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Saturday, April 23, 2022

SM Supermalls Colors You Happy This Summer!

6:50:00 PM


Lively and bursting with color as SM Supermalls brights the world of SM shoppers this summer. Starting April, SM Supermalls is giving its shoppers of all ages a spectrum of hope, happiness, and fun with delightful and safe activities that everyone in the family can look forward to when they visit their favorite SM mall.

Snap-worthy rainbow play areas! Multifunctional play pods in all colors of the rainbow await you at the indoor and outdoor play pods that kids and kids-at-heart will love. From rainbow staircases to larger-than-life displays, you’ll have no trouble getting the best and most colorful #POTD entry!

Sizzling hot summer deals! What’s summer without a mall-wide sale? Go on a shopping spree and get all your summer essentials, including must-have toys, at the nearest SM mall. Delight your kids with sporty knick-knacks, inflatables, and bikes to amp up their summer activities even while at home. Visit the pop-up stores in select SM malls for great finds and exclusive deals!

Sweet treats and Summer Eats! Sip, eat, repeat, and satisfy those cravings with a wide array of food and drink choices at SM Summer Eats! A weekend al fresco market awaits you with delicious meals and refreshing drinks all in IG-worthy colorful dining spaces! Watch out for Summer Teas happening on April 16 to 30 where there will be lots of discounts on the best milk teas to quench your thirst too!


Summer fun under the sun! Time to flex that Tiktok talent! Be witty and wacky, colorful and bright, at the SM Summer Tiktok challenge which you can shoot at any of the malls’ colorful outdoor and indoor displays. For pawrents, you can have a furry fun time with your pets when you join the pet olympics, go on a picnic with them, or treat them with a pampering session. For the fitness buff, there’s going to be a 7-day fitness blitz for adults and kids at select SM malls where you can blow off steam and sweat it out. Whatever your passion is, we have lots of summer fun activities lined up for you!

From safe dining to shopping and everything in between, make it a fun and colorful summer to remember at SM Supermalls! Make sure to visit or like and follow @smsupermalls on all social media platforms for the latest news, promos, and activities.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

5 Important Equipment or Tools For a Fun Summer

8:37:00 AM

One of the best parts of summer is the outdoor. Enjoying a day outside of the house without gadgets or the hassle of doing something else, just plain backyard chill under the sun. More important is that you’re enjoying it together with your friends or your relatives. Pure fun!

But of course in order to fully create these kinds of activity we need to have a set of tools, equipment or things to use in our outdoor backyard chill. The fun wouldn’t be complete without your tools of enjoyment. It’s better that you have some bits of information about this items so that the next time you switch a light bulb of fun on your head you already know what to do and what to grab.

Will also try to give a line of tips on what to do and tricks on where to buy or get these items. So what do we need?

1. Outdoor seat or chair. I can say that this is one of the important equipment to have when you want to enjoy the view on your backyard, chill and enjoy. A bottle of drink together with a grilled barbeque can really give you that moment. These seats should have comfort and by means of comfort should have foam or cushion on it to enjoy. I think outdoor cushion foam is much better, not only because it’s comfy but because you won’t worry yourself drying it when it gets wet. It can dry fast because of its material that lets the air flows within, making it dry faster.

I have read that Foam By Mail offers this kind of cushions that you can use and since we’re talking about outdoors they have plenty of cushion foams you can choose from. Take note you can order a custom shape so if your seat’s design is complicated you can have it customized.

So, with this kind of product your mini-pool or pool won’t be dull without the seats to relax after wards. Hard wood isn’t great to sit around.

2. Mini Pool. Well, not most of us are gifted with hectares of properties or wide land areas to have a pool build on it, so to have to simple joy of water splash we often end up with a mini pool.

Mini pools are easy to set up, all you need are the right space for the pool, a manual air pump or an electric air pump and the patience in filling this mini pool with air and water. Some mini pools have five layers of pockets to be filled with air so if you're doing the manual air pump you need to prepare your muscle for this as you pump it all way till you finish all air pockets.

You can buy these mini pools in water equipment stores or sometimes they are offered in department stores specially when it is summer. Cost of this mini pool varies from sizes so if you're getting the bigger one the more it costs. But if it's your happiness go with it.

3. Barbeque grill. Barbeque Sunday is actually created by Dads to make bonding moments more fun. Now, it's a usual activity of the family to enjoy every seconds together. All you need is your grilling station, charcoal and of course the meat.

There are plenty of grilling stations created to fit your need but if you're on a tight budget and all you want is for the family and friends to enjoy barbeque Sunday then you can have a DIY grilling station. It's not very easy but you'll enjoy creating it. An old tin bucket can do the trick. if the bucket's opening is large enough to accommodate a number of meats to be grilled it can be as it is or you can cut in half. That simple.

Here's a simple and earth-friendly trick to fire up the charcoals. Place the charcoals on top of the grill  instead of putting gasoline fire it up with pieces of scratch papers and some dried leaves. Then once the charcoal is burned put it down and start fanning.

4. Hammock. If chilling on a cushion isn't enough and you like the swaying movement of the swing then you can include the hammock in your list of equipment to have. There are plenty of types but what I like most is the cloth type hammock. You get security and it's cool.

5. Ice box.  Of it wouldn't be complete without your chest or ice box. That's where you chill all the drinks. One of the old time favorite brand that I know and considered to be one of the toughest is the Coleman.

Here's a trick to make your drinks easily get chilled inside the ice box. Put a significant amount of cube or tube ice and then add water to have the cold evenly to all your drinks.

These are your five important equipment or tools for a fun summer. Of course you can still have other addition to that.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Boracay, Pangarap Ka Na Lang Ba?

9:30:00 PM

As what the phrase of a song says "pangarap ka na lang ba o magiging katotohanan pa?", will it be just a dream or will it come true. That is what I'm expressing with the situation of Boracay. I have never been to Boracay and it is one of the places that I am longing to visit. It is one of the top places to visit on my list.

When I was a teenager it is one of my dream places to visit. I remember seeing it in one of the postcards that I always submit when my Philippine History teacher would require us to submit pictures of the places or tourist spots in the Philippines. So from there on I admired the island. Also knowing that most foreigners spend their vacations into this place, beautiful place, white sand, great beaches and enticing water.

With the recent news about Boracay, establishments that are not compliant, paradise island turning into a not so paradise at all, and the closure of the island makes me worry if I will still be able to visit the place. Not the pristine island that I used to known but at least and still the island with the white sand beaches.

Perhaps my answers will be addressed once the six-month long closure of the island is over. So let's just hope that they have cleaned the place and made every establishment compliant with the laws, particularly environment laws, to preserve the place.

Boracay, pangarap ka na lang ba? Who knows?

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Get That Huma Island Resort & Spa Experience with Citi Credit Cards

2:25:00 PM

It's summer time! Sand, sea, sun, palm tree and wind, a make up of an exciting beach vacation. Now, wether you have a budget or not, try to have at least once, a visit to wonderful places in the places.

Citi Credit got something for people who would want to get out of the city and fun fun. Enjoy a memorable island getaway through an exclusive 3 days/2 nights travel offer with Huma Island Resort & Spa in Palawan!

Choose between the Water Villas that rise on stilts right above the coral banks at 54% discount; a Beach Villa straddling the shoreline at 49% discount; and a luxurious family suite replete with its own mini pool at 38% discount. Or, you may go for an expansive Presidential Suite – all of 294 square meters which is perfect for large groups!

To ensure a worry-free holiday, included in this travel package are overnight accommodations, daily breakfast, roundtrip land & boat transfers (Busuanga Airport - Resort - Busuanga Airport), and special credits towards dining, spa services, even for island activities.

And remember: advance reservation is required to guarantee availability of rooms. To grab this irresistible offer simply contact Huma Island Resort& Spa’s reservation hotline at (02) 553 0119, or their booking emails at and Promotion period is from January 1 to March 31, 2017, while the stay period is from January 1 to June 30, 2017.

For more information, log on to or call the 24-hour CitiPhone at 995 9999.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Toto Again at the Banana Peel's Summer In The City: Island Getaway

1:33:00 AM

It's always nice to get out of your daily routine and most especially on a very toxic week. One of way of getting off from that hassle is a getaway but sometimes trips can be expensive and time consuming so here's one event that Banana Peel made for their consumers, "Summer in The City: Island Getaway".

Yes, it is an island getaway-look in the city to rejuvenate your thought and get rid of the stress. To be precise the event was held at the Trinoma Mall's Activity Center last May 7, 2016. The getaway was a whole day affair packed to serve summer to Banana Peel's consumer who would like to have some summer getaway in the city. 

Friday, March 11, 2016

G Stuff Means Good Stuff, Enjoy A Healthy Summer

1:16:00 PM

What does G stands for in G Stuff? Well, isn't it obvious that G stands for Good and G Stuff got something good for us since summer is starting already. Not yet official but you can really feel the heat at this time. G Stuff, is a healthy and organic shop that really got something good on its shelves for us this season of the sun.

A kit is definitely something to have whenever your out to enjoy beach and the summer. So, there's always the need to keep fresh and clean as G Stuff offers their famous G Stuff Travel Kit, it is a set of handy toiletries that is a definite must have. Enjoy soaking on the beach, hiking up the mountains, discovering exquisite waterfalls and trailing a hot sunny day with family or friends without the worry of steamy and sticky feeling.

Friday, April 10, 2015

NESTEA BEACH 2015 Best Summer To Experience

6:00:00 AM
It's another year for great summer and when summer comes we all know beach is the next in mind and when talked about beach Nestea comes with it together with its Neastea Beach LaBoracay thing. This year, as NESTEA "the number one iced tea in the Philippines" make everyone refreshed for summer brings another year of great beach event, the NESTEA Beach. Now on its 18th run once again hits the shores of Boracay on April 30 to May 3. With an exciting line up of activities this 2015, NESTEA Beach participants will be able to enjoy #MyNesteaBeach the way they want it.

NESTEA gives summer lovers a chance to enjoy the season just how they want it with a four-day celebration of fun varied activities throughout Labor Day break in Boracay. The shores of Boracay will see not only the refresh lounges, beach parties, and beach clean-up, but also the iconic NESTEA Refresh Beach Volleyball Competition where today’s star volleyball players will battle it out in the sand to see who reigns supreme.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Century Tuna’s Four New Faces For an ABS-olutely Summer Ready Bods

5:58:00 AM

Century Tuna, the country’s number 1 tuna, is here for their newest campaign headlining with four of the country’s hottest and most promising stars ready to show off their fit and healthy bodies and share their secrets for an ABS-olutely ready and delicious summer. Kwento Ni Toto is here to share what transpired during the launch.

It’s the best season of the year where people can flaunt their bodies and show off the result of their healthy lifestyle. And where it’s best to brag that sexy bods of yours? Well where else but on the beach, especially now that summer is here.

As the sun peak up the sky and glisten on the beautiful beaches, Century Tuna introduced their new set of sexy bods in a launch event held in New World Hotel, Makati. The new set of sexy bods and stunning brand ambassadors who will make the road to fitness more inspiring and exciting are Paulo Avelino, James Reid, Elmo Magalona and Jessy Mendiola.

“Century Tuna has been known not only for our line of products, but also for our vision of helping our consumers achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle,” says Greg Banzon, general manager of Century Pacific Food Corporation. “We believe that this powerful advocacy requires only the most influential ambassadors who can inspire others through their sexy bodies and healthy lifestyle. And so this year, we strengthen our campaign through with newest batch of endorsers who have also undergone stunning body transformations,” he added.

Meet the new Superbods…

Paulo Avelino, known for his enviable bod, striking features and acting prowess that makes him a Gawad Urian awardee. Paulo has been living an active lifestyle for years now to maintain his figure. In fact, the actor is engaged in numerous sports activities like badminton, rock climbing and jogging. “Being tapped as a Century Tuna endorser is overwhelming. Now that I am part of the body transformation campaign, I hope to become an inspiration to those who have often expressed admiration of my physique,” Paulo shared.

James Reid, this Filipino-Australian heartthrob finds this opportunity to be a sweet reward to his hard work to achieve his now toned figure. According to him “I used to be thin and weak years ago – I even had asthma. But through swimming and gymnastics, and a healthy diet, I’ve become more buffed. I’m definitely proud of the new me.”

Elmo Magalona, the son of the Master Rapper Francis Magalona, make a name for himself in showbiz by venturing into acting, rapping, singing, and hosting. Over time, people also noticed his body’s remarkable transformation. At 20 years old, Elmo has already developed chiseled abs and very muscular arms through a customized workout and disciplined diet. “As the youngest in the bunch, I’d like to let people know that they can – and should – start early in their journey to a healthy body,” he shared.

Jessy Mendiola, the rose among the torns, the only lady in the batch is the beautiful actress who has captured the hearts of many with her angelic face and sexy body: Jessy Mendiola. Jessy has graced a lot of magazine covers and TV commercials, yet she finds something uniquely exciting about her Century Tuna experience: “I’m excited to show a different side of me: a grown-up Jessy who consciously takes care of her body through proper diet and exercise. Plus it’s always nice to endorse a product I truly love!”

Through the inspiring stories of Century Tuna’s newest faces Paulo, James, Elmo and Jessy, the country’s leading tuna brand aims to help more and more people understand that anybody can bring out the better versions of themselves and be ABS-solutely ready for summer.

The four new endorsers join long-time endorser Anne Curtis in promoting the ABS-solutely delicious Century Tuna as a brand that motivates people to aspire for a healthy body.” For all of them, there’s no other tuna!

For more information and fitness tips, visit

Website :
Facebook :
Twitter :

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Nestea Beach 2014, #RefreshSummer

9:53:00 PM

Last year, Kwento Ni Toto was able to witness one of the most anticipated event every summer, the NESTEA Beach. It's the well known beach festival every summer and it is even well known because of the beach volleyball and other summer activities in the beach.

This year, NESTEA, the official summer beverage of the Philippines gives summer a new refreshed taste with the hottest beach event in the country, the NESTEA Beach 2014. Celebrating its 17th year promises the biggest, most refreshing summer happening to date as it hits the shores of Boracay this coming Labor Day weekend.

Yes, this year's NESTEA Beach event will run on Labor Day and towards the weekend, a great four-day celebration of PLAY, PARTY, and CHILL in the country's hottest summer destination. Boracay has been NESTEA Beach's home for the past 17 years and this year the shores of boracay will not only see the battle ofthe champions but also the biggest yacht cruise in the island. To cap it all off, NESTEA Beach partners with Republiq to bring two of the hottest DJs in the international music scene, Cedric Gervais and Steve Aoki as they shake the sands of Boracay in this hottest long weekend celebration.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


6:07:00 AM

Wouldn't it be cool to jam with a new gadget this summer? McDonald’s makes this dream come true with Summer Medley of Surprises – McDonald’s newest instant prize card promotion. Until May 31, when you try any of McFloat Summer Medley’s yummy refreshing drinks – Blueberry Sprite McFloat, Coke McFloat, Four Seasons Sprite McFloat, Green Apple Sprite McFloat, or Honey Banana Sprite McFloat – at any McDonald’s store nationwide, you will get a promo card which gives you a chance to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus.

Aside from a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, there are other awesome prizes that can be won via Summer Medley of Surprises: FREE Upsize to Large Soft Drink for any Medium Value Meal purchase, FREE juice Up for any Medium Value Meal purchase, FREE Upsize to Large Fries for any Medium Value Meal purchase, Double Cheeseburger with Regular Soft Drink for only P75, P20 OFF on a purchase of Big Mac a la carte, or P20 OFF on a purchase of a Quarter Pounder with Cheese a la carte. Each promo card is a definite winner!

The summer surprise from McDonald’s does not end there. New brand ambassador Xian Lim will be visiting a few McDonald’s stores in the metro to meet customers who are certified McFloat lovers. Just follow the schedule below, order a McFloat, and get a chance to see Xian:

APRIL 16, Monday
McDonald’s Greenhills, 1:00-2:00 PM
McDonald’s Eastwood, 2:30-3:30 PM
McDonald’s Katipunan, 4:00-5:00 PM

For more information, visit

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spyder Charge Your Summer Event

3:17:00 PM

Last March 30, Spyder, the brand that brought top-quality and high-performance multisport (swim-bike-run) and motorcycling gears in the country, launched its sumer season campaign for a more exciting, super active and healthier summer activities with Spyder-Charge Your Summer 2012.

Spyder hosted the week-long Spyder-Charge Your Summer 2012 mall event where newbies are introduced to the discipline of multisports by offering the highest quality of products to choose from. A wide variety of items like helmets, shades, eyewear, and other protective gears, accessories and products to enable a fun-filled engagement.

The event featured a series of activities to invite the interest of mall-goers. A range of activities including hourly raffles, photo-ops on standees and photowalls, and trivia games were held throughout the whole week to spice up the event. Spyder-charge was conducted against a stage resembling a mountain beach resort to capture that summer ambiance and I think they sure did a pretty good impression with the mall-goers because most of them are taking a second look whenever they passed-by.

Aside from the Spyder products on sale from March 26 to April 1, enthusiasts were also introduced to motorcycling, cycling, and running clinics. Though we weren't there when this things happens it's sure great to know that they made something like this. The clinics were held in partnership with Safety Riders, Team manager of the Philippine Cycling team for SEA Games Edmund Mangaser, and three-time ultramarathon champion and Best Female Triathlete nominee Michelle Estuar, respectively. That was just too bad not to meet them and have some good tips and perhaps guide if we were to pursue triathlete.

Also, it was the conclusion for the Spyder-Charge Your Summer Blogging Contest, as they award to the top three winners of the said contest. Cash prizes and premium items from Spyder and sponsors were given to the winners. The top blogs were featured on the Team Spyder website and the grand prize winner won Php50,000.00 cash prize and an all-expense paid beach vacation for two courtesy of Spyder. Two of the top winners weren't their to claim there winnings so two blogger friends just went on the stage to claim in their behalf.

Spyder also introduced their Spyder Assist Program for the benefits of the Riders. This program offer extra protection to motorcycle riders in partnership with the nation's leading insurance company, Standard Insurance.

This covers the...
  1. Personal Life Insurance, covering loss of life or disablement of up toPhp100,000.00
  2. Medical reimbursement of up to Php5,000.00 for accident related injuries, including moto-related accidents .
  3. Crash replacement policy for damaged helmets during major accidents resulting in damage to the helmets.
These benefits under Spyder Assist are available only with every purchase of any Spyder motorcycle helmet, and are subject to terms and conditions set in the policy.

The Spyder Assist Card may be purchased from authorized dealers together with the purchase of any Spyder motorcycle helmet at a very affordable price of Php150.00. With just this small amount your life will be secured. To register the coverage, the scratch code on the Spyder Assist card must be logged on to www. A copy of the policy will be sent via email.

If you have more question about the Spyder Assist Program just visit their site or just simplycall their hotline at 02-8451111.

Spyder-Charge Your Summer is an event of Spyder Helmets and Optics and sponsred by Skechers Go run, No Fear, Gatorade, Sun Cellular, Kawasaki, All Terra Cyclery, and supported by Total Fitness, Multisport, One Sport, Inside Racing, and Weekend Warrior Magazines,,,,, and

Monday, March 19, 2012

Big Big Summer Sale!

6:20:00 PM

Summer is totally here and the best way to enjoy summer is to get those sexy outfits.  The best place to hunt them is on sales.  This coming March 30, 31, and April 1, SM Mall of Asia will be having their Big! Big! Summer Sale.  Enjoy up to 70% off on selected items from participating stores.

So mark those calendars and start doing your lists!

McDonald's McFloat Summer Medley and Their New Brand Ambassador

1:12:00 PM

What's the best drink to enjoy this summer?  Well, there's no better way to enjoy the hot summer than with a cool soundtrack yo can jam with friends. McDonald's is offering a refreshing symphony of flavors perfect for your friends bonding moments with the new McFloat summer Medley - featuring four new McFloat variants and McDonald's newest brand ambassador Xian Lim.  

McFloat Summer Medley features four new exciting flavors: Blueberry Sprite McFloat, Green Apple Sprite McFloat, Four Seasons Sprite McFloat, and Honey Banana Sprite McFloat.  These new flavors are available in two sizes: Regular for P29 and Monster size for P45.  As for those who can't get enough of the classic Coke McFloat, Coke McFloat is still available for P25 regular and P40 for Monster size.

Mcdonald's McFlaot Summer Medley also includes affordable snack combos.  For only P50, customers can get a Regular Coke McFloat with Medium Fires.  While for P55, you can pair up your Medium Fries with any of the four new regular-size McFloat flavors.  Totally fit for epic summer hangouts and even road trips!

"summer is all about fun and excitement.  bonding with friends is more fun with great food and cool music.  With McFloat Summer Medley, McDonald's is sure to become a favorite destination this season," says Margot Torres, McDonald's Philippines, Vice-President for Marketing and Communications.

Xian Lim, whose favorite summer activities include hanging out with friends, adds excitement to the campaign with his won tune of youthfulness and fun.  "Summer is one of my favorite times of the year because you can relax and just have fun," says Xian. "I'm happy that I can help bring a little bit of summer to everyone this year and I feel so excited to be a part of the McDonald's family in the Philippines."

McFloat Summer Medley is available in all McDonald's stores nationwide, whether dine-in, take-out or drive-thru.  You can also dial McDelivery 8-6236 or visit to enjoy the McFloat Summer Medley anytime, anywhere.  So hurry, text, BBM or call your friends and head to the coolest hangout place this summer- McDonald's!


Watch for more awesome surprise this summer!  For more information, visit

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Summer is hotter with Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion, Schick, & Nuffnang

10:06:00 PM

My ideal Nuffnang summer is going on a long hike around the area of Boracay and end the rest of the stay soaking my sweaty looking body in a clear blue water of the beaches together with "Schick.  Free your skin.".  Letting the salty water sip in without the worry of getting burn with the helpt of "Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion.  We've got you covered."

Having an extraordinary and ideal summer can really let me, us, let loose and unwind from our usual activities in the metro.  Rejuvenating our mind and body to be ready face another deal of life in the savage land called city.

So for now, I'm awaiting for my summer getaway!  Welcome SUMMER!

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