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Friday, March 5, 2021

A Brief Information About This So-called Snus

11:56:00 PM


How many of you have grown and lived with your grandparents? Most especially with old folks who live in the rural areas with big barns and farms? Well, good for us! I once stayed with my grandparents during my first year in grade school. The good thing about living with them, they let us see and learn the ways of life in the province.

Of course, there are pros and cons about living with our grandparents. Some are great, and there are some that we can only relate to after we get to the right age. Like now! Yes, the one I'm referring to is that distinct scent with them. Well, I can't differentiate it before whether it is good or bad, not until now. Yes, that scent is probably the only habit that they have. They consider it as part of their life. I'm talking about the cigar.

What's with history?

So, how many of you have seen your grandparents with a cigar? Most especially when they hug? Anyway, we're not going to talk about our grandparents but about the habit that they have. As I can recall during my history class, this kind of plant has been around for more than 2,000 years ago. So, it is ancient already. During that time, this type of plant is being used during the medicinal ceremony to cure toothaches, dressing for wounds, and anesthesia to reduce pain. In the 1500s, when Christopher Columbus discovered America, tobacco was given to him as a gift by the Native Americans.

Tobacco's look at the present day

Tobacco has been part of the world's industry. And it doesn't mean that we should tolerate the use, and I think we are not exempted from its effect, especially if everyone is irresponsibly taking it and blowing it off in public.

In Sweden, since tobacco has been part of their ways, they got this called the Snus. It is their process of preserving tobacco. Their way of life, according to them, this so-called Snus has somehow helped lower rates of people lighting and burning tobacco products.

Snus and its use

According to what I have read, it is a good alternative, especially for smokers who would love to express their move of quitting.

So, how does this snus works? Well, reading some materials and information about this, it is a moist powder in a pouch that is placed under your top lip. Probably the best thing about this is that you're not burning anything that could affect others and the environment.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

What is a Civil Registry Document in Security Paper or SECPA?

2:09:00 PM

Just sharing some vital information about your civil registry documents.

A civil registry document in Security Paper is a public document that contains the vital events pertaining to status of persons, that is, either a Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate or Death Certificate, that is copied electronically in a special paper that bears security features in the form of codes, microtexts, serial numbers, peculiar prints or marks that is tamper-proof in order to preserve the integrity and validity of the document.

It is duly signed by the issuing authority, certified as a true and genuine reproduction/copy of the original and authenticated before issuance. Civil registry documents in Security Paper are required and needed by individuals as basic documents in applying for Passport, Visa purposes, SSS, GSIS, PRC, employment, school purposes and other government transactions. The Security Papers that are presently being used in civil registry documents issued by local civil registry offices are printed by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fun Hearty Info this Valentine

5:03:00 PM

Since today is Valentine's Day, I have read, collated and gathered some hearty informations for everyone.  Enjoy reading and I hope you'll get some few learnings about the heart.

  • Your left lung is smaller than your right one to make room in your chest cavity for your heart.
  • Women’s hearts beat faster than male hearts.
  • The human heart begins to beat as early as four weeks after conception. Scientists believe that by eight weeks, when the embryo is only an inch long, the heart is fully developed.
  • The heart weighs less than one pound. The average weight for women is eight ounces and for men, 10 ounces.
  • The word heart, meaning soul or feeling, is termed cor in Latin.
  • Electricity going through your heart makes the muscle cells contract.
  • An estimated one billion Valentine cards are sent each year.
  • 85% of all Valentine cards are sent by women.
  • Cupid in Roman Mythology is the god of desire, affection and erotic love. He is the son of the goddess Venus.
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