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Saturday, May 27, 2023

Timezone Opens in Festival Mall to Level Up the Fun in the South

7:50:00 AM


My first experience in Timezone? Well, I couldn't really remember! I think being inside this family entertainment center really freezes time to get you in the zone for more fun and playing. Anyway kidding aside. I think my first experience in Timezone was when I was already working. And it was in one of the malls in the metro. So imagine how long I have been visiting Timezone. Not my age okay.

Of course, pandemic came and we're all stuck in the house. Now, we're enjoying life once again and just this month Timezone, the Philippines’ favorite family entertainment center brand and the well loved place, is announced the opening of its newest venue down South at Festival Mall in Muntinlupa. In which, I was humbly invited to witness the opening and of course got to try their newest features.

From (L – R) Justine Gabionza –  Former Miss Tourism Queen International,  Top Model for Fashion Asia Awards held in China, Christi McGarry – Former Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental  and earned the title Miss Intercontinental Continental Queen of Asia and Oceania, Ms. Azl Narvaez — Festival Mall General Manager, Mr. Mitch Dumlao — Festival Mall Retail Business Head, Mr. Rafael Prats Jr. — Timezone President and General Manager, Mr. Ryan Pablo — Timezone Operations Manager, Ann Umali – Former Bb. Pilipinas World, one of the most sought-after print and runway model and a beautiful mom to two beautiful daughters, Kim Ross - One of the most sought-after print and runway model

The 920 sqm venue boasts more than 80 games and activity areas that cater to all ages, ensuring hours of nonstop fun playing games together. The newest Timezone venue joins 61 other locations in the Philippines that provide peak enjoyment and exciting social experiences to over 2 million guests.

At Timezone Festival Mall, guests can enjoy hassle-free play with a state-of-the-art tap card system, which allows for convenient reloading of Timezone Powercards both in-store and online via the Timezone Fun App. This is what's new with them. It's all in the tap.


For bowling enthusiasts who love knocking down pins, Timezone offers three short bowling lanes that let guests conveniently play without changing into bowling shoes. Billiard tables are also ready for colleagues who want to unwind after a day of work, as well as for family and friends who want to engage in laughter-filled competitions. Both are perfect activities to round off the day with some physical fun.

Kids and families can create their happiest memories in the Party Room, which can accommodate up to 50 guests and comes with a complete entertainment package—great for celebrating birthdays and other milestones. The Party Room is also open to corporate events like team-building sessions, starting at PHP 550 per person.


Timezone Festival Mall is a place for people of all ages to play together and create unforgettable memories. It is located on the upper ground floor of the mall’s expansion wing along Civic Drive. From May 19 to June 1, 2023, guests can take advantage of an incredible offer – for every purchase of a P600 Powercard load, they will receive a generous bonus of P850 worth of game credit and 100 tickets. Additionally, the Timezone Fun App has an exclusive promotion from May 19 to 25,2023, where users can avail themselves of a P1000 Powercard load for only P600.


So, if you're from the south better get to Festival Mall and visit Timezone for that wonderful freebies!!!!

Enjoy an endless fun together, only at Timezone!

Friday, August 10, 2012

KMD Challenge Copenhagen

1:00:00 PM

Press Release
Last year's top-4 in the mens' race will once again be on the startline to fight for the win at KMD Challenge Copenhagen - the biggest iron distance race in Northern Europe and second largest in the Challenge Family.

KMD Challenge Copenhagen has developed into the biggest annual sports event in Denmark and one of the biggest iron distance events in the World. The 2,000 athletes, the over 150,000 spectators and the beautiful course in the heart of a major European capital make this a giant event.

Almost sold out for iron distance event - triathlon party 3rd year in a row KMD Challenge Copenhagen only has a few slots left this year and 2,000 athletes will start the race from the lagune with a 3,8 km swim at Amager Beach Park, head through Copenhagen and north at open roads and rolling hills on the two looped 180 km bike course before heading out on the marathon course by the Copenhagen habour front where 150,000 spectators will create a true triathlon party.

KMD Challenge Copenhagen has developed into the biggest annual sports event in Denmark and one of the biggest iron distance events in the World. The 2,000 athletes, the over 150,000 spectators and the beautiful course in the heart of a major European capital makes this a giant event.

"Iron distance triathlon is very special and has an energy and a soul like no other sports. The combination of some of the fittest athletes in the World competing alongside 'ordinary' people makes iron distance triathlon a tale of big performances and personal victories and is a place for the big emotions and life changing experiences. When all the emotions, the suffering, the tears and the personal fights are unveiled at the finish line is a unique place to be and magic appears again and again," Thomas Veje Olsen says.

Fast, Danish runners wants to top the podium The men's race have top-4 from last year back fighting it out for the win in the Copenhagen streets. Only two minutes separated all four men last year but is was Aussie Tim Berkel who snathed his second consecutive win only 35 seconds in front of Dane Jimmy Johnsen. The two had battled out a nerve wrecking final run shoulder to shoulder, testing each others limits late in the run before Berkel broke away on the final few kilometers to take the win. Jimmy Johnsen was second and took home the Danish Championship title while Croat Dejan Patrcevic took 3rd just in front of the fast runner, Mads Vittrup-Pedersen who clocked a race best marathon of 2:38:59.

The Danish favorites is once again Johnsen and Vittrup-Pedersen with Berkel and Patrcevic are among the international favorites along with the runner up from 2010 Keegan Williams and Joseph Spindler. Can Berkel three peat or will on of the Danes finally be able to take top honor in the biggest race in Denmark? Both Johnsen and Vittrup-Pedersen are fast on the bike and can run the marathon in the low and mid 2:40'ies. With Vittrup-Pedersen's 2:38:59 is a course record Johnsen managed a 2:44:01 last year.

In the women's race two-time champ Rebekah Keat will not defend her title. The pre race favorites must be: Diana Riesler and Edith Niederfriniger.

The race climaxes in front of the Danish Parliament Building at around 3pm Sunday August 12.

Fun Triathlons are very popular The 'Fun Triathlon' KMD 4:18:4 has been organized since 2010 for those who wanted to try out a short distance and it was an immediate success. This year more than 3.000 will try the sport of triathlon in KMD 4:18:4 in the days leading up to the iron distance race.

"Danes have really embraced the sport of triathlon the last three years. Last year 2,000 Danes tried triathlon in KMD 4:18:4 and we expect 3,000 this year. A 50 % increase in participants really show how popular triathlon has become and with 5,000 athletes competing in the triathlon events this setup is one of the biggest in the World," Race Director Thomas Veje Olsen says.

Triathlon in Denmark this August: - August 12th: Iron distance race KMD Challenge Copenhagen (3,8 km swim, 180 km bike and 42,2 km run). - August 9th and 10th: 'Fun Triathlon KMD 4:18:4 (400 meter swim, 18 km bike and 4 km run).

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fun Hearty Info this Valentine

5:03:00 PM

Since today is Valentine's Day, I have read, collated and gathered some hearty informations for everyone.  Enjoy reading and I hope you'll get some few learnings about the heart.

  • Your left lung is smaller than your right one to make room in your chest cavity for your heart.
  • Women’s hearts beat faster than male hearts.
  • The human heart begins to beat as early as four weeks after conception. Scientists believe that by eight weeks, when the embryo is only an inch long, the heart is fully developed.
  • The heart weighs less than one pound. The average weight for women is eight ounces and for men, 10 ounces.
  • The word heart, meaning soul or feeling, is termed cor in Latin.
  • Electricity going through your heart makes the muscle cells contract.
  • An estimated one billion Valentine cards are sent each year.
  • 85% of all Valentine cards are sent by women.
  • Cupid in Roman Mythology is the god of desire, affection and erotic love. He is the son of the goddess Venus.
source 1
source 2

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Real LIFE Foundation: Putting the Fun Back In Run

1:40:00 PM
Many people are now getting into running, not just into loosing weight and getting fit but also getting the fun out of it. Running alone does not really give you motivation and the boost to go run for more and finish what is intended to finish.

I have been running on my own during my bachelor days but I never had a chance to join any running event. My supposedly 1st time to join the running event was hindered by the typhoon before. Maybe it meant to happen.

My recent run was unprepared. Very much unprepared because I run with only a Sandugo Sandals and take note I run 5K (watch out for the upcoming post about BonPen Festival). It was really an unusual experience. I was able to finish the run in 35 minutes which is not bad for a runner on sandals.

On November 12, 2011 I will be joining the Race for LIFE 2011 which was organized by Real Life Foundation to support their educational advocacy. I just hope and pray that I will be able to wake up early and be there at the venue ahead of time.

There will be a 3K, 5K and 10K race and also an “Amazing Race” Big and Small team category wherein one adult and one chile (5-10 years old) will run, skip, hop and much more to the finish line. If you have not registered yet, it is still available at the following
  • Chris Sports (SM Megamall)
  • Nike Park (Bonifacio High Street branch), and
  • G/F Bookstore Every Nation Bldg., 32nd St. cor. University Pkwy, Bonifacio Global City

Here are some important details to take note:
  • Starting point: Grounds in front of Every Nation Building (32nd St. cor. University Pkwy, Bonifacio Global City).
  • 10km race kicks off at 6 AM
  • 5km, 3km, and Amazing Race “Big & Small” races start from 6:15 AM onwards
  • Registration available in Nike Park Bonifacio High Street branch & Chris Sports Megamall branch during regular store hours and at the G/F Bookstore of the Every Nation Building in The Fort from Tuesday-Friday, 1pm-5pm.
  • Registration is P500 for 3K; P600 for 5K; P700 for the 10K category; and P800 for Big & Small Team of 2, which includes race kit, finisher t-shirt, and a donation to Real LIFE Foundation.
  • Late registration fee: P1,000 (All registrations on race day, Nov. 12).
Route maps

Of course there are also prizes and other giveaways!

Real LIFE Foundation is an educational advocacy organization dedicated to serving the poor and empowering their dreams through education, mentoring, and community service.

Their vision is to transform lives, families, and communities through hope and education. Their programs are

LIFE Scholarships | Educational Assistance – education assistance program provides financial support to marginalized but deserving high school and college students.

LIFE Coaching | Character Development – personal growth program for the underprivileged youth of the Philippines provides training in practical skills and character development.

LIFE Line | community Service – collaborating with other innovative non-profit organizations, this program provides effective holistic community development and emergency relief for people in distress.

Change a LIFE, Change a nation.

For more details visit

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