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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Global Study Reveals URC as Top Choice for Filipino Consumers

10:11:00 PM


Universal Robina Corp.'s (URC) products continue to be popular choices for Filipinos, securing a notable position among consumers' preferred FMCG brands.

In the recent Kantar Brand Footprint study for 2022, Great Taste coffee claimed the fourth spot among the most chosen beverage brands in the Philippines and ranked ninth in the broader category of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).

This achievement follows Great Taste coffee's fourth-place position in 2021, with a noteworthy improvement in its FMCG ranking from 15th in the previous year. The consistent favorability highlights URC's success in meeting and maintaining consumer preferences.

The study by influential consulting firm Kantar Group, uses a metric called a “consumer reach point” (CRP), which measures a brand’s strength based on how many shoppers are buying the brand and how often.

Great Taste chalked up 424 million CRPs in 2023 from 283 million in 2022. It was purchased by 75.8 percent of all shoppers and chosen 20 times a year.

The brand also continues to expand its line-up, recently adding the new GT Supreme.

Two other URC products made it to the list of the Philippines’ top 20 food brands.

Piattos was 7th, with 183 million CRPs, the third year in a row that it made it to the list. Nissin, a new entrant, landed in 19th, with 74 million CRPs.

URC’s Great Taste has consistently ranked among the most chosen brands by Filipinos, according to Kantar’s Brand Footprint study.


“Piattos continues to grow as it’s able to reach more shoppers, winning 1.2 million more homes in the past year, especially via sari-sari stores where it recruits more than 80 percent of its buyers,” said Pearl Benjamin, Senior Account Manager for Kantar Worldpanel.

URC’s C2 ready-to-drink tea rose in the ranking in the beverage category from 19th in 2022 to 16th in 2023,

"This study underscores the sustained quality, cost-effectiveness and lasting allure of our brands for consumers," said Mian David, URC’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Delighting people with good food choices has always been our foremost priority.”

She added that the results of the study “demonstrate the resilience and adaptability of our brands”.

URC produces these iconic brands plus others like Maxx candy and Cream-O cookies, which have been part of Filipinos’ lives for decades. One of the country’s largest food and beverage manufacturers, URC also has significant, and growing, presence in ASEAN. Its leading regional brands include Fun-O, Tivoli and Lexus.

Founded in 1992, Kantar spans some 15,300 brands globally in 43 countries. It is the acknowledged global expert in shoppers’ behavior.

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Indulge in AM & PM Merienda with Snacktime Faves

11:33:00 PM

Throughout the day, there are times when we get the sudden craving for a snack. It's a good idea to keep your favorite snacks readily available for those moments.

If you’re on the lookout for delicious snack options for you and your loved ones, Jack ‘n Jill has got you covered. From cookies that bring delight to ate, kuya and bunso’s morning breaks, up to the crackers that mom and dad can enjoy during their afternoon merienda, there’s Jack ‘n Jill Snacktime Favorites for every member of the family.

Here’s how you and your family can enjoy classic (and NEW) Jack ‘n Jill Snacktime Favorites:

Make morning and afternoon merienda more delightful with Jack ’n Jill Snacktime Favorites

Early morning class recitation and work presentation

Gearing up for a work presentation or class recitation? Snacking can sometimes give you that boost of energy that you need to help you think on your feet. For the little ones who usually have their recess as early as ten in the morning, a must-have is the crunchy bite-sized cookies, Presto Nutty Bites, in Peanut Butter and Choco Peanut flavors. While for the teens who usually take their merienda break at around three in the afternoon, there’s Presto Peanut Butter Cookie Sandwich to munch on so they can recharge before their next class starts. Both snacks are made with real peanuts for that sweet and nutty flavor.

For mom and dad, a pack of Oat Krunch paired with their morning coffee might just be the combo they need to get them ready for their day. This fiber-rich cookie product is made by Munchy’s, one of Malaysia’s leading biscuit brands.

Have a sweet morning break with your delicious combo: the NEW Oat Krunch Cookies and your cup of joe

Doing chores at home

If you feel like your hours are repetitive when you’re doing your chores at home, a pick-me-up treat might just be what you need. Take a break and savor the linamyum palaman of Magic Creams Choco that can make your break time magical.

Have a magical quick break with Magic Creams

Staying in and streaming

With several online streaming sites becoming more accessible, families can now watch the shows they want anytime. If you’re setting up an afternoon of fun movie marathon with your loved ones, be sure to prepare Lexus Cheese for the kids, Magic Flakes Sweet Buttermilk for teens, and Dewberry Yogurt Cake in Blueberry and Strawberry variants for adults. These are new snack offerings from Jack ‘n Jill that will surely level up the fun as you binge-watch your favorite shows.

Complete your bonding moment with the family with the NEW Lexus cookies, Dewberry Yogurt Cake and Magic Flakes Sweet Buttermilk.

Sports days with the kids

For parents who take their children to sports workshops, it’s best to have snacks like Cheesy Knots and Magic Junior Cheese on hand, that the kids could eat in between lessons or matches. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to enjoy a pack or two of Magic Creams Cheese.

Don’t forget to bring delicious cheesy snacks, like Magic Junior Cheese and Cheesy Knots, that your kids can enjoy while you’re outdoors

Outdoor hangouts with the fam

While some families spend their weekends at home, others prefer to go out and enjoy outdoor activities such as visiting parks or strolling in malls. To make outdoor bonding moments even more delightful, you and your family can bring delicious snacks. The kiddos will surely love Lexus Choco Coated Cookies, which are crackers coated in sweet chocolate. Ate and kuya, on the other hand, can indulge on the choco-covered cake snack, Quake Overload. For the Cream-Oholics, there's Cream-O Cake Bar, a cream-filled chocolate cake bar with chocolate chip toppings.

Switch things up by bringing your favorite chocolate-y snacks for a family merienda at the park

Make your days more delightful with Jack ‘n Jill Snacktime Favorites’ wide range of options. You and your loved ones will surely enjoy its variety of biscuits and cake products anytime, anywhere. So, be sure to stock up and grab these must-have munchies from your nearest supermarket, sari-sari store, or online stores such as Lazada (

Jack ‘n Jill Snacktime Favorites is from food and beverage giant Universal Robina Corporation (URC) – makers of well-loved Pinoy brands such as Great Taste, C2, and other Jack ‘n Jill treats such as Piattos, Maxx and Cloud 9. To learn more about URC, visit its website at

Thursday, February 9, 2023

URC Thailand, Filipino-owned company Wins Prestigious FDA Quality Awards for Outstanding Food Manufacturing and Product

7:07:00 AM


Hey foodies and lifestyle enthusiasts! I've got some exciting news to share with you all today. Universal Robina Corp's Thai subsidiary has just received two awards that solidify its position as one of Thailand's top producers of quality food products.

The FDA Quality awards were given to URC Thailand after they met all the required standards set by the Ministry of Public Health. This included product quality, environmental-friendly product-packaging-process, and the company's sustainability project, UR Green.

Not only did the company win the award for "Outstanding Food Manufacturer" (which it first won in 2020), but its Dewberry Puff Cake Orange was also named "Outstanding Food Product on the major use of local raw materials".

URC Thailand impressed the judges with its quality inspection and assurance program, its compliance with food safety rules, and its corporate social responsibility and sustainability program. The Dewberry Puff cake was especially recognized as 90% of its ingredients are sourced domestically.

"We are proud to contribute to the Thai economy, creating jobs for the Thai people and opening opportunities for Thailand's small businesses," said Tanant Suwanraks, URC's Vice President and General Manager for Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia.

URC Thailand has been operating since 1992 and has stayed true to its core value of "delighting everyone with good food choices." The company produces some of Thailand's top snack brands, including Jack 'n Jill mega-brand Roller Coaster, Dewberry, Fun-O, Tivoli, Cream-O, Lausanne, Dynamite, and Lush.

URC Thailand has a long history of winning awards for its quality products, work environment, and push towards sustainability and clean energy.

So there you have it folks, another reason to love URC Thailand and its commitment to providing delicious and quality food, while also being environmentally conscious. Cheers to them!

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Nivea's Payday Sale at Shopee with up to 50% Off on Bundles

9:52:00 PM


Nivea is one of the brands that made me enjoy getting sweaty and active but still feels fresh and fragrant. It has been my deo and cream pal ever since they rolled out the 'for men' line of products. I have known the Nivea brand since I was a kid with their ads on TV and billboards, so when they started having 'for men' items, that's when it all started.

Interestingly, Nivea will be having this Payday Sale through Shopee that offers up to 50% off on their bundle sales. It's more of a buy one take one promo on select products. That is one best deal if you're an avid user of Nivea.

Of course, it's not only for the guys, but it's also for the ladies. It's a special and unique gift for your special someone. Just don't forget to include a note.

Here are some of the Nivea products that are on sale only at Shopee and it is available to add to cart. 

The Nivea Deodorant Whitening Roll On 50ml Bundle of 2

A good deal to have to whitens and smoothens underarms for only Php114. 
  • Whitens and smoothens underarms
  • 10 skin nutrients and vitamins lighten, moisturizes skin, and minimizes pores
  • Dry and fresh all-day
  • 48H antiperspirant protection and NIVEA's mild care
  • Dermatologically tested and approved

The Buy 1 Take 1 Nivea for Men Whitening Acne Oil Control Scrub 100g

At Php214 is another 50% off deal to help you remove dead skin cells for a cleaner look. It contains Carnitine to reduce oil production and Magnolia Bark Extract to fight bacteria. Rucinol, Vitamin c, and Licorice Extract whiten the skin and reduce dark spots from previous acne problems. The micro-exfoliating scrub leaves the skin clean and free from excess oil.
  • Micro-exfoliating scrub removes dead skin cells for a cleaner look
  • Prevents excess oil and fights off bacteria
  • Whitens the skin and reduces dark spots from previous acne problems

The Nivea body Extra White Firming Lotion 250ml

A 32% off that is around Php169 will give you a White Firming body Lotion that has Super Fruit extracts & Q10 to make skin whiter and firmer. it repairs 10 signs of dull damaged skin like dark spots, dry and itchy skin, or uneven skin tone. Its Super Fruit extracts have concentrated Camu Camu and Acerola Cherry, which is 500% more powerful than the whitening properties of lemon. Its firming ingredient Q10, effectively firms skins and restores its elasticity. For noticeable smoother, whiter, firmer, and fair skin.
  • Noticeable smoother, whiter, and firmer skin
  • Has unique super fruit extracts with 50x more Vitamin C
  • Q10 effectively firms skins and restores its elasticity
  • For dry skin
  • Repairing
  • Moisturizing

The Nivea Deodorant Extra Whitening Roll On 50ml

At Php114 Nivea gives you an Extra Whitening Deodorant which contains 2x more whitening ingredients and 10 skin nutrients to intensely whiten and smoothen dark and damaged underarms. Best suited for those who often shave off their underarm hair as shaving may cause damage to underarm skin.
  • Intensely whitens and smoothens underarms
  • 10 skin nutrients and 2x licorice extract lightens, moisturizes skin and minimizes pores,
  • Dry and fresh all-day
  • 48H antiperspirant protection and Nivea's mild care
  • Dermatologically tested and approved

If you want to be updated with what's on sale at Shopee, just simply download the Shopee app on Google Play or App Store. 

Friday, May 17, 2019

JC Premiere Celebrates the 5th Good Life Summit

11:36:00 PM

Good Life, most of us are wishing and looking forward to have a better life, if not today, perhaps in the future. We wanted to enjoy the days of our lives with our family and kids. And the only way to do that is for workers to be business owners. Doing that is a bit hard for someone who has less but for the persistent all it need is the will.

I was once a networker and that was almost two decades ago. The business was great but didn't last long. Issues and matters about the company started to be shaky until I lost interest. I'm not sure how was today's networking company goes but it seems working pretty well for the many, specially those who have already established themselves.

Just recently, one of the growing and strong networking company, JC Premiere, celebrated its 5th year with the Good Life Summit 2019. This is the company's five years of continued commitment in making their members dream true. Unfortunately, the celebration had started already when we entered MOA Arena. It was Angeline Quinto singing to the crowd as we enter.

Some members where sticking their hands up with their mobile devices to have a picture and video of Angeline Quinto singing. When Angeline asked if this was their first time to see her in person, many raised their hands. Angeline requested for the hashtag #AngGandaPalaNiAngelineQuintoSaPersonal.

It seems that JC really did get some of the best in the industry because the next performer was Bamboo who sung some of the best iconic music in the 90's.  By the way the event was hosted by Gretchen Ho and Mr. Foo.

Testimonies are one of the networking companies strength. It is part of the company that proves your products are good. And one of JC Premiere's member was able to share, though short because of stage fright.

Another interesting about the celebration is the raffle. Yes, JC Premiere raffles more than a million pesos. Talk about luck because quite few of the 5GL Summit attendees were lucky enough to take half a million each.

The best part of the celebration are the talk of JC Premiere leaders Carlito Macadangdang, Vice President and CFO and Jonathan So, President and CEO. Some of the highlights of their talks are the life time Buy 1 Take 1 of some products, their Travel incentives, and new features of their marketing plans, plus the way members are given big opportunity to earn more.

With a growing network company like this, it would be great to go back to networking again.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Taiwan Excellence Features Safety Products at Philconstruct Trade Show

2:13:00 AM

It's clear as water that I remember what my past boss from previous job always remind me "Security and Safety". No matter what is your work or line of work always put into consideration the two words "safety and security" or "security and safety", either way they are both important, most especially in the construction business. By the way my past boss or bosses are retired generals and officers of the Philippine Army and Marines, so imagine that.

That's why whenever I'm looking for equipment or products that I'll be using for my household I always take into consideration the two word safety and security.

Just few hours ago, I was able to visit the Philconstruct Trade Fair that is happening at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay. Take note that because of the large number of exhibitors and participating companies they are having two venues to showcase different products of the industry, one in SMX and the other one is in World Trade Center. This only means that the trade show are getting bigger every year.

So what does Philconstruct do? Well Philconstruct Trade Show features different products and companies that are into Building Construction Material, Equipment and Sanitary ware Industry. The trade show runs from November 8 to 11.

To give more input about Philconstruct, here's what they say about it. It is recognized as the biggest construction show in the country, is credited for having helped define the landscape of building and construction in the country for over two decades by creating a space for manufacturers to showcase industry-related items such as building materials and components, construction equipment and materials, building accessories, construction accessories, and essentials, interior design materials, exterior design products, and construction machinery.

One of its biggest exhibitor, Taiwan Excellence, features different new and patented products for different uses that comes with the word safety. Yes their products are created to promote safety and security. Taiwan Excellence is just one of its exhibitors that brings a selection of brands that have been recognized as some of the best that the country has to offer. Taiwan Excellence is an organization that reviews and recognizes all Taiwanese products and grants awards to products that are found to be exceptionally superior.

This year’s Philconstruct expo, Taiwan Excellence will not only be exhibiting their most elite brands on site, but they will also be hosting seminar discussing the strengths and benefits of their featured brands and also accommodates inquiries about their products. Aside from its strengths they will also share how safe the products in securing ones life.

Take note that some of these products are not yet in the market and are willing to find partners in manufacturing and distributing the technology. Imagine that these products are shared to the local household scene and Filipinos can benefit from it. Excellent product, user friendly, safe, and secure.

Each one of the companies present in showcasing their products are proud recipient of the Taiwan Excellence Award, bestowed upon them for outstanding performance in four aspects: Research and Development, Design, Quality, and Marketing.

Some brands showcase their innovation in creating sustainable solutions, such as Caesar Sanitary Ware. This brand carries the hydropower sensor faucet as its showpiece, a faucet whose mechanical detector runs completely on hydropower. Other than consuming no electrical energy, the faucet requires no external power source, and thus no wiring, making for effortless installation. The corrosion and tarnish-resistant chrome finish makes it a lovely addition to any bathroom, marrying form and function.

Another energy saver is Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industry Co., Ltd., having created a more energy efficient ventilation fan/filter. The fan is also designed for safety, being fireproof and waterproof. It features magnetic buttons and a lateral suction design, and gives users an energy savings of roughly 60%. Definitely not bad for this little powerhouse that promises an ultra-high air flow 250m³/h.

For work platforms of exceptional stability and safety on all types of construction sites, the company Chiao Teng Hsin Enterprise Co., Ltd. has made a ladder accessory called Aluminum Telescopic Steady Support. A structure comprised of four frameworks, it uses a multifunctional joint ladder structure and has hidden-style stainless steel shrapnel. Like every good tool, it works well with existing structures, and can be installed on other, less secure ladders. While installed, each step can hold a load of 150kg, and its anti-slip rubber feet allows the ladder to be safe and stable in a variety of work sites.

Ferro-Carbon Enterprise Co., Ltd. (FECA) brings several innovative storage solutions to the table, perfect for smaller spaces and maximizing any area. FECA products promise durability and style, and with their patented industrial vacuum technology suction cups, bring an end to the era of drilling and hammering into your walls to install storage. Each unit, such as the Samurai Wall Shelf Set, the Samurai 10" Magnetic bar, and the Samurai Storage Bag can be attached to rough surfaces, are durable and reusable, and are stable in temperatures of -10 ̊C to 70 ̊Cͦ.

Security is the name of the game with Tong Lung Metal Industry Co., Ltd’s featured proximity lock. A lock that features four-in-one access methods: fingerprint, proximity card, password, and physical key, it eliminates the chance of users locking themselves out of their homes and offices while ensuring the security of their space. The lock eliminates excessively complicated procedures, ensuring that it locks quickly to safeguard from exterior threats while allowing for easy escape from the interior. To make things even simpler, it also has a voice guide feature for programming and operation.

Xing Tai Guang Co., Lld. Sheds a lot of light on the subject of illuminating interior and exterior spaces with its XTGL Optical CMH Luminaire. With a power factor (PF) of ballast higher than 95% and a light output ratio (LOR) higher than 85%, it gives a luminous efficacy of luminaire higher than 85 lm/w.

Lei Yueh Enterprise Co., Ltd., believing that you should be able to see what’s inside your cabinets and small spaces without heavily impacting your electric consumption rate, presents the LED Mini Star, an ultra-slim and lightweight light source that only uses 3.26 watts per fixture.

One of the products that catch my attention is the products from e-Formula. One is their Energy Management System that is highly reliable and saves up energy of up to 40% or even more. Imagine saving a lot from your electric consumptions. Much more for big companies, which only means more production but lesser expense. During the interview they did shared that Telstra is the current client that uses the system.

Another product from them is their seismometer, an innovation in early detection. It detects and measures faster less disruptive P waves from seismic activity, and sends an alert before the more damaging S wave arrives. This definitely provides the safety and security for every building.

Cabinets and shelving systems that are poorly built are a safety hazard at worst and a nuisance at best. Addressing this problem is a Silent Self-Closing Ball Bearing Slide by King Slide Works Co., Ltd., which ensures that the home or office of the future has storage spaces that are not just whisper-quiet, but also secure and smart. Cabinets with the slide are self-closing, and the soundless speed down mechanism helps drawers close quietly by themselves, an effective improvement in living spaces that also prevent accidents caused by drawers left open.

Taroko Door & Window Technologies, Inc. offers up the Intuitive Detachable Pleated Screen, a screen system for both windows and doors that feature a dual function: keeping harsh light out during the day and keeping insects out at night while letting air freely circulate. Although highly mechanical, the screen is easily removed from wherever it’s installed for cleaning. Another perk is that it’s durable, boasting a minimum usage cycle of 100,000 times.

About Taiwan Excellence Awards

The Taiwan Excellence Awards were established by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1992. Recognized by 102 countries as a symbol of outstanding quality, it is awarded every year to eligible candidates who undergo a rigorous and stringent selection system that covers four major aspects: Research and Development, Design, Quality, and Marketing. Products that have been selected for the Taiwan Excellence Awards have been deemed to have Innovative Value and are chosen to serve as examples of the domestic industries to be promoted by the government in the international market in an effort to shape the creative image for Taiwanese businesses.


Founded in 1970 to help promote foreign trade, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) is the foremost non-profit, semi-governmental trade promotion organization in Taiwan. Jointly sponsored by the government, industry associations, and several commercial organizations, TAITRA assists Taiwanese businesses and manufacturers with reinforcing their international competitiveness and in coping with the challenges they face in foreign markets. TAITRA boasts a well-coordinated trade promotion and information network of over 1,200 international marketing specialists stationed throughout its Taipei headquarters and 50 overseas offices worldwide. Together with its sister organizations, the Taiwan Trade Center (TTC) and the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), TAITRA has created a wealth of trade opportunities through effective promotion strategies.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Maine Mendoza Rumored to Have Changed

12:23:00 AM

Is it true that this generations Phenomenal Star, Maine Mendoza has been rumored to have changed? Well as of now the rumored change that we have heard is her recent photoshoot of another product endorsement. It has made fans and followers talk about it. Her new endorsement shoot was leaked online and her fans and followers who's always on look of what's new with her quickly grab the opportunity. She was spotted at what appears to be the pictorial shoot for Maxi-Peel and word has it, she's the new endorser of their latest product called Maxi-Peel ZERO.

Here's what we know: Word has it that she's looking for something more than just a basic cleanser, and she feels that her old brand simply doesn't make the cut anymore given her very hectic lifestyle. That's why she's making the switch. We've seen Maine endorse all sorts of products but over the years, she has become much more selective in terms of products and brands she works with, choosing only the ones that she truly believes in. This is why she's not just the top celebrity endorser in this country, she is also the most compelling. Just very recently, Maine was one of the winners at the 8th EdukCircle Awards bagging two awards, the Most Influential Female Endorser and the Best Female Variety Show Host.

Could this be the reason why Maine has been posting more selfies recently? Her supporters have been pointing out that her skin is to-die-for. Not a blemish in sight! And they are quick to add that her glowing skin is the perfect complement to her endearing personality.

Reese Dianson, a Maine loyalist, proudly exclaims: "Love namin si Maine because with her, what you see is what you get. Hindi mo siya mapipilit sa isang bagay na ayaw niya. Kaya kung magpapalit nga siya ng brand, yun talaga ang kanyang paniniwala. So kami, as true believers, lilipat din kami!"

For Becca Lizada who has followed Maine from the first time she made her debut at Eat Bulaga: "Si Maine, totoong tao yan. Walang halong kaplastikan. Bawat galaw at salita niya, yun siya sa real life! Kaya sa endorsements niya, choosy si Maine dahil pangalan niya ang nakataya!".

True or not, Maine's fans are buzzing with excitement and if it is, we're betting that just like any product she endorses, Maxi-Peel ZERO will soon be flying off the shelves, too.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Alcoplus Rubbing Alcohol, Your Protection Against Germs and Bacteria

11:31:00 PM

In today's current condition of the world with so many pollutants in the air plus the continuous degradation of Earth's natural resources, it is prevalent that almost every month of every year, there is a new virus spreading around. Whether it's the change of weather, the sore eyes season, flu season, cough and colds season, to name a few, it gives us peace of mind when we have a trusted sanitizer handy. But more than ensuring us that our hands and our home surfaces are 99.99% germ/virus/bacteria free, you just love a rubbing alcohol that loves your skin back. Alcoplus Rubbing Alcohol with Active Germ Defense does just that. Apart from its lab tested superb killing action against germs, bacteria, and viruses, Alcoplus has the plus factor advantage with its 3 added actives-- Tea Tree Oil, Moisturizer, and Vitamin E.

Friday, March 11, 2016

G Stuff Means Good Stuff, Enjoy A Healthy Summer

1:16:00 PM

What does G stands for in G Stuff? Well, isn't it obvious that G stands for Good and G Stuff got something good for us since summer is starting already. Not yet official but you can really feel the heat at this time. G Stuff, is a healthy and organic shop that really got something good on its shelves for us this season of the sun.

A kit is definitely something to have whenever your out to enjoy beach and the summer. So, there's always the need to keep fresh and clean as G Stuff offers their famous G Stuff Travel Kit, it is a set of handy toiletries that is a definite must have. Enjoy soaking on the beach, hiking up the mountains, discovering exquisite waterfalls and trailing a hot sunny day with family or friends without the worry of steamy and sticky feeling.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

SM Hypermarket Master Chefs' New Season

11:44:00 PM
SM Hypermarket Master Chefs

If you have actively participated or witnessed last year's SM Hypermarket Master Chefs I'm pretty much sure that you're now excited to know about this year's edition of the SM Hypermarket Master Chefs. So without any further delay of your eagerness to know here's a story of what transpired during their launch at the SM Hypermarket in Cubao Branch.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

San Marino Limited Edition Gift Set

9:04:00 AM

Guess what just came into our door step? Well it's just the Limite Edition Gift Set of San Marino. It's a yellow fin tuna fillet in olive oil.

Recently, San Marino, the country's number one corned tuna brand launched the premium San Marino Limited Edition Gift Set. It is elegantly packed great as perfect hearty gift product for your loved ones. Each gift set contains four cans of San Marino Yellowfin Tuna Fillet in Olive Oil 180g which is rich in Omega-3. Spread love by sharing prime cuts of Yellowfin tuna fillet, one of the most premium types of tuna, packed in pure olive oil to your family and friends. San Marino Limited Edtiion gift Set is available in selected supermarkets for only Php 320.00 per set.

Here's an additional info about San Marino brand and what Kris Aquino says about it.

Having been aware that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the country, Kris reveals one of the many ways on how she keeps her health healthy. “I eat foods which has lots of Omega-3. One product that I love is San Marino Corned Tuna.”

Every 180-gram can of San Marino Corned Tuna has 1125 mg of Omega-3. Omega-3 which is naturally-found in tuna contributes to having a healthy heart as it lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. It also reduces risks of heart attach and other cardio-vascular diseases.

“Another reason why I love San Marino Corned Tuna is because it has less oil than the usual tuna flakes in oil products and has lots of tuna.” Kris adds, “And San marino Corned Tuna has absolutely no preservatives.”

“I am definitely recommending San Marino Corned Tuna to my family and friends. I want them to have healty hearts too,” Kris imparts.

To combat the increasing incidences of deaths from heart disease, Kris airs her plea for Filipinos to take care of their heart. “Almost 300 Filipinos die of heart disease everyday kaya alagaan natin ang ating puso.”

Visit for the list of supermarkets where you can buy this limited edition gift set.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Karylle's Newest Partner Jeunesse

8:53:00 PM
I'm sure people will always have a second look with this lovely lady.  Not only that she's beautiful but a good singer, a sexy actress, and a lovely host plus she's also a fitness advocate.  I'm sure you'll notice it on her figure.  

Knowing how active her lifestyle is, Karylle has found the perfect partner to complement her multi-faceted persona through Jeunesese, the newest line of feminine napkin specifically designed for modern-day Filipinas like this Showtime host.

"We have always admired Karylle's versatility as a showbiz personality," says Jericson San Agustin, the brand's Sales and Marketing head.  "She can sing, dance, act, and host.  She's also into health and fitness. She is very versatile.  This makes her the perfect choice for our product."

Jeunesse, which has an all-natural, non-woven and non-irritating material with super absorbent polymer, promises superb absorbency, germ protection, and lasting freshness, as a result of years of combined research by experts.  But what makes Jeunesse really stand out is that it has a scientifically-formulated Anion strip that helps reduce odor and feminine discomfort.  The strip releases negative-charge ions that neutralizes bad odor attracted to positively-charged ions.

Present during the launch are Ms. MJ San Agustin, Jeunesse Sales & Marketing co-head; Ms. Cecille Chua, Watsons' Group Category Manger for skin care, hair care, men's grooming, paper and cotton, and sanpro; Ms. Precy Hentoloro, Watsons' Assistant Category Manager, Ms. Mayeth Acuna, Managing director of Optimum Marketstrat International, Inc. and representatives from Maverick Media Solutions, Inc. were also present at the affair.

Jeunesse is available in three variants - the Day Pads, Night Pads and Panty Liners, which are available in resealable packs.

For more information about Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins, call 637-8104/ 0917-5642233 or visit  Like Jeunesse Anion on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @jeunesseanion.

Friday, December 16, 2011

NIVEA's Digital Wingman

5:33:00 PM

The NIVEA FOR MEN Digital Wingman is now your best dude ever – one who will give you timely bro tips about everything, every time. Man up and sign up to get all the latest information that will make you stand out from the rest of ‘em! Be a NIVEA man, like our page and use our Digital Wingman to receive online Facebook alerts about male grooming coupled with NIVEA product suggestions that will suit your lifestyle. Now, you can now have that swagger and confidence to attend events, movie premiers and parties, exclusively sent to you by your NIVEA Digital Wingman. To top all that, you'll also get bro tips on dating, latest gadgets and everything in between, so you can always be on your toes when anything goes!

Just like your best bud, the NIVEA FOR MEN Digital Wingman will never leave you hanging. You can access and get updates from your online wingman through Facebook application
This application will post personalized tips of interest on your wall:

Grooming Guide
Events, Gigs
Restaurants, bars and recommended places
Gadgets, tips about OS systems
Health, Sports and other recreational activities

Link :

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Converse Pre Holiday Sale! Come on Now!

10:37:00 PM

To all Converse products enthusiasts and fanatics!  Here's your chance to grab some of their pre-holiday sale.  They will be starting their sale tomorrow September 16, 2011 and it will end up on September 19, 2011, so you got five days to roam around in all Converse Boutiques and buy those items that you like.   Enjoy shopping!

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