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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Bike It Up Challenge, Are You Up for It?

1:02:00 PM

Kwento Ni Toto shares Clark Green City's Bike It Up Challenge that will happen this December 12, 2015. It is a new biking experience in the outskirts of Clark Special Economic Zone. The event promises an exciting sporting event that will test the mettle of bikers as they challenge the mountainous on and off road trail.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cooking Talent Unleashed at the Melawares Culinary Clash, The Next Cusina Idol Cook-Off Challenge

6:16:00 AM
Few days ago Kwento Ni Toto went to an event where cooks are considered idols and creativity are put into cooking. It’s a clash of wits and taste buds aspiring to be The Next Cusina Idol. It’s Melawares Culinary Clash, unleashing the cooking talent of participants, students and aspirant cook. Armed with their cooking skills and fueled by their passion for food, ten (10) cooking enthusiasts and culinary students joined to battle it out on “The Next Cusina Idol Cook-Off Challenge.” The event is hosted by Melawares, the popular high-quality melamine tableware and Urban Kitchen, the complete restaurant and food service solution.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Master Game Face Challenge Launch, Who Will Win

3:43:00 AM

Kwento Ni Toto shares what transpired last April 24, 2014 at Treston International College Gym in Bonifacio Global City, an intriguing face off happens as two of today's stars in the Philippine basketball meet in one event that sure made the court as hot as ever. Master, the country's leading men's skin care and face care brand launched this years Master Game Face All-Star Basketball Challenge where the two clashing basketball stars Chris Tiu and Marc Pingris together with their team from the collegiate leagues like the UAAP and NCAA will meet in an exciting match to win Master Game Face Challenge. The event was witnessed by media people and bloggers. There were raffles and some three-on-three action happened where each media and bloggers were paired to two of the players and held a very exciting match.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Yoshinoya's Gyudon Eating Contest This 2014

3:16:00 PM

Kwento Ni Toto once again shares stories about Yoshinoya with our correspondent Justine.  Yoshinoya has cooked up and ready to served their annual eating contest but before that media people takes on the challenge first.  For the bloggers representative for the Media Category a challenge was held last March 5 at the Robinsons Galleria Branch of Yoshinoya.   19 brave tummies take on the challenge to eye for this year's representative for the Yoshinoya Gyudon Eating Contest 2014 Media Category.

Last year was a great year for bloggers as one of them whom I know, Florencio Jusay or FPJ of take home the title, some cash and of course the bragging right of being 2013's Yoshinoya Gyudon Eating Contest winner for the media category.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Barangay Cooking Challenge, SM Hypermarket Master Chefs 2013

9:48:00 PM

Once again Kwento Ni Toto bring forth the happenings at SM Hypermarket's Master Chefs.  As for this year they're making it more big and more extravagant.

It's the Master Chefs 2013 Baranggay Cooking Challenge!  Last September 5, 2013, correspondent Justine was able to capture the highlights of the launching event which was held at SM Hypermarket cubao and were hosted by none other than Papa Dan of 97.1 Barangay LS and Monica Verallo of Unang Hirit.  The launch marked the start of the cooking competitions which will be held in all 37 SM Hypermarkets nationwide.  

Friday, September 6, 2013

Axe Apollo's Last Man Standing, Filipino on Space

11:27:00 PM

As we all know Axe is a brand that brings unique products for men.  I remember one of their contest that made chaos in one of the malls in the metro, the AXE Raid.  They sure made a bang with that contest and now they've brought much higher than the ground as Axe created another unusual contest for the brave and strong willed men with the Axe Apollo National Challenge.  Having 400 men strive and battled to be the last two winners to be shipped off to train at the international AXE Apollo Space camp in the U.S. and with a possibility of being the First Filipino into Space.

Correspondent Justin witnessed the battle of these men as they all undergone with different challenges to test their strength, their will, and of course their guts.  As the usual saying "no guts no glory" and for these 400 men they are there to perhaps test themselves for how long they can last or perhaps win as well.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Immuvit Fearless Challenge

7:24:00 AM

Fears?  Have you test your fears?  Well, here's something to test your fears as Immuvit announces the Fearless Challenge Trail Run 2012 that will commence this August.

One of my correspondent Jefferson was fearless enough (I think) to witness the media launch of the Immuvit Fearless Challenge last August 14 at the Paul Calvin's Deli.  There the whole leg of the challenge was presented to the media.

Here's a press release of the challenge.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

About Kia Rio

6:09:00 AM
This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kia Rio for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Road trip has always been fun. The fun starts once the trip move on. It's not where you're going but its the road you're passing through that makes the journey fun and exiting. You'll never know what you;ll see along the way. It;s thrilling and mysterious.

Kia Rio is in tone with that adventure. Driving down the road of mysterious paths, giving us the excitement and the feeling of the blood rush.

Of course who would want to have a long drive witout something to enjoy along the way. It's like having a popcorn while watching a great movie. Kia Rio provides the following features that Im sure drivers and passengers would really enjoy.

What I like about this Kia Rio is their UVO Technology that enables the driver to do some things with their display or commanding their music application and activating it with thir voice. It avoids the possibility of endangering the driver and the passengers. Also the Bluetooth and the USB Jack are two of something that brings out the best of UVO technology.

I think the Rodeo Drive is the most challenging. I don't know much of the place but having shopping destinations makes it harder to look around.   Aside from this one there are also other challenges like the Graffiti Park Merry-Go-Round which is a historical landmark in LA that has been running since 1937 and is a place where Walt Disney brought his children before building Disneyland, the Amoeba Records which is one of the most popular historic music stoes in Los Angeles, the Pink's Hot Dog which is an LA favorite serving hot dogs name after Hollywood celebrities, and the Roosevelt Hotel which is a smack dab in the middle of Hollywood Blvd.

To know more about Kia Rio I encourage people, readers and friends to watch the video and see for yourself plus read the details at Rio Explorer Page.

Visit Sponsor's Site

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nivea's Silver Protect Lazer Tag Challenge

3:10:00 PM

Once again a challenge has been sent unto my doorstep. This time it was not in a gym set up but in an arena.  Yes, it's in a arena of futuristic set up.  It's a Lazer Tag Challenge in LazerXtreme at Market! Market!  Of course before the lazer tag challenge starts we were given roll ons of the Silver Protect Deodorant.  Aside from the roll ons and spray they let us know first the whole thought about Silver Protect.  Good that ever since they have deodorant for men I was already using it.

According to their short presentation, men naturally sweat more than women do.  Which is true and correct.  Men also have more bacteria in their underarms; on one square centimeter of skin, they could have a million microscopic organisms that cause body odor!  Well, it is quite right because men and more active and more into the dirty works.  However, modern men on-the-go do not want to have to stop and worry about body odor.  They want to be confident that their deodorant gives them highly reliable protection for 48 hours whether at work or at play.  With sophisticated scientific technology, NIVEA FOR MEN Silver Protect is the deodorant specifically made for men that they can count on even in extreme conditions.

It is further explained that NIVEA FOR MEN Silver Protect Deodorant is the first formula to utilize the antibacterial power of silver ions and fights body odor by targeting its cause.  These highly active molecules incapacitate odor-forming micro-organisms, stopping body odor from being produced in the first place.

Despite being tough on bacteria, NIVEA FOR MEN Silver Protect is still mild and gentle to the delicate skin of the underarm, minimizing the chances of getting irritation or redness.

After that brief information it's game time.  It's time to test the power of the Silver Protect.  We were group into three, red, blue and green.  We were given the vest and the lazer guns plus the instruction on how to use and what are the rules inside the arena.  After that it's game on.

After two rounds of blasting, running, and hiding our group was unfortunate.  We're the loser among the three group but well enough I get to enjoyed it and take note that's my first time to try lazer tag at LazerXtreme.  It was fun!

Thanks to NIVEA FOR MEN Silver Protect because we were not that smelly despite the sweat that we have made because of the game.

To try it here's the suggested retail prize of the product.

25mL –Php55.00
50mL –Php95.00
150mL –Php180.00

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nivea Blogger's Challenge

3:29:00 PM
Who says women are the only ones who needs to beauty care products? Well, I admit I have been one of those guys who got lots of beauty care products on their kit. Perhaps I will rephrase beauty care products into grooming kits. Since I was a bachelor I have always kept and brought with me my grooming kit. Lotion, gel, moisturizer, facial wash, deodorant, toothpaste, mouth wash name it I have it. I feel like I was bare if I don’t bring it with me. It’s more of an armament for me.

When I get married and have a son the pack of grooming kits were lessen. Lotion, moisturizer, and facial wash were off from that kit. That is to save some of the expenses.

Nivea Underarm Stick has been my trusted deodorant since they came out of the market. No gooey feeling and the scent is just right for male perspective. I was so excited when I get an invite from Nivea with regards to a challenge. It’s a Blogger’s Challenge, the venue was at the 360 Fitness Gym. With a bit of hesitation I said I’ll give it a try and hope to win the challenge.

The 360 Fitness Gym is a little foreign to me. I haven’t heard something like it. My notion of a gym has dumbbell, barbel, thread mill, and other stuff of gym equipment. When I get to see the 360 Fitness Gym it is somewhat different. It’s out of my perspective of a gym though the floor mat and some other stuff are familiar to me.

The program started with some few introductions and presentations of Nivea products, the main product that they are endorsing is the Multi-Effect 8 which is a facial wash that will really sooth in through the skin and makes its effect and the 360 Fitness Gym which has a program called the circuit. Truly it’s alien to me. Anyway after those introductions we head on to the challenge.

There were five challenges that they have for us, not very much familiar with the names but that’s what they do in the 360 Fitness Gym. The fastest to do the task and with the lesser time wins. Fortunately, I was able to bag one of the challenges called the TIRE UP, where you will jump up the tire and go down. I think the height was around two to three feet. It feels great to win a challenge.

Good that I took on the challenge and I was able to prove that I can take whatever challenge. All it takes is a little confidence to boost myself.

We were given products samples to try to. It has now completed my grooming kit. The Multi Effect 8 is a facial wash formulated by Nivea for men who’s active and always on the go. Of course I did try the product and it feels cool when I used it. It has small bits of materials that scrubs your face to thoroughly clean and get rids of that oil on your face.

Up to now, I’m still using them and having a full grooming kit really makes me a Nivea Man.

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