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Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Starting a Shapewear Business: Essential Information and Tips

7:55:00 AM

If you are wanting to start a business, then we highly recommend you start a shapewear one. Shapewear businesses are highly successful, and its value for 2025 has been estimated to reach 3.8 billion dollars. But as in every business, you need to know everything, so you avoid making some mistakes that won’t be helpful to you and your business.

We want to share with you some essential information and also our best tips, so you can also start and have a very successful shapewear business. We believe we need to start by explaining about what shapewear, so we can help you understand this business model.

What you need to know about shapewear

They are undergarments, actually, foundation ones that have been designed to sculpt the figure. They will help to get a desired appealing figure and look, hence the reason most people wear them as undergarments. Now that we have some information about shapewear is important to know a bit about the business.

Shapewear manufacturers have a big range of products to offer you. And depending on the kind of business you want to start you can either buy your own stock or get dropshipping shapewear. Some of the tips shared here will go for both types. But the idea behind the business is to buy the shapewear at wholesale prices, so you can resell it and make a profit.

While you will buy your own stock and handle everything when you have a drop shipping business, the manufacturer if they offer that service, will handle all the logistics, storage, etc., so you basically have to worry about promoting your business and make sure to keep your clients engaged.

Finding a manufacturer

If you are sure that this is the business you want to start, and have your branding created, then it is time to find a shapewear manufacturer or waist trainer vendors. If you start up, you don’t have to have the biggest budget, so you don’t really buy a lot of stock that might not end up selling. Finding a manufacturer that offers no minimum orders or a low minimum one will be the best.

By starting small, once you start making a profit, you can slowly scale the business. To get the best profit you should also consider wholesale manufacturers. Consider ones that have a wide variety of products, and make sure that they are of the highest quality. Make sure their prices are competitive and most importantly that they can offer you effective and fast shipping strategies and good custom packaging. The best way to find one is by reading the reviews.

Select products, but make sure they are proven ones

Once you find your manufacturer, they will give you their catalog of products, and it will be your work to find and choose the ones you want to sell with your business. Choose the ones that you like and are sure your target client will buy. But it is also important to choose products that you know work. Due diligent research to find what people are buying one.

Order samples

Most manufacturers will offer custom services, which means they can customize their products according to your branding. Now that you know what products you want to get and have discussed your branding, it is important to order samples. This is not only a great way to know if the product works, or feels good and also has the promised quality, but also to make sure the customization looks perfect. If not, you can make changes accordingly to what you want or fix any mistakes that need fixing. It is also a great way to see how fast and efficient your manufacturer is at shipping products.

Creating a storefront

Now that you have your products with you, it is important to find a place where you can sell them. Now, it is important to sell offline as well as online, but lately online has become the best choice. It is up to you, if you want to have a physical store, as it will increase your budget.


No matter if you choose to sell online, offline, or both, it is always important to have photoshoots done of your products. People will need to know how the products look before they actually buy them. The pictures taken can be used on your online store, but you can also use them to create advertising, post on social media, and even print material for your physical store to help your clients have a better choice process.

If it is possible between your budget, and you have chosen to sell inclusive sizes, make sure that you also hire plus size models. This way you are showing all of your clients how your product will look in different body types.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Organized Your 2022 with 5 Easy Tips and Useful Items from Shopee

10:28:00 PM


Hello, 2022! After taking the time to reflect on the past year, it’s time to get ready for new beginnings. Not sure where to start? For a truly clean slate, your first step should be to clear and rewire your brain. And what better way to do that than with some decluttering and organizing? With a clean, put-together space (and mind!), you can stay focused on your new goals.

Check out five easy tips to help you stay organized throughout 2022. Below, you can also discover product recommendations from Shopee, your go-to source for organization items, essentials, and everything in between at the best prices:

1.Write down your to-do list

If you’ve got a lot on your plate, don’t attempt to keep your to-do list in your brain—this will only overwhelm and stress you out. Instead, stay on track with a planner. This Undated Planner from National Bookstore, perfect for fans of the hit TV show Friends, features undated pages and blank weekly pages on which you can jot down your checklists and more.

2.Set your priorities

Got a long to-do list? Don’t attempt to accomplish everything all at once. Set clear priorities by color-coding your planner. You can process each day’s tasks easily by just glancing at color-coded sticky notes. This set of Sticky Notes includes stationery in different colors and sizes.

3.Manage your workload

How often have you taken on extra deliverables or said yes to engagements, only to realize that your calendar is too full? This year, take care of your mental health and say no when you have to. Stay on top of your schedule with a handy pocket-sized Animal Desk Calendar. These colorful calendars, which come in pretty pastel colors, feature monthly views.

4.Keep your workspace tidy

It’s perfectly understandable if you don’t always have the time to keep your workspace spotless when you’re busy, but as much as possible, try to keep everything in its proper place. This Wooden Desk Organizer makes it easier to arrange your documents, notes, pens, and other supplies.

5.Track your finances consistently

Spent more than you intended during the holidays? It’s fine to treat yourself, but remember to set some savings aside as well. Get your finances back on track this year with a Budget Planner. Place your budget for each week inside the binder pockets and jot down your expenditures on the colored labels.

If you’re looking to buy these great finds to kick-start your 2022, check out with ShopeePay to avail of daily free shipping and cashback vouchers. With ShopeePay, Shopee’s all-in-one e-wallet, you can also buy load, pay bills, and scan to pay at thousands of merchants nationwide. Get up to 10% off on load across all networks and up to 25% cashback on your monthly bills from over 60 billers. If you need to stock up on groceries or go on a much-needed food-trip, get big savings when you avail of ₱1 Deals via “ShopeePay Near Me” and redeem your discounts when you pay via ShopeePay at their physical stores.

Enjoy free and real-time transfers with ShopeePay. Cash in and do bank transfers for free via InstaPay; get up to ₱25 cashback on your InstaPay fee when you cash in. You can also send money for free to any ShopeePay user. To enjoy these exclusive deals and more, activate your ShopeePay now for a rewarding cashless experience.

Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Enjoy Your Holiday with these Helpful Tips for Freelancers

10:23:00 AM


Now that the holiday season is upon us, freelancers or gig economy workers, unlike regular nine-to-fivers, do not have fixed schedules and their workloads also vary depending on their current project load, at any given time. Now, whether they're about to accept work orders or are about to wrap-up an ongoing assignment, these tips can help freelancers enjoy a stress-free holiday break while still being able to accomplish their deliverables as promised, thus keeping their clients happy and continuously satisfied.

Setting your schedule

At the start of December, the final month of the year, it works to assess one’s calendar vis-a-vis assignments one has to still work on. Set a cut-off point when to stop accepting work orders so as to take it easy and have enough time to rest and prepare for the coming holiday festivities. Informing clients ahead of time will ensure ample time to properly send work deliverables in and incorporate the needed revisions, if any, before closing shop for the year.

Avoid taking on too many projects

The desire to take on more projects for additional holiday funds can be quite tempting. After all, who wouldn’t like extra income at this time of year? Still, the last thing anyone would want is to bite off more than they can chew and take on more projects that they can actually and effectively handle. That said, it always pays to set realistic goals on what can be accomplished during this time to keep clients happy and satisfied, maintain the quality and integrity of their output, and most importantly, save themselves from unnecessary stress.

Keep communication channels open

It’s also important during this time to stay in constant communication with clients so as to avoid misunderstandings on requirements, particularly the scheduling of deliverables, as it becomes all the more hectic because of the season. Be sure to have everything clearly spelled-out -- job requirements and timetables -- for a smoother and problem-free work process. Similarly, being able to respond to clients promptly shows professionalism and it leaves the right impression as the year is about to end.

Finalize billings

Dealing with uncollected billings or having to bill at the last minute can result in frazzled moments -- situations that can actually be avoided from the get-go. Again, just as having set deadlines for the submission of projects is key, knowing when one is able to bill can give peace of mind over the holidays. As well, if not using one already, having an app like Payoneer which allows for secure and convenient cross-border transactions can certainly make the life of freelancers much easier particularly for those with foreign-based clients.

With all these practical and helpful tips, the hope is for many Filipino freelancers out there -- 1.5 million as of last count -- to enjoy a productive, fruitful, and merry holiday season.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Tips from TikTok: Learn How to Take Amazing Photos and Videos

7:18:00 AM

Creating your content needs a little bit of effort and one is to learn. Interestingly, TikTok creators give out some of their practices and tips in creating videos and capturing eye-catching photos, So, when you want to create eye-catching photo and video content online, you need to learn how to tell a story using your lens. On TikTok, you will come across hundreds of fantastic content creators, whose skills at mobile photography and filmmaking allow them to capture and share unforgettable images that people will surely admire. 

Many of these creators are eager to share what they know with their followers, and their photography and filmmaking tutorials have become part of the educational content you can find on TikTok. Some helpful how-to videos found on the platform include tips for taking the perfect selfie, setting up a shot, how to enhance lighting, and even how to create backgrounds and select props.

Here are some helpful tips for taking better photos and videos for awesome online content, shared by local TikTok creators.

Ever wondered why ring lights are must-haves for content creators? Daryll Anuran explains the effect that they have on photos and videos in this post.


lmaooo MY HAIR IS A MESS ##filmmaking ##filmmakingtips ##funfacts ##cinematography

♬ original sound - Daryll Anuran

Have you seen those cool videos where one creator plays two characters that appear on screen at the same time? Ralphe Austria shares this easy to follow tutorial for how it’s done!


Video making Tutorial 2 ##TikTokU ##EdukasyongPinoy

♬ original sound - Ralphe Austria

Beautiful styling makes a huge difference in any photo or video. Be inspired by how Norman San Diego sets up a shoot using a simple basket of fruits as props.


Basket of fruits. 🍎🍍🍉 Shot by @jose.franco24 ##outdoorshoot ##photography ##zambales ##philippines ##photoshoot ##learnwithme ##learnontiktok ##diy

♬ original sound - Norman San Diego

Proud fur-parents can learn a thing or two about shooting their babies from TikTok creator, Mark Kelvin.


Sino dito proud Fur- Parent? 🐶❤️ ##photography101 ##photoshoot ##foryoupage ##foryou ##tiktoktrending ##furparent ##furbaby

♬ original sound - Taylerchungg

Level up your mobile photography and filmmaking by learning how to manipulate the different manual settings on your camera. Ivs teaches the basics in this video.


How to start manual setting on your camera 💪 ##fyp ##EduTokPh ##LearnOnTiktok ##Photography ##Portraits ##digital

♬ Work from Home (Is Where the Heart Is) - DJ Joey Santos

There’s so much more that can be learned from TikTok creators, when you want to improve your skills at mobile photography and filmmaking. Join the community on the app to start learning from other creators. Download TikTok on your iOS and Android devices today.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Vivo Gives Few Tips on How to Maintain an active lifestyle at home

12:02:00 AM

We're still in ECQ, meaning we still have limited movements and space to go to. So, we are still confined to our own houses. Even though that there are many ways on how people are coping with the feelings of anxiety, depression, boredom, and other ill-effects of an extended enhanced community quarantine, we still do our best to overcome any situation.  But of course, there, still, some ways that are not good for us like, stress-eating.

While understandable, such a lifestyle may not be sustainable in the long run--especially if one has not been exercising. Unfortunately, most gyms and sports facilities won’t be opening anytime soon, so there is really no better way to shed-off excess fat than by adopting exercise habits at home.

Don’t know where to start? Here are simple and easy ways to get your body moving and getting it back into tip-top shape.

Start with simple activities

It would be unwise to instantly go through rigorous exercises and programs without priming your body to go through them. Activate and engage your body through simple activities such as cleaning the house while listening to upbeat music. You can also try meditating just to make sure that your mind is in harmony with your body.

Download Workout apps

The vivo app store has workout apps that contain plenty of programs and exercises. Try apps that include High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) programs where you do a series of repetitions continuously with minimal rest time. While these apps promote quick workouts that last less than 10 minutes, do not be fooled--you will feel like you just ran a marathon.

Head to Facebook for live workout videos

If motivation is what gets you going when it comes to workouts, try doing it together with other online users. Facebook pages of different gyms around the metro now offer both free and paid live online workout classes like yoga and shadow boxing that are sure to shed off a few “quarantine pounds”. If you’re not to keen on working out with strangers, you can always gather your friends for a video call workout session. Just make sure you actually work out and not end up having an “e-numan”--you can always do that at a different time.

Try Tik-Tok dance challenges

If conventional workout routines and exercises aren’t your thing, you can always try creating TikTok videos. Try engaging in a “dance workout” by trying out all the dance challenges created by users in the platform. You will actually sweat buckets trying to perfect the challenges over and over again.

These home-based exercise methods may not be the same as “maxing out” in the gym, but these are great ways to maintain an active lifestyle and fight off the urge to stress-eat during these unprecedented times.

All it takes are a few clicks. You can download the Facebook app and plenty of workout apps using the vivo app store, pre-installed in all vivo mobile devices.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

8 Helpful Tips For Tiktok Videos Stand Out

12:02:00 PM

Probably one of the best effects of today's crisis is when people juice out their creativity.  Be it become the new norm or not, people are really creative, some just need a little push. So when you hear the song “Don’t Start Now” by English singer/songwriter Dua Lipa, I'm sure there's a kick in it that initially will let you think of.  Do you imagine the visually stunning music video tied to it, or is your mind flooded with mental images of a plethora of dance covers on TikTok?

Indeed, TikTok has become a global phenomenon and, lately, has sort of becoming a therapy for most people especially in light of the community quarantines enforced worldwide. And with millions of active users on the platform, coming up with fresh and unique videos may seem like a daunting task.

Fear not because collecting plenty of views, likes, and followers on this rapidly growing platform are not impossible. Here are 8 tips on how to make Tik-Toks that stand out:

Immerse yourself in the “For You” page
Developing ideas and crafting them into your latest TikTok might be difficult due to the sea of clips already out there. But who says you can’t draw inspiration from these clips? Binge-watch videos on the “For You” page to get a sense of what’s hot, what’s not, and what hasn’t been created yet.

Use your own audio clips
While TikTok has a vast library of songs and audio clips, they are only offered in segments lasting no more than a minute. Got a favorite? Why not use a separate device to play audio clips of your choice. Be wary of copyright infringement though.

Make every second count
To get a higher viewership count, make sure that the first few seconds of your TikTok has an impact that will easily reel people in. Try baked-in captions or brief and creative intros on your videos to entice viewers to watch your clips entirely.

Showcase your “talent,” but be yourself
TikTok is considered a safe space for people who want to explore and broadcast their skills and talents. Whether it’s dancing, singing, acting, cooking, or showing how talented you are at being talentless--that actually garners a lot of engagement--show the world what makes you, you. Just make sure to maintain authenticity because that is what the audience likes.

Go all out
While you’re at it, make sure to give it your all and showcase the best version of you. Don’t be ashamed of being a bit “extra”. Put on your best outfits, apply makeup, and unleash a burst of energy--it’ll only be a few seconds anyway.

Be relatable
Another way to make your TikToks stand out is to make them as relatable as possible. Try kickstarting ideas with a few unique questions like “How do I react during monumental scenes in a certain renowned movie?” or “How do I look when I wake up on different days of the week?”

Add in multiple hashtags
Maybe you’re thinking: “...but having a ‘gazillion’ hashtags is so 2013.” While that may be true for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, there is certainly zero judgement on the use of hashtags by the TikTok community. In fact, using a ton of hashtags like #fyp and #tiktokph, increases your chances of landing on the “For You” page.

Engage in a “Duet”
Joining forces with fellow “TikTokers” not only allows for wider audience engagement but ensures fun and interactive experience. Plus, you get to make new friends in the process.

Bonus tip: Follow influential profiles

Much like in fashion and design, it’s always good to have pegs that are consistent with your style and taste. Follow your favorite TikTokers and celebrities to be in the loop for latest trends. And while you’re at it, follow the brand on TikTok at @vivophilippines to get fresh and creative updates on products and services.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

3 Interesting and Smart Tips in Buying the Right Cooling Partner

6:48:00 AM

If you're from my era you've definitely seen how things was changed by technology and other things. No body knows how fast everything will be changed but one thing is very much sure, there's always change. In buying appliances or your cooling equipment for your food and other meaty products there's always the idea of knowing it first before having it. It is said that the days of boring, old-fashioned refrigerators are gone and there are more selections when it comes to type, its system and its usage. With that, no body is really sure of the things we are buying and if it is the right choice.

According to Dyeun Zapanta, Sales and Marketing Head of Beko Philippines, households still put great value on the quality of the food that they eat. Despite the hectic pace of today's lifestyle, it is still important to serve only fresh and nutritious meals to your family. That is why your fridge must have all the right features to help you store your food items as best you can.

To help you make the right choice, Beko, one of the largest appliance brands in Europe, gave us 3 interesting and smart tips or things to consider when buying the right cooling partner/ refrigerator.

1.   First thing to know is the type and the size. The first thing to consider when buying a new refrigerator is what type and size best suit your household needs. There are two general classifications of refrigerators- the Static (Direct Cool) and the No Frost. Static refrigerators form ice build up on freezer wall which is the source of cold temperature while No Frost allows you the full usage of the freezer space since it uses cold air to cool or freeze your food inside. Freezer and Fridge capacity varies by model or brand.

For families that buy more of the frozen items like meats and poultry products, freezer space is very critical. Big freezer space allows you to store bulky frozen items over an extended period. This is also ideal if you have a habit of cooking many dishes at the same time with the intention of storing them so that it can be eaten during the next few days. Fridges, however, can be used solely for your cooling needs. This compartment is ideal for storing all your fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairies and drinks.

There are also different types of refrigerators to choose from based on freezer location. Some of the examples are Single Door, Two Door Top Freezer, Two Door Bottom Freezer, Side-by-Side, Bar Fridges, among others.

Before buying, make sure to measure the space first where the appliance will be placed in your kitchen. Refrigerators are usually the biggest appliance that you'll have in your kitchen so it pays to plan the space well.

The second interesting tip to know is about the cooling systems that keep foods fresh and longer. Now that you know the type and size you need, the next thing you should familiarize yourself is the defrost system. Some refrigerators use the Manual or Semi-Automatic Defrost technology. If you choose the manual defrost system, you will need to defrost at least once or twice a week to clean and clear the compartments of ice build-up.

Then, there is also the Frost Free technology, which defrosts itself automatically. It uses sensors to automatically activate the heater to melt ice build-up at the back of the freezer walls, which block the air vents. The fan inside helps circulate the cold air to help freeze the food item inside the freezer or cool the food placed in the fridge compartment.

Beko refrigerators are best in its class as the brand developed the NeoFrost+® Technology. This innovative technology sets Beko Refrigerators apart from the others as it uses powerful Active Dual Cooling systems. It has a separate fan and evaporator on freezer and fridge compartment, which allows two times faster cooling. It also makes it possible for food items to stay fresh longer.

The NeoFrost+® Technology’s Active Dual Cooling System keeps humidity up to 90 percent in the fridge section for longer freshness. It also prevents odor transfer between the compartments keeping the air quality inside at maximum levels.

Moreover, it also keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh and crisp better because of its Active Blue Light Technology. This breakthrough technology continues the process of photosynthesis making it possible for fruits and vegetables to retain their natural flavors and nutritional value for up to 30 days. Still it is up to you which system would prefer to consider.

The last interesting and smart tip to consider is the energy efficiency. Know how energy efficient is the refrigerator your going to buy. Make sure that you get the most of your refrigerators by referring to its energy efficiency factor ratings. Higher the EEF Rating means lower electricity it consumes.

For instance, Beko refrigerator model RDNT230I20VP has 325 EEF Rating consuming only 0.77kW per 24 hours of usage. Other Beko refrigerators are made in with the brand’s environmental vision in mind. These refrigerators have A+++ and A++ ratings. An A+++ refrigerator consumes up to 64 percent less energy than the identical A product. Similarly, an A++ product consumes up to 40 percent less energy than an identical A product. It is made possible with its ProSmart Inverter Compressor Motor which comes with a 12-year warranty.

Be sure to check this information with your dealer before making a purchase since this is one appliance you will use ‘round the clock.

Now that you've known 3 interesting and smart tips. Be sure to check this information with your local dealer before deciding to purchase your very own refrigerator. Remember this appliance is where you'll be storing your food and drinks plus you'll be using it round the clock.

In case you haven't learned about BEKO here's a short background about this appliances brand.
BEKO is one of the strongest and leading brands in the whitegoods sector in Europe and has been the fastest growing brand in the European market. Given that the brand sells every two seconds somewhere in the world, BEKO has always embraced the goal of “Being a World Brand.” BEKO has been the first choice of 280 million consumers in more than 100 countries by carrying on its Turkish market success all over the world.

Designed to make your life easier thanks to super-fast programs and energy saving technology - BEKO delivers exceptional value for money, providing smart, innovative and energy efficient home appliances. These factors, combined with an affordable and reliable proposition, make BEKO the brand of choice for today and the future.

What's interesting with BEKO is that they are now on their expansion phase and is opening its door to other retail business partners in order to reach more Filipinos and become the Official Partner of the Everyday.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Converse Back-to-School Bag Tips

5:58:00 PM
New school year just started! It's pretty obvious that not everyone has done their shopping already, especially the bags. Since bags are needed in school and it is the number necessity of students, Converse got tips how to make your shopping trip easier.

Getting a new bag is not all about style. It’s also about functionality and durability. Are you the type to carry around your books by hand? Converse small bags are the perfect complement to carry around your other school necessities. Choose one with adjustable strap to customize to your desired length for comfort, and they add a touch of casual dressing to an otherwise usual school get-up.

More notes than books? These Converse messenger bags can fit your notebooks and your everyday essentials comfortably. An adjustable strap makes it easier to switch from the laid-back hip-level bag to the more feminine waist-height bag placement. The Converse carry bag is a new offering this season, and it’s a nice alternative to a messenger bag. Be it small or medium, the bright shade of California red is a fresh pop of color against your school uniform.

Books and other heavy school things? No worries as the Converse backpacks are ready to take on the weight. Padded shoulder straps provide much needed comfort and roomy interiors can fit most if not all your school needs. Have PE classes? Then switch to a duffel bag for its bigger interior, multi-pockets and have the option to switch between hand-carrying it around or slinging it over your shoulders.

Here are some of the samples of the bags.

Whatever your school needs might be, the Converse back-to-school line is the perfect complement. Durable and functional, colorful and stylish, start your school year right with Converse. Don’t forget to like Converse Philippines on Facebook and drop by

Friday, December 16, 2011

NIVEA's Digital Wingman

5:33:00 PM

The NIVEA FOR MEN Digital Wingman is now your best dude ever – one who will give you timely bro tips about everything, every time. Man up and sign up to get all the latest information that will make you stand out from the rest of ‘em! Be a NIVEA man, like our page and use our Digital Wingman to receive online Facebook alerts about male grooming coupled with NIVEA product suggestions that will suit your lifestyle. Now, you can now have that swagger and confidence to attend events, movie premiers and parties, exclusively sent to you by your NIVEA Digital Wingman. To top all that, you'll also get bro tips on dating, latest gadgets and everything in between, so you can always be on your toes when anything goes!

Just like your best bud, the NIVEA FOR MEN Digital Wingman will never leave you hanging. You can access and get updates from your online wingman through Facebook application
This application will post personalized tips of interest on your wall:

Grooming Guide
Events, Gigs
Restaurants, bars and recommended places
Gadgets, tips about OS systems
Health, Sports and other recreational activities

Link :

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