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Friday, September 21, 2018

39 Reasons

5:20:00 AM

Posted this already on my Daddy Yashiro's Journal Blog and am posting it here as well to share my reasons to be thankful and be happy.

These are my 39 reasons that I'm sharing to everyone. I pray that you too may have plenty of reasons to enjoy life, be thankful and be happy.
  1. I am alive every day.
  2. A great family that loves nd supports me.
  3. A loving wife.
  4. Hyper and lovable kids.
  5. A number of friends that helps when your in trouble.
  6. A house to live at.
  7. Food on our table.
  8. God-given talents.
  9. Skills to use.
  10. A brain to think when it is needed.
  11. A pair of hands for fixing things.
  12. A busy feet to bring to places.
  13. A loving parents that always there to remind me.
  14. A sister that sometimes quarrel me but still loves me.
  15. Relatives that I can count on.
  16. A community where I grew up.
  17. A mix of neighbors.
  18. A church to go to and express my faith.
  19. Churchmates that continuously pray for you.
  20. A voice to express and sing.
  21. Organizations that helped me in my growth.
  22. Ninongs and Ninangs that supports our family.
  23. SAVE ME for teaching me more the value of life.
  24. Ninong Edwin for being a teacher, adviser, friend, and a second father.
  25. Orgmates that became friends.
  26. The experiences gained in travelling with SAVE ME and blogger friends.
  27. Past and Present colleagues.
  28. The different institutions that gave opportunities for me to finish school.
  29. The teacher who have molded me during my learning stage.
  30. Online friends, who are not around but helped in prayers and monetary in times we badly needed.
  31. For life experiences.
  32. For the technology and gadgets that we have.
  33. For my long hair that my wife wants to cut. (feeling Samson)
  34. For my eyes that appreciates beauty.
  35. For my heart that continuously beats and love the woman I adored two decades ago.
  36. For my pair of ears that listen.
  37. For my nose and mouth that enjoys the scent and taste of foods.
  38. For everything that will come.
  39. For my life and a thousand more reasons.
Thankful for everything. Sometimes it may not as we wanted but have its reasons. Always remember God is good.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Perfect Match | Is There Any?

9:48:00 PM

It seems that people are trying to search for their perfect match. Some of them tried different approaches in looking for that right match. Some ends up with the right one and some ends up continuously looking. In reality, looking for that right match is hard but of course you'll find it eventually at the right moment and at the right time.

Just saw this ad from one of the insurance company in the Philippines right now, Sunlife, and their tag line for this June is "Find Your Perfect Match" and since according to them June is the Financial Independence Month. So, have you found or met your perfect match?

Actually there's a saying that 'nobody is perfect', indeed it is true but most of us are striving to be perfect by having our life planned out. And that's where financial planners or advisors comes in. They give us options on what we are ought to do with our lives. Of course it helps out because you'll have someone to ask or inquire of what you must do.

Sunlife is just one of the companies that provides that option and it is up to us whether we believe in their promise or we'll just pass it by. No one dictates us but we are not getting younger and preparing for the future is just a must.

So, whatever insurance companies your planning to go with just make sure that you're wholeheartedly ready and prepared to decide. What is important is your future, our future, and most importantly your family's future.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Kwento Ni Toto Youtube Channel, No More Photo Only Now More Real and In Action

7:05:00 AM

We have been posting videos of interviews, events, and coverage of different products, personalities and outdoor activities through our Youtube Channel which is the Kwento Ni Toto Channel. We've noticed that we need to make a change and upgrade more of what we are doing with our blog and channel.

So to even make it more personal starting from this video that we've posted we will be having more faces of Toto whenever we're telling a story. Where we've been, who we've interviewed and a whole lot more of our face and voice. So no more pictures of Toto during introduction of the video. We will be turning this channel more into a VLOG channel. Becoming more of a YOUTUBER.

This will be hard for me because I'm more of an offcam kind of person but because of my will to overcome shyness and develop more of my on cam personality I'll be practicing more. So bear with me and be gentle.

For those who have been our followers for quite sometime thank you for having my channel present in your desktop, laptop or other mobile devices. A big thank you!

Since this is our start of going real and 4D I am happy to share that I'll be doing something interesting in the days to come. So better stay tune with my channel and watch out for the big announcement.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Coca-Cola's Thank You Ad

12:38:00 PM

It's very seldom now that we at Kwento Ni Toto shares something as heartwarming as this video ad created by Coca-Cola. The ad clearly shows that we thanked most of the people around us that make our lives happy everyday but none of us seems to know that person... and it is true. With this ad it enlightens everyone to at least try to know the name of that person. To them, being recognized by their names is a priceless joy.

Though for some this is thought as a staged documentary style ad, still this is an eye-opener for everyone and it is a heartwarming ad. Let us all continue to thank those people around us. After all we are all humans.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Verification Time

10:52:00 PM
Just got something today that will help me verify that I know this blog. And for that I am creating this post just to have them verify that I placed their code and created this new blog post for their reference and checking. Kwento Ni Toto will be having something different in coming days so better stay tuned to this blog and read more for surprises and many things to come. Let's all celebrate life! Life is GREAT!

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