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Friday, December 11, 2020

MetroSunnies Eyewears Protect Your Eyes From Digital Screens and Are Available On Shopee's 12.12 Christmas Sale

10:00:00 PM


How long have I worn eyeglasses? Well, I started wearing prescription glasses when I was around 20 years old (I think?). And from then, it has been my comfort and my struggle. Yes, it's comfort because I can see clearly, but it's a struggle because I have to endure the itchiness and irritation. If you're one of the many lucky individuals who have eye problems, well, you know what I am saying. 


Anyway, it has been twenty years already, and I'm thankful that the eyewear industry has evolved very much that each created eyeglasses are from quality and durable materials, refined through time. And one of the eyewear brands that carry the thrust of bringing the best quality products for their customers is MetroSunnies. Just a bit of side info, MetroSunnies is one of the brands that are having a good discount this coming Shopee 12.12 Christmas Sale. It's up to 37% and 43% off, a good deal to have something to protect your eyes. 

Okay, here's a little information about the brand, MetroSunnies. It is a company that brings cool protective eyewear brand for us all. Among their line of products, MetroSunnies Con-Strain is one of them that protects your eyes from the blue light emitted by the digital screens. It helps, especially if you're spending long hours of exposure on digital devices, which can strain your eyes and disrupts your sleep quality.

MetroSunnies Lion Specs (Clear) / Con-Strain Blue Light / Versairy / Anti-Radiation Eyeglasses

So, I was happy to receive one kit from Shopee and MetroSunnies. This kit contains two eyewear, the MetroSunnies Lion Specs (Clear) and the MetroSunnies Caesar Specs (Black), both of which fit just right. The MetroSunnies Lion Specs - Versairy frames are made of TR90 ultra-lightweight flexible material that is more durable and easy to wear compared to regular plastic eyeglasses. While, the MetroSunnies Caesar Specs - Con-Strain are glasses that may help you sleep better because of their effect when worn. What's interesting with these two eyeglasses is that both of them helps in protecting your eyes from blue light, a high-frequency light wave between 380-485nm. They are also anti-radiation computer eyeglasses. 

MetroSunnies Caesar Specs (Black) / Con-Strain Blue Light / Anti-Radiation Computer Eyeglasses
Here are some care tips for your eyes and your eyeglasses.
  1. Always wipe your eyeglasses with a piece of cloth for a shiny and clear view. It's great to look for beauty without obstructions.
  2. Always remember to put your eyeglasses on tables or any surface with the lens facing upward. It is to avoid scratches on the lenses.
  3. When working on a laptop or with any digital screen devices, always give time to rest and blink your eyes to avoid dryness. It also helps ease the strain in the eyes.
  4. After working, make sure to rest your eyes before washing your face.
  5. After using your eyeglasses, make to put them in a safe place to avoid damages or possible breaking.
  6. Con-Strain eyeglasses can help you have a good night's sleep.

This coming Shopee 12.12 Christmas Sale, check out and get your cool MetroSunnies eyeglasses not only to be fashionable but also for your eye protection. As the saying goes, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." So shop let's go shopping!

If you want to be updated with what's on sale at Shopee, just simply download the Shopee app on Google Play or App Store. SHOPEE

Friday, June 7, 2019

5 Questions Unanswered With Avengers: Endgame

11:38:00 PM

I know that its been more than a month already since the story of Infinity Stones and Avengers ended with the EndGame. The hype of watching it first was something extraordinary for an avid fan of the story and the characters. It was a fulfilling experience especially if you have completed the whole story and how it begun.

The flow of the story is okay but if you're stuck in the comic book story you might have some unresolved issues, specially with the characters. You might expect more or less with how they portray the character. It's really disappointing if they didn't match picture you are familiar with and sometimes confusions of who the character is. So lets just accept that this is a different story with the characters and heroes that we are familiar with.

The Endgame tells the story of how the remaining heroes brought back other heroes banished by Thanos and how they ended the war then save humanity from the terror of Thanos. It is the contuation of the Infinity War. So, the story goes and ended. Now I just got some questions in my mind that still unanswered even though I read some of the explanations about the loopholes of the story.
  • With the removal of the infinity stones from the time line, how come the present isn't affected? 
  • What happened to Gamora if Blackwidow already sacrificed her life? Was she spared from dying in the hands of Thanos? 
  • How did Captain America returned the soul stone if they returned it on the same time they removed it from the timeline? Was Blackwidow spared from sacrificing herself? 
  • Captain America stayed in the past and lived his life with Sharon Carter. How come there's no anomaly in the timeline that affected the present? If he was in that timeline how will Sharon Carter do what she did when Captain America was gone? 
  • If Captain America returned to the past and lived his life how was he able to joined the Avengers? And why the timeline isn't affected? 
So, you think you can help me find answers? If you know some of the answers please comment below and let us share thoughts.

Monday, April 22, 2019

5 Reasons Why HellBoy Should Not Be Watched By Faint-Hearted

8:00:00 AM

There are reasons why the regulatory board give grade and rating for films to be released and watched by moviegoers. This is to protect viewers from any effects of the movie that may lead to something like trauma or a like (that's my guess), most especially for the little ones. That is why they made sure to have restrictions like the Parental Guidance or PG and Rated or R ratings.

For our movie discussion today we will be featuring the recently released movie HellBoy, which is actually a reboot of the 2004 released movie directed by Guillermo del Toro. While this year's film is directed by Niel Marshall, which is considered to be a much more closer to the comic book release of Dark Horse. A much darker story of HellBoy.

So, after watching the movie I was able to build up some reasons why it should be and should be watched. First, lets focus on the 'why not'. Perhaps the 'why to watch' will be on the second part of our topic.

I have organized and collated five (5) main reasons why faint-hearted people should not watch HellBoy.

  • The movie shows to much blood and gory scenes that someone who easily faints with blood might experiene trauma. Worse, the person might loose consciousness in a not so well litted part of the movie house that might cause the person injury.
  • There are parts of the movie where decapitation and slaughtering are involved that is not a watch for children and faint-hearted individual. The smashing, slicing and dicing is really prominent in the movie. Yes it's clear as water that the title is HellBoy but the writer and director should have tone it down since HellBoy is a kids thing.
  • If you're heart isn't strong enough to stay in your belief, then you should not watch the movie. The site of its apocalyptic distruction when he held the Excalibur Sword just doesn't make much sense. Yes he is the rightful heir to the throne but that doesn't mean he just loose consciousness and became the demon that he is and release all the evil around the world.
  • The psychic connection created by the character played by Sasha Lane is just gruesome and that gawking sensation of a thing com8ng out of your mouth will let you feel nausous and vomit.
  • Lastly, if you don't want to see the sight of people being torn apart and be eaten by monsters, then perhaps you might want to reconsider. The beginning of the movie is already a mild one and it progresses like a creceindo of bloody mess as it goes near the end.

So, will I recommend to watch the movie? Yes, if you have the guts to take all the gory, gruesome, and bloody effects of the movie. Plus if the foundation of your belief is as hard as the pillars if St. Peter's church. But for a faint heart take on a courage pill first and a dosage of strength to get yourself together to see to the movie.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Product Review : Pholigo Prebiotics

5:00:00 PM

Stomach, perhaps we can say that it is one of the busiest part of the body and for an average individual like me who doesn't know much about medicine is that it is one of the most important organs of the body that distribute nutrients. Compared to a car it is probably the gas tank. It size depends on the body built.

With the abundance of different food markets, food trucks, and restaurants, it is easy to get something to eat. This only means that our stomach gets too busy digesting. Without any help of fiber and the good bacteria, the stomach becomes congested with food residues and bad bacterias causing us stomach problems, worst we get hospitalized or more serious health problem.

It is just right to have some good bacterias or prebiotics that can help our stomach. One of which is PhOligo, not well known yet but is getting some interesting outcomes from its users. So, yours truly were given a chance to try and see the effects of Pholigo Probiotics. Here are what we recieved to test and try the product, two packs of Pholigo Prebiotic, by the way this prebiotic is in powder form so it is convenient to carry around and have it anytime and anywhere but some preferred to have it by night, that's to avoid any hassle with the effect. For me, well I did try anytime, morning, afternoon and night time.

Directions in taking PhOligo Prebiotic is very simple and easy. Since it is in powder form and packed in a sinhle sachet there will not be any ptoblem preparing. One box of PhOligo is packed with 7 sachets, so you can have it in a week. One sachet is just enough for a day and you can have it in a glass of water or any if your drinks, be it warm or cold.

Here are my observations on the effects of the product to me.

  • My first two days does show any noticeable changes bu on the thurd and fourth, I noticed that there's changes in my vowel movement.
  • I noticed that I'm frequently farting.
  • It's much easier to go number 2.
  • I noticed that the end product (stool) is lighter and floats in the bowl. Only shows that my stomach really absorbs the nutrients from the food I take.

A little intake of food supplements wouldn't mind, especially if it is for the betterment of our body. We should be open to health solutions. PhOligo is another product that gives prebiotic for our tummies and what's interesting is that it's natural.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

AHEAD Online Pros and Cons

3:33:00 AM
When you aim to be the best there's always the risk and investment that you'll have to take. That risk and investment will give you a head start in everything that you do. In studying, reading the lessons in advance and practicing it in advance gives the student an edge among his or her classmates.

One of the firms that provides tutorial services and reviews, Ahead, is making a new wave in their services offering. According to Ahead, for students aiming to be accepted one of the top three universities, their firm is the one to trust. They got a very high battering average when it comes students who passes the entrance exam.

The main thrust of Ahead is to provide the best tutors for the students taking their programs and services. They only accept tutors that are top of the graduating class and as much as possible young and fresh graduates. Their reason is that lessons are still fresh from these individuals and the age is just almost at the same level to make the tutors/teachers more approachable.

One of the latest services offered by Ahead is their online tutorial branded as AHEAD Online or AO. Since we are now in the digital age, Ahead is envisioning online tutorial the thing of the present because it helps in the development of an individual. It is an online tutorial and test preparation service that offers a fully interactive mode of teaching with voice, video, whiteboard, and file sharing components. For AO their online tutorials are made interactive to encourage and motivate more the students to participate and learn faster. But of course there are pros and cons when it comes to this kind of services.

Advantages of Online Tutorial
  • Reduces the possibility of having accidents when traveling to the review center.
  • Gives parents more free time to do household chores.
  • Avoid too much familiarity of the tutor of the house for security reason.
  • Saves more time.
Disadvantages of Online Tutorial
  • Won't fully understand if the connection is slow.
  • There's no physical and social encounter. 
  • Distraction is at reach.
So, if you're planning to get your kids enrolled in one of the programs of AHEAD, why not consider their online tutorial. Much easier and safer.

If you want to know more about their services visit their website or check out their social media accounts for updates and other stuff.

Services : AHEAD Online
Website :
Facebook :
Twitter : @AheadOnlineNow

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Enjoy KaKa’s Filipino Dishes, Generations of Filipino Cuisine

12:02:00 AM

Photo from Kaka Facebook page
Kwento Ni Toto enjoyed Filipino dish in one of the restaurants in one of the busy malls in the metro. If you're one of those 80's or 90's kids who once lived in the rural areas in the Philippines then you'll definitely be missing the smell and taste of dishes cooked in that places. Worry no more because there's a restaurant that looks upon the Filipino's cultural heritage when it comes to cooking and serving food. Kaka is one of the restaurant's that serves authentic Pinoy dishes cooked in a very traditional way and process with natural ingredients. They pride their dishes without any artificial flavorings.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

I Trust U, #ITrustUratex and Here are 5 Reasons Why

3:59:00 AM

Trust is something that you don’t easily get but something that is earned through time. Just like the brand that we truly trust… the Uratex brand. Since the day that we've known Uratex it has been our tradition to look out for the name of the brand, especially on beds, pillows, chairs and tables.

To know more about Uratex we did get a chance to visit their plantation in Alabang. It is a learning experience for us who loves the brand very much. During the tour we learned so much that any ordinary individual would only think of. What’s more interesting with the plantation tour is that we've learned that the products produced by Uratex came from quality materials. They are really providing the best product for their customers.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The CaliBurger Experience, Always Fresh

10:55:00 AM
Kwento Ni Toto’s food story this time is about this newest food store making a buzz online. This is one of the newest food haven in Manila for people who loves to munch on burgers. This newest burger chain in the Metro is called “CALIBURGER”. A new player in the burger chain stores in the Philippines.
Caliburger is an American based corporation with having no branches in the U.S., so far, and is swiftly making its name in the international market. Established by a group of passionate California entrepreneurs who set out to bring the finest and freshest “Cali” inspired burgers and chicken sandwiches to the rest of the world. Opened their first branch in Shanghai and later on extends to Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and now in Manila.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Swish Bad Breath Away With the Handy Swish Breath Spray

11:23:00 AM

A man is confident enough when he knows he can talks his way to a woman's heart freely without the thought of having a bad breath.  Not only through this but even when having conversation or closing deals can help gain more confidence in presenting what you are proposing.  Well, that's what Swish is made for, making your way throughout the day without the thought of this horrible bad breath and to prove that, Unilab's daughter company Innovitelle, Inc. through one of our blogger friends sent a pack full of Swish products for a Dad and blogger like me to see and test it personally.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Supremo, An Eye Opener

8:21:00 PM

After watching the Supremo this Bonifacio Day, November 30, memories of my college days flashed.  It was the time that I learned and realized how educated and influential Andres Bonifacio is.  Also that was the time I learned things about unwritten events in history.  I really should know about this because it's what I love.

When I received the invitation to watch the advance screening of this movie, I said to myself that I wouldn't let it pass and I really want to watch this and see for myself how Andres Bonifacio is portrayed in this film.   Also I was able to watch an interview of Boy Abunda with Alfred Vargas and according to him he wanted to be remembered as an actor who played the role of Andres Bonifacio just like Cesar Montano who is known to play the role of Jose Rizal.   I was really excited to watch the movie.

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