Thursday, November 4, 2010

Learning Life: Smile and Laughter

What is more pleasing to see in the morning? Well, what else but a beautiful smile from the people you love and the people around you. Smile is like a contagious disease that can easily spread to everybody. Not only that it is contagious but it is also like a steroid that can boost one’s self esteem and energy. When everything seems down and hopeless one smile is good enough to ease and lighten up everything. It gives hope and casts a bright radial feeling through the darkest moment of a person.

A smile can also attract good vibes and positive energy. Leaving a positive effect to everyone it touches making the entire day worth living unlike the loner who won’t give and get any good vibes into your life. Learn to smile and make it a habit. If you want your day to be fruitful and pleasant, give a smile in the morning and everything will just be fine.

Aside from smile there’s also one that can really make you livelier. Laughter is one of human attributes that can make any person feel better. Laughter or laugh can exercise your facial muscle and even some parts of the body. Laughter is well known for the phrase “Laughter is the best medicine”. Scientifically it is proven that laughter can really boost man’s ability to heal itself. There are a certain glands in the human body that excretes something to help in the fast recovery of the patients.

Life is sweet if those smile and laughter are seen to every person in the world. Just like what I’ve experienced in my life, a smile from my son’s face can easily ease all my worries and body aches. A smile from my wife can really brighten my day. Both of them teach me the meaning of smile and laughter. Both of them give me a boost to move forward in facing all the problems in life.

Others may have tried to buy their laughter but nothing can beat or replace the genuine laugh from a genuine event that caused the laughter, especially the laugh of a little kid, the giggles and laugh of a baby, and laugh of a wife when cuddled.

For what ever reason we all need to smile and we all need to laugh. It’s either to ease the load or just simply to laugh and smile. That is life and that’s we experienced.

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