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Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Cycle of Missed Moments

8:29:00 AM

It’s Monday, another start of the week. Though my body urges me to go back to bed my mind is telling me to wake up or I’ll be late for work. That’s what I feel every Monday whenever I get up and prepare for work. My morning starts around quarter or few minutes before 5 am, preparing myself and getting ready to go to work. I leave the house at around quarter to six.

Before moving out of the house I make sure to have a last peek of the kids. It is a little keepsake for the whole week that I’ll not be around with them. I would be missing them for some time and it breaks my heart leaving the kids and my wife. They are Daddyless for the week but I have to because it’s for them.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas From Kwento Ni Toto

9:38:00 PM

A simple handmade doodle design created for every PR companies, Brands, Establishments, Groups and Organizations who have made Kwento Ni Toto fruitful and blessed this year.  You have made this blog a bridge to individuals who wants to know things as they live with their lifestyle.  You have made us a hub for people in search of things that will create and recreate their personalities.  With that we at Kwento Ni Toto are all grateful and thankful.  We are hoping to partner with you more in the coming years but for now let us all be merry as we celebrate CHRISTMAS.  Have fun and cheers!

To everyone and every company a MERRY CHRISTMAS greetings from Kwento Ni Toto!  Looking forward for another fruitful and blessed year to come!

Friday, December 16, 2011

NIVEA's Digital Wingman

5:33:00 PM

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Fatherhood: A Career!

3:32:00 PM
All couples waits for the very moment that they will become parents. For the mothers, since they are the ones who carry the babies for nine months inside their womb it is given that they have already started their new career in life. But for the fathers it is something different. There's no school or curriculum teaching on how to become a father. Sure there are books, and stories from other fathers but that doesn't mean that their stories and experience will be the same as yours. Of course you'll notice that a few will surely be like yours but still the learning and development is quite different.

Do you believe that the painter wouldn't be able to remake his masterpiece as exactly the same as his first work. Yes it is true! Though he may be able to remake the replica, yet it is still not exactly the same. The stroke will be different and the weight and amount of paint will not be as it is used before. The artist will not be able to control the fact that his works is based on his emotional state. He may be happy today but tomorrow will be another thing. This also goes on with being a father. You may replicate the discipline and the manner of bringing up of your father but you won't be able to copy your result to your son. Hi has a mind of his own. His thoughts are different from yours. So taken from a common term being a father requires all your attention. Fathers may not be always around but the mere thought for the kids that they are being guided by the father is enough to keep children on the right track.

The words of the fathers are so powerful. Just like the bosses in a company they may have a stern voice sometimes but still the compassion and the love still floats over that big and cranky voice. Though all or almost all fathers focuses on discipline they sill differ on how they implement discipline. Some may have been very autocratic, others may have been very lenient, others may have been democratic and some may have managed to weigh their action before making a decision. Of all, the combination of the three is the best. Giving flexibility on the event when to use a certain discipline. Fatherhood doesn't just stop on disciplining it is also does give life and support not only for the children but also for the mothers. A father doesn't only master one thing but he is required to be the jack of all trade. So if you think fatherhood is just something well, you better think again. It is not just a job but it is a work and most importantly it is a career.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Preferring Party Packages

10:58:00 PM
Commonly parents intend to celebrate kids’ birthday parties in the comfort of their house. They are the ones who prepare the food, decorate the food, plan the programs, pick up the cakes, call and coordinate with the clowns or magicians. Yes! They all do this in order to lessen the expenses and give the entire party with a personal touch or should we say a parental touch. Yes those are good but consider the hassle, the rush and the stress of the preparation that parents undergo. Plus the aftermath of parties like cleaning and dish washing. All can be really stressful. Instead of preparing for the party and be glamorous in welcoming the guests parents are tormented and looked haggard. By the end of the party parents are already harassed.

Now, there are different establishments and food companies that are offering party packages for different events and occasions. They have different ranges and varieties depending on the demand of the customers. Some of them can be cheap but classy and others are expensive and extravagant like a feast in the royal palace. So there are many packages to choose from. Also some of them offers their function rooms as well and as part of the package together with the sound system. This is to keep their customers satisfied about their packages.

Why choose party packages? There are advantages on why people, especially moms, should hold their parties on establishments or food companies that offers party packages.
  1. Party packages offer a variety of food that parents can choose from. Then can be a meal set, by cuisine, or just simply by buffet depending on the range of the budget.
  2. They offer customers the opportunity to stretch their budget and provide the best food within that amount. So the problem of budgeting will be ease off from you.
  3. Physical arrangements are often included in the packages. Most establishments that offer these packages provide almost everything that the party needs like the mascots, programs, games, physical arrangements, and the sound system.
  4. Party packages give more time for the parents to prepare for themselves without the stress in preparing the party.
  5. They can also ease the host in cleaning the mess after the party.
  6. Party packages are worry free. All you have to do is worry about the payment.

These are just some of the adventures and the comfort that party packages can offer. Take it and flash off those party hassle.

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