got Everyone Talking?

8:29:00 AM


Have you seen this enigmatic figure cruising around town in their bulletproof ride, seemingly above the law? Rumors are circulating that this prominent individual is using a white Escalade in his/her escapades but what's intriguing is that he/she uses the vehicle using a plate number 7, which is exclusively for government officials. He/she use this plate number to avoid the pesky rules and regulations of the road.

But what could be the reason for such  bold behavior? According to our 'bubwit' whisperer, allegedly this person may have many enemies, which could explain the use of the Escalade's special features and license plate. However, it's not just their need for protection that's raising eyebrows.

According to our 'bubwit' whisperer, there are also whispering about this Escalade owner's alleged involvement in environmental degradation, their questionable citizenship status, and their close ties to a certain politician. It's a mystery how this person can afford such a luxurious vehicle, considering they don't hold any political position that would warrant a special plate.

At around 10 million pesos, this Escalade is certainly in the same league as another well-known Filipino's ride, Manny Pacquiao. Could this be a case of keeping up with the Joneses, or is there more to this Escalade owner than meets the eye?

One thing's for sure, his/her brazen use of the bus lane on EDSA has put up a red angry emoticon on commuters and authorities. We'll probably have to keep our eyes peeled for more sightings of this enigmatic figure and his/her flashy ride.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

The Guessing Game Continues, Who is Mr. Silidonyo and His 2 Minions-The Collector and The Depositor?

10:46:00 PM

The guessing game continues. Would you know who is who in this guessing game? If yes, good for you, but better check it again if it's right, but if not, well, you can still continue reading to get more of the clues in our "kwento."

The first 100 days of the present administration are not yet over but it already comes with so much drama and politicking. One of which is this story from a source whisperer, that describes who is this "silid-dito-silid-doon-boss" and his two especially employed personalities in the field of business and politics.

Allegedly, according to the source whisperer, the collector is the one tasked with negotiating for the money to be collected for the so-called "Boss," the Government official. He or she ensures that the collected money will be delivered on time. While the other personality is the depositor who makes deposits to the bank account of the high-ranking official.

The alleged transaction, negotiation, and exchange of messages happened during the month of June and July this year, there were different conversations about the multi-million transaction or "subi" (cut collection) from a project that is supposed for the poor.

Here's the allege sample of the text messages of the collector, “ Request for P100M para inclusive ang mga cabinets, tables and chairs” at “Sa Friday may check release na si (taga-SUBI) .. pls make sure nalagyan ng P100M ni Boss yung account nya Ty.” This message is allegedly one of the exchanges of messages last June 7, a few weeks before former President Rodrigo Duterte steps down as President.

So, the so-called collector and depositor of this Government official a.k.a. Mr. Silidonyo is no ordinary person. They are a tandem, of a lawmaker and a businessman.

Allegedly, the said collector is tainted with a bad image because of its involvement in different scandals in the government which is why this personality is a sycophant in the present administration to get away from the cases and accusations.

According to the source whisperer, the amount collected by the so-called collector is Php100 million, which is only for the Government Official aka Mr. Silidonyo. It seems that Php100 million is the "trend" in this present administration.

The so-called depositor of the collection made by the collector is allegedly involved in a quarrel between a political family in one of the known cities in the National Capital Region.

The so-called collector is a lady solon from one of the provinces in the country and the so-called depositor is known for the side jobs or "raket" just like his initial.


But the main item in our guessing game is the alleged Government official.

Here's one of the clues. It was reported that this Government official is being investigated for a number of bank accounts under his name, not only in the Philippines but also abroad, by the Anti Money Laundering Council.

So, who do you think is this Mr. Silidonyo that comes with a collector and a depositor of the million pesos?

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Who is this 100 Million Man Blind Item Buzz in the Government?

7:11:00 AM


Are you familiar with the Six Million Dollar Man? Well, it is a TV show in the 70s. The series is about an astronaut injured due to a crash and operated to be like a cyborg. Thus, giving him superhuman strength, speed, and power, led him to battle evil.

Unfortunately, we're not going to talk about the series but the similar situation from a different perspective, a negative standpoint.

"100 Million Man" has been the talk in the news lately. A lot of news networks and anchors are talking about this man. Allegedly, an influential official in MalacaƱang is tarnishing Marcos Jr.'s administration with his deeds. If our Steve Austin in Six Million Dollar Man is doing a good deed, this alleged person is doing the opposite. He's using his influence by making money from the companies up to the positions in the government.

According to some buzz, this person known as El Kapitan of the administration is very close to the President. He's taking advantage of the situation.


What's intriguing about the person is that he asks for One Hundred Million Pesos (Ph100M) from people who want to have a position in the government, especially the so-called "juicy position" - these are the positions in government where you can get easy money.

Anyone who can provide the 100 million pesos El Kapitan will personally arrange the papers to get appointed to the preferred position.

What's worse with this El Kapitan or El Kupitan is that he does this even during the election, his modus operandi. Allegedly, all of the transactions with the business owners are the same. It starts with P100M and is even higher if the business owner is well off. All of them allegedly have the same stories.

Allegedly, there was also a story of a business owner who believed to be making his move to be noticed by PBBM by donating a sum of money, unfortunately, El Kupitan gave a bank account number registered to his name.


Now, this business owner doesn't have any idea if the donation reached to where it should given.

Aside from being coined as "Mr. 100 Million Man," El Kupitan was also given another name as "Silidonyo," it is describe as "silid dito, silid doon."

With this, people around PBBM are worried that this person might stain the image of the President and the whole administration.

According to the source, the clue is that Mr. 100 Million Man, aka El Kupitan is a Raketista with a R in his name. It's up to you to guess who it is.

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