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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

5 Activities You Can Do and Enjoy Under The Rain

1:39:00 PM

It's the rainy season! After PAGASA officially declared the end of summer and the beginning of the rainy season, storms and typhoons started to wet the lands. Thankfully, because our dams are way beyond its limit.

Speaking of the wet season, these are the days that we are confined to do things indoor. Activities outdoor are now limited and more of a chance. Still, there are many things to do indoor but if you like to get wet, well, most of us have been through that time of playing under the rain. The longer the rain, the longer we enjoy playing on wet grounds.

So, what are the possible activities you can enjoy under the rain? I list down the activities that I certainly love doing under the rain. I just hope that the list is somehow similar to yours.

1. If the people in the north part of the globe enjoys doing the snow angel, well, I certainly love doing it under the rain, the Rain (mud) Angel. Of course not on the rough ground but some place that is smooth sliding your arms and legs while the rain pours down on you.

2. Boat play, an improvised toy boat or a boat made of paper. If the rain is heavy the improvised toy boat or a toy boat will do the trick. Letting it rush down to the flow of the water caused by the heavy rain. What's more exciting is that you get to enjoy it with your siblings, relatives or friends - a boat race.

For the paper boat, I often do this when the rain nearly over or had stopped already. You can have the boat float around on a puddle of water or on flowing mini stream.

3. Water splash. Though it is already rain water splash is still prevalent in most of the kids. Who would love to do it with your siblings or friends. But of course it should be done when there's no dry person walking along the area.

4. Play tag under the rain. Yes, who says that you can only play tag on a sunny day. You can still enjoy and play tag on a wet floor, wet shirts and short, playing under the rain.

5. Dodge ball, is another game that you can enjoy under the rain. All you need is a ball, preferably the beach balls, so its does not hurt when it hits you.

All of these are suggested activities that you can do to have fun under the rain. Just make sure that your areas are clean and safe. So enjoy the rainy season.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Cream-O Flix Fest 2019 Let You Enjoy, Have Fun and Collect Happy Moments

5:26:00 PM

Summer is here once again and you already know that activities are just around the corner. This year, Jack 'n Jill creates and let you enjoy fun and happy moments with their Cream-O Flix Fest. I remember our first experience of the Cream-O Flix Fest, it was great moment together with the kids.

Now, as it celebrate its third year, Cream-O Flix Fest once again invites all Cream-Oholics to another exciting outdoor cinema experience. Themed “Collect Happiness”, Cream-O Flix Fest will celebrate a common love for movies, playing games, and eating their favorite chocolate cookies on April 6, 2019, at the Quezon Memorial Circle, from 3pm onwards. The event is free and open to the public.

A lineup of blockbuster movies presented by Cream-O awaits attendees in the outdoor movie marathon. Join the adventures of Marvel Comics’ mutants in X-Men Apocalypse; follow the comedic antics of beloved Po in Kung Fu Panda 3; and sing-along to the songs of The Greatest Showman.

Cream-O goes all-out in bringing next level fun to this unique one-of-a-kind event. Aside from the film showing, live music performances and raffle giveaways, there are activity booths that will surely make everyone’s experience more awesome and memorable. Take a photo with friends and family in the colorful Cream-O-OOTD booth, challenge your movie knowledge in the Cream-O Movie Combo, unleash your creativity in the Happiness Studio, and test your luck in the Pachink-O and Tic-Tac-O game.

Not to be missed is Cream-Ofied Creations, a crowd-favorite activity where everyone can customize their own Cream-O in four easy steps: (1) choose a Cream-O cookie variant, (2) dip it in chocolate, jam, or peanut butter (3) sprinkle your choice of toppings and (4) drizzle with your favorite kind of syrup.

Spread the excitement with your friends and family using #CreamOholics and #CreamOFlixFest2019 and get ready to collect happiness with your favorite Cream-O cookies. Follow Cream-O on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at “/creamoholicsph” for latest updates.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

NUVALI Once Again Lights Up Its Magical Field of Lights with Disney

1:15:00 AM

One of today's largest sustainable estate under Ayala Land, Nuvali, once again presents its annual immersive light and sound show in partnership with the Walt Disney Company Philippines. The fields will once again glisten with the beautiful lights and thumping beat of the sounds. Beginning this November 24, 2018 the gates of Nuvali football field, also known as The Fields, beside Ayala Malls Solenad will open its doors to expectators as they begin the show, which will run every 30 minutes from 6:00PM to 10:00PM.

As they celebrate its 3rd year, Nuvali's holiday light and sound spectacle has been titled as "Reimagine the Magic: A Festival of Lights."  Visitors from different parts of the region will definitely enjoy well-loved Disney tunes as a field of 5,000 LED bulbs light up like an enchanted field of tulips. Aside from the musical of laser lights, the crowd favorite 50-meter light tunnel makes a return. Guests will also be enchanted by a number of Disney installations.

For this year's magical field of lights will have a different take as the show will support a cause. This is going to be a fundraising for the Hero Foundation which supports the families of fallen soldiers. Part of the Php50.00 fees will be donated to the foundation. As a way of thanking donors, each donation will include a fast past access to the show, a spot in the bleacher sets and Disney-themed bottled water. For interested guests you may register and pay online or inside the venue itself.

According to Mr. John Estacio, Nuvali General Manager, "We've had guests coming from Metro Manila and from neighboring provinces such as Batangas, Cavite and Laguna. Our intent is to bring Ayala Land's Christmas tradition to the communities south of Metro Manila." He also added that aside from spreading the yuletide cheer this season, the show presents its emphasis on the natural beauty of Nuvali by getting inspiration from nature as seen with the tulips and Anahaw-like light installations.

Some of the sound track that will be played are "When You Wish Upon A Star," "Beauty and the Beast," and "Let It Go".

"Reimagine the Magic: A Festival of Lights" will run in Nuvali until January 13, 2019. the show is staged in partnership with Mastercard, HSBC, Sunlife Financial and Globe Telecom.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

SMDC Run Invites Interested Runners in this Momentous Event Which will happin shinThis February 25, 2018

12:43:00 AM

Hear yea.... Hear yea! Calling all runners! You are all invited to participate in SMDC Run this coming Feb 25, 2018. You can join from any of the categories - 5K / 10K / 21K.

This coming February 25, 2018, we’ll be holding the SMDC Run at SM Mall of Asia. Register online now at: or you may also register in-store at the following Chris Sports Outlets: - Megamall - North Edsa - Market Market - SM BF Sucat - SM Mall if Asia - Glorietta Race kits are available upon registration.

Register now before slots run out!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Game of Drones 1st flight at Circulo Verde

10:14:00 PM

If you've heard the phrase "toys for the big boys", well, this one is truly for the big boys. Not only that this is played by grown ups, but also maintaining it is costly. This is not your typical toys in the toy shop. What's more interesting is how it was developed and made into a sports out of being a hobby. The birth of an exquisite adult sports entertainment.

Who would have thought that the idea would be materialized and become the first drone flying sports. Thus, giving to the birth of Game of Drones which showcased its first flight at Circulo Verde.

We all know that Circulo Verde just launched its first signature pump track and bike playground here in the Philippines. And with that area great for outdoor activities, the revitalized industry player introduced yet another signature event which captured the imagination of millennials and kids of all ages. Everyone present at Circulo Verde looked skyward and witnessed a spectacle of lights and drone feats- The grandest yet - Game of Drones 1st Flight.

Circulo Verde, Ortigas & Co.'s 10 hectare master planned mixed use community in Quezon city was set aglow with the spectacular sight of drones flipping in the air. After dusk, the place was ablaze with lights coming from the lit tracks where the quadcopters coursed through,prompting spectators to squeal in delight & excitement.

Circulo Verde oferred the perfect venue for Game of Drones 1st Flight where drone professionals, hobbyists & amateurs had the whole day for themselves to race - and learn a few tricks using the remote-controlled aircrafts.

The games were open to two drone categories: the Spec Class or Beginners for pilots using a quadcopter with 35 LiPo and 5" diameter props and Open Class or Advance for pilots with quadcopters that weighed a maximum of 50 lbs. The Game Arena was divided into several areas with different races for drone controllers, namely Time Trial, Drone Sprint, Rotocross, and Drone Photography.

But Game of Drones was not exclusively for drone enthusiasts. The country's biggest and grandest drone spectacle also enticed families and friends to bond over raffles and other activities while served with first-class entertainment throughout the jampacked one-day event. Everyone from kids and teens to adults also took advantage of food booths and other stalls that sold sports apparel from sponsors and concessionaires.

It was definitely air supremacy ablaze as everyone enjoyed the spectacle leaving a collective question which begged to be answered: What will Ortigas & Co. offer next?

Event : Game of Drones

Monday, March 27, 2017

#CreamOFlixFest Made an Awesome Day for CreamOholic Fans for a Fun Outdoor Movie Marathon

4:27:00 AM

One of the best thing to enjoy in life is being with your loved ones in a fun outdoor activities and Cream-O made sure that to happen. CreamOholic fans gathered in Quezon City Memorial Circle to enjoy an outdoor movie marathon prepared by Cream-O.
When was the last time you and your family had an outdoor activity like this? Well, perhaps this is the first time, though for some it is not but still it is something to cherish when you're with your family or friends.

The Cream-O Flix Fest put up an interesting selection of movie that surely kept everyone on their seats, err place. Anyway the movies that were shown are more of a family thing. A movie for the kids which is the "Minions", then for the teens which is the "Pitch Perfect 1", and lastly which I personally love is the "50 First Dates".

Of course aside from the movies Cream-O made sure that there are treats for everyone that is why CreamOholics were given a chance to have their own personalized cookies in the "Cream-Ofied Creations" booth. So what was the Cream-Ofied Creations booth all about? Well it is one of booth present in event that let Creamoholics jazz-up their well-loved cookies in four easy steps: choose, dip, sprinkle, and drizzle. First, they chose their favorite Cream-O Variant (Vanilla, Choco Fudge, Deluxe, Crinkles, Chocolate Chip, Cookies 'n Cram and Choco 'n Berries and dipped it in rich chocolate (milk, dark or white), peanut butter or whipped cream. They added extra color, texture and flavor to their creations with a wide variety of toppings, and even drizzled onsome delicious chocolate, caramel or strawberry syrup.

Aside from the flicks, guests participated in other fun activities, such as the "Unlock the Popcorn Stash" and "Guess the Movie" trivia game. They also captured moments and personalized their images through the "I Love Cream-O" photo booth. Furthering the excitement were live acoustic band performances and raffle draws, where lucky winners won Fujifilm Instax mini cameras and Robinsons Gift Certificates.
Since my wife and I didn't bring along the kids, Cream-O made sure that we will be spending more time with as they gave a treat that our kids will surely love. Viola....

I'm sure more movie nights will be spent with the treats.

Get the latest from Cream-O facebook, twitter and Instagram at "creamoholicsph". Join the conversation online by using the hashtags: #HappinessofCreamOholics and #CreamOFlixFest. Enjoy!

Event : Cream-O Flix Fest
Facebook :
Instagram : @creamoholicsph
Twitter : @creamoholicsph

Monday, November 21, 2016

A Weekend of Sweat, Dirt and Thirst at Nuvali's Camp N Incubator Trail and Bike Hub for Beginners and Intermediate Bikers

10:38:00 PM

It's a weekend of dirt, sweat and thirst. This is what I have in mind when I received the invitation. It was something to get excited about since I like biking and I love outdoor activities. It has been quite some time since I had my last biking activity. Don't have any bike, yet, but I really enjoy biking. The sweat and the thirst is normal but the experience and the view is something that you'll definitely would have to treasure.

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