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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

The Space Museum ---SM City North Edsa's new multimedia art destination

10:28:00 PM


Looking for something new and exciting to do north of the metro? SM City North Edsa just launched The Space Museum, a multi-media art destination perfect for content creators and fun seekers.

Meet the giant “Traveler” and unleash the wanderer in you.

Recap your colorful course and journey home in “Off Course”


With nine themed transitions from “The Portal” to “Off-Course”, this 4D space odyssey invites you to explore the universe's mysteries – inside the mall.


Dive into waves with these Cosmic Currents.

Best of all, passes for four (4) are FREE with a minimum single or accumulated purchase worth P1,500 from partner tenants. Additionally, every SM Cinema ticket purchase is given one pass. 

Experience an impactful journey through the “Collision”.

Share your awe-inspiring moments at the Space Museum by posting content on TikTok with the hashtag #SpaceMuseumAtSMNorth. Get a chance to be featured on SM Supermalls' and SM City North Edsa's social media accounts, too.

Marvel at the beauty of space in "Celestial Cracks.

Don’t miss this cosmic adventure called The Space Museum at The Block, SM City North Edsa from June 1 to August 31.

Sunday, April 30, 2023

Five intriguing urban development aspirations for Metro Manila

1:16:00 PM

It's not bad to think of the things that could possibly be an intriguing model for Metro Manila, but of course there are basis that ought us to think these kind of ideas. 

Metro Manila is comprised of 16 cities and 1 municipality - is the economic, political, and cultural capital. 

Metro Manila’s forecast of becoming a global power city is challenged by the consequences of rapid urbanization. The UN-Habitat lists the effects of climate change, natural disasters that hamper urban infrastructures and city competitiveness, unequal livability, job creation, and poverty reduction.

Is there a way out of Metro Manila’s challenges? Architect and urban designer Chintan Raveshia, and urban planner and sustainability consultant Tony Chan of Singapore-based Arup emphasize urban development should also consider people’s aspirations, its changing needs and expectations, and the national identity of the residents.

Finding the identity of the city

Raveshia inspires responsible stakeholders to ask themselves first the most fundamental question: “What’s the identity of the city and how do we make its residents proud?”

He quips, “Singapore, a city that is high on everyone’s liveability list, is also working with citizens and grass roots organizations to inculcate a sense of ‘lovability’ for the city. This helps to strengthen the societal bond, increase equity, improve community safety, and exude pride and a feeling of ownership of the city amongst the residents. The balance of liveability, efficiency, and lovability paves the way for a true success of our cities in this climate emergency era”.

For his part, Chan believes that a successful sustainable urban development goes hand in hand with the capability to enhance people’s quality of life. “We must develop and harness models of development that have low-carbon targets, which are also of a human scale, thriving and inclusive; models that are also just, secured and enhances the quality of life for all its residents. In addition, we should look at creative ways to increase local citizen participation as well as new technologies or products that can support the overarching vision and development objectives”, says Chan.

Melbourne is considered by many experts as one of the most liveable cities for the past decade.

If Singapore reclaims lands for more affordable housing and increased integrated city developments and Melbourne builds accessible green spaces to promote social interaction, what plans would best fit Metro Manila’s sustainable and livable future while maintaining its identity? Here are five urban development aspirations Filipinos hope for the country’s main political and economic hub.

1. Accessibility across all social classes
While Metro Manila is the Philippines’ major economic driver – accounting for 32% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) – it’s often challenged in sustaining accessible living conditions for residents across all social classes. UK-based The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) ranked Metro Manila 105th out of 139 cities in the Global Liveability Index 2022. The increasing population density in Metro Manila has resulted in some inconveniences in daily conditions like vehicular traffic situations, least green open spaces, high carbon footprint, inaccessibility to affordable housing, and unequal income opportunities.

Urban planners and developers suggest mixed-use planning in the metropolis and coastal developments because they are crucial to achieving the 15-minute concept. Here, residents across all walks of life are encouraged to live a healthy, affordable, and sustainable lifestyle because residential, commercial, and office spaces are integrated within a single development.

2. Open green spaces for a healthy and sustainable living environment

Despite land scarcity, Singapore manages to be one of the greenest cities in the world with over 400 parks, more than 3,300 hectares of nature reserve, and over 300 kilometers of park connector network.

Studies shows that Metro Manila has only 5 square meters of green space available per person, this number is well below the 9 square meters set by the World Health Organization.COVID-19 had the entire world reassess their health conditions, lifestyle practices, and environmental situations. The impact was even more drastic in Metro Manila due to population density, crowded space, and insufficient parks and open areas.

Aside from improving air quality and enhancing biodiversity, green spaces also moderate temperatures during the warm season.

3. Enhancing Human health and wellbeing
Cities with sufficient healthcare facilities, access to health coverage, and infrastructures that enhance well-being and promote a healthy lifestyle, produce prosperous societies.

The way cities are planned, designed, and executed has a crucial impact on how people live as it presents opportunities and effects on their lifestyles and overall well-being. While there is evident progress in Metro Manila’s health sector, rapid urbanization continues to pose risks in communities due to challenges in overcrowded neighborhoods, vehicular emissions, heavy traffic, pollution, and flood-prone areas.

4. Resilient community
Resilience is the capacity of individuals, communities, and systems to adapt, survive, and grow in the face of stress and shocks, and even transform when conditions require it. Relevant dimensions under the City Resilience Index ( by the Rockefeller Foundation & Arup, other dimensions include Health & Well Being, Economy & Society, Infrastructure & Environment as well as Leadership & Strategy

As Philippines and Manila grows, we face a dual challenge of adapting to climate change and the need to alter development strategies that are increasingly contributing to global warming. Philippines is among the top 10 countries in the world most affected by climate change in the past 20 years, according to the Global Climate Risk Index As an archipelago, impacts resulting from climate change are immense. In addition, metro Manila’s safety and resilience are endangered by various natural disasters.

Natural disasters persist every season due to our geographical location.

Well-planned and executed urban designs have the power to build safe and resilient communities in Metro Manila. Infrastructures like proper bike lanes and walkable streets ensure residents’ safety, accessibility, and comfort, whereas science and technology-based solutions that can build flexible structures, multi-use systems, and technologies can help residents adapt and prepare for changing conditions.

5. Global and competitive city

In 2022, Singapore is placed 3rd in the World Competitiveness Ranking – the small country out of Asia even placed 1st in 2019 and 2020.

Metro Manila is one of Asia’s premier regions. As the country’s engine growth driver, it has growing investments in infrastructures and multitudes of business investments and developments.

The metropolis’ rising potential can further step up by following global models like Singapore, Melbourne, and Hong Kong which created several integrated cities and coastal developments that ushered in a vibrant economy and paved for a better urban lifestyle. These visions create an avenue to further increase opportunities for jobs, better education, better lifestyle, and bustling economic activities.

These can contribute to the Philippines’ national and local economies by driving tourism and infrastructure development while also creating equitable and inclusive communities. These, in turn, create a wider room of opportunities and, therefore, attracts more talent.

Building inclusive and sustainable growth centers
When all stakeholders are listened to and addressed, communities will be energized when introduced to well-designed, master-planned and implemented developments. This will result to a lasting impact on Metro Manila’s future and its residents because it fosters more inclusive growth and makes the urban landscape an extension of their home.

When a city embraces its history, celebrates its milestones, innovates and adopts for the future, and most importantly, nurtures its residents and responds to their aspirations – it is a city working toward competitiveness and unlocking future potential.

How about you? What would you aspire your city to be?

Photos not ours. CTTO

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Experience a Day to Remember: 10 Amazing Places to Visit in Quezon City for Couples

10:10:00 AM

Love month isn't over yet. You still have more time to make your love one the most happiest. In case you haven't experienced visiting some of the best places in Quezon City, here are some that we can share from Kwento Ni Toto.

Quezon City is the largest city in the Metro, with that it is truly filled with lots of exciting places to visit. Each location is distignuished because of their name, specialty, event, and some other things that make it extravagant. It is the perfect destination not only for a Valentine's Day date but for the whole year gala or sweet moments. Its diverse range of attraction and activities makes it more fun to visit. From a simple romantic a romantic picnic, a scenic hike, or a luxurious dinner, Quezon City has something to offer and for you to enjoy.

Here are our top 10 best places that you can visit in Quezon City for a Valentine's Day date or for the whole gala and sweet moments.


La Mesa Ecopark - Located in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains, La Mesa Ecopark is a scenic and peaceful place to spend Valentine's Day. You and your partner can enjoy a picnic, take a scenic hike, or just relax in the lush surroundings.


Maginhawa Street - Maginhawa Street is one of Quezon City's most popular dining destinations, offering a wide range of restaurants, cafes, and bars. You can enjoy a romantic dinner in one of the many romantic restaurants in the area.


UP Diliman Campus - The University of the Philippines Diliman campus is a beautiful and peaceful place to spend Valentine's Day. You can take a romantic stroll around the campus, have a picnic, or enjoy a scenic bike ride.

Quezon Memorial Circle - The Quezon Memorial Circle is a beautiful and historic park that is the perfect place for a romantic picnic or a leisurely walk. The park features a large statue of former Philippine President Manuel L. Quezon and a memorial museum.

Araneta City - Araneta City is a large shopping and entertainment complex that is perfect for a Valentine's Day date. You can catch a movie, go shopping, or enjoy a romantic dinner in one of the many restaurants in the area.


Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center - The Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center is a beautiful park that is perfect for a romantic picnic or a scenic hike. You and your partner can enjoy the peaceful surroundings and observe the local wildlife.

Eastwood City - Eastwood City is a large shopping and entertainment complex that is perfect for a Valentine's Day date. You can catch a movie, go shopping, or enjoy a romantic dinner in one of the many restaurants in the area.


 Original Pares Retiro - If you and your special someone is in for a gastronomic date experience this place for you. Located in N.S. Amoranto St, just look for that red and white store on the corner. 


Timog and Morato area - This is one of the best places if you like bars, music, and food. You can enjoy and see the night life in Quezon City.


Las Casa Filipinas de Acuzar - Situated in the heart of Quezon City on Roosevelt Avenue. It is an events space where you can experience the heritage vibe of the Las Casa Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac Bataan. What's making this place interesting is its the best place for photoshoots.  

Whether you're looking for a romantic picnic, a scenic hike, or a luxurious dinner, Quezon City has something to offer for Valentine's Day. With its diverse range of attractions and activities, you're sure to find something that you and your partner will enjoy.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Boracay, Pangarap Ka Na Lang Ba?

9:30:00 PM

As what the phrase of a song says "pangarap ka na lang ba o magiging katotohanan pa?", will it be just a dream or will it come true. That is what I'm expressing with the situation of Boracay. I have never been to Boracay and it is one of the places that I am longing to visit. It is one of the top places to visit on my list.

When I was a teenager it is one of my dream places to visit. I remember seeing it in one of the postcards that I always submit when my Philippine History teacher would require us to submit pictures of the places or tourist spots in the Philippines. So from there on I admired the island. Also knowing that most foreigners spend their vacations into this place, beautiful place, white sand, great beaches and enticing water.

With the recent news about Boracay, establishments that are not compliant, paradise island turning into a not so paradise at all, and the closure of the island makes me worry if I will still be able to visit the place. Not the pristine island that I used to known but at least and still the island with the white sand beaches.

Perhaps my answers will be addressed once the six-month long closure of the island is over. So let's just hope that they have cleaned the place and made every establishment compliant with the laws, particularly environment laws, to preserve the place.

Boracay, pangarap ka na lang ba? Who knows?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Great Getaway at Hidden Hills Farm

10:01:00 AM

A great mountain view.
People from the city has always been looking for a good getaway out of the stressful and polluted city.  A great out of town adventure and relaxation spot that can rejuvenate and refresh a tired being.  A place with fresh air, enticing environment and luscious field with thousands of fruit bearing  trees like Coconuts, Avocado, Chestnut, Durian, Yellow Star Apple, Guava, Lansones, Rambutan, Jackfruit and Tropical flowers.

Fresh fruit-bearing trees.

Hidden Hills Farm provides that experience with its 4.5 hectares area abundant with fruit bearing trees, a relaxing 360 view of the different mountains surrounding the area from a multiple floors of viewing deck and is located at Barangay Imok, Calauan, Laguna.

The Nipa Hut and Garden Area great for functions and gatherings.
The place includes amenities like a native nipa hut reception hall or a garden that is good for events like wedding, baptismal or any kinds of gathering that needs a wider place with a provision for two swimming pools and it also has the longest fiber optic hanging bridge in Laguna, a very well spot to have a better view of the place.  a concrete residential house will welcome guests and visitors with a young coconut juice.

Experience the longest fiber optic hanging bridge.
If the whole experience is not enough for you then why not own that experience and have it all year round you.  The whole area is for sale for only 800 pesos per square meter which round up to a total of 36M pesos.  You get to own the place and have the business of recreation as well.  

For more details about this great getaway area kindly get in touch with this following number 09213191471.

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