Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nivea's Silver Protect Lazer Tag Challenge

Once again a challenge has been sent unto my doorstep. This time it was not in a gym set up but in an arena.  Yes, it's in a arena of futuristic set up.  It's a Lazer Tag Challenge in LazerXtreme at Market! Market!  Of course before the lazer tag challenge starts we were given roll ons of the Silver Protect Deodorant.  Aside from the roll ons and spray they let us know first the whole thought about Silver Protect.  Good that ever since they have deodorant for men I was already using it.

According to their short presentation, men naturally sweat more than women do.  Which is true and correct.  Men also have more bacteria in their underarms; on one square centimeter of skin, they could have a million microscopic organisms that cause body odor!  Well, it is quite right because men and more active and more into the dirty works.  However, modern men on-the-go do not want to have to stop and worry about body odor.  They want to be confident that their deodorant gives them highly reliable protection for 48 hours whether at work or at play.  With sophisticated scientific technology, NIVEA FOR MEN Silver Protect is the deodorant specifically made for men that they can count on even in extreme conditions.

It is further explained that NIVEA FOR MEN Silver Protect Deodorant is the first formula to utilize the antibacterial power of silver ions and fights body odor by targeting its cause.  These highly active molecules incapacitate odor-forming micro-organisms, stopping body odor from being produced in the first place.

Despite being tough on bacteria, NIVEA FOR MEN Silver Protect is still mild and gentle to the delicate skin of the underarm, minimizing the chances of getting irritation or redness.

After that brief information it's game time.  It's time to test the power of the Silver Protect.  We were group into three, red, blue and green.  We were given the vest and the lazer guns plus the instruction on how to use and what are the rules inside the arena.  After that it's game on.

After two rounds of blasting, running, and hiding our group was unfortunate.  We're the loser among the three group but well enough I get to enjoyed it and take note that's my first time to try lazer tag at LazerXtreme.  It was fun!

Thanks to NIVEA FOR MEN Silver Protect because we were not that smelly despite the sweat that we have made because of the game.

To try it here's the suggested retail prize of the product.

25mL –Php55.00
50mL –Php95.00
150mL –Php180.00

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