Wednesday, June 2, 2021

3 Things You Need to Know About Expenses, Mortgages, Loans, and Insurances


We all came to this world bearing nothing but our skins. The only difference is the status of our family in this world. As for me, I live with simple things in life. During my toddler years, there are no disposable diapers, only the washable cloth ones. In other words, we live a simple life.

Even though life is simple still, part of our lives is complicated. An aspect that requires responsibility just like the line in Spiderman, "great power comes with great responsibility." It is indeed true, but I prefer to say that "life comes with great responsibility."

Well-off or miserable, we all need to be responsible for how we experience our lives. I remember my younger days adulting is not even a term to use but more of maturity. If you're responsible, you are becoming mature. Now, adulting is a term being used to identify your maturity.

Speaking of adulting, this comes with different responsibilities in life. One of the main aspects of being an adult is financial planning. If you know how to plan your finances, you'll eventually live your life to the fullest. With this, there are plenty of personalities who talk about planning your life and your finances. One of the well-known inspirational speakers and advocates of financial literacy is Bro. Bo Sanchez. Bo Sanchez has written several books that not only inspire but also teach about life and money. There's also Chinkee Tan, who teaches about finances also.

Life or adulting is more about expenses and a bit of fun and leisure. I remember when I was working in the corporate world, I always see deductions from my paycheck. But what's more interesting is the monthly expenses that need to be addressed, like bills, mortgages, loans, insurances, and other expenditures that can uplift your life.

Since adulting is real, I'll be sharing some of the points that I somehow understand. I'm not here to describe the details about expenses, mortgages, loans, and insurances, but the mere facts about it.

  • Expenses, Mortgages, Loans, and Insurances are not considered as expenses but as your investment. Well, for me, I thought of these as actually my investment in life. We spend money because we want to live, and having our monthly groceries is actually nourishing the body. As for the Mortgages and Insurances, we are just assuring ourselves about our future.
  • The expenses, mortgages, loans, and insurances help you understand life and its purpose. It's not always about the money but its value. That is why it is significant to learn how to compute them and calculate the money you have to pay for these expenses. Though there are available ready computations on the internet, you still need to find the right one that matches your need. As for me, I find practical for all my financial calculations.
  • Expenses, mortgages, loans, and insurances are to consider as experiences. As for me, I remember the times that I have to provide an amount to pay for the expenses. These are encounters in our life that teaches us to cope with the hardship of life.

These are simply guides that you can adapt and learn about adulting. Or ignore it if you want, but what's important is that you have read it. Hopefully, you learned something from it.

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