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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Perfect Match | Is There Any?

9:48:00 PM

It seems that people are trying to search for their perfect match. Some of them tried different approaches in looking for that right match. Some ends up with the right one and some ends up continuously looking. In reality, looking for that right match is hard but of course you'll find it eventually at the right moment and at the right time.

Just saw this ad from one of the insurance company in the Philippines right now, Sunlife, and their tag line for this June is "Find Your Perfect Match" and since according to them June is the Financial Independence Month. So, have you found or met your perfect match?

Actually there's a saying that 'nobody is perfect', indeed it is true but most of us are striving to be perfect by having our life planned out. And that's where financial planners or advisors comes in. They give us options on what we are ought to do with our lives. Of course it helps out because you'll have someone to ask or inquire of what you must do.

Sunlife is just one of the companies that provides that option and it is up to us whether we believe in their promise or we'll just pass it by. No one dictates us but we are not getting younger and preparing for the future is just a must.

So, whatever insurance companies your planning to go with just make sure that you're wholeheartedly ready and prepared to decide. What is important is your future, our future, and most importantly your family's future.

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