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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Runrio Launches Its Premiere Running Series, The Trilogy Series 2017

11:08:00 PM

All running enthusiasts will definitely be excited this year, as one of the most renowned running coach in the Philippines, Coach Rio dela Cruz of Runrio Events, Inc. announced to bloggers and media the start of this year’s anticipated running series in the country - the RUNRIO Trilogy 2017. The announcement happened last April 28, 2017 at one of the newest and extravagant hotel in the metro, the Okada Manila in Paranaque City.
If you’re familiar with Runrio’s trilogy running event, you know it already how it works but for those who don’t have any idea about it, well, get a few more time reading this and you’ll know what I am saying.
The very first Runrio Trilogy event was held last 2010 and it is aimed to purposely provide a progressive running program for those who want to finish a full marathon. This was did by Coach Rio to prepare potential marathoners.

The trilogy is compose of three running events. The first leg is set for June 25 that features a half-marathon run including 10Km and 5Km race. Then followed by the second leg on August 13, which is Rio’s very own Afroman distance, a 32Km run together with shorter distances - 21Km, 10Km and 5Km. Then the last leg is on October 1 with a full marathon of 42Km, which also includes 21Km, 10Km and 5Km race distances.

During the event in Okada Manila Coach Rio presented their celebrity partner and ambassador for this year’s Runrio Trilogy. According to Dingdong Dantes “We are excited to launch the Runrio Trilogy race series because there are many running enthusiasts out there who are looking forward to this event. This year marks the 7th year of Runrio Trilogy, whose main objective is to educate runners to train and train and race progressively.” He alos added, “Aside from this, part of the proceeds of this year’s race series will go to YesPinoy Foundation to support the organization’s philanthropic works.”

During the launch they also introduced their newest campaign and expects would be mantra of every participants, the “Heart to Finish”

“We at RUNRIO understand that people join races not just to run. It’s more because of their desire and passion to be able to finish their 21k, 32k or 42k races with different motivations. We believe that if you run with your heart, anything is possible” said Coach Rio dela Cruz, President of RUNRIO Events, Inc.

The online registration was opened during the launch while the onsite registrations was started May 6, 2017 were participants can visit the following stores:

Adidas - Greenbelt 3
Adidas - Trinoma
Adidas - Solenad 3
Adidas - BGC
Toby’s - SM MOA

For more information, visit or like the official Facebook page,
Website :
Facebook :

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tiktakbo 6: Water Dash, The First Water-Themed Fun Run

9:00:00 PM

Calling all runners, running enthusiasts or just those who wants to join!  Kwento Ni Toto shares another running event this month of September.  It may be the start of the ber months but the TIKTAKBO 6: WATER DASH will still splash away.  Be part of the first-ever water-themed fun run in the country!  This pioneering fun run will take place on Sunday, September 22, 2013 at the Academic Oval of University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.

Though I don't know what will happen to this running event but according to them waves of excitement begin as the showers of the Hydro Race Arc open to signal the start of the race.  It will be sure a lot of fun.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Immuvit Fearless Challenge

7:24:00 AM

Fears?  Have you test your fears?  Well, here's something to test your fears as Immuvit announces the Fearless Challenge Trail Run 2012 that will commence this August.

One of my correspondent Jefferson was fearless enough (I think) to witness the media launch of the Immuvit Fearless Challenge last August 14 at the Paul Calvin's Deli.  There the whole leg of the challenge was presented to the media.

Here's a press release of the challenge.

Monday, June 25, 2012

FILA and Athletes in Action Run for School Rooms

5:59:00 PM

Recently, I was able to get invited in an event regarding the launch of FILA and Athletes in Action (AIA) Schools Run for School Rooms.  It is an advocacy program which aims to take part in solving the nation's greater woes.  The two organization join forces to bring the biggest advocacy run to help raise funds for the rehabilitation of the classrooms in Iligan City, which were badly hit by Typhoon Sendong back in 2011.  

Numbers of bloggers were present during the event to witness and learn about the programs and undertakings of FILA and Athletes in Action, especially with this project that they are all involve with.  Hosted by one of the endorser Mr Tim Yap and together with the coaches and people behind the advocacy run, they were able to address to the bloggers the need and the importance of this upcoming event.  This run will not only benefit the schools and students of Iligan City but will also benefit the runners as well, physically!    

With 15,000 runners who have signed up to date and still expecting for more, the Schools Run for School Rooms (SRSR) marathon will be gathering student-runners from major colleges and universities, to bring a glimmer of hope to Iligan city, where eager students have to do with makeshift classrooms as the school year starts.

With just a few weeks of the the event hopefully people get to notice and participate in the run and try to share the blessings.

Since 1911, FILA traces its roots from Biella, a province set at the foot of the Italian Alps. Unbeknownst to many, this small town brand is big on corporate social responsibility. At the recently concluded 2012 FILA Polo Cup, project “500 for 500” was launched by FILA President Butch Albert to help Typhoon Sendong victims once again by donating 500 pesos to 500 families for every purchase of Skele-Toes. Skele-Toes is FILA’s latest line of revolutionary active footwear that is fast raising many eyebrows and causing the curious to utter #whattheheckisthat? For us at FILA, it’s simply a shoe that changes the game. Rock at the gym or at the party, Skele-Toes is just about the only shoe that fits – and Tim, Georgina, and Borgy all agree!

Since people will be running on this advocacy run it is high time that people should try FILA's  newest line of running shoes, Swerve and Flow. FILA Swerve boasts of a Dynamic Landing System through a lightweight foam at the midsole and V3 techonology inserts at the heel. This gives you the proper support that you need in every step, without compromising style and design.

FILA Flow is perfect for the outdoor dweller with its heavy duty outsole, making every shock and bump a breeze. This one will surely go with you to countless victories and finishes.

Whether you prefer a classic or a rocking pair of rubbershoes, it’s high time to give your tiresome trainers a break and take the Skele-Toes, Swerve, or Flow out for a spin. With your purchase of a pair of Skele-Toes and participation at the SRSR marathon, it’s definitely more fun to help with FILA!

Tickets and registration forms are available at SM Ticketnet outlets ( Singlets and race bibs can be claimed at Fila Stores in Metro Manila.

For exclusive updates, follow us on Twitter (@filamanila) or be a fan on Facebook (FILAPhilippines).

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Experiencing the Race for Life

9:00:00 PM

My 2nd run after the unanticipated first official run in Quezon Province.  I think I'll be starting my running enthusiasm again.  Though this event is annually celebrated, this is my very first time to join the Race for Life event.  Thanks to Chris Sports for having us join this running event.

For some reason or perhaps due to the physical fitness program of the office where I'm working with some of my officemates were there also at the event.  At first I didn't know that the running event they are joining was the Race for Life.  Most of my co-workers are surprised that I was there and they've thought that I joined the run through my own means.   For the record since it was the fitness program of the company most of the employees who will join are covered by the office.  Well, good for those who truly and did run.  For me, I was delighted because Chris Sports were gracious enough to include me in the running event through the great effort of Jeman and Ms. Arlene.  Thanks to those wonderful people!

Waking up and traveling early dawn was something that I have missed.  It's been rare that I do travel at a very early dawn.  So for this specific day it was really an effort.  Aside from the venue is totally far away from my place, I'm not sure and familiar also with the transportation schedule, especially at early dawn.

I got to the place, relaxed and was able to met some familiar face whom I have not met for quite some time.  Also I took time to chat with some of the bloggers and my officemates as well.  Few minutes before the run I prepared myself with the notion of breaking my first 35 minute run.

Bang!  The signal for the 10k run echoed, afterwards 5k runners were called to the starting line.   I was still waiting for Ms. Arlene for the shirt when suddenly another bang boomed and people from the starting line commenced with the run.  Since I'm on the moved to break my record I hurriedly join the runners and run.

The path was flat, no uphill and downhill, and good that I was running on shoes this time.  So basically I got the advantage of break my 35 minute run.  I did get to the half mark and got the loop tag as proof that I did get to the first half of the race track.  Though I was running as much as I can there were times that my stomach weren't cooperating, causing some gastric reactions that hinders me from running more and slowing me down.  I feel bad about it.  A few more minutes and I'm near the finish line.  Looking at the clock... I got disappointed with the time.  It's 42 minutes!  Way too slow compared to my previous run.

Though disappointed I still get a relief that I was able to finish the run.  Lesson learned don't do anything foolish a day or night before the run it will really cause you problem.  Perhaps next time I need to prepare more.  I just hope to get a time to join more running events.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Night With The Cast of Thelma

1:55:00 AM

Last night was a very rainy and cold weather but that doesn't stops us from meeting the stars of "Thelma".  It was a great night of talk with the stars and tummy filler foods.  Everyone in it did enjoy the night and learned more about the movie "Thelma".

It was a blogger's night exclusively set up to meet the stars of the the latest movie directed by Paul Soriano.  When we arrived Jason Abalos was already there and then afterwards one by they all came.  Maja Salvador arrived with a white dress showing her white shoulders.  When Director Paul Soriano came the program for a small Q and A with the stars started.  

I think the cast of Thelma came prepared in answering the questions from different bloggers.  Though they were bombarded with Qs, most of them answered a pretty good response.

One question marked my mind from one of the media from ABS CBN.  She asked if all the stars does have anything that they are running to or running from.  John Arcilla made a very well response to the question "the movie is all about running and running is only the metaphor of what the story really depicts.  We all have different parts of our life that we are running to and running from that is not to be disclosed to public but what ever it is we are all facing it."  A great response from one of the great actors in the industry.

So what's all about the movie?  Thelma is one inspiring movie.  It tells the story of a mischievous and tomboyish teenage barrio lass from Ilocos Norte.  Thelma has a passion for running as this serves as an outlet to unsaddle herself on her life's misgivings.  

Thelma is played by Maja Salvador, one of the country's most competent and talented young actress.  Maja is the production's first choice to play the lead as they felt that the physicality and character suited Maja best.  With this, Maja couldn't help but be elated.  "It's a story of triumph of the human spirit!" according to Maja.

"Thelma" also stars Tetchie Agbayani, John Arcilla, Eliza Pineda, Jason Abalos, Sue Prado and with the special participation of Philippine Track and Field champion, Elma Muros who plays Thelma's running coajch.  Presented by Time Horizon Pictures in cooperation with Abracadabra Productions and Underground Logic, "Thelma" is distributed by Star Cinema.  The movie opens on September 7.

Life is a race and we're runners in it!

Visit their facebook fan page or visit their website

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