Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Wealthy Farmer

Are there anyone playing Farmville? Of course and for sure most of the users of Facebook do play Farmville or have played it. Farmville is an online game which was developed by Zynga. It’s a simulation game of how and what do farmers do in their farm, what they plat, what they raise and even how they operate the whole farm. It is quite interesting that Zynga develop a game some thing like this which focuses on farm living. It doesn’t only help city people realize the work inside the farm but also the attitude of giving value not only to farm products but also by giving great respect to farmers. Without them there will no food for us to eat.

There’s always a negative notion about farmers and farming. Most people thought that being a farmer is poor and there’s no way to improve one’s life. Well, that thought should be deemed and vanished from anyone’s thought because to be precise farmers are far wealthier than us, city people who always make fun of their appearance and their way of living.

Yes! Farmers are wealthier than us who lived in the city. They are wealthier almost in all aspect. Why? Well here are some of the reasons.

  1. Farmers are wealthier in terms of assets. So what are his assets? The farmer has hectares of land to plant with. Most of them are owned. He has livestocks that he raises and the numbers can really increase every time they reproduce or mate. He has fresh vegetables which he can sell tot eh market and don’t forget that they do have their savings in the bank.
  2. When it is about their health, it’s rare that they got sick and went to the doctor. If they got sick they can easily recover because of the fresh ambiance, fresh food, and their strong immunity.
  3. When it comes to friends, these farmers got lots of friends. They are wealthy in friends. Mostly each farmer knows everyone in the barrio or in a town. They are well acquainted with each other. That is why when someone needs help most of the people in the town or barrio will be there to help. This is common to Filipinos and they call this “bayanihan”.

The farmer’s life style is simple if they want it to be simple. They can also be extravagant if they want to. They can simply make their life a little more from what their present status is. In other words farmers do really are wealthy in all aspect compare to the people living in the city. It is really sad to know that most of the kids and teens from the farm would rather be in the city than in the farm. They don’t have any idea that they are wealthier than the city people. For those farm kids or teens who have realized the value of being a farmer I admire you for that and a salute to you all.

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