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Friday, April 17, 2020

100 Reasons To Be Thankful To The Lord

7:14:00 PM

I just watched one of the episodes of Magandang Buhay, and one of its guests is Brother Bo Sanchez. For sure, you know who is, and probably, he somehow touched your life one way or another. One story that inspires me, aside from him being a preacher, is his story of how he helped his "kasambahay" or house helper to save money and even taught them to invest in stocks.

This morning's episode of Magandang Buhay shares an inspiring thought about our current situation today. Yes, we are all in the pandemic crisis, and with the lockdown/quarantine period, we are all instructed to stay at home. It brings fear and worries to all of us. It brings us to a situation that will make us worse mentally and emotionally. But the good news is that there are many reasons for us to be grateful. And gratefulness overcomes fear.

As per Brother Bo, we can start writing down our top 100 reasons to be grateful in life to keep our worries away.
  • Lord, thank You for the gift of life.
  • Thank You for my eyes because I can see the beauty in your creations.
  • Thank You for my ears because I can hear your heavenly music.
  • Thank You for my nose, it may not be as pointed as the magazine models, but it let me breathe air every day.
  • Thank You for my tongue because I can taste my wife's cooking.
  • Thank You for my wife, the love of my life.
  • Thank You for my kids, even though they sometimes rumble they still give meaning for me being a father.
  • Thank You for continuously making us healthy.
  • Thank You for the small house that shelters us.
  • Thank You for my hands that let me create things.
  • Thank You for my feet that let me walk miles away.
  • Thank You for the sun that tans our skins
  • Thank You for the air we breathe.
  • Thank You for the trees that give us shades and oxygen.
  • Thank You for the animals that help protect the planet.
  • Thank You for Mother Earth, our planet.
  • Thank You for the food that gives us nourishment.
  • Thank You for the fruits that we always enjoy.
  • Thank You for the plants that surround our house and gives us fresh air.
  • Thank You for the butterflies that fly around our mini garden.
  • Thank You for the birds that continuously chirps in the morning.
  • Thank You for the knowledge that helps us understand things.
  • Thank You for my parents that continuously guide us in life.
  • Thank You for the soil where our plants grow.
  • Thank You for the herbs and medicinal plants that help us when we are sick.
  • Thank you for the time to do a lot of things.
  • Thank You for the moon that lights our evening when we are out.
  • Thank You for the stars that make us enjoy the view during the night sky.
  • Thank You for my sister, who loves me.
  • Thank You for my adorable niece and nephews.
  • Thank You for letting me know about the bible.
  • Thank You for the church, where we go every Sunday.
  • Thank You for teaching us to love.
  • Thank You for your love and compassion.
  • Thank You for your Son, who gave His life for our sins.
  • Thank You for continuously loving us even though we always forget to honor and praise You.
  • Thank You for friends, who always there when you need them.
  • Thank You for the technology that let us learn more.
  • Thank You for the music that we always sing when we are in a bad mood.
  • Thank You for the composers who created great songs to enjoy.
  • Thank You for the artists who created a masterpiece for people like us to enjoy.
  • Thank You for my in-laws who are there when to cheer us up and when we need help.
  • Thank You for the Blogger friends who help us find opportunities.
  • Thank You for the people who invented the medicines.
  • Thank You for the neighbors.
  • Thank You for the help of others.
  • Thank You for relief that we received recently,
  • Thank You for the people who work even though there's a pandemic crisis.
  • Thank You for the government officials who work diligently.
  • Thank You for the frontliners who provide their services.
  • Thank You for the cops who are there to protect the people in times of trouble.
  • Thank You for movies that let us all laugh and cry during the times that we are at low.
  • Thank You for comedians who make us laugh, especially when we are sad.
  • Thank You for the stories that let us give us teachings about life.
  • Thank You for my heart that finds love in everyone.
  • Thank You for my stomach that grinds and breaks down nutrients for my body.
  • Thank You for every organ in my body.
  • Thank You for my brain that even though I'm not as intelligent as the others, You still let me know things.
  • Thank You for our time to sleep.
  • Thank You for the time of others, who doesn't complain when you need them.
  • Thank You for the different kinds of food.
  • Thank You for the experiences.
  • Thank You for the joy.
  • Thank You for the laughter.
  • Thank You for the emotions.
  • Thank You for the soul.
  • Thank You for the happy memories.
  • Thank You for the childhood friends.
  • Thank You for the toys.
  • Thank You for the fun facts about our life.
  • Thank You for the simple things in life.
  • Thank You for the love notes from our loved ones.
  • Thank You for the water that hydrates our body.
  • Thank You for the sea.
  • Thank You for the beach.
  • Thank You for the sea creatures.
  • Thank You for the different kinds of seafood.
  • Thank You for the Tree of Life.
  • Thank You for letting me experience the farm life.
  • Thank You for letting me immerse with people in rural areas.
  • Thank You for my mentors.
  • Thank You for my godfathers and godmothers.
  • Thank You for my adopted families in different regions.
  • Thank You for the mountain where we once stayed.
  • Thank You for the river, where I first learn to swim.
  • Thank You for letting have the experience to go to different
  • Thank You for pointing me in the right direction.
  • Thank You for letting me sing.
  • Thank You for letting me learn to play instruments.
  • Thank You for showing me the beauty of life.
  • Thank You for letting me feel the sad and happy moments of love.
  • Thank You for giving me my better half.
  • Thank You for letting me learn the different kinds of work.
  • Thank You for keeping us safe.
  • Thank You for letting me take this journey.
  • Thank You for Your Words.
  • Thank You for the Holy Spirit.
  • Thank You for salvation.
  • Thank You for keeping us as your flock.
  • Thank You, o Lord, for everything!

Friday, September 21, 2018

39 Reasons

5:20:00 AM

Posted this already on my Daddy Yashiro's Journal Blog and am posting it here as well to share my reasons to be thankful and be happy.

These are my 39 reasons that I'm sharing to everyone. I pray that you too may have plenty of reasons to enjoy life, be thankful and be happy.
  1. I am alive every day.
  2. A great family that loves nd supports me.
  3. A loving wife.
  4. Hyper and lovable kids.
  5. A number of friends that helps when your in trouble.
  6. A house to live at.
  7. Food on our table.
  8. God-given talents.
  9. Skills to use.
  10. A brain to think when it is needed.
  11. A pair of hands for fixing things.
  12. A busy feet to bring to places.
  13. A loving parents that always there to remind me.
  14. A sister that sometimes quarrel me but still loves me.
  15. Relatives that I can count on.
  16. A community where I grew up.
  17. A mix of neighbors.
  18. A church to go to and express my faith.
  19. Churchmates that continuously pray for you.
  20. A voice to express and sing.
  21. Organizations that helped me in my growth.
  22. Ninongs and Ninangs that supports our family.
  23. SAVE ME for teaching me more the value of life.
  24. Ninong Edwin for being a teacher, adviser, friend, and a second father.
  25. Orgmates that became friends.
  26. The experiences gained in travelling with SAVE ME and blogger friends.
  27. Past and Present colleagues.
  28. The different institutions that gave opportunities for me to finish school.
  29. The teacher who have molded me during my learning stage.
  30. Online friends, who are not around but helped in prayers and monetary in times we badly needed.
  31. For life experiences.
  32. For the technology and gadgets that we have.
  33. For my long hair that my wife wants to cut. (feeling Samson)
  34. For my eyes that appreciates beauty.
  35. For my heart that continuously beats and love the woman I adored two decades ago.
  36. For my pair of ears that listen.
  37. For my nose and mouth that enjoys the scent and taste of foods.
  38. For everything that will come.
  39. For my life and a thousand more reasons.
Thankful for everything. Sometimes it may not as we wanted but have its reasons. Always remember God is good.

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