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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Experience Miniature Buns at Slammin’ Mini Burgers + Fries + Dips

6:12:00 AM
Remember that we've featured the Slammin Mini Burgers here? Well here's what's more of them. A more detailed story and a more detailed treats for everybody.

The idea of serving miniature buns at Slammin’ Mini Burgers + Fries + Dips gives customers the chance to taste different flavors and keeps off the mess too. Their solution is to serve two or three smaller-sized burgers per order!

Slammin’ Mini Burgers got its start when Slammin’ president Patrick Dy and his partners decided to take their existing brand, Slammer Burgers, in a new direction. “We changed our whole culture, look and logo. Totally revamped and upgraded our menu. The main reason for the change is for Slammin’ to eventually become the number one mini burger concept in Asia."

Friday, December 12, 2014

Slammin’ Mini Burger, Slammin Great In Taste

6:08:00 AM

Big things are great but small things are cuter, so which one will you choose? Well for Kwento Ni Toto big sizes of food can really fill the tummy but this burger chain that we’ve met in TriNoma Mall is small in size but big in taste. So what’s this burger chain that we’ve bump into? It’s the Slammin’ Mini Burger, it’s small but it is slammin’ great.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Celebrate National Burger Day At CaliBurger

3:25:00 PM

Great news for all burger lovers! This coming July 28, 2014, Monday is National Burger Day! And Kwento Ni Toto shares the news with you, dear readers, as Caliburger celebrate the exciting day by giving away FREE 4 pcs of Cali Sweet Wings for every Php500 worth of delivery on that very day.

All customers need to do is just call and order at CaliBurger by dialing 87878 or go to So if you're a burger lover you might want to consider this and grab the opportunity at Caliburger.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The CaliBurger Experience, Always Fresh

10:55:00 AM
Kwento Ni Toto’s food story this time is about this newest food store making a buzz online. This is one of the newest food haven in Manila for people who loves to munch on burgers. This newest burger chain in the Metro is called “CALIBURGER”. A new player in the burger chain stores in the Philippines.
Caliburger is an American based corporation with having no branches in the U.S., so far, and is swiftly making its name in the international market. Established by a group of passionate California entrepreneurs who set out to bring the finest and freshest “Cali” inspired burgers and chicken sandwiches to the rest of the world. Opened their first branch in Shanghai and later on extends to Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and now in Manila.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Read About This Gourmet Filipino Burger at WHAM

7:55:00 AM

Kwento Ni Toto shares another information about one of the burger chain in town.  Read the press release about the store below and hopefully expect Kwento Ni Toto's story about it.

When it comes to burger, most people would think about it as a comforting meal and perhaps the safest choice when craving for something fast yet satisfying. However, many will agree that not all burgers are created the same, purveyors can be partial over a tried and tested recipe with American appeal coupled with an awesome classic taste that stands out.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Burger King's More Fillet-vorful Chicken Crisp Sandwich

8:34:00 PM

The king of burger's and the original home of the Whopper hails their newest member of the royal family with fresher, juicier and more "FILLET-vorful" taste as Burger King introduces the Chicken Crisp Fillet Sandwich.    Launched last August 17, 2013, this newest addition is for sure one of the burgers that will delight chicken lovers.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kwento Ni Toto Shares McSPICY Chicken Burger

12:04:00 AM

It is great when you know that you get to be the first to taste, know and read about different things.  Much better if it is about food because you get to experience it first hand.  But sometimes there are things that an individual couldn't be in two places.  So Kwento Ni Toto sought the help of one of his correspondent to witness and experience the launching of McDonald's newest offering, the McSpicy Chicken Burger with a #McSpicyIsHere in which it is really here in the Philippines already.

Correspondent Justine was one of the lucky people to taste the spiciness and flavorful goodness of McDonald's Spicy Chicken Burger.  According to Justine this burger is a burger with a kick.  Spicy but tolerable enough for the taste palate of Pinoys.

Monday, June 11, 2012

McDonald's Big N' Tasty, For a Big Appetite

12:32:00 AM

Yesterday was one of the big satisfying day of my life as McDonald's Philippines let bloggers experience first the overwhelming and sensational taste of Big N' Tasty Burger. For the first time in the Philippines, McDonald's is offering this Big N' Tasty as a limited time offer for customers who are looking for that perfect mix of yummy flavors and textures in their burgers.

If you've love their regular burgers then you'll definitely going to like this new serving. It's big, tasty and satisfying. It's like fullfiling your greatest hunger. One of this can sure make a long long way for the day. So whether you are at work, busy on the go, chilling with your friends or at home alone or definitely wherver and whatever the situation is, anytime is a good time to get your Bin N' Tasty fix. A right blend of tangy, creamy and savory to overwhel your senses. Plus a good balance of soft, crunchy and chunky

The new McDonald's Big N' Tasty is made from the freshest ingredients available. Featuring a 100% pure bef quarter pound patty seasoned using only salt and pepper, creamy cheese, crispy lettuce, juicy tomato, fresh onions, tangy pickles, and a special smokey sauce in between a sesame seed bun, Big N' Tasty is for McDonald's and burger lovers who expect nothing less.

So whether you are at work, busy on the go, chilling with your friends or simply at home and alone or wherever and whatever the situation is, anytime is a good time to get your Big N' Tasty fix.  Overwhelm your senses with the right blend of tangy, creamy and savory.  Experience the right balance of soft, crunchy and chunky with every bit.

For all burger lovers and enthusiasts, begin your next food adventure at the nearest McDonald's and experience overwhelming your senses about this latest buzz about.  McDonald's Big N' Tasty is available in most stores nationwide a la carte for Php120 or as an extra added value with your meal, a Regular Fries and Regular Drink for P145 or with Medium Fries and Medium Drink for only P165.

If you have your craving right now just order via McDelivery Online or just simply dial 8-MCDO.  Choose to indulge your taste buds with something new and delicious by getting a McDonald's Big N' Tasty.  For more information, like their Facebook or follow them on Twitter @McDo_ph.

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