Thursday, June 20, 2019

5 Important Equipment or Tools For a Fun Summer

One of the best parts of summer is the outdoor. Enjoying a day outside of the house without gadgets or the hassle of doing something else, just plain backyard chill under the sun. More important is that you’re enjoying it together with your friends or your relatives. Pure fun!

But of course in order to fully create these kinds of activity we need to have a set of tools, equipment or things to use in our outdoor backyard chill. The fun wouldn’t be complete without your tools of enjoyment. It’s better that you have some bits of information about this items so that the next time you switch a light bulb of fun on your head you already know what to do and what to grab.

Will also try to give a line of tips on what to do and tricks on where to buy or get these items. So what do we need?

1. Outdoor seat or chair. I can say that this is one of the important equipment to have when you want to enjoy the view on your backyard, chill and enjoy. A bottle of drink together with a grilled barbeque can really give you that moment. These seats should have comfort and by means of comfort should have foam or cushion on it to enjoy. I think outdoor cushion foam is much better, not only because it’s comfy but because you won’t worry yourself drying it when it gets wet. It can dry fast because of its material that lets the air flows within, making it dry faster.

I have read that Foam By Mail offers this kind of cushions that you can use and since we’re talking about outdoors they have plenty of cushion foams you can choose from. Take note you can order a custom shape so if your seat’s design is complicated you can have it customized.

So, with this kind of product your mini-pool or pool won’t be dull without the seats to relax after wards. Hard wood isn’t great to sit around.

2. Mini Pool. Well, not most of us are gifted with hectares of properties or wide land areas to have a pool build on it, so to have to simple joy of water splash we often end up with a mini pool.

Mini pools are easy to set up, all you need are the right space for the pool, a manual air pump or an electric air pump and the patience in filling this mini pool with air and water. Some mini pools have five layers of pockets to be filled with air so if you're doing the manual air pump you need to prepare your muscle for this as you pump it all way till you finish all air pockets.

You can buy these mini pools in water equipment stores or sometimes they are offered in department stores specially when it is summer. Cost of this mini pool varies from sizes so if you're getting the bigger one the more it costs. But if it's your happiness go with it.

3. Barbeque grill. Barbeque Sunday is actually created by Dads to make bonding moments more fun. Now, it's a usual activity of the family to enjoy every seconds together. All you need is your grilling station, charcoal and of course the meat.

There are plenty of grilling stations created to fit your need but if you're on a tight budget and all you want is for the family and friends to enjoy barbeque Sunday then you can have a DIY grilling station. It's not very easy but you'll enjoy creating it. An old tin bucket can do the trick. if the bucket's opening is large enough to accommodate a number of meats to be grilled it can be as it is or you can cut in half. That simple.

Here's a simple and earth-friendly trick to fire up the charcoals. Place the charcoals on top of the grill  instead of putting gasoline fire it up with pieces of scratch papers and some dried leaves. Then once the charcoal is burned put it down and start fanning.

4. Hammock. If chilling on a cushion isn't enough and you like the swaying movement of the swing then you can include the hammock in your list of equipment to have. There are plenty of types but what I like most is the cloth type hammock. You get security and it's cool.

5. Ice box.  Of it wouldn't be complete without your chest or ice box. That's where you chill all the drinks. One of the old time favorite brand that I know and considered to be one of the toughest is the Coleman.

Here's a trick to make your drinks easily get chilled inside the ice box. Put a significant amount of cube or tube ice and then add water to have the cold evenly to all your drinks.

These are your five important equipment or tools for a fun summer. Of course you can still have other addition to that.

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