Saturday, November 6, 2010

Clean Plate

This is not about home and household tips nor about dining or kitchen wares but instead it is about economic issue and an environmental as well. How many people do you know that always keep their meal consumed with no leftover and their plates are clean, in a sense? Maybe you’ll think and say quite a few or none at all. I do get that response mostly because to them, leaving your plate clean is something odd for them. There are quite few people who do consume their meal and most of them I think are well aware of the problem, economically and environmentally.

On restaurants and fast food chains you’ll find that there are lots of foods being taken for granted. There are leftovers everywhere and this are all put into the trash leaving it for the consumption of stowaway cats, dogs, rats, cockroach, and other insects or animals which consumes leftovers. Though these scavengers like eat this, still, these are foods that are wasted. I know that it’s the individuals prerogative to consume it all or not but to think of it, at least they should have thought of the process how it is produced.

Foods pass through a long series of production cycle. This involves not only man but the whole environment. One good example is the rice production. Rice is one of the common foods consumed by man and planting it is really hard takes time to produce it. The process starts in watering and cultivating the land. It takes days to till the land. Once it is ready, rice seeds are tossed in the nursery area and waited till leaves sprout out from it. After that they are planted on the tilled land, giving spaces for the rice plant to grow perfectly. Then farmers wait for three to four months till harvest time. Rice grains are harvested and run through a machine to peel of the rice grain coating. Then that’s the time that they are sold to market. The whole environment is involved in the production of rice. That’s not the only process that the food passes through. From the farm to the market, from the market to the restaurants, and from the restaurants it is cooked by the chef and later on served to the consumers. Imagine how long the process is and then people just waste those precious grains. Rice is only taken as the subject but generally all foods undergo with the same process. So foods should not be considered as a mere commodity that we consumed but as one of the precious materials and a life giving source of this world.

Just always think of the process how they are produced. Maybe you’ll understand why we shouldn’t waste any food. You’ll never know how long will this world’s resources will last. So as long as there are enough resources on this world lets make it worth consume what we can and don’t waste anything. There are lots of people die in hunger just think about them.

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