Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Ai Ai Delas Alas and Bayani Agbayani in Feelennial, a Story of Two Mid-aged People Finding Love in the Digital Age and Learn How To Be a Feelennial

Two of today’s comedy royalties Ai Ai Delas Alas and Bayani Agbayani join together in a romantic comedy film that will surely give you a good laugh and a kilig feeling, “Feelennial”. This is the first romantic comedy movie of the two that will surely a hit not only to the millennials but also to the feelennials (feeling millennials).

Feelennial is a portmanteau of “feeling millennial”, which is about the middle-aged individuals who feel and act like millennials. They are the titos and titas of today who try to adopt the lifestyle of the younger generation. In this movie the term Feelennial is also used in another term to describe something that made a good mix of romance.

The story is basically about the two middle-aged individuals who try to be part of the younger generations in order to fit in. Ai Ai plays the role of Madame Bato-Bato, a rich single mom who has everything except the attention of her only son Nico, which played by actor-model Arvic Tan. In one of her feelennial activities, she meets Chito played by Bayani, a rich bachelor who recently won a huge sum through lottery.

Their first encounter doesn’t turn out too well, and what ensues is a flurry of mishaps and misadventures, pitting Delas Alas and Agbayani into funny, yet thought-provoking situations on how romance and family dynamic has changed in today’s society.

Since Ai Ai and Bayani are surrounded at work by a young group of stars and production people, whose millennial habits they have somewhat imbibed as well. So here are some of the traits to spot or know that you're a 'feelennial'.
  • You're a middle-aged individual who's taking time to learn about gadgets, OOTDs, and a variety of Social Media apps, plus online dating.
  • You're into online dating and trying to fit in to impress who ever on the other end.
  • Most of your friends and followers are out of your age. The good thing is that you're becoming a model to them.
  • As much as possible you keep up with the young generations trends.
  • You go to places where the young generations are hanging out.

These are just some of what the feelennials does. But being feelennial isn't but because it's much easier to reach out to the young ones, especially someone very much close to you. It's cool and it's great!

So what to expect in the movie "Feelennial"? Well better prepare your jaw and tummy for a good laugh as Ai Ai and Bayani will surely give you the best throw of comedy lines. Not to be a spoiler but one line is a sure hit to everyone, the "pakihanap" line.

In totality the movie isn't just laugh but with lessons as well as that tells the reality of today's life even though it was delivered in a comedic lines. Love, understanding, honesty, acceptance, and respect.

Include cast members Nar Cabico as Dua, Ina Feleo as Tahoma, Nicole Donesa as Cambria, Jelai Andres as Aerial, Nicole Donesa as Cambria, Sofia delas Alas as Sophia, Skelly Skelly as Dope, Micah Muñoz as Shanty, Arvic Tan as Nico and Raffy Roque as Efril, with special participation of Martin Nievera, Pops Fernandez, and Paolo Ballesteros.

So better watch "Feelennial" this June 19 in cinemas. The movie is under Cignal Entertainment and DSL productions, directed by one of GMA 7’s resident directors, Rechie del Carmen. Cignal Entertainment, the original content division of the Philippine’s #1 Pay TV provider, Cignal TV, and Pops Fernandez’s DSL Productions, which marks its first venture into film production after organizing successful concerts for over 30 years.

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