Friday, September 6, 2013

Axe Apollo's Last Man Standing, Filipino on Space

As we all know Axe is a brand that brings unique products for men.  I remember one of their contest that made chaos in one of the malls in the metro, the AXE Raid.  They sure made a bang with that contest and now they've brought much higher than the ground as Axe created another unusual contest for the brave and strong willed men with the Axe Apollo National Challenge.  Having 400 men strive and battled to be the last two winners to be shipped off to train at the international AXE Apollo Space camp in the U.S. and with a possibility of being the First Filipino into Space.

Correspondent Justin witnessed the battle of these men as they all undergone with different challenges to test their strength, their will, and of course their guts.  As the usual saying "no guts no glory" and for these 400 men they are there to perhaps test themselves for how long they can last or perhaps win as well.

The whole day went on with a rigorous test of physical fitness as these men undergone a military-inspired obstacle course and with the last challenge with "the last hero standing" and afterwards two men were declared as the winners.   Mario Mendoza Jr. and Evan Rey Datuin were the declared winners of the Axe Apollo's last man standing and literally they were the last two men standing.  They were presented in the press conference held after the said challenge.

Aside from these two, Mario Mendoza Jr. and Evan Rey Datuin, Axe Apollo National Challenge winners they will also be joined by the 3rd candidate who will be picked via an electronic raffle promo which is the AXE Hyperdrive Promo.  For every purchase of an AXE Apollo body spray, they will get a chance to win the last seat to Space Camp.  These three candidates from the Philippines will experience astronaut training in the U. S. this December together with over  hundred other candidates from all over the world.

According to Gem Laforteza, Axe Philippines Brand Manager "It's been over 7 months since we started this nationwide search for the first Pinoy astronaut.  Now that we are down to the Top 400, I think it's really starting to sink in that pretty soon we will be sending one of these people to space."

There's a total of twenty three tickets to space at stake, one of which is certain to go to a candidate from the Philippines making this person the first Filipino astronaut.

"I'm proud to have been involved in the selection process fro the first Filipino astronaut.  Naniniwala talaga ako na talentado ang mga Pinoy.  We deserved this opportunity.  And that's why we've tried our best to make sure that whoever gets it really deserves the one-in-a-hundred-million chance to go to space," says AXE Apollo National Selection Director Luis Manzano.

Again congratulations to Mario Mendoza Jr. and Evan Rey Datuin for being the last two men standing!  Be the first Pinoy Astronaut!

AXE Apollo
AXE Philippines

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