Monday, November 1, 2010

Recycling Tips: Styrofoam

If you’re observant enough you’ll notice that most appliances, electronic devices, gadgets and other materials or equipment that people are using now are using Styrofoam to support them and avoid any damages. These Styrofoam are not biodegradable materials. I don’t have any idea on how long will it take to decompose and become part of the reach soil but it is for sure long.

Today, there are great changes about these big companies of appliances and electronic gadgets. They are now answering the call of Mother Earth. They are now little by little lessening their use of Styrofoam while others are eradicating it and they are switching to recycled boards and papers. Recycled boards and paper can also hold and support their products just like how the Styrofoam does it. It is nice to hear that companies are now learning to recycle and reuse to save and conserve the natural resources.

Now, since Styrofoam is non-biodegradable material how can we recycle and reuse something like this? Well, there are different ways and scheme. We just need to be creative and imaginative. As long as we know that our main goal is to recycle and reuse. Here are some ways that can be done about Styrofoam.

  1. Being creative can really be of help in conceptualizing ideas on how to use Styrofoam material again. One idea is to use it as garden pots. Just scrape off the inner portion of the Styrofoam to make it as a basin or make it more likely of a pail so that we can put the garden soil and plats in it. Just make sure to put holes at the bottom. This is to prevent drowning from water and for the excess water or unused water to sip through. Second idea is to use it as cork board. If the Styrofoam is flat and equally leveled you can easily use it as a cork board and post important reminders and papers on it. A little creativity, design and frame to hold the Styrofoam plus the pushpins then viola you have your own cork board. Third idea is if you like creating and making sculptures and miniature designs, you can easily use Styrofoam as one of the materials in creating your masterpiece.
  2. If you’re not creative but you are imaginative you can use the Styrofoam as a useful tool inside the house. You can use it as a support to your appliances. Edges and corners of big appliances can really scratch vinyl tiles and materials like it. So in order to avoid it, just try using the Styrofoam as a support, protector, and stopper. Also if Styrofoam is big and large you can easily use it as a leverage to elevate your home appliances especially when there’s flood.
  3. You can also use it as a sealing material to cover those tiny little holes on the roof. I’m not really sure if there’s any bad effect or if it is harmful but my father tried using it as a sealant by mixing gasoline with it. It melts when mixed with gasoline and becomes a sticky material that can be use to patch and cover those tiny holes.
  4. Last if you don’t have any ideas on how to reuse and recycle Styrofoam materials just simply look for companies or establishments that recycle Styrofoam materials. Send it to them instead of having it in your home acquiring dirt and possible breeding area of mosquitoes. You’ll even get paid if they are paying for that.
These are some of the ideas and ways on how to recycle and reuse Styrofoam materials. You can even add more ideas if you have any. Mother Earth sure needs us and by just simply doing little things can make big changes.

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