Thursday, January 26, 2017

Alcoplus Rubbing Alcohol, Your Protection Against Germs and Bacteria

In today's current condition of the world with so many pollutants in the air plus the continuous degradation of Earth's natural resources, it is prevalent that almost every month of every year, there is a new virus spreading around. Whether it's the change of weather, the sore eyes season, flu season, cough and colds season, to name a few, it gives us peace of mind when we have a trusted sanitizer handy. But more than ensuring us that our hands and our home surfaces are 99.99% germ/virus/bacteria free, you just love a rubbing alcohol that loves your skin back. Alcoplus Rubbing Alcohol with Active Germ Defense does just that. Apart from its lab tested superb killing action against germs, bacteria, and viruses, Alcoplus has the plus factor advantage with its 3 added actives-- Tea Tree Oil, Moisturizer, and Vitamin E.

Active Germ Defense and Tea Tree Oil
Alcoplus' Tea Tree Oil feature gives your hand the prolonged protection compared to other regular rubbing alcohols. That means, even if you touch a surface after using Alcoplus, germs won't cling to your hands as easily.

Moisturizer and Vitamin E
Using Alcoplus Rubbing Alcohol immediately gives you a hint of that smooth lotion feeling during and after using the product. Thanks to its Moisturizer and Vitamin E, we are assured of that tender, love, and care on the skin, a much welcome benefit when using rubbing alcohol.

Another thing that can be noticed about Alcoplus is how its fragrances smell really nice. The Alcoplus Isopropyl Alcohol variant smells like the clean, refreshing bath soap we love since we were young. The Alcoplus Ethyl Alcohol variant, meanwhile, smells like a premium fragrance you like to use when you go somewhere special.

So if you're looking for something to protect you and your family longer Alcoplus Rubbing Alcohol is the brand that you might want to try and consider. It is available in supermarkets, groceries, pharmacies, and drugstores in the Philippines.

Product : Alcoplus Rubbing Alcohol

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