Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Experiencing the Race for Life

My 2nd run after the unanticipated first official run in Quezon Province.  I think I'll be starting my running enthusiasm again.  Though this event is annually celebrated, this is my very first time to join the Race for Life event.  Thanks to Chris Sports for having us join this running event.

For some reason or perhaps due to the physical fitness program of the office where I'm working with some of my officemates were there also at the event.  At first I didn't know that the running event they are joining was the Race for Life.  Most of my co-workers are surprised that I was there and they've thought that I joined the run through my own means.   For the record since it was the fitness program of the company most of the employees who will join are covered by the office.  Well, good for those who truly and did run.  For me, I was delighted because Chris Sports were gracious enough to include me in the running event through the great effort of Jeman and Ms. Arlene.  Thanks to those wonderful people!

Waking up and traveling early dawn was something that I have missed.  It's been rare that I do travel at a very early dawn.  So for this specific day it was really an effort.  Aside from the venue is totally far away from my place, I'm not sure and familiar also with the transportation schedule, especially at early dawn.

I got to the place, relaxed and was able to met some familiar face whom I have not met for quite some time.  Also I took time to chat with some of the bloggers and my officemates as well.  Few minutes before the run I prepared myself with the notion of breaking my first 35 minute run.

Bang!  The signal for the 10k run echoed, afterwards 5k runners were called to the starting line.   I was still waiting for Ms. Arlene for the shirt when suddenly another bang boomed and people from the starting line commenced with the run.  Since I'm on the moved to break my record I hurriedly join the runners and run.

The path was flat, no uphill and downhill, and good that I was running on shoes this time.  So basically I got the advantage of break my 35 minute run.  I did get to the half mark and got the loop tag as proof that I did get to the first half of the race track.  Though I was running as much as I can there were times that my stomach weren't cooperating, causing some gastric reactions that hinders me from running more and slowing me down.  I feel bad about it.  A few more minutes and I'm near the finish line.  Looking at the clock... I got disappointed with the time.  It's 42 minutes!  Way too slow compared to my previous run.

Though disappointed I still get a relief that I was able to finish the run.  Lesson learned don't do anything foolish a day or night before the run it will really cause you problem.  Perhaps next time I need to prepare more.  I just hope to get a time to join more running events.

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