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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Nivea's Payday Sale at Shopee with up to 50% Off on Bundles

9:52:00 PM


Nivea is one of the brands that made me enjoy getting sweaty and active but still feels fresh and fragrant. It has been my deo and cream pal ever since they rolled out the 'for men' line of products. I have known the Nivea brand since I was a kid with their ads on TV and billboards, so when they started having 'for men' items, that's when it all started.

Interestingly, Nivea will be having this Payday Sale through Shopee that offers up to 50% off on their bundle sales. It's more of a buy one take one promo on select products. That is one best deal if you're an avid user of Nivea.

Of course, it's not only for the guys, but it's also for the ladies. It's a special and unique gift for your special someone. Just don't forget to include a note.

Here are some of the Nivea products that are on sale only at Shopee and it is available to add to cart. 

The Nivea Deodorant Whitening Roll On 50ml Bundle of 2

A good deal to have to whitens and smoothens underarms for only Php114. 
  • Whitens and smoothens underarms
  • 10 skin nutrients and vitamins lighten, moisturizes skin, and minimizes pores
  • Dry and fresh all-day
  • 48H antiperspirant protection and NIVEA's mild care
  • Dermatologically tested and approved

The Buy 1 Take 1 Nivea for Men Whitening Acne Oil Control Scrub 100g

At Php214 is another 50% off deal to help you remove dead skin cells for a cleaner look. It contains Carnitine to reduce oil production and Magnolia Bark Extract to fight bacteria. Rucinol, Vitamin c, and Licorice Extract whiten the skin and reduce dark spots from previous acne problems. The micro-exfoliating scrub leaves the skin clean and free from excess oil.
  • Micro-exfoliating scrub removes dead skin cells for a cleaner look
  • Prevents excess oil and fights off bacteria
  • Whitens the skin and reduces dark spots from previous acne problems

The Nivea body Extra White Firming Lotion 250ml

A 32% off that is around Php169 will give you a White Firming body Lotion that has Super Fruit extracts & Q10 to make skin whiter and firmer. it repairs 10 signs of dull damaged skin like dark spots, dry and itchy skin, or uneven skin tone. Its Super Fruit extracts have concentrated Camu Camu and Acerola Cherry, which is 500% more powerful than the whitening properties of lemon. Its firming ingredient Q10, effectively firms skins and restores its elasticity. For noticeable smoother, whiter, firmer, and fair skin.
  • Noticeable smoother, whiter, and firmer skin
  • Has unique super fruit extracts with 50x more Vitamin C
  • Q10 effectively firms skins and restores its elasticity
  • For dry skin
  • Repairing
  • Moisturizing

The Nivea Deodorant Extra Whitening Roll On 50ml

At Php114 Nivea gives you an Extra Whitening Deodorant which contains 2x more whitening ingredients and 10 skin nutrients to intensely whiten and smoothen dark and damaged underarms. Best suited for those who often shave off their underarm hair as shaving may cause damage to underarm skin.
  • Intensely whitens and smoothens underarms
  • 10 skin nutrients and 2x licorice extract lightens, moisturizes skin and minimizes pores,
  • Dry and fresh all-day
  • 48H antiperspirant protection and Nivea's mild care
  • Dermatologically tested and approved

If you want to be updated with what's on sale at Shopee, just simply download the Shopee app on Google Play or App Store. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

NIVEA's Digital Wingman

5:33:00 PM

The NIVEA FOR MEN Digital Wingman is now your best dude ever – one who will give you timely bro tips about everything, every time. Man up and sign up to get all the latest information that will make you stand out from the rest of ‘em! Be a NIVEA man, like our page and use our Digital Wingman to receive online Facebook alerts about male grooming coupled with NIVEA product suggestions that will suit your lifestyle. Now, you can now have that swagger and confidence to attend events, movie premiers and parties, exclusively sent to you by your NIVEA Digital Wingman. To top all that, you'll also get bro tips on dating, latest gadgets and everything in between, so you can always be on your toes when anything goes!

Just like your best bud, the NIVEA FOR MEN Digital Wingman will never leave you hanging. You can access and get updates from your online wingman through Facebook application
This application will post personalized tips of interest on your wall:

Grooming Guide
Events, Gigs
Restaurants, bars and recommended places
Gadgets, tips about OS systems
Health, Sports and other recreational activities

Link :

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nivea's Silver Protect Lazer Tag Challenge

3:10:00 PM

Once again a challenge has been sent unto my doorstep. This time it was not in a gym set up but in an arena.  Yes, it's in a arena of futuristic set up.  It's a Lazer Tag Challenge in LazerXtreme at Market! Market!  Of course before the lazer tag challenge starts we were given roll ons of the Silver Protect Deodorant.  Aside from the roll ons and spray they let us know first the whole thought about Silver Protect.  Good that ever since they have deodorant for men I was already using it.

According to their short presentation, men naturally sweat more than women do.  Which is true and correct.  Men also have more bacteria in their underarms; on one square centimeter of skin, they could have a million microscopic organisms that cause body odor!  Well, it is quite right because men and more active and more into the dirty works.  However, modern men on-the-go do not want to have to stop and worry about body odor.  They want to be confident that their deodorant gives them highly reliable protection for 48 hours whether at work or at play.  With sophisticated scientific technology, NIVEA FOR MEN Silver Protect is the deodorant specifically made for men that they can count on even in extreme conditions.

It is further explained that NIVEA FOR MEN Silver Protect Deodorant is the first formula to utilize the antibacterial power of silver ions and fights body odor by targeting its cause.  These highly active molecules incapacitate odor-forming micro-organisms, stopping body odor from being produced in the first place.

Despite being tough on bacteria, NIVEA FOR MEN Silver Protect is still mild and gentle to the delicate skin of the underarm, minimizing the chances of getting irritation or redness.

After that brief information it's game time.  It's time to test the power of the Silver Protect.  We were group into three, red, blue and green.  We were given the vest and the lazer guns plus the instruction on how to use and what are the rules inside the arena.  After that it's game on.

After two rounds of blasting, running, and hiding our group was unfortunate.  We're the loser among the three group but well enough I get to enjoyed it and take note that's my first time to try lazer tag at LazerXtreme.  It was fun!

Thanks to NIVEA FOR MEN Silver Protect because we were not that smelly despite the sweat that we have made because of the game.

To try it here's the suggested retail prize of the product.

25mL –Php55.00
50mL –Php95.00
150mL –Php180.00

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nivea Blogger's Challenge

3:29:00 PM
Who says women are the only ones who needs to beauty care products? Well, I admit I have been one of those guys who got lots of beauty care products on their kit. Perhaps I will rephrase beauty care products into grooming kits. Since I was a bachelor I have always kept and brought with me my grooming kit. Lotion, gel, moisturizer, facial wash, deodorant, toothpaste, mouth wash name it I have it. I feel like I was bare if I don’t bring it with me. It’s more of an armament for me.

When I get married and have a son the pack of grooming kits were lessen. Lotion, moisturizer, and facial wash were off from that kit. That is to save some of the expenses.

Nivea Underarm Stick has been my trusted deodorant since they came out of the market. No gooey feeling and the scent is just right for male perspective. I was so excited when I get an invite from Nivea with regards to a challenge. It’s a Blogger’s Challenge, the venue was at the 360 Fitness Gym. With a bit of hesitation I said I’ll give it a try and hope to win the challenge.

The 360 Fitness Gym is a little foreign to me. I haven’t heard something like it. My notion of a gym has dumbbell, barbel, thread mill, and other stuff of gym equipment. When I get to see the 360 Fitness Gym it is somewhat different. It’s out of my perspective of a gym though the floor mat and some other stuff are familiar to me.

The program started with some few introductions and presentations of Nivea products, the main product that they are endorsing is the Multi-Effect 8 which is a facial wash that will really sooth in through the skin and makes its effect and the 360 Fitness Gym which has a program called the circuit. Truly it’s alien to me. Anyway after those introductions we head on to the challenge.

There were five challenges that they have for us, not very much familiar with the names but that’s what they do in the 360 Fitness Gym. The fastest to do the task and with the lesser time wins. Fortunately, I was able to bag one of the challenges called the TIRE UP, where you will jump up the tire and go down. I think the height was around two to three feet. It feels great to win a challenge.

Good that I took on the challenge and I was able to prove that I can take whatever challenge. All it takes is a little confidence to boost myself.

We were given products samples to try to. It has now completed my grooming kit. The Multi Effect 8 is a facial wash formulated by Nivea for men who’s active and always on the go. Of course I did try the product and it feels cool when I used it. It has small bits of materials that scrubs your face to thoroughly clean and get rids of that oil on your face.

Up to now, I’m still using them and having a full grooming kit really makes me a Nivea Man.

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