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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

3 Things You Need to Know About Expenses, Mortgages, Loans, and Insurances

12:19:00 AM


We all came to this world bearing nothing but our skins. The only difference is the status of our family in this world. As for me, I live with simple things in life. During my toddler years, there are no disposable diapers, only the washable cloth ones. In other words, we live a simple life.

Even though life is simple still, part of our lives is complicated. An aspect that requires responsibility just like the line in Spiderman, "great power comes with great responsibility." It is indeed true, but I prefer to say that "life comes with great responsibility."

Well-off or miserable, we all need to be responsible for how we experience our lives. I remember my younger days adulting is not even a term to use but more of maturity. If you're responsible, you are becoming mature. Now, adulting is a term being used to identify your maturity.

Speaking of adulting, this comes with different responsibilities in life. One of the main aspects of being an adult is financial planning. If you know how to plan your finances, you'll eventually live your life to the fullest. With this, there are plenty of personalities who talk about planning your life and your finances. One of the well-known inspirational speakers and advocates of financial literacy is Bro. Bo Sanchez. Bo Sanchez has written several books that not only inspire but also teach about life and money. There's also Chinkee Tan, who teaches about finances also.

Life or adulting is more about expenses and a bit of fun and leisure. I remember when I was working in the corporate world, I always see deductions from my paycheck. But what's more interesting is the monthly expenses that need to be addressed, like bills, mortgages, loans, insurances, and other expenditures that can uplift your life.

Since adulting is real, I'll be sharing some of the points that I somehow understand. I'm not here to describe the details about expenses, mortgages, loans, and insurances, but the mere facts about it.

  • Expenses, Mortgages, Loans, and Insurances are not considered as expenses but as your investment. Well, for me, I thought of these as actually my investment in life. We spend money because we want to live, and having our monthly groceries is actually nourishing the body. As for the Mortgages and Insurances, we are just assuring ourselves about our future.
  • The expenses, mortgages, loans, and insurances help you understand life and its purpose. It's not always about the money but its value. That is why it is significant to learn how to compute them and calculate the money you have to pay for these expenses. Though there are available ready computations on the internet, you still need to find the right one that matches your need. As for me, I find practical for all my financial calculations.
  • Expenses, mortgages, loans, and insurances are to consider as experiences. As for me, I remember the times that I have to provide an amount to pay for the expenses. These are encounters in our life that teaches us to cope with the hardship of life.

These are simply guides that you can adapt and learn about adulting. Or ignore it if you want, but what's important is that you have read it. Hopefully, you learned something from it.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Hallmark Giving Life and Inspiration from Then Till Now

3:37:00 PM

I think and as I remembered almost every occasions you'll find people browsing through the pile of greetings cards in one of the stands in every bookstore or even the department store. Looking for some greetings that will match to what we want to say to our special someone.

Now that almost every greetings are digitally created and delivered easily I find it less attachment. I still like the physical thing with the appreciation part.

Hallmark one of the leading provider of greeting cards, and of which has been part of our every celebration and of course spreading the most precious messages of love and cheer, most specially brought smiles even through the darkest times of their lives shares some good news.

For 23 years, Filstar Distributors Corporation (FDC), the country’s exclusive licensee of Hallmark USA together with the Leukemic Indigents Fund Endowment (L.I.F.E.) Foundation created a charitable project called “Hallmark for L.I.F.E.” to help alleviate the condition of indigent children with Leukemia.

Every year, Hallmark collaborates with top local artists in creating special limited edition L.I.F.E. products such as greeting cards, gift wrappers, bags, and other giftable items where a portion from the sales of these products go straight to the foundation.

L-R Jose Martin Ramos Licauco, Management Trainee, Filstar Distributors Corporation, Mia Christina Licauco Alindogan, Vice President, Filstar Distributors Corporation, Carmela Gozon, Corporate Secretary, LIFE Foundation, Katrina M. Yatco, Business Co - Chair, LIFE Foundation, Winfred Huang, President, LIFE Foundation, Gabriel A. Felix, Treasurer, LIFE Foundation, Nanette M. Garcia, Assistant Vice President - Sales, Filstar Distributors Corporation
This holiday season, FDC will donate to the Foundation a portion from the sales of all Christmas products of Hallmark including the 2018 L.I.F.E. Christmas card collection

Hallmark for L.I.F.E. sparks hope back into the lives of less fortunate children and helps them in their fight against leukemia. Since its inception in 1995, this charitable project has eased the burden of families experiencing the ordeal of both disease and poverty. L-R Carmela Gozon, Corporate Secretary, LIFE Foundation, Winfred Huang, President, LIFE Foundation, Mia Christina Licauco Alindogan, Vice President, Filstar Distributors Corporation, Nanette M. Garcia, Assistant Vice President - Sales, Filstar Distributors Corporation

To formally launch Hallmark for L.I.F.E, an event was held last October 31 at the Ayala Malls 30th Cinema 1. It was attended by the Hallmark for L.I.F.E team and some of the kids of the foundation. Through this, the people behind Hallmark and L.I.F.E. Foundation hope to help uplift the spirits of the kids, put a smile on their faces, and give them the encouragement and support that they need.

Christmas is a time for families and loved ones to come together and celebrate the holidays. This season, may we be reminded of the spirit of giving—that even in the littlest ways, we make a conscious effort to support good causes. Because to someone, a gift is just a gift, and a greeting card is simply that, but to someone else, your purchase gives them more: hope, joy, and the best present you could possibly give, another chance at life.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

4 Ways to Relearn Life from the Movie Book Club

6:43:00 AM

Just one of the phrases that I haven't heard since I graduated from college, the Book Club. It may sound oldie and alien to most millennials today but hey there are people who loves books. There are just things that you cannot easily define and give meaning, especially that certain feeling of flipping the pages of that perfectly bind books.

The movie is your typical story of people who grew old pursuing their careers and taking on paths that lead them to what they are at present. Happy? Yes. Contented? Perhaps. But there is still that point in life that there is something missing.

Careers, achievements, and titles are all measurements of success... tangibly. But the measurement of happiness?

All of these took a sudden turn when they started reading one of the most controversial book. The took of the town when it was published and even more when it was bring to life on the big screen. The story of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey.

The movie Book Club let you remember, reminisce and look back to see what life has been with you. The risk of letting yourself indulge in an adventure of your life seeking happiness.

There are four (4) ways to relearn life based on the stories of the four characters in the movie, Diane (Diane Keaton), Vivian (Jane Fonda), Sharon (Candice Bergen), and Carol (Mary Steenbergen).  Or should I say what I saw in the movie.Take note that these actresses are veterans.

In Diane's story - Take the risk and be adventurous on your life's next chapter. 

In Vivian's story - Sometimes it only takes a spark to lit up that forgotten feeling. 

In Sharon's story - If the opportunity of love closes don't put a lock on it.

In Carol's story - Don't push it. Life has its own course of time.

Like what they say "the next chapter is always the best chapter"!

Producer :
Genre : Grown Up Comedy
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Coca-Cola's Thank You Ad

12:38:00 PM

It's very seldom now that we at Kwento Ni Toto shares something as heartwarming as this video ad created by Coca-Cola. The ad clearly shows that we thanked most of the people around us that make our lives happy everyday but none of us seems to know that person... and it is true. With this ad it enlightens everyone to at least try to know the name of that person. To them, being recognized by their names is a priceless joy.

Though for some this is thought as a staged documentary style ad, still this is an eye-opener for everyone and it is a heartwarming ad. Let us all continue to thank those people around us. After all we are all humans.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Buzz About Yahoo! She, Uncircumcised are Better Partner

10:13:00 PM
I believed that the new section of Yahoo! Philippines, the Yahoo! She was launched during the Women's Day and with that span of time it was already making a buzz, especially with one of its article "Women Have Better Sex With An Uncircumcised Partner".  Hmm...

I got curious about this topic this morning when people from Yahoo! Philippines visited the studio of Jam 88.3. It was a short discussion and introduction about the newest section of Yahoo! but made a big question mark on all Filipino men.

The basis of the article where taken from the recent study conducted by the International Journal of Epidemiology last January 2012.  It shows that both men and women have more sexual satisfaction when the male partner is uncircumcised.  The article also disclosed that in the world only 30% of male population are circumcised.  It is also added that in the Philippines 93% of the males have gone through the ritual of circumcision.

In my opinion, circumcision were already introduced way back in history and I don't think that it is a barbaric act, even the bible requires it so.  I think it is much cleaner.  Another thing, when it comes to pleasure and satisfaction perhaps both partners can achieve that goal if they are more open to each other and knows what exactly they want.  It's just a matter of communication and body language.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fun Hearty Info this Valentine

5:03:00 PM

Since today is Valentine's Day, I have read, collated and gathered some hearty informations for everyone.  Enjoy reading and I hope you'll get some few learnings about the heart.

  • Your left lung is smaller than your right one to make room in your chest cavity for your heart.
  • Women’s hearts beat faster than male hearts.
  • The human heart begins to beat as early as four weeks after conception. Scientists believe that by eight weeks, when the embryo is only an inch long, the heart is fully developed.
  • The heart weighs less than one pound. The average weight for women is eight ounces and for men, 10 ounces.
  • The word heart, meaning soul or feeling, is termed cor in Latin.
  • Electricity going through your heart makes the muscle cells contract.
  • An estimated one billion Valentine cards are sent each year.
  • 85% of all Valentine cards are sent by women.
  • Cupid in Roman Mythology is the god of desire, affection and erotic love. He is the son of the goddess Venus.
source 1
source 2

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Experiencing the Race for Life

9:00:00 PM

My 2nd run after the unanticipated first official run in Quezon Province.  I think I'll be starting my running enthusiasm again.  Though this event is annually celebrated, this is my very first time to join the Race for Life event.  Thanks to Chris Sports for having us join this running event.

For some reason or perhaps due to the physical fitness program of the office where I'm working with some of my officemates were there also at the event.  At first I didn't know that the running event they are joining was the Race for Life.  Most of my co-workers are surprised that I was there and they've thought that I joined the run through my own means.   For the record since it was the fitness program of the company most of the employees who will join are covered by the office.  Well, good for those who truly and did run.  For me, I was delighted because Chris Sports were gracious enough to include me in the running event through the great effort of Jeman and Ms. Arlene.  Thanks to those wonderful people!

Waking up and traveling early dawn was something that I have missed.  It's been rare that I do travel at a very early dawn.  So for this specific day it was really an effort.  Aside from the venue is totally far away from my place, I'm not sure and familiar also with the transportation schedule, especially at early dawn.

I got to the place, relaxed and was able to met some familiar face whom I have not met for quite some time.  Also I took time to chat with some of the bloggers and my officemates as well.  Few minutes before the run I prepared myself with the notion of breaking my first 35 minute run.

Bang!  The signal for the 10k run echoed, afterwards 5k runners were called to the starting line.   I was still waiting for Ms. Arlene for the shirt when suddenly another bang boomed and people from the starting line commenced with the run.  Since I'm on the moved to break my record I hurriedly join the runners and run.

The path was flat, no uphill and downhill, and good that I was running on shoes this time.  So basically I got the advantage of break my 35 minute run.  I did get to the half mark and got the loop tag as proof that I did get to the first half of the race track.  Though I was running as much as I can there were times that my stomach weren't cooperating, causing some gastric reactions that hinders me from running more and slowing me down.  I feel bad about it.  A few more minutes and I'm near the finish line.  Looking at the clock... I got disappointed with the time.  It's 42 minutes!  Way too slow compared to my previous run.

Though disappointed I still get a relief that I was able to finish the run.  Lesson learned don't do anything foolish a day or night before the run it will really cause you problem.  Perhaps next time I need to prepare more.  I just hope to get a time to join more running events.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Real LIFE Foundation: Putting the Fun Back In Run

1:40:00 PM
Many people are now getting into running, not just into loosing weight and getting fit but also getting the fun out of it. Running alone does not really give you motivation and the boost to go run for more and finish what is intended to finish.

I have been running on my own during my bachelor days but I never had a chance to join any running event. My supposedly 1st time to join the running event was hindered by the typhoon before. Maybe it meant to happen.

My recent run was unprepared. Very much unprepared because I run with only a Sandugo Sandals and take note I run 5K (watch out for the upcoming post about BonPen Festival). It was really an unusual experience. I was able to finish the run in 35 minutes which is not bad for a runner on sandals.

On November 12, 2011 I will be joining the Race for LIFE 2011 which was organized by Real Life Foundation to support their educational advocacy. I just hope and pray that I will be able to wake up early and be there at the venue ahead of time.

There will be a 3K, 5K and 10K race and also an “Amazing Race” Big and Small team category wherein one adult and one chile (5-10 years old) will run, skip, hop and much more to the finish line. If you have not registered yet, it is still available at the following
  • Chris Sports (SM Megamall)
  • Nike Park (Bonifacio High Street branch), and
  • G/F Bookstore Every Nation Bldg., 32nd St. cor. University Pkwy, Bonifacio Global City

Here are some important details to take note:
  • Starting point: Grounds in front of Every Nation Building (32nd St. cor. University Pkwy, Bonifacio Global City).
  • 10km race kicks off at 6 AM
  • 5km, 3km, and Amazing Race “Big & Small” races start from 6:15 AM onwards
  • Registration available in Nike Park Bonifacio High Street branch & Chris Sports Megamall branch during regular store hours and at the G/F Bookstore of the Every Nation Building in The Fort from Tuesday-Friday, 1pm-5pm.
  • Registration is P500 for 3K; P600 for 5K; P700 for the 10K category; and P800 for Big & Small Team of 2, which includes race kit, finisher t-shirt, and a donation to Real LIFE Foundation.
  • Late registration fee: P1,000 (All registrations on race day, Nov. 12).
Route maps

Of course there are also prizes and other giveaways!

Real LIFE Foundation is an educational advocacy organization dedicated to serving the poor and empowering their dreams through education, mentoring, and community service.

Their vision is to transform lives, families, and communities through hope and education. Their programs are

LIFE Scholarships | Educational Assistance – education assistance program provides financial support to marginalized but deserving high school and college students.

LIFE Coaching | Character Development – personal growth program for the underprivileged youth of the Philippines provides training in practical skills and character development.

LIFE Line | community Service – collaborating with other innovative non-profit organizations, this program provides effective holistic community development and emergency relief for people in distress.

Change a LIFE, Change a nation.

For more details visit

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