Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Experience Miniature Buns at Slammin’ Mini Burgers + Fries + Dips

Remember that we've featured the Slammin Mini Burgers here? Well here's what's more of them. A more detailed story and a more detailed treats for everybody.

The idea of serving miniature buns at Slammin’ Mini Burgers + Fries + Dips gives customers the chance to taste different flavors and keeps off the mess too. Their solution is to serve two or three smaller-sized burgers per order!

Slammin’ Mini Burgers got its start when Slammin’ president Patrick Dy and his partners decided to take their existing brand, Slammer Burgers, in a new direction. “We changed our whole culture, look and logo. Totally revamped and upgraded our menu. The main reason for the change is for Slammin’ to eventually become the number one mini burger concept in Asia."

And of course, it’s the food that will drive this goal. The restaurant’s motto is, “Every bite is Slammin’,” and from their roster of bestsellers, it’s easy to see how their mini burgers live up to the hype. The All American Slider (P145, double/P215, triple) is the hands-down best-selling dish; its juicy beef pattiesare “onions steam grilled” to perfection then topped with melted cheese and placed on pillowy soft steamed buns. Keep things simple with the Slammin’ Cheese (P125, double/P185, triple), a delicious mini cheeseburger, and the ever-popular Bacon Mushroom Melt (P175, double/P255, triple). All three burgers contain patties made with 100% all-beef chuck. Sample all threewith the Slammin’ Trio (P225), or try The Farm (P215), which gives you a Slammin’ Cheese beef miniburger, Beer-Battered Go Fish! with Sour Cream, and Crispy Chicks with Barbecue Sauce. Want something more adventurous? Slammin’s Black Box Creations (P185, double/P265, triple) are limited-edition mini burgers made with extraordinary ingredients—and they’re only on the menu for six months. Here’s what’s currently available: the John Candy topped with salted caramel, sautéed onions, melted cheddar, and bacon; the Romeo and Juliet with bacon, melted cheese, strawberry jam, and salted butter; and The Big Kahuna with pineapple chunks, sriracha mayo, teriyaki glaze, melted cheddar, and bacon. And once you’ve eaten your fill of these, come back in a few months to try the new offerings!

Looking for something to pair with your mini burgers?Slammin’s Loaded Fries (P125), which a large serving of thick-cut fries covered with toppings, is a must-try. You can choose between the Mighty Mushroom Bacon, topped with sour cream and cheese sauce, crispy bacon, button mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, and sautéed onions; or the Beefy Supreme with ground chuck, roasted garlic and cheese sauce, fresh tomatoes, and sautéed onion strings.
Apart from these, there are what the restaurant calls Sidekicks—great add-ons or alternatives to their menu’s “heroes.” Slammin’ Wings (P175) are tossed in either the mildly hot and tangyBuffalo-style sauce or the sweeter Honey Glazed sauce andserved with a dip of your choice. Another option would be theBeer-Battered Fish and Chips (P185), with soft and delectable fish coated in Slammin’s Signature Beer Batter and deep fried to a crispy, perfect golden brown. This is paired with thick-cut and crispy fries and a large-sized dip of your choice.

The menu at Slammin’ Mini Burgers may be simple, but it’s filled with sure winners, the better to guarantee that every bite is indeed “slammin.’” Says Dy, “Our main aim is to provide a delicious and excitingly fun casual dining experience, where customers enjoy the food and each other’s company. The goal is for every customer to feel good about themselves and their day after a visit to Slammin.’”

You can find Slammin’ Mini Burgers + Fries + Dips at the ground floor of the new wing of Promenade Mall in Greenhills.;at Food Choices, Level 2, Trinoma; on the fifth floor of Market! Market!, near the cinema area and.


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