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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kwento Ni Toto Now PR1

12:46:00 PM
After a few months of keeping and updating this blog it has now earned its first Google Page Rank 1.  I know sometimes I don't check much of the PR but there are still times that you're uplifted when you know that the ranking of your page is going up.  So for now I do hope that it continue to gain popularity and hope that it will still grow its ranking not only on Google PR but also in any other rankings.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Child play... The New Generation!

10:29:00 AM
This article was written for a company newsletter almost a decade ago.  Though I was writing back then, my work wasn't polished enough so there are still grammar error and other mistakes that may be found in it.  So I just want to share this and I hope that it will give some information for the readers.

Images Credit to their Creators and Games Companies

Fight… Fire down the hole… Attach… Destroy them… Finish him!   Those are the voices that you’ll hear in video and computer games.  Shocking?  Yes, these words and voices are for real but the most shocking of all s what the children see.  But what drives children to still play these video games?

Video Games and there alike as a whole are created to entertain people, adult and children.  Most of them are fun to play with especially when you know how to play the game.  These games vary in their creation it may be as easy as Pacman and as difficult as Starcraft or Counterstrike but all in all they are all just click and play.  But what really drives them?  One thing for sure its visual, something look beautiful and appealing to the eye is worth watching plus add up the interactivity then viola!  You got yourself hooked up.

A lot of Filipino children don’t have this kind of entertainment showcase in their house.  So how would these children play as often as they want too?  Let me see… hm... video games.. where can we find these video games?  Well to name some, there are lots of Arcades in malls and play station in some computer cafĂ© or rentals.  So that’s where they get to play those games.  A walk away from their house and one ride of jeep to the mall makes every video game accessible to kids anywhere and everywhere.

I remember when I was still a child the first video game that I have played was made by Atari.  Shooting the parachute falling from above which are rendered in a black and white, the main objective was don’t let those parachuter land on your territory.  Too simple ha!  As a kid back then I was really amazed and that was a decade and a half ago.  Now, these video games had evolved and become more appealing to children and they can easily influenced by whatever they see and hear.  They are more likely compared to a computer what would be the input would be the output.

Just recently, I manage to read some article from the Philippine Pediatric Society about the effect of the video and computer games that children play.  It is said that most of these children who’s playing computer or video game lives a sedentary lifestyle.  What was a sedentary lifestyle?  According to the Philippine Pediatric Society it is a motionless activity of body parts and if children are living this kind of lifestyle it may increase the possibility of having a cardiovascular disease, obesity or morbidity.  Why?  It is because they don’t exercise and do something.   There are only few parts of their body does the movement.  Some of these are the eyes, hands, fingers and the butt.  Sitting for hours will sure give you a Guinness World Record.   According to the article these are just the physical effect, so meaning there are more side effects.   In terms of socialization children become socially inadequate and immature.  A child with a playmate instills the feeling of having a playmate unlike in video or computer games, they instill the feeling of competition and reset button whenever they fail to do the task.  Also according to the article children do have hard time coping with frustration and failure because of the idea of resetting.  It is also expressed in the article that children may become short-tempered, aggressive and prone to commit violence because of some gruesome scene in the game.   It is indeed true because you will really notice it to children in the community and it shocking to hear a six year old kid saying some of those words.   

The rampant increase of these video and computer games are incontrollable but if parents have established a deeper relationship with their child and having a parental guidance or a family conversation once in a while telling that this games are not good to play for their age.  It is also good if parents will encourage their children to play out-door games like run and tag or the like with this it will instill and restore the value of child play.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Fatherhood: A Career!

3:32:00 PM
All couples waits for the very moment that they will become parents. For the mothers, since they are the ones who carry the babies for nine months inside their womb it is given that they have already started their new career in life. But for the fathers it is something different. There's no school or curriculum teaching on how to become a father. Sure there are books, and stories from other fathers but that doesn't mean that their stories and experience will be the same as yours. Of course you'll notice that a few will surely be like yours but still the learning and development is quite different.

Do you believe that the painter wouldn't be able to remake his masterpiece as exactly the same as his first work. Yes it is true! Though he may be able to remake the replica, yet it is still not exactly the same. The stroke will be different and the weight and amount of paint will not be as it is used before. The artist will not be able to control the fact that his works is based on his emotional state. He may be happy today but tomorrow will be another thing. This also goes on with being a father. You may replicate the discipline and the manner of bringing up of your father but you won't be able to copy your result to your son. Hi has a mind of his own. His thoughts are different from yours. So taken from a common term being a father requires all your attention. Fathers may not be always around but the mere thought for the kids that they are being guided by the father is enough to keep children on the right track.

The words of the fathers are so powerful. Just like the bosses in a company they may have a stern voice sometimes but still the compassion and the love still floats over that big and cranky voice. Though all or almost all fathers focuses on discipline they sill differ on how they implement discipline. Some may have been very autocratic, others may have been very lenient, others may have been democratic and some may have managed to weigh their action before making a decision. Of all, the combination of the three is the best. Giving flexibility on the event when to use a certain discipline. Fatherhood doesn't just stop on disciplining it is also does give life and support not only for the children but also for the mothers. A father doesn't only master one thing but he is required to be the jack of all trade. So if you think fatherhood is just something well, you better think again. It is not just a job but it is a work and most importantly it is a career.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Wealthy Farmer

7:38:00 AM
Are there anyone playing Farmville? Of course and for sure most of the users of Facebook do play Farmville or have played it. Farmville is an online game which was developed by Zynga. It’s a simulation game of how and what do farmers do in their farm, what they plat, what they raise and even how they operate the whole farm. It is quite interesting that Zynga develop a game some thing like this which focuses on farm living. It doesn’t only help city people realize the work inside the farm but also the attitude of giving value not only to farm products but also by giving great respect to farmers. Without them there will no food for us to eat.

There’s always a negative notion about farmers and farming. Most people thought that being a farmer is poor and there’s no way to improve one’s life. Well, that thought should be deemed and vanished from anyone’s thought because to be precise farmers are far wealthier than us, city people who always make fun of their appearance and their way of living.

Yes! Farmers are wealthier than us who lived in the city. They are wealthier almost in all aspect. Why? Well here are some of the reasons.

  1. Farmers are wealthier in terms of assets. So what are his assets? The farmer has hectares of land to plant with. Most of them are owned. He has livestocks that he raises and the numbers can really increase every time they reproduce or mate. He has fresh vegetables which he can sell tot eh market and don’t forget that they do have their savings in the bank.
  2. When it is about their health, it’s rare that they got sick and went to the doctor. If they got sick they can easily recover because of the fresh ambiance, fresh food, and their strong immunity.
  3. When it comes to friends, these farmers got lots of friends. They are wealthy in friends. Mostly each farmer knows everyone in the barrio or in a town. They are well acquainted with each other. That is why when someone needs help most of the people in the town or barrio will be there to help. This is common to Filipinos and they call this “bayanihan”.

The farmer’s life style is simple if they want it to be simple. They can also be extravagant if they want to. They can simply make their life a little more from what their present status is. In other words farmers do really are wealthy in all aspect compare to the people living in the city. It is really sad to know that most of the kids and teens from the farm would rather be in the city than in the farm. They don’t have any idea that they are wealthier than the city people. For those farm kids or teens who have realized the value of being a farmer I admire you for that and a salute to you all.

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