Wednesday, July 10, 2019

5 Activities You Can Do and Enjoy Under The Rain

It's the rainy season! After PAGASA officially declared the end of summer and the beginning of the rainy season, storms and typhoons started to wet the lands. Thankfully, because our dams are way beyond its limit.

Speaking of the wet season, these are the days that we are confined to do things indoor. Activities outdoor are now limited and more of a chance. Still, there are many things to do indoor but if you like to get wet, well, most of us have been through that time of playing under the rain. The longer the rain, the longer we enjoy playing on wet grounds.

So, what are the possible activities you can enjoy under the rain? I list down the activities that I certainly love doing under the rain. I just hope that the list is somehow similar to yours.

1. If the people in the north part of the globe enjoys doing the snow angel, well, I certainly love doing it under the rain, the Rain (mud) Angel. Of course not on the rough ground but some place that is smooth sliding your arms and legs while the rain pours down on you.

2. Boat play, an improvised toy boat or a boat made of paper. If the rain is heavy the improvised toy boat or a toy boat will do the trick. Letting it rush down to the flow of the water caused by the heavy rain. What's more exciting is that you get to enjoy it with your siblings, relatives or friends - a boat race.

For the paper boat, I often do this when the rain nearly over or had stopped already. You can have the boat float around on a puddle of water or on flowing mini stream.

3. Water splash. Though it is already rain water splash is still prevalent in most of the kids. Who would love to do it with your siblings or friends. But of course it should be done when there's no dry person walking along the area.

4. Play tag under the rain. Yes, who says that you can only play tag on a sunny day. You can still enjoy and play tag on a wet floor, wet shirts and short, playing under the rain.

5. Dodge ball, is another game that you can enjoy under the rain. All you need is a ball, preferably the beach balls, so its does not hurt when it hits you.

All of these are suggested activities that you can do to have fun under the rain. Just make sure that your areas are clean and safe. So enjoy the rainy season.

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