Monday, March 19, 2012

Buzz About Yahoo! She, Uncircumcised are Better Partner

I believed that the new section of Yahoo! Philippines, the Yahoo! She was launched during the Women's Day and with that span of time it was already making a buzz, especially with one of its article "Women Have Better Sex With An Uncircumcised Partner".  Hmm...

I got curious about this topic this morning when people from Yahoo! Philippines visited the studio of Jam 88.3. It was a short discussion and introduction about the newest section of Yahoo! but made a big question mark on all Filipino men.

The basis of the article where taken from the recent study conducted by the International Journal of Epidemiology last January 2012.  It shows that both men and women have more sexual satisfaction when the male partner is uncircumcised.  The article also disclosed that in the world only 30% of male population are circumcised.  It is also added that in the Philippines 93% of the males have gone through the ritual of circumcision.

In my opinion, circumcision were already introduced way back in history and I don't think that it is a barbaric act, even the bible requires it so.  I think it is much cleaner.  Another thing, when it comes to pleasure and satisfaction perhaps both partners can achieve that goal if they are more open to each other and knows what exactly they want.  It's just a matter of communication and body language.

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